Gourmet Candy Shop at Nordstrom - A Shopping Guide

Gourmet Candy Shop At Nordstrom – Shopping Guide

The gourmet Candy Shop at Nordstrom has a great variety of gourmet items and I’m going to break it down into my top 10 favorites today in this nifty shopping guide. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop while browsing Nordstrom’s big variety of gourmet items! Many of these candies carry a hefty price tag but no candy is too rich form my blood. I have curated this list of my favorites that I found, and these would be a perfect splurge item for yourself or a gift someone who is sweet and deserving in your life. Christmas is coming up so you might possibly see something here that would make a memorable gift. These items would also be perfect for a birthday gift.

Having some candy every now and then isn’t going to kill you. Over here at Give It A Whirl Girl I promote a healthy lifestyle and diet primarily but that doesn’t mean our lives have to be void of fun. I have my Cheat Day moments every now and then and I never beat myself up over it. You know the YOLO saying? Well, it’s true. You only do get one life to live so if you want the candy have the candy!

If you are following a gluten-free diet please make sure you read the ingredients in these candies.

Click the links or the images to shop at Nordstrom


8-Piece Gold Collection Deluxe Gourmet Candy Box Set – DYLAN’S CANDY BAR

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a brand that comes to mind when I think of gourmet candy. Nordstrom carries many items from Dylan’s Candy Bar line of products. I really fell in love with this set!

Wow the chocolate lover in your life with this 8-piece Dylan’s Candy Bar to-die-for collection.


  • Strawberry- and champagne-infused dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate molten cake
  • Deeply dark chocolate
  • Madagascar vanilla bean–filled milk chocolate
  • Toasted coconut milk chocolate
  • Sea salt caramel–filled dark chocolate
  • Caramel fig–filled dark chocolate
  • Berry medley dark chocolate bars
8-Piece Gold Collection Deluxe Box Set DYLAN'S CANDY BAR

8-Piece Gold Collection Deluxe Box Set DYLAN’S CANDY BAR

Corona Light 3-Piece Gourmet Candy Gift Set – SUGARFINA

Love beer? I recently fell in love with beer earlier this year. Hated it my whole entire life and always thought it tasted like pee. I enjoy a good craft beer every now and then and I really enjoy going to breweries and ordering a flight of interesting beers. This 3-piece Sugarfina Corona set at Nordstrom includes Corona Light gummies, Corona Sour Lime Slice gummies, and bottle opener. If you have a beer-lover in your life this gift would be superior to give! This is on my wishlist and I will treat myself to this someday.

Sugarfina Corona Beer 3 Piece Gummy Candy Set

Sugarfina CoronaBeer 3 Piece Gummy Candy Set

Sushi 9-Piece Gourmet Chocolate Set – MAGGIE LOUISE CONFECTIONS

Here is the perfect gift for the sushi lover in your life! This set by Maggie Louise Confections contains the following: Includes one white chocolate lemon; two white chocolate ginger mini cubes; one white chocolate wasabi piece with chocolate caramel and sea salt; three milk chocolate sushi pieces with peanut butter candy; three dark chocolate sushi with mocha crunch and one white chocolate tile.




What really caught my eye in this gift set from Topp’d is that Smokin’ Smores bar! I have a weakness for anything that is s’mores. The combination of chocolate with the marshmallows is like a party in my mouth when I take a bite into it. This gourmet candy gift set includes some favorites from Topp’d and contains the following: Includes Smokin’ S’mores Topp’d Bar, 12-Flavor Fruit Bears, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Gimme S’more Signature Dessert Bars

Topp'd Gift Set LOLLI AND POPS

Topp’d Gift Set LOLLI AND POPS

Spooky Sweets Gourmet Candy Bento Box – SUGARFINA

This Sugarfina bento box contains a trio of gruesome, sugary treats: Zombie Brains, Sugar Skulls, and Pumpkin Patch. I tried out some Sugarfina candy earlier this year and though it is pricey, the quality of their candy exceeds excellence. This is gourmet candy at its finest.

Sugarfina Spooky Sweets Candy Box

Sugarfina Spooky Sweets Candy Box

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Halloween Fiesta At Macy’s Shopping Guide – Friday Faves

TGIF! It is Friday so you know what that means… FRIDAY FAVES! This week I am so thrilled to present to you the line of Halloween Fiesta items available at Macy’s. I have a huge addiction to Fiestaware. I recently got my first set of Fiesta products in the summer and I am head over heels in love with it all. If you are looking for beautiful and durable dinnerware, Fiesta is the way to go. This is a shopping guide to the best Halloween items available.

Halloween is hands down one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time to cut loose and have some fun. Last year my family was a pack of rainbow unicorns. This year my daughter is going out as a creepy babydoll in one of my favorite vintage dresses.

If I had the funds all of this Halloween Fiesta would have a place in my home. The frightful designs are delightful! For those that are in the Halloween spirit year-round you could most definitely use these fine pieces throughout the year. I know that I would. I have a love affair for anything with a skull or skeleton design. The Fiesta Skull and Vine pieces are my favorite out of this collection. They are available in white or black designs and my eyes are in love with the black line.

Fiestaware is dishwasher safe, oven-safe, and microwave-safe. It also comes with 5-year chip protection. I have had my Fiesta since summer and have not gotten a single chip or scratch in any of my dinnerware and I use it for each and every meal. These are some very well-crafted pieces.

Click the links below, images, or banner to shop!


Fiesta Skull and Vine Sugar Lunch Plate

This Fiesta plate has a Dia de los Muertos-inspired design on it and there are several coordinating accessories to go with this plate. You can grab the coordinating pieces for your collection:

Fiesta Skull and Vina Lunch Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Lunch Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Sugar Border Chop Plate

This is a generous-sized plate. This would be perfect for serving up your next big slab of ribs or whole chicken. Dimensions for this particular plate are diameter 11 3/4 Inches, height 1 1/4 Inch.

Fiesta Skull and Vine Chop Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Chop Plate

Halloween Fiesta Moon Witch Lunch Plate

This spooky witch plate is the perfect size for your next Halloween meal. Fiesta lunch plates are 9″ Dia. x 1.125″H. This green plate depicts a witch on a broomstick flying over the moon. There is also a coordinating coffee cup to go with this witch plate.


Fiesta Witch Plate

Fiesta Witch Plate


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Kitchen Gadgets - Give It A Whirl Girl

Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Next Level Cooking – Top 10

It is time for another one of my top-lists that I enjoy putting together for my readers. Today I will be talking all about kitchen gadgets that can simplify your life and take your cooking to the next level. There are so many gadgets available now in 2018 and I wish I had space and storage to hoard them all. I searched Amazon to bring you some of my current favorites.  Some of these products just blow my mind. So grateful for the brilliant minds that come up with these gadgets.

These items are all in stock and ready to be shipped with Amazon Prime.

Not a Prime member? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial. I am telling you, you will be hooked once you try out Amazon Prime. I can not imagine my life without it.

Non-Stick Burger Press Patty Maker by Twisted Chef

Let’s kick things off here with this burger press kitchen gadget. I love whipping up burgers in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen and this sure would come in handy. This will also help you make stuffed burgers! Love sliders? This kit also includes a press for little slider patties.

All-In-One Sushi Making Kit | Sushi Bazooka, Sushi Mat & Bamboo Chopsticks Set + 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

A long time ago I tried making my own sushi and failed miserably. Well, it is 2018 and what a time to be alive! Now we have a kitchen gadget to help with the painstaking process of making perfect sushi. May I present to you the Sushi Bazooka! With this gadget you simply open the device, fill it up with your favorite sushi ingredients, close it up, and then squeeze out the perfect sushi roll! It doesn’t get any easier than this folks! And to sweeten the deal it also includes an avocado slicer so you slice up your avocado with ease.

KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Gourmet Pasta Press Attachment with 6 Interchangeable Pasta Plates

I own a KitchenAid stand mixer and I love how versatile it is with the attachments that are out there. This kitchen gadget for your mixer will help you crank out some fresh pasta. It includes six different plates:

  • Spaghetti
  • Bucatini
  • Rigatoni
  • Fusilli
  • Large or small macaroni

This would be a wonderful gadget for making some gluten-free noodles at home. Nothing beats fresh pasta!

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, Guava Glaze

This KitchenAid kitchen gadget will simplify your chopping routine in the kitchen. Yes, it is another KitchenAid product… huge fan over here! This is a versatile kitchen gadget and it is capable of chopping up anything from onions to nuts. It has 2 different speeds and a pulse option. Not digging that pink color? There are 19 different colors to choose from.

Gourmia 3 In 1 Handle Push Cutter, Mango, Apple Slicer & Corer With Bonus French Fries Blade, 3 Stainless Steel And Interchangeable Blades

This kitchen gadget has three uses. It can cut a mango properly (cutting mangos is so hard!), core an apple, and create French fries out of your potatoes.

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Cast Iron Cooking Essentials Top 10

Cast Iron Cooking Essentials For The Home Chef

Today I will be talking about some cast iron cooking essentials for the home chef. Here is a little story for you as well. A couple years ago I received some cast iron pans and accessories for my birthday. I will be honest and say I was not very thrilled at the moment to receive them and I would have rather received something else. I had no idea what I was going to use them for. Back then I was just getting my feet wet with cooking and I was not as passionate about it as I am today.

When I look back on the day when I received them, I laugh a little now. I am totally in love and infatuated with cast iron cooking. I use my pans frequently now and I also would like to build up my arsenal of them. And if you care for these items properly they can last you a lifetime! These are some heavy duty items and with a bit of TLC they will not let you down.

I really enjoy busting out my cast iron and cooking my meals with it. In fact, my current favorite way to prepare my steak is with my cast iron. I promise you that you will get the most tender and juicy steak when you use a cast iron pan. I will not even throw my steak on the grill anymore. Cast iron is the way to go! See the photos below for a couple of juicy steaks I recently created with my cast iron pans.

Cast Iron Medium Rare Ribeye Steak with Chimichurr

Cast Iron Medium Rare Ribeye Steak with Chimichurri

Cast Iron T-Bone Steak

Cast Iron T-Bone Steak

Cast iron is great for savory meals but it also great for sweets. Have you ever had a warm, giant cast iron chocolate chip cookie? No? Then what are you waiting for? Check out these two cast iron cookies I recently created. Nom nom nom!

Cast Iron Snickedoodle Cookie with gelato

Cast Iron Snickerdoodle Cookie with gelato

Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie with ice-cream

Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie with ice-cream

I broke down my cast iron favorites in this list today.  Some of these tools I already own and the others are currently on my wishlist.  These items were all found while browsing Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime you will receive free shipping and receive them in a couple of days so you can quickly get started. I

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, no worries! Right now you can .sign up for a 30-day free trial

And here we go with another one of my top 10 lists that I really enjoy creating and sharing with you.

Lodge Essential Cast Iron Pan Set

This is a wonderful cast iron starter set from Lodge. This is the most trusted brand when it comes to cast iron cooking. This cooking set includes:

  • grill pan
  • a skillet
  • a griddle
  • pot holders
  • handle holders
  • and a scraper

Staub Cast Iron 5.75-qt Coq au Vin Cocotte – Turquoise

Staub is another great brand that comes to mind when I think of cast iron cooking. If you are looking for a great pot to cook your next chicken in, this 5.75-qt Coq au Vin will hold a whole chicken that is up to 5 pounds in weight. It comes in several different color options and it is also dishwasher safe. This Coq au Vin isa designed to help your meal retain moisture and not dry out.

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart Round French (Dutch) Oven, Palm

Le Creuset is an innovator in the cast iron cooking world. I absolutely love the green color on this dutch oven. If you are not digging the color there are 12 different color options. I believe every kitchen needs to have a dutch oven on hand and Le Creuset is a brand that is designed to last a lifetime. This dutch oven can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

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BD's Mongolian Grill in Sterling Heights, Michigan

bd’s Mongolian Grill in Sterling Heights, MI – Our Visit and Review

bd’s Mongolian Grill is the place to be if you want to build your own stir-fry and be the chef of your own meal. You choose the meat, veggies, sauces, and seasonings. Once your bowl is complete you take it up to the big grill and watch the meal cook right before your eyes. This is a great place to dine with family and friends and your meal will definitely give you something to talk about.

I have a long, long history with bd’s Mongolian Grill. It actually used to be my favorite place to dine at while I was a teenager in the 90’s. I even had my high-school graduation in one of the large dining rooms at one of the original locations in Royal Oak, MI. When I was growing up I was fascinated with this place. Just the thought of having an empty bowl and filling it up with various meats/ seafood, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings was enough to excite the inner chef in myself.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago and it was my first visit in years since the price dramatically increased. We had a coupon for two bowls for $20 and we ordered a kid’s meal for my daughter, Chloe, as well. If you would like to locate a coupon for bd’s Mongolian Grill be sure to check your local papers because that is where I located mine. Coupons always give us a big incentive to go out to eat so I am always scouring our papers for deals.


BD's Mongolian Grill interior in Sterling Heights, MI

bd’s Mongolian Grill interior in Sterling Heights, MI

BD's Mongolian Grill serve yourself stir-fry bar in Sterling Heights, MI

bd’s Mongolian Grill serve yourself stir-fry bar in Sterling Heights, MI

How bd’s Mongolian Grill Works

You can check out the menu online for your bd’s Mongolian Grill location that you choose to visit. The menu is simple and to the point. At this restaurant, you get to be the chef and the creator of your final concoction, or you can view one of the menu cards and use that as a guide.

The possibilities of what your stir-fry will become are endless here at bd’s Mongolian Grill. No two bowls are ever the same!


There are several protein choices to choose from up at the serve-yourself bar. They provide everything from beef, chicken, sausage, pork, seafood, and some other options. If you are a vegan, the great news is that you can also come up with a great meal here. Just go ahead and skip the meat area. This area here also has a few noodle options available if you would like pasta in your stir-fry.

BD's Mongolian Grill meats section of the serve-yourself stir-fry bar

bd’s Mongolian Grill meats section of the serve-yourself stir-fry bar

Tons Of Fresh Veggies To Choose From At bd’s Mongolian Grill

This is the area where the bowl really starts to kick into high gear that you are building. There is a large serve-yourself area that has several vegetables and other toppings to choose from. This area also includes some eggs that can be incorporated into your bowl. I always have to have my egg and I get two for the Asian dish that I love to build.

bd's Mongolian Grill veggies area

bd’s Mongolian Grill veggies area

The veggie station at bd's Mongolian Grill

The veggie station at bd’s Mongolian Grill

Veggies galore at bd's Mongolian Grill

Veggies galore at bd’s Mongolian Grill

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Friday Faves Halloween Party Essentials

Halloween Party Essentials – Friday Faves

Welcome to this week’s Friday Faves where I break down my favorite Halloween party essentials on Amazon. The concept of my blog is to eat healthy so you can have dessert. So this week we have some Cheat Day treats. It is Halloween time, after all, so might as well enjoy all of the tasty treats going around. I have some items here that can also incorporate adult beverages in them. Get creative! The possibilities with some of these Halloween items are endless.


Nordic Ware Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

Here is something that I absolutely love and want so freaking bad! You can really get creative in the kitchen with this and whip up some tasty treats for your Halloween party. This pan is used mainly for baking sweet treats but I once saw something online where someone used this to create little-stuffed pizzas.

Enjoy Life Halloween Chocolate Candy Minis Variety Pack, Soy-free, Nut free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Non-GMO, 6.3 Ounce, 4 Count

Imagine my excitement when I found out that Enjoy Life Foods has Halloween candy that is free from common food allergens. I saw this on Twitter and I am so happy to see a brand that keeps allergies in mind. These are also made with all natural ingredients. I could totally see myself pigging out on these candies.  I am so very much in love with their chocolate and I would love to have these in my life! Pass these out at your Halloween party!

Tovolo Zombies Pop Molds, Flexible Silicone

I am really digging these Zombie Pop Molds because these can actually be a healthy treat. Just add some fresh fruit juice and you will have yourself a healthy zombie treat! These would be great ot serve up at a Halloween party. I think this would be a memorable treat for your guests. This also might be another thing you can play around with and get creative with some adult beverages. Wink! Wink!

Fred SWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/Stampers, Set of 4

I know, I know Halloween and Day of the Dead are two separate things but close enough to make this Friday Faves list. I love these sugar skull cookie cutters and this would be a fun project for making cookies with my daughter, Chloe. Serve up some of these at your Halloween party and you will have some happy guests.

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Healthy Hot List – Part 3 – Must-Have Food Products For Your Health (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, or Keto)

Hello friends and readers! On this day I will bring to you more of my top items on my Healthy Hot List. This list contains healthy foods and products that will also help you create them. The healthy foods that I have included in this compiled list are for a variety of diets: gluten-free, vegan, paleo, Whole 30, or keto. I also figured that this week I would throw in a couple products as well that will help you create your own healthy foods at home. The ones that are included here are quite essential for a kitchen that cranks out healthy eats. I am really wishing and hoping for everything on this list this week. Enjoy and I hope you see something that catches your eye!


Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender

A Vitamix blender has been the most wanted item on my wishlist for some time now, at least a couple of years now. These are professional grade machines that are known for getting the job done. These dream machines will help you whip up your next smoothie bowl, soup, nut butter, or nice-cream with ease. I think a good blender is a necessity in the kitchen if you want to create healthy food and the Vitamix blender would be a great place to start.

LILY’S Chocolate – Super Variety – 1 Of Each Flavor Creamy Milk, Almond, Coconut, Salted Almond Milk, Original, Crispy Rice – 3 Oz

I have yet to try Lily’s Chocolate but I have been curious about it for some time now. This variety pack contains the following flavors: Creamy Milk, Almond, Coconut, Salted Almond Milk, Original, Crispy Rice. A variety pack seems like the way to go for a newbie like myself. Lily’s Chocolate is sweetened with Stevia and contains fewer calories than your regular chocolate bar. These chocolate bars contain only natural, non-GMO products. Sign me up for some of that healthy chocolate!



TRUWOMEN Plant-Based Protein Bars, Daydreaming About Donuts (12 Count) | Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Healthy Snack Bar, Natural Ingredients | 12g Protein

TRUWOMEN is one of my favorite brands of protein bars and this Daydreaming About Donuts bar ranks pretty high on my list of faves. I don’t know about you but I sure do crave junk food sometimes and this bar satisfies my craving. These bars are vegan and only contain natural ingredients (cassava flour, brown rice protein, roasted almond butter and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar).

Birthday Cake Protein Packed Flavor Topper, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, No Fillers, and No Artificial Flavoring (Birthday Cake, 4.25 Ounces)

This birthday cake flavor topper is created by Oh My Spice and is a protein powerhouse with two grams of protein per 1/2 tablespoon serving. It is suggested to top your favorite oatmeal, smoothie, or popcorn with this flavoring. I think it would be great with some vanilla ice-cream or Greek yogurt as well.


Clean Eating Print Magazine

I am a subscriber to this Clean Eating magazine and I absolutely love it. It is full of healthy food recipes and educational articles about how to eat clean. I have learned a lot by reading this magazine and I find it to be quite inspiring. Clean eating does not have to be bland or boring. This magazine is chockful of wonderful meals to help you stay on track.

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Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Decadent. Dark. Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake recipe coming up for you! Did I forget to mention healthy? This dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is full to the brim with an assortment of nuts and a mix of some frozen and fresh raspberries. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, almost paleo, dairy-free, and does not contain any added refined sugars. Because fruit is also known as nature’s candy, the sweetness of this cheesecake is derived from the fruit and maple syrup rather than added sugars.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

It all starts with a chocolate crust for this dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake

The base of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is going to be a chocolate crust made mostly with pitted dates, cacao powder, ground up almonds. There are a few other ingredients in the crust that you will need. This recipe calls specifically for cacao powder, not cocoa powder. There is a notable difference between the two. I did do a little write-up about the benefits of cacao powder awhile ago on my blog. Chocolate in its purest state (cacao) actually has numerous health beneifts. The darker the chocolate, the better health-wise!

I use the cacao powder by LivFit. A one-pound bag goes for around $8.00 on Amazon and this bag will last a long time and come in handy for many other recipes. I have been using this bag of cacao powder for months now and still have a decent amount left. A little bit of cacao powder goes a long way!

To make the chocolate crust you will also need some raw, unsalted almonds. These do not get completely ground up in my food processor and the almonds give the vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake a great texture.

The chocolate crust of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake will also need some pitted dates. The pitted dates will not only sweeten your crust naturally but will also help keep all of the ingredients together (dates are very sticky). I suggest soaking your dates in some hot water for a few minutes and chopping them up before proceeding with putting them in the food processor.

The raspberry filling… the heart of the cheesecake

The main component of the filling of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is actually raw cashews! Say what?!?!? Yes, I said cashews and you heard me properly. You will be using an entire pound of raw cashews for the filling that are soaked overnight to soften them up. You can get away with using more affordable, lightly-salted cashews but please steer clear of regular salted ones or you will make an ugly face when you take the first bite of your salty (ugh) cheesecake! This is a sweet cheesecake so please do avoid making it a salty one or else you will be sorely disappointed.

Give It A Whirl Girl with the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake before the ganache

Give It A Whirl Girl with the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake before the ganache

Obviously, you will be using a bunch of raspberries as well. I actually went with a bag of Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic Raspberries for the filling and it turned out to be a great choice. So, I used frozen raspberries for the filling and I used a pint of fresh for the topping. I don’t know about you, but I sure go crazy for anything that is dark chocolate raspberry. To me, those two ingredients when married together, result in a match made in heaven. I feel pure bliss and I feel like I am on Cloud 9 while consuming this combination.

Thick chocolate ganache to top it all off

For the topping of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake, I used my favorite brand of dark chocolate chips from Enjoy Life Foods. Not only are their dark chocolate chips vegan-friendly but they are also free from several common food allergens. I always play it safe and use this brand in my recipes and their chocolate chips are a family fave. My daughter and I are actually known to just snack on them straight out of the bag, they are that great!

The ganache turned out pretty thick from using one cup of chips combined and melted down with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I used an 8-inch springform pan for the cheesecake and I believe you can cut down and use 3/4 of a cup for a thinner chocolate shell. That is just my presumption and guess though. You can always try that and add more if needed.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

A nice slice of the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

A nice slice of the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

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Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza Recipe

Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen – Recipe (Gluten-Free)

If you are not a fan of garlic it might just be time to walk away from this post. Today I will tell you how I created a Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza using a blank crust from Caulipower and some Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. You can adjust this recipe to your taste with the garlic but the amount that is noted in here is for garlic lovers only. This is believe it or not, my first time ever having a Greek pizza. I love Greek food so I kind of had an idea in my mind that everything would turn out wonderful to me. Guess what? I nailed it and that is why I am sharing this recipe to you for my Greek Caulipower Pizza! This pizza does not contain any meat so it a vegetarian pizza and would be perfect for any veggie lover.

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Caulipower Crust – The Greek Pizza All Starts Here

If you are looking at my post and my photos here and are drooling a bit and craving this Greek Caulipower Pizza then you are going to need your base to start with. This was my second time trying the Caulipower crust. I bought a veggie Caulipower pizza not too long ago and dressed it up with some additional toppings. This time I wanted to be the artist and the chef and create my own on a blank slate. The blank Caulipower crust pack contains two crusts and if you want you can double this recipe so that you have two Greek Caulipower Pizzas. The recipe has enough servings and slices for two people. That is of course unless you have a huge appetite and can eat an entire pizza by yourself.

The Power Of The Caulipower

Let’s talk a bit about why I love this Caulipower crust so much.

First of all, it is paleo friendly. If you do not add any cheese this pizza will fulfill your paleo diet needs.

Secondly, we all know that cauliflower crust is all the rage these days because it is low-carb. A cauliflower crust pizza is leaning in the guilt-free direction of things. You can take a peek at the nutrition facts below (source). A serving size is considered 1/3 of the pizza and considering this is pizza it only comes in at 17 grams of carbs. A regular pizza is at least twice that amount and averages about 36 grams of carbs for just one slice (source)!

Nutrition facts for blank Caulipower Crust Source: http://eatcaulipower.com/product/paleo-cauliflower-pizza-crust

Nutrition facts for blank Caulipower Crust

And third, this Caulipower crust is nice and crisp! Often times a cauliflower crust can result in sogginess from the moisture that can be found in cauliflower. If you ever make your own crust you really have to squeeze the moisture out. I made my own cauliflower crust last year and while it was good, the texture of it was mushy. I did not get enough of the moisture out. Caulipower takes the frustration out of cauliflower crust. These blank crusts have endless possibilities.

ngredients used for Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza

Ingredients used for Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza

Garlic. Garlic. And More Garlic!

There. I said it three times so you get the point. This Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe is chockful of garlic. I put three heaping tablespoons of it in the blender with my Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. When I need minced garlic I skip the knifework and I grab my Spice World Minced Garlic. My knife skills suck if I am going to be honest here and minced garlic can be tricky. I really need to improve in the knife department. Spice World does all of the work for you and they are my go-to brand. They do also have an organic minced garlic available and I often try to use that but my Kroger was out the last time I shopped so I just went with regular.

Bring On The Cheese Please

A Greek Caulipower Pizza would not be Greek if it weren’t for the feta cheese! No Greek pizza is complete without feta. For this recipe, I went with a blend of feta and a mozzarella. I used one small container of Kroger’s Simple Truth Feta Cheese and I used a handful of Tillamook mozzarella, which is my favorite shredded mozzarella cheese.

Greek Toppings

For the rest of the toppings on this Greek Caulipower Pizza, I used cherry tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and half of a slivered and sliced shallot. Next time I make a Greek pizza I am going to add some sliced beets to it. I think beets would have been awesome on this pizza, so now you know! You might just want to add them to yours.

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Warm Sunbutter & Raspberry Jelly Sandwich On Bob’s Red Mill Bread

Bob’s Red Mill Wonderful Gluten-Free bread mix once again over here in the Give It A Whirl Girl Kitchen. This time I was craving a peanut butter & jelly sandwich so I ventured into the kitchen to make my own loaf of bread. I also had some jars of Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread that I needed to try out and a jar of Herkner Farms Champagne Raspberry Preserves that I picked up at Devries & Company 1887. I had all of my ingredients and all I kept thinking about was how this would be the greatest wannabe peanut butter & jelly sandwich of all time. This was my first time giving Sunbutter a whirl and I was so excited to try it.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Wonderful Bread, with Sunbutter, and champagne raspberry jelly sandwich

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Wonderful Bread, with Sunbutter, and champagne raspberry jelly sandwich

It all starts with Bob’s Red Mill 

Oh boy… I am blogging about this Wonderful Bread Mix once again! Let me tell you this… this gluten-free mix truly is wonderful and that is why it is in the name of the product. I have a problem getting my gluten-free breads to fluff up when I use my own recipe and ingredients. Maybe it is just me but my gluten-free bread do not rise up much. Bob’s Red Mill does include a yeast packet with the mix and that is probably why this mix results in a soft and fluffy loaf with the perfect bread crust. I had a wonderful feeling that this fluffy bread would pair well with my Organic Sunbutter Spread.

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Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Pork Chops With Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts and Fingerling Potatoes & A Discount Inside

Here we go again with Primal Kitchen. I am surely obsessed with using these marinades for my meals. I used the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette once again last night but this time I marinated some pork chops. The Honey Mustard, to me, is one of the most versatile in the line of Primal Kitchen, alongside the Balsamic Vinaigrette.  We also had some thick cut slices of honey bacon from Dearborn Brand to wrap our brussels sprouts up with. And as requested by my daughter, we had to have some more air-fryer red fingerling potatoes, which are her favorite side dish at the moment. You add up all of these ingredients and it results in one hell of a delicious paleo, primal Honey Mustard Pork Chop dinner!

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Pork Chops With Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts and Red Fingerling Potatoes

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Pork Chops With Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts and Red Fingerling Potatoes

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Pork Chop Marinade

This is where the fun all begins, with the Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Vinaigrette & Marinade. I had two decently sized center cut Simple Truth pork chops to work with. I grabbed myself a Pyrex casserole dish and marinating the pork chops from early morning to dinner time. That was plenty of time to infuse them with the sweet and tangy honey mustard flavor that we all know and love so much! I was so excited for this Honey Mustard Pork Chops and I could not wait until dinner time rolled around.

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard & Simple Truth Center Cut Pork Chops

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard & Simple Truth Center Cut Pork Chops

The cast iron grill pan was used for these Honey Mustard Pork Chops, of course! How else would I cook up a hunk of meat? I rave so much about this grill pan, I know, but I really hope it inspires someone out there to give it a whirl. It is the best method for cooking several different types of meat. I think of it as a kitchen necessity!

Dearborn Honey Bacon – The Star Of The Show Last Night

I cashed in some coins that I had laying around and got some dough at a coin shop this past weekend, for real! I had some coins and figured I would be better off going on one of my fun foodie adventures at Nino Salvaggio’s. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get the good eats, am I right? So we went to Nino’s and loaded our little cart some new-to-us foods. I spotted the Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon. I scoffed at the $6.99 price tag, but that bacon sure was looking and sounding good. I had to have it so in it went right into my cart.  You mention bacon to my husband and my daughter and they are all ears! I got this particular honey bacon because I knew it would be the perfect bacon for my Honey Mustard Pork Chops side dish.

Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon wrapped around brussels sprouts

Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon wrapped around brussels sprouts

What I ended up doing was taking five strips of bacon and cut them in half. I looked for the big brussels sprouts and wrapped ten of those up in the Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon. I roasted them in the 400-degree oven for 30 minutes and flipped them halfway through roasting. The bacon had the right amount of crispness for us. We don’t like bacon underdone or overdone, it has to be in the middle… just perfect!

Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon wrapped around brussels sprouts

Dearborn Brand Honey Bacon wrapped around brussels sprouts

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Surround Yourself With Squash & Gourds- Tried It Out Tuesday (Dumpling & Buttercup Squash)

Have you ever gone on a squash adventure? No? Neither have I until this past weekend when I went to Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace in St. Clair Shores, MI looking for something interesting to try this week for Tried It Out Tuesday. We ended up taking home four different types of squash. In this post I will be discussing the dumpling squash and the buttercup squash that we tried.

I have written about this place before and I love going here on a fun little foodie adventure when I have a small wad of cash to blow. Some girls spend their dollars getting hair & nails done or buying trendy new clothes. Not me, not this girl right here! My family enjoys being adventurous eaters so when we have a little extra cash we like to treat ourselves to something delicious and tasty.

There is a whole world of squash out there in the universe just waiting to be discovered by you!

When you eat with an open mind you allow yourself the chance to experience new foods, new flavors. I went to Nino’s with no clear plan. I just wanted to go in there and walk out with something that I have never tried and experienced.

A little bit about Nino Salvaggio’s

Nino Salvaggio’s is a great local place that is chockful of interesting fruits and vegetables right at your fingertips. They currently have 3 locations with another added location in the works. I live closest to the smaller, St Clair Shores location, and believe it or not I have been going to this little store my whole entire life. On weekends I remember my mom taking us out to fruit markets to stock up on produce. We would go to Randazzo’s on Gratiot in Roseville and we would go to Nino’s in St Clair Shores. Honestly, I absolutely hated going to these stores when I was growing up. I thought it was boring and I would get a bit antsy and impatient and want to leave.

Look at me now! I am all grown up and going shopping for food is always the highlight of my days and I look forward to it. I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Nino’s is bustling with people on the weekend and for good reason! They have the most beautiful displays of fresh produce that I have ever witnessed. They are super picky about what gets put out on the display for purchase, and they only put out the best of the best.

I will be writing frequently about my shopping experiences there. Other than Eastern Market, this is my go-to place for interesting eats. If you live in the area of Nino Salvaggio’s I highly recommend taking a little trip there to see what you can stock up on. There is always something new and interesting there to feed the senses.

My little haul of unusual squash

Squash that I bought at Nino Salvaggio's

Squash that I purchased at Nino Salvaggio’s: Dumpling, Buttercup, Hubbard, and Sweet Potato Squash

I am a huge fan of summertime in Michigan. I pretty love and cherish most things about summer here, minus the god-awful humidity. I do enjoy a good barbeque feast on the weekends and I do love the food during the summer BUT my favorite foods are all autumn related. I love a good, filling bowl of soup on a cold day. I love a thick & hearty stew. I enjoy eating pumpkin flavored desserts. Just last year I recently discovered that I am also a huge fan of squash. The first squash I fell in love with last year was the butternut squash. I pureed it and made some paleo soup with it and topped it with a coconut milk drizzle. And then next up I ventured into trying out acorn squash. I remember serving it as a side dish with a maple syrup drizzle on it.

So this year I was up for the challenge of taking home some new-to-me squash. Nino Salvaggio’s had a grand display of squash, pumpkins, and gourds out in the front of the store. I grabbed a shopping cart and starting asking Google a bunch of questions on my phone about these squash I was about to purchase. I filled up my cart with four varieties: dumpling squash, buttercup squash, sweet potato squash, and an orange hubbard squash. I had a general idea on what I was going to do with them. Maple syrup always goes well with roasted squash so I got myself a bottle of pure Michigan maple syrup.

I did not even step foot into the store and I already had my mind made up on what I was going to take home…  SQUASH and lots of it!

My daughter, Chloe, was scoping out the heirloom pumpkins and observing them in amazement. She fell in love with a tall white pumpkin that you can see in the photo below.

I also had to rummage through the basket of decorative gourds and bring home a few of them. We enjoyed looking at how unique each and every one of them was.

Dumpling Squash at Nino Salvaggio's International Marketplace

Dumpling Squash at Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace

Buttercup Squash at Nino Salvaggio's International Marketplace

Buttercup Squash at Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace

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Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free Recipe

Ahhhh fall! It is definitely feeling like fall over here in Michigan and I have the perfect Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake recipe to make your heart and soul happy. Attention all pumpkin spice lovers… you will love the no-bake, gluten-free, paleo, and vegan Pumpkin Spice cheesecake that I created. I honestly do love and prefer this over your average pumpkin pie.

This cheesecake is chockful of healthy ingredients and does not contain any added sugars. In this recipe, you will be using quite a few almonds and cashews. Believe it or not, this method works to make a dairy-free cheesecake. That little bit of lemon juice that you will add magically transforms these ingredients into cheesecake heaven! This dessert would be perfect to serve after a Thanksgiving Day feast. I have confidence that it would please even the pickiest guest will be full of bliss devouring this tasty treat.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake - Paleo & Vegan - Gluten-Free

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free

Paleo & Vegan Crust Is Your Base

First things first! You need to work on your crust for your Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake. This crust is a no-bake crust and it is gluten-free. You will need to have a decent food processor to create this recipe. You will also need some raw almonds for the crust.

You will also need some pitted Medjool dates. If you can not find the pitted dates you can purchase dates and remove the pits. For this crust recipe, I suggest soaking your dates in hot water to soften them. The pit will be easy to remove.

This crust will also need some almond flour. I suggest going with Bob’s Red Mill because they always produce an excellent, high-quality product. Even though you will not be baking this crust the flour acts as a binder.

This recipe will also require a good amount of extra virgin coconut oil. Nothing wrong with some healthy fats!

Speaking of healthy fats, you will need some finely shredded and unsweetened coconut as well. I also used Bob’s Red Mill for this. If you are not a coconut fan, fear not! It does not have a taste of coconut to it.

Some pure maple syrup will also be needed and this will be a big part of the filling as well. Since there are no added, refined sugars in this cheesecake recipe you will need to sweeten it with something.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Spices

If you have a bottle of pumpkin pie spice on-hand you can use that to spice up your paleo & vegan cheesecake. If not there are only 4 essential ingredients and you probably already have them in your spice cabinet.

For the pumpkin spice seasonings, you will need some cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and ground cloves.

These spices will give you the essence of fall in your pumpkin cheesecake dessert. Both the crust and the filling will require these spices.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Filling

Time to get nutty!

Here’s the part where will be getting really nutty! You will need four cups of raw cashews that are soaked overnight to soften them. This is an important step that will result in a smooth as silk filling. Raw cashews do tend to cost more. You can get away with using more affordable LIGHTLY SALTED cashews but the preferred ingredient to use here is raw. Cashews mimic the texture of a traditional cheesecake quite well. You will be surprised when you cut that first slice out of the cheesecake and give it a whirl!

Pumpkin cheesecake has to have pumpkin, right?

Obviously, you are going to need some pumpkin for the guts of this cheesecake. For the filling, you will need a can of pure pumpkin puree. Make sure there are no added ingredients. You just want to find a can of puree that is straight up pure pumpkin and nothing else. If you want to use an actual pie pumpkin just make sure you have two whole cups of pumpkin.

Let’s sweeten this up!

You will need some pure maple syrup to sweeten this recipe up. This filling uses nearly a cup of maple in the filling and you will get some autumn vibes from this natural sweetener. When I say pure maple syrup, this is not to be confused with a bottle of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. In paleo cooking, you have to use the real deal straight from the try and not full of high fructose corn syrup.

Lemon juice is essential for a paleo/vegan cheesecake

It is strange how this works, but combining the cashews with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice will give you the cheesecake flavor that is found in a traditional cheesecake. Do not skip out on this part. You can either use a fresh lemon or lemon juice found in a bottle.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake - Paleo & Vegan

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free

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Healthy Hot List – Part 2 – Must-Have Food Products For Your Health (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, or Keto)

Welcome to another installment of the Healthy Hot List! This is now a regular feature over here at Give It A Whirl Girl. There are healthy items everywhere I look nowadays. People are focusing on health and wellness and fueling their bodies with healthy and nutritious foods. This is where I break down those must-have items that you just gotta try. Some I have tried and I can vouch that they are great, while others are just sitting around on my Amazon wishlist waiting to be swept up and brought over here. I also added a few supplements to this list, two of which I have tried, and another that I want to give a whirl.

You can read Part One of the Healthy Hot List  HERE

Vanilla Bean Grass-Fed Ghee Butter by 4th & Heart, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Lactose-Free, Certified Paleo, Keto-Friendly

Want to take your next baking project up a notch? Why not try out 4th & Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter in your next recipe? When I think of great ghee this brand here certainly comes to mind. The wonderful thing about this ghee is that it is spreadable and does not require any refrigeration. Ghee is a clarified butter with milk solids removed so there is nothing here that will spoil. Available in chocolate too!

Move over dairy coffee creamers that are laden with sugar and calories! Nutpods is my new favorite coffee cream. These are unsweetened and taste rich and smooth in my coffee. Each 1 tablespoon serving is a mere 10 calories and ZERO grams of sugar. Nutpods are made with coconut cream, almonds, and other natural flavors.
I bought myself a Caulipower paleo crust for a Greek pizza this week. I am excited to work with this blank canvas gluten-free crust. You can read my veggie pizza review: HERE. What a time it is to be alive with a cauliflower pizza crust that takes the place of regular pizza crust so well. The veggie pizza that I tried had a great crisp crust. No soggy cauliflower there. I have a great feeling that this paleo crust will by a go-to product for my next pizza concoction.

Rao’s Tomato Basil Sauce

I have been hearing a lot about this brand of pasta sauce. This marinara from Rao’s contains only pure and natural simple ingredients and Italian tomatoes. I will say that it seems to be a bit on the pricey side but if you are looking for a high-quality sauce for your next Italian dinner look no further than to Rao’s.

No tomato blends, paste, water, starches, filler, colors or added sugar. It’s why we steam peel our precious tomatoes and use only pure Italian olive oil and fresh vegetables. And why our sauces are slow-simmered in small batches with ingredients added in the proper sequence and gently stirred. (source)

Primal Kitchen – Avocado Oil-Based Mayo, Garlic Aioli, 12 oz, Gluten and Dairy Free, Whole30 and Paleo Approved

I just used this Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli Mayo last night to whip up one hell of a tasty tuna salad with some sundried tomatoes in it! This was my first time using this mayo (I have used the regular one previously) and I love the added garlic flavor in this. Primal Kitchen takes pride in only using all natural and pure ingredients in their food. This mayo is the first avocado oil-based of its kind.

A creamy combination of garlic, lemon, and cage-free eggs, this savory mayonnaise spread is infused with real food ingredients and uncompromisingly delicious taste. (source)

Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix Health Variety Pack, Gluten Free, Protein, Paleo, Pack of 3

Awesome pancake mix alert right over here! I have used Birch Benders to whip up some delicious and fluffy chocolate chip pancakes recently. Their mix is one of my go-to brands and I am always happy with how these pancakes turn out. This particular brand has great reviews on Amazon, and for a great reason, they are fantastic!

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Italian Drunken Noodles – Pappardelle Pasta Recipe W/ Ground Italian Sausage & Peppers

Ever have the Thai version of drunken noodle? I have and it is hands down one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes. If you love that version of drunken noodle then I am confident that you will love this Italian Drunken Noodles dish! Italian drunken noodle is a family fave and for good reason~ it is a unique dish with an exciting flavor profile thanks to the white wine and fresh basil. It combines delicious pappardelle egg noodle pasta with ground Italian sausage and three colors of thinly sliced bell peppers. And oh yes, you gotta have that white wine in there. The Chardonnay is an essential and key ingredient. How else would your noodles get drunk?

Italian Drunken Noodle with a glass of Chardonnay white wine

Italian Drunken Noodle with a glass of Chardonnay white wine

Italian Drunken Noodles and how you get them drunk

The Chardonnay white wine really is the star of the show with this Italian Drunken Noodles dish. You do not need to have anything pricey to work with. A cheap, affordable bottle will do. If you do not want to use an actual bottle of wine you can use a bottle of cooking wine to flavor this dish. I use 3/4 of a cup of wine in this recipe and allow it to cook down and reduce. It lends a potent flavor to the noodles and the rest of the dish.

Don’t forget the fresh basil leaves

With the Thai version of drunken noodle, there is always an abundance of Thai basil leaves in the meal. The basil really infuses the noodles with a unique flavor. The basil is a powerful herb so if you are not a basil fan you can just skip this ingredient but it will not have as strong of a flavor. I cook the basil in my dish and down below in this post you will see that I top the dish with even more!

Finish it off

If you are like me then you have to have your cheese on top of your pasta dish. I love to have fresh Parmesan cheese on my Italian Drunken Noodles. Skip the Kraft Parmesan and always choose fresh. If you have any extra basil leftover you can cut that into thin strips and top your dish with more basil. I love basil and I cannot get enough of it. The more the merrier I say!

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Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Chicken With Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Air-Fryer Fingerling Potatoes

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard With Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Air-Fryer Fingerling Potatoes

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard With Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Air-Fryer Fingerling Potatoes

Every single time I use Primal Kitchen in my meals I am never disappointed. That was the case last night when I used the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette & Marinade on my grilled chicken breast.  When people think about healthy eating they often think foods are bland and boring. They do not have to be that way. I have changed my eating habits a little over a year ago. My family is on this clean eating adventure with me and they are a-okay with most of it. We are probably the number one fan honey mustard marinade from Primal Kitchen.

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

The first thing I did with this dinner was marinated my chicken breast. I went with the Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard last night and I broke out the marinade in the morning and let my chicken soak up the flavor all day. This honey mustard marinade is one of my top favorites from Primal Kitchen. This marinade has a bit of tang a bit of sweetness. It is perfectly balanced.

No weird ingredients in Primal Kitchen

Want to know what is on the label for this honey mustard marinade? Simple and pure ingredients and that is it! Here are the ingredients:

Avocado Oil, Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Stone Ground Mustard (Water, Organic Mustard Seeds, Organic Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Spices), Organic Honey, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt

Primal Kitchen is paleo-approved 

If following a paleo diet is important to you, great news! This honey mustard marinade is perfectly paleo friendly. I am not 100% paleo so I just slap the label “paleo-ISH” on myself.  This marinade will fit right into to your clean-eating lifestyle.

Time to bust out the trusty ol’ cast iron grill pan

My preferred method of cooking chicken is with my Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan. I use this pan for my steaks as well. If you want a juicy, succulent, and tender piece of meat this is the way to go.

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Chicken grilling on a Lodge cast iron grill pan

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard Chicken grilling on a Lodge cast iron grill pan. See those awesome grill marks? YAS!

What’s on the chopping block?

We had a tasty combo of vegetables for this meal. I decided to roast the brussels sprouts in the honey mustard marinade . I roasted them in the oven at 400-degrees for about 25 minutes. We also had some fingerling potatoes. I placed them in a bowl and drizzled them in extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme.

Fingerling potatoes and brussels sprouts on the cutting board

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The Iridescent Kitchen – The Happy Shiny Rainbow Collection Part 2 – Friday Faves

For this week’s Friday Faves, I curated a collection of iridescent items for your home and kitchen. These rainbow items can all be found on Amazon. If you are anything at all like me you are going to want it all. I really do love this collection of Friday Faves this week and would love to have all of it in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. I have everything listed here that you need from dinnerware to drinkware.

I think the truth is out by now about my addiction to anything rainbow. It is an obsession I have had since I was a little girl. Rainbows dazzle my eyes and my senses. When I see a rainbow and all colors combined it brightens my day and it gives me a reason to smile and put on a happy face.

Mikasa Coronado 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, Pearl

I blogged about the sister set to this Pearl colored Mikasa dinnerware collection. I love both sets of this line. They have a tantalizing pearlescent luster finish. This dinnerware would be best for special occasions. If the service for 4 set price is too steep, why not just splurge on one single place setting? This line also includes an oval platter and a vegetable bowl that shimmers and shines. Who else here wishes they could have it all? Me! Me! Me! 

Iridescent Wine Glasses

These sure are a sight to behold! I can totally imagine myself sipping my next glass of wine in these iridescent wine glasses. Each glass is handmade and you will receive a set of 4 of these beauties!

SOCOSY Royal Embossed Clear Glass Apothecary Jar

This is something that I most definitely want. I have never seen a candy jar so beautiful! This jar with lid has a stunning raining appearance with all the iridescence a girl wants in her life!

Mexican Glass Hand Blown, Turquoise & White Iridescent Swirl, 18 oz Set of 6

These stunning hand blown glasses from Mexico would be the perfect glass for your next beverage. They have a mesmerizing swirl appearance. The great thing about these is that they are great for everyday use and these can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe – Slow-Cooker- Gluten-Free

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Heads up, everyone! It is officially autumn so do you know what that means?? It is soup season! It is also a great time for my slow-cooker to get a workout. I love to prep my soup in the late morning and let it simmer on low until dinner time. This recipe is for a paleo vegetable beef soup. Your slow-cooker will be full to the brim with meat and veggies. This recipe will produce a generous amount of soup and this soup eats like a hearty meal. You can also serve this as a side dish or appetizer but we love to just eat a huge bowl as our dinner. And the best part about this soup? Not only is it delicious but, most importantly, it is nutritious! No weird ingredients in this soup, just straight up meat and veggies… and LOTS OF VEGGIES!

Paleo, Primal Food

Meat! Ahhhh yes… meat! For this paleo (and gluten-free) vegetable beef soup, I went with a pound of beef stew meat. I browned it a bit in some olive oil before adding to the slow-cooker. This is an extra step but I think it lends more flavor to your meat. I think the few extra minutes I spend doing this is worth it in the end.

Vegetables galore

This paleo soup is all about clean eating. It is also focusing on health and wellness. Inside this soup, you will find the following vegetables: carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and garlic. I also used two cans of Muir Glen’s organic fire-roasted crushed tomatoes. If you follow my blog you would know that Muir Glen is my go-to brand for my organic tomato needs. So get your knives and chopping board ready because you are going to have quite a few veggies to chop.


Chopped vegetables on the cutting board for Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Chopped vegetables on the cutting board for Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Gotta have those seasonings!

What is a soup without the right seasonings? Blahhhhh! In this soup, I have a fantastic blend of herbs and spices that will have your paleo vegetable beef soup bursting with flavor. I used 2 bay leaves, paprika, garlic powder, dried chives, parsley, basil, rosemary, and of course some garlic salt and pepper.

I do not have the exact measurements on the salt and pepper. I always just season my food with salt and pepper along the way and adjust it to taste. I start off with a small amount of salt and work my way up. Nobody likes an oversalted meal so I just prefer to add the salt as needed.

A soup that eats like a meal

I know people often just serve soup as a dish before the actual meal but over here in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen I like to create filling soups that are the actual meal for dinner time. Each and every bite of this plentiful soup will have either meat or veggies or both in it. There are no boring spoonfuls of just broth in this soup. You will always get a bite of something with this soup.

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup and a big hunk of meat on the spoon!

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup and a big hunk of meat on the spoon!

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Paleo Bison Chili With Tri-Color Peppers (Gluten-Free) Recipe

I have only had bison once in my life and it was a stew that I created. My little family of 3 was so pleased with it so I decided that this week I would purchase a package of organic ground bison from Kroger and create a chili with it. I also wanted this chili to be paleo so there are no beans in this chili and it is gluten-free as well.

One of the highlights is that it does have three colors of bell peppers in it: red, orange, and yellow. I love a chili that is chockful of peppers! My chili just has to have peppers in it.

I also had a chili seasoning packet from Spice Miser and I decided I would give that a whirl this week too. Spice Miser never disappoints. I picked up that spice packet on my last trip to Eastern Market. If you do not have access to get this Spice Miser packet I have modified the recipe to reflect the ingredients found in it.

Tri-Color Pepper Bison Chili - Paleo and gluten-free

Tri-Color Pepper Bison Chili – Paleo and gluten-free

Tried It Out Tuesday with ground bison meat in my paleo chili

This post is a day late for Tried It Out Tuesday because I was feeling a bit under the weather last night. I wanted to get around to posting it last night but I was just utterly exhausted and had too much brain fog to write after dinner. I enjoy doing my posts in the morning with a couple of cups of warm coffee by my side.

As I stated earlier, I have only had bison once before in my life and it was in a stew. I already knew I was going to enjoy this ground bison because I enjoyed the chunks that I had in my stew. Bison is not a meat that people typically eat. When I make a chili I usually go with ground grass-fed beef or some lean ground turkey.

When comparing the bison to ground beef it does have somewhat of a similar texture but the bison did seem slightly more tender than the beef. When comparing the ground bison to beef, the bison has a sweeter taste to it. It is not gamey at all, to me anyway. The bison does have a very rich flavor to it and I really did enjoy it in this batch of chili.

Bison nutrition

If you are looking for a good source of protein in your next chili, why not give bison a try? A typical serving (4 oz) of ground bison contains 17 grams of protein. That four-ounce serving is also pretty low in calories coming too in at around 124 calories. That bison meat is also a great source of iron with 2.3mg per serving.

The most perfect chili seasoning

The Spice Miser packet of chili seasoning that I picked up at Eastern Market this past weekend contains the following: allspice, clove powder, chili peppers, cumin, salt, oregano, and garlic. This all amounts to the greatest way to season the bison and the peppers. To me, these are some essential ingredients to chili that lends some great flavor to it.

Fire roasted tomatoes

I am a big fan of all the Muir Glen organic tomatoes. I went with the fire-roasted diced tomatoes for this chili. These tomatoes are low on salt and sugar. I like to go with low-sodium canned ingredients and add my own salt to taste. Muir Glen tomatoes also do not contain any added sugars. There are 3g of natural sugars per half-cup serving. You can go ahead and click the image below to stock up on these awesome tomatoes on Amazon.


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Healthy Hot List – Must-Have Food Products For Your Health (Several are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, or Keto)

I would like to start up a new regular feature on the blog featuring items that I have used and fallen in love with. I will be calling this the Healthy Hot List. These are all items that I have given a whirl and want to spread the word about so this fits in perfectly with my Tried It Out Tuesday weekly feature. These are healthy foods that can fit into your routine.

Many of these items fall within the realms of several different diets: gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, Whole 30, keto, and vegan.

Whenever I try out a new product and I become a fan I do my best to promote these items and spread the word about them. I would love my good words for these brands to travel far and wide because they earned it with their quality food products. Hope you enjoy this list and let me know if you have tried anything on this list.

Caulipower Variety Pack – Cauliflower Crust Frozen Pizza – Gluten-Free

I recently blogged about this Caulipower pizza. I tried the veggie one out and doctored it up a bit. I was really impressed with the quality of this frozen cauliflower crust pizza. This is a low carb pizza alternative and features a gluten-free crust. The cauliflower crust mimics a regular crust quite well considering the fact that it is all veggie!

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

This Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil mayonnaise is a must-have in your fridge. It is paleo-friendly and Whole 30 compliant. It is also egg-free and dairy free. I have made tuna salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad with this mayo and the flavor of it was impressive.

Terrasoul Superfoods Cacao Nibs

Did you know that chocolate in its purest form is actually quite healthy and good for your body? These raw cacao nibs from Terrasoul Superfoods are an antioxidant powerhouse. Cacao nibs are also vegan-friendly. I enjoy eating these on top of my smoothie bowls or incorporating them into my nice-creams.

Mamma Chia – Chia Squeeze – Variety Pack of 4 flavors

I consider myself a big fan of Mamma Chia. I often purchase their chia drinks and chia seeds. The squeeze pouches are an awesome on-the-go snack. These pouches come in at 70 calories and contain 1200-milligrams of Omega-3. These squeeze pouches are also a great source of protein, antioxidants, and fiber.

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