Friday Faves From Perpetual Kid – 10 Home & Kitchen Novelty Items That I Love

As many of you all know, I do love to inject a bit of a sense of humor into my posts. I love things that make me smile and laugh. I love all things that are quirky and odd. Perpetual Kid is one of my go-to places for when I am seeking out novelty items and novelty gifts. Perpetual Kid has a vast array of home and kitchen items that are clever & witty and hilarious too. I hope that you enjoy this top 10 list that I am sharing on the blog today!

Unique Rainbow + Unicorn Gifts

10 Home & Kitchen Novelty Gifts That I Love From Perpetual Kid



Oven Mitts From Blue Q

Here are three different oven mitts offered by the clever and witty brand Blue Q. There are many others to choose from available on the Perpetual Kid website.

Oops, I'm Drunk Oven Mitt B*tches Get Stuff Done Oven MittMy Favorite Salad Is Wine Oven Mitt

I Cerealsly Love You Spoon

This engraved spoon might just be your go-to spoon for your next bowl of cereal. This stainless steel spoon makes a great gift for the breakfast cereal lover in your life!

I Cerealsly Love You Spoon


Cheeseburger Cooler Bag

This cheeseburger cooler bag from BigMouth is perfect for keeping your beverages cool when you are on the go! This cooler can hold up to a dozen standard sized cans.

Hot Mess So Blessed Mug

This Hot Mess pretty much sums up how I feel first thing in the morning. Don’t talk to me until I have that caffeine running through my veins lol!
Hot Mess So Blessed Mug

Color Morphing Rainbow Stainless Steel Straw Set

Times are a changing and it is time to ditch the plastic straws and get on-board with a reusable one. This is a set of two iridescent rainbow straws that you can use over and over again.

Color Morphing Rainbow Stainless Steel Straw Set

Dish Towels From Blue Q

If you love the oven mitt designs from Blue Q then you are going to flip when you see their wide variety of hilarious dish towels that are available at Perpetual Kid!

Get The Hell Out Of My Kitchen Dish TowelF*ck, I Love Cheese Woven Dish TowelCongratulations, You Turned My Kitchen Into A Shithole Dish Towel


Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea can calm down your nerves after a long and stressful day. Sometimes it is absolutely okay to drink your feelings away. This canister includes 15 tea sachets. There is also a Snarky Tea available that can wake your ass up!

Click HERE to see the other varieties of Snarky Tea available.
Calm The F**k Down Tea Snarky TeaGet Your Sh*t Together Snarky TeaWake The F**k Up Snarky Tea

JustCBD CBD Candy

Perpetual Kid now has a variety of CBD candies available. These CBD candies are THC-free and do not have any psychoactive effects.

You can read more about CBD in my CBDistellery review on the blog.

Cbd Gummy RibbonsCbd Gummy WormsCbd Gummy Bears

Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser

Perpetual Kid has a large selection of different tea infusers to choose from. This llama might just be my favorite!

Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser

Stinky Candles

Stinky Candles come in a variety of different food scents. As you can see below there are some unusual scents here: pickle, burrito, and bacon!

Click HERE to see them all!

Dill Pickles CandleBurrito Scented CandleBacon Scented Candle

Question & Answer Time!

What is your favorite novelty gift from this Friday Faves shopping guide? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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