Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Decadent. Dark. Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake recipe coming up for you! Did I forget to mention healthy? This dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is full to the brim with an assortment of nuts and a mix of some frozen and fresh raspberries. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, almost paleo, dairy-free, and does not contain any added refined sugars. Because fruit is also known as nature’s candy, the sweetness of this cheesecake is derived from the fruit and maple syrup rather than added sugars.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

It all starts with a chocolate crust for this dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake

The base of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is going to be a chocolate crust made mostly with pitted dates, cacao powder, ground up almonds. There are a few other ingredients in the crust that you will need. This recipe calls specifically for cacao powder, not cocoa powder. There is a notable difference between the two. I did do a little write-up about the benefits of cacao powder awhile ago on my blog. Chocolate in its purest state (cacao) actually has numerous health beneifts. The darker the chocolate, the better health-wise!

I use the cacao powder by LivFit. A one-pound bag goes for around $8.00 on Amazon and this bag will last a long time and come in handy for many other recipes. I have been using this bag of cacao powder for months now and still have a decent amount left. A little bit of cacao powder goes a long way!

To make the chocolate crust you will also need some raw, unsalted almonds. These do not get completely ground up in my food processor and the almonds give the vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake a great texture.

The chocolate crust of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake will also need some pitted dates. The pitted dates will not only sweeten your crust naturally but will also help keep all of the ingredients together (dates are very sticky). I suggest soaking your dates in some hot water for a few minutes and chopping them up before proceeding with putting them in the food processor.

The raspberry filling… the heart of the cheesecake

The main component of the filling of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake is actually raw cashews! Say what?!?!? Yes, I said cashews and you heard me properly. You will be using an entire pound of raw cashews for the filling that are soaked overnight to soften them up. You can get away with using more affordable, lightly-salted cashews but please steer clear of regular salted ones or you will make an ugly face when you take the first bite of your salty (ugh) cheesecake! This is a sweet cheesecake so please do avoid making it a salty one or else you will be sorely disappointed.

Give It A Whirl Girl with the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake before the ganache

Give It A Whirl Girl with the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake before the ganache

Obviously, you will be using a bunch of raspberries as well. I actually went with a bag of Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic Raspberries for the filling and it turned out to be a great choice. So, I used frozen raspberries for the filling and I used a pint of fresh for the topping. I don’t know about you, but I sure go crazy for anything that is dark chocolate raspberry. To me, those two ingredients when married together, result in a match made in heaven. I feel pure bliss and I feel like I am on Cloud 9 while consuming this combination.

Thick chocolate ganache to top it all off

For the topping of this vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake, I used my favorite brand of dark chocolate chips from Enjoy Life Foods. Not only are their dark chocolate chips vegan-friendly but they are also free from several common food allergens. I always play it safe and use this brand in my recipes and their chocolate chips are a family fave. My daughter and I are actually known to just snack on them straight out of the bag, they are that great!

The ganache turned out pretty thick from using one cup of chips combined and melted down with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I used an 8-inch springform pan for the cheesecake and I believe you can cut down and use 3/4 of a cup for a thinner chocolate shell. That is just my presumption and guess though. You can always try that and add more if needed.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

A nice slice of the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

A nice slice of the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

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Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza Recipe

Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen – Recipe (Gluten-Free)

If you are not a fan of garlic it might just be time to walk away from this post. Today I will tell you how I created a Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza using a blank crust from Caulipower and some Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. You can adjust this recipe to your taste with the garlic but the amount that is noted in here is for garlic lovers only. This is believe it or not, my first time ever having a Greek pizza. I love Greek food so I kind of had an idea in my mind that everything would turn out wonderful to me. Guess what? I nailed it and that is why I am sharing this recipe to you for my Greek Caulipower Pizza! This pizza does not contain any meat so it a vegetarian pizza and would be perfect for any veggie lover.

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Caulipower Crust – The Greek Pizza All Starts Here

If you are looking at my post and my photos here and are drooling a bit and craving this Greek Caulipower Pizza then you are going to need your base to start with. This was my second time trying the Caulipower crust. I bought a veggie Caulipower pizza not too long ago and dressed it up with some additional toppings. This time I wanted to be the artist and the chef and create my own on a blank slate. The blank Caulipower crust pack contains two crusts and if you want you can double this recipe so that you have two Greek Caulipower Pizzas. The recipe has enough servings and slices for two people. That is of course unless you have a huge appetite and can eat an entire pizza by yourself.

The Power Of The Caulipower

Let’s talk a bit about why I love this Caulipower crust so much.

First of all, it is paleo friendly. If you do not add any cheese this pizza will fulfill your paleo diet needs.

Secondly, we all know that cauliflower crust is all the rage these days because it is low-carb. A cauliflower crust pizza is leaning in the guilt-free direction of things. You can take a peek at the nutrition facts below (source). A serving size is considered 1/3 of the pizza and considering this is pizza it only comes in at 17 grams of carbs. A regular pizza is at least twice that amount and averages about 36 grams of carbs for just one slice (source)!

Nutrition facts for blank Caulipower Crust Source:

Nutrition facts for blank Caulipower Crust

And third, this Caulipower crust is nice and crisp! Often times a cauliflower crust can result in sogginess from the moisture that can be found in cauliflower. If you ever make your own crust you really have to squeeze the moisture out. I made my own cauliflower crust last year and while it was good, the texture of it was mushy. I did not get enough of the moisture out. Caulipower takes the frustration out of cauliflower crust. These blank crusts have endless possibilities.

ngredients used for Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza

Ingredients used for Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza

Garlic. Garlic. And More Garlic!

There. I said it three times so you get the point. This Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe is chockful of garlic. I put three heaping tablespoons of it in the blender with my Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. When I need minced garlic I skip the knifework and I grab my Spice World Minced Garlic. My knife skills suck if I am going to be honest here and minced garlic can be tricky. I really need to improve in the knife department. Spice World does all of the work for you and they are my go-to brand. They do also have an organic minced garlic available and I often try to use that but my Kroger was out the last time I shopped so I just went with regular.

Bring On The Cheese Please

A Greek Caulipower Pizza would not be Greek if it weren’t for the feta cheese! No Greek pizza is complete without feta. For this recipe, I went with a blend of feta and a mozzarella. I used one small container of Kroger’s Simple Truth Feta Cheese and I used a handful of Tillamook mozzarella, which is my favorite shredded mozzarella cheese.

Greek Toppings

For the rest of the toppings on this Greek Caulipower Pizza, I used cherry tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and half of a slivered and sliced shallot. Next time I make a Greek pizza I am going to add some sliced beets to it. I think beets would have been awesome on this pizza, so now you know! You might just want to add them to yours.

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Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free Recipe

Ahhhh fall! It is definitely feeling like fall over here in Michigan and I have the perfect Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake recipe to make your heart and soul happy. Attention all pumpkin spice lovers… you will love the no-bake, gluten-free, paleo, and vegan Pumpkin Spice cheesecake that I created. I honestly do love and prefer this over your average pumpkin pie.

This cheesecake is chockful of healthy ingredients and does not contain any added sugars. In this recipe, you will be using quite a few almonds and cashews. Believe it or not, this method works to make a dairy-free cheesecake. That little bit of lemon juice that you will add magically transforms these ingredients into cheesecake heaven! This dessert would be perfect to serve after a Thanksgiving Day feast. I have confidence that it would please even the pickiest guest will be full of bliss devouring this tasty treat.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake - Paleo & Vegan - Gluten-Free

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free

Paleo & Vegan Crust Is Your Base

First things first! You need to work on your crust for your Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake. This crust is a no-bake crust and it is gluten-free. You will need to have a decent food processor to create this recipe. You will also need some raw almonds for the crust.

You will also need some pitted Medjool dates. If you can not find the pitted dates you can purchase dates and remove the pits. For this crust recipe, I suggest soaking your dates in hot water to soften them. The pit will be easy to remove.

This crust will also need some almond flour. I suggest going with Bob’s Red Mill because they always produce an excellent, high-quality product. Even though you will not be baking this crust the flour acts as a binder.

This recipe will also require a good amount of extra virgin coconut oil. Nothing wrong with some healthy fats!

Speaking of healthy fats, you will need some finely shredded and unsweetened coconut as well. I also used Bob’s Red Mill for this. If you are not a coconut fan, fear not! It does not have a taste of coconut to it.

Some pure maple syrup will also be needed and this will be a big part of the filling as well. Since there are no added, refined sugars in this cheesecake recipe you will need to sweeten it with something.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Spices

If you have a bottle of pumpkin pie spice on-hand you can use that to spice up your paleo & vegan cheesecake. If not there are only 4 essential ingredients and you probably already have them in your spice cabinet.

For the pumpkin spice seasonings, you will need some cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and ground cloves.

These spices will give you the essence of fall in your pumpkin cheesecake dessert. Both the crust and the filling will require these spices.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Filling

Time to get nutty!

Here’s the part where will be getting really nutty! You will need four cups of raw cashews that are soaked overnight to soften them. This is an important step that will result in a smooth as silk filling. Raw cashews do tend to cost more. You can get away with using more affordable LIGHTLY SALTED cashews but the preferred ingredient to use here is raw. Cashews mimic the texture of a traditional cheesecake quite well. You will be surprised when you cut that first slice out of the cheesecake and give it a whirl!

Pumpkin cheesecake has to have pumpkin, right?

Obviously, you are going to need some pumpkin for the guts of this cheesecake. For the filling, you will need a can of pure pumpkin puree. Make sure there are no added ingredients. You just want to find a can of puree that is straight up pure pumpkin and nothing else. If you want to use an actual pie pumpkin just make sure you have two whole cups of pumpkin.

Let’s sweeten this up!

You will need some pure maple syrup to sweeten this recipe up. This filling uses nearly a cup of maple in the filling and you will get some autumn vibes from this natural sweetener. When I say pure maple syrup, this is not to be confused with a bottle of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. In paleo cooking, you have to use the real deal straight from the try and not full of high fructose corn syrup.

Lemon juice is essential for a paleo/vegan cheesecake

It is strange how this works, but combining the cashews with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice will give you the cheesecake flavor that is found in a traditional cheesecake. Do not skip out on this part. You can either use a fresh lemon or lemon juice found in a bottle.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake - Paleo & Vegan

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – Paleo & Vegan – Gluten-Free

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Italian Drunken Noodles – Pappardelle Pasta Recipe W/ Ground Italian Sausage & Peppers

Ever have the Thai version of drunken noodle? I have and it is hands down one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes. If you love that version of drunken noodle then I am confident that you will love this Italian Drunken Noodles dish! Italian drunken noodle is a family fave and for good reason~ it is a unique dish with an exciting flavor profile thanks to the white wine and fresh basil. It combines delicious pappardelle egg noodle pasta with ground Italian sausage and three colors of thinly sliced bell peppers. And oh yes, you gotta have that white wine in there. The Chardonnay is an essential and key ingredient. How else would your noodles get drunk?

Italian Drunken Noodle with a glass of Chardonnay white wine

Italian Drunken Noodle with a glass of Chardonnay white wine

Italian Drunken Noodles and how you get them drunk

The Chardonnay white wine really is the star of the show with this Italian Drunken Noodles dish. You do not need to have anything pricey to work with. A cheap, affordable bottle will do. If you do not want to use an actual bottle of wine you can use a bottle of cooking wine to flavor this dish. I use 3/4 of a cup of wine in this recipe and allow it to cook down and reduce. It lends a potent flavor to the noodles and the rest of the dish.

Don’t forget the fresh basil leaves

With the Thai version of drunken noodle, there is always an abundance of Thai basil leaves in the meal. The basil really infuses the noodles with a unique flavor. The basil is a powerful herb so if you are not a basil fan you can just skip this ingredient but it will not have as strong of a flavor. I cook the basil in my dish and down below in this post you will see that I top the dish with even more!

Finish it off

If you are like me then you have to have your cheese on top of your pasta dish. I love to have fresh Parmesan cheese on my Italian Drunken Noodles. Skip the Kraft Parmesan and always choose fresh. If you have any extra basil leftover you can cut that into thin strips and top your dish with more basil. I love basil and I cannot get enough of it. The more the merrier I say!

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Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe – Slow-Cooker- Gluten-Free

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Heads up, everyone! It is officially autumn so do you know what that means?? It is soup season! It is also a great time for my slow-cooker to get a workout. I love to prep my soup in the late morning and let it simmer on low until dinner time. This recipe is for a paleo vegetable beef soup. Your slow-cooker will be full to the brim with meat and veggies. This recipe will produce a generous amount of soup and this soup eats like a hearty meal. You can also serve this as a side dish or appetizer but we love to just eat a huge bowl as our dinner. And the best part about this soup? Not only is it delicious but, most importantly, it is nutritious! No weird ingredients in this soup, just straight up meat and veggies… and LOTS OF VEGGIES!

Paleo, Primal Food

Meat! Ahhhh yes… meat! For this paleo (and gluten-free) vegetable beef soup, I went with a pound of beef stew meat. I browned it a bit in some olive oil before adding to the slow-cooker. This is an extra step but I think it lends more flavor to your meat. I think the few extra minutes I spend doing this is worth it in the end.

Vegetables galore

This paleo soup is all about clean eating. It is also focusing on health and wellness. Inside this soup, you will find the following vegetables: carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and garlic. I also used two cans of Muir Glen’s organic fire-roasted crushed tomatoes. If you follow my blog you would know that Muir Glen is my go-to brand for my organic tomato needs. So get your knives and chopping board ready because you are going to have quite a few veggies to chop.


Chopped vegetables on the cutting board for Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Chopped vegetables on the cutting board for Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup

Gotta have those seasonings!

What is a soup without the right seasonings? Blahhhhh! In this soup, I have a fantastic blend of herbs and spices that will have your paleo vegetable beef soup bursting with flavor. I used 2 bay leaves, paprika, garlic powder, dried chives, parsley, basil, rosemary, and of course some garlic salt and pepper.

I do not have the exact measurements on the salt and pepper. I always just season my food with salt and pepper along the way and adjust it to taste. I start off with a small amount of salt and work my way up. Nobody likes an oversalted meal so I just prefer to add the salt as needed.

A soup that eats like a meal

I know people often just serve soup as a dish before the actual meal but over here in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen I like to create filling soups that are the actual meal for dinner time. Each and every bite of this plentiful soup will have either meat or veggies or both in it. There are no boring spoonfuls of just broth in this soup. You will always get a bite of something with this soup.

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup and a big hunk of meat on the spoon!

Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup and a big hunk of meat on the spoon!

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Paleo Bison Chili With Tri-Color Peppers (Gluten-Free) Recipe

I have only had bison once in my life and it was a stew that I created. My little family of 3 was so pleased with it so I decided that this week I would purchase a package of organic ground bison from Kroger and create a chili with it. I also wanted this chili to be paleo so there are no beans in this chili and it is gluten-free as well.

One of the highlights is that it does have three colors of bell peppers in it: red, orange, and yellow. I love a chili that is chockful of peppers! My chili just has to have peppers in it.

I also had a chili seasoning packet from Spice Miser and I decided I would give that a whirl this week too. Spice Miser never disappoints. I picked up that spice packet on my last trip to Eastern Market. If you do not have access to get this Spice Miser packet I have modified the recipe to reflect the ingredients found in it.

Tri-Color Pepper Bison Chili - Paleo and gluten-free

Tri-Color Pepper Bison Chili – Paleo and gluten-free

Tried It Out Tuesday with ground bison meat in my paleo chili

This post is a day late for Tried It Out Tuesday because I was feeling a bit under the weather last night. I wanted to get around to posting it last night but I was just utterly exhausted and had too much brain fog to write after dinner. I enjoy doing my posts in the morning with a couple of cups of warm coffee by my side.

As I stated earlier, I have only had bison once before in my life and it was in a stew. I already knew I was going to enjoy this ground bison because I enjoyed the chunks that I had in my stew. Bison is not a meat that people typically eat. When I make a chili I usually go with ground grass-fed beef or some lean ground turkey.

When comparing the bison to ground beef it does have somewhat of a similar texture but the bison did seem slightly more tender than the beef. When comparing the ground bison to beef, the bison has a sweeter taste to it. It is not gamey at all, to me anyway. The bison does have a very rich flavor to it and I really did enjoy it in this batch of chili.

Bison nutrition

If you are looking for a good source of protein in your next chili, why not give bison a try? A typical serving (4 oz) of ground bison contains 17 grams of protein. That four-ounce serving is also pretty low in calories coming too in at around 124 calories. That bison meat is also a great source of iron with 2.3mg per serving.

The most perfect chili seasoning

The Spice Miser packet of chili seasoning that I picked up at Eastern Market this past weekend contains the following: allspice, clove powder, chili peppers, cumin, salt, oregano, and garlic. This all amounts to the greatest way to season the bison and the peppers. To me, these are some essential ingredients to chili that lends some great flavor to it.

Fire roasted tomatoes

I am a big fan of all the Muir Glen organic tomatoes. I went with the fire-roasted diced tomatoes for this chili. These tomatoes are low on salt and sugar. I like to go with low-sodium canned ingredients and add my own salt to taste. Muir Glen tomatoes also do not contain any added sugars. There are 3g of natural sugars per half-cup serving. You can go ahead and click the image below to stock up on these awesome tomatoes on Amazon.


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Matcha & Chocolate Vegan Cheesecake

Matcha & Chocolate Cheesecake – RECIPE – Gluten-Free, Almost Paleo

Let it be known that making these cheesecakes are one of my favorite things to do in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. These desserts are rich, flavorful, and actually quite nutritious. They are a much better alternative to regular cheesecake. The basic ingredients in these are fruit (medjool dates) and a variety of different nuts (mostly cashews). I am not going to lie, sometimes I even sneak in a slice for a filling breakfast. This matcha chocolate cheesecake dessert is unique in its flavor. If you are a fan of matcha (green tea) this recipe for a matcha chocolate cheesecake might just be perfect for you. I love everything about this particular one: the crust, the filling, and the chocolate ganache on top. It all marries together harmoniously to make one hell of an awesome cheesecake.

Matcha & Chocolate Vegan Cheesecake

Matcha & Chocolate Cheesecake

This almost-paleo matcha chocolate cheesecake requires several different components to make it all come together. I broke it down into sections for you. I suggest gathering up all of your ingredients first so you can breeze through this recipe with ease.

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Primal Kitchen Bone-In Balsamic Strip Steaks served with Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Strip Steaks With Primal Kitchen Balsamic Marinade & Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus (Gluten-Free, Paleo) RECIPE – Eat Like A Caveman

Primal Kitchen Bone-In Balsamic Strip Steaks served with Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Primal Kitchen Bone-In Balsamic Strip Steaks served with Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus


Primal Kitchen Bone-In Balsamic Strip Steaks served with Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Primal Kitchen Bone-In Balsamic Strip Steaks served with Applegate Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

See that? Looks mighty fine, doesn’t it? That is what you get when you make a dinner date with two brands that I love: Primal Kitchen and Applegate. This is not the first time using Primal Kitchen Balsamic Marinade and it will not be the last. Primal Kitchen consistently comes through and shines with their incredible line of tasty and nutritious products. I made sure my pantry is always stocked with their items. This right here is going to be one of those dinners that is on repeat and in regular rotation here at the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. My family of 3 ooh’s and ahh’s the entire time eating this gluten-free, low-carb, primal meal made with Primal Kitchen Balsamic marinade.

Primal, paleo meal

If you are looking for a simple, flavorful steak dinner then I will hook you up with this amazing recipe that anyone could do. You will be eating like a primal caveman in no time with this paleo meal. This particular marinade is created with a blend of balsamic vinegar, avocado oil, and organic herbs and spices. You will not find any refined sugars in their line of products… none! Two tablespoons of this Primal Kitchen Balsamic Marinade are 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 carbs.

Ingredients are simple and pure

Primal Kitchen only produces items with simple and pure ingredients… real food to fuel your body and mind. I am a label analyzer and I never spot any odd ingredients whatsoever in the products. They are all ingredients that you are familiar with and nothing funky that you can’t pronounce and have to Google to find out what the heck it is. Here is what is inside the Primal Kitchen Balsamic Marinade.

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Paleo Mississippi Roast Melt In Your Mouth Meat Recipe (Slow-Cooker) (Gluten-Free)

Meat so tender and juicy it just melts in your mouth. Mmmm! This is what I will be discussing today… my Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast! I will fill you in on how I made a gluten-free Mississippi Pot Roast without any seasoning packets. We DIY over here! I included my recipe for both the seasoning and the roast. This slow-cooker recipe requires minimal prep and then you load the meat into your slow-cooker and it does all of the work for you… set it and forget it! This is a simple way to ensure that you will have a mouthwatering meal waiting for you after a long, busy day at work.

Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast served with ranch-seasoned medley of potatoes

Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast served with ranch-seasoned medley of potatoes

Skip the ranch seasoning packet and make your own ranch seasoning!
Paleo-friendly recipe right here!

If you are a seasoned cook (pun intended) you should already have all, if not most, of these ingredients, stashed away in your pantry for this Paleo Mississippi Roast. I had everything on hand so I experimented here and created this ranch-flavored seasoning to coat my meat with.

Ingredients for ranch seasoning:

Directions for ranch seasoning:

Simply mix all of these ingredients together in a small bowl and set aside. You will rub this completely on your roast. You likely will not need all of it but at least half and the other half can be reserved for a future use. Keep reading to see how I used the rest of my seasoning.

Homemade paleo friendly ranch seasoning for Mississippi Roast

Ingredients for Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast

Ingredients for Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast

Ranch rub for Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast

Ranch rub for Paleo Mississippi Pot Roast

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Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa - Gluten-Free

Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa RECIPE – Gluten-Free – One Last Summer Meal

Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa - Gluten-Free - RECIPE

Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa – Gluten-Free – RECIPE

It really is starting to feel like autumn now and I have been craving this Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken dish all summer and I finally got around to whipping this dish up a couple nights ago. I created a pineapple dish with a sweet honey teriyaki sauce (the sauce is paleo compliant) with chicken breast and some ginger & orange quinoa. My daughter, Chloe, was super duper excited to chow down on this dish. It is so fun to eat your food out of a pineapple, right? This dish is gluten-free and will also be paleo if you just leave out the ginger/orange quinoa.

Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa - Gluten-Free

Pineapples Stuffed With Sweet Teriyaki Chicken and Ginger/Orange Quinoa – Gluten-Free

Dishes served like this are always memorable. It’s not too often that the opportunity arises to eat your meal out of a pineapple. I truly get joy out of preparing meals like this for my family. Not only is this dish super cool but it is also healthy and nutritious, most importantly!

Create something amazing and memorable for your family to enjoy! This dish will make you feel like you are swept away to an exotic tropical location.

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RECIPE – Ancient Harvest – Tri-Color Pepper, Ground Beef, & Italian Sausage Spaghetti Sauce- Tried It Out Tuesday

I am just going to come out and say it… this is some thick ass sauce right here y’all! This sauce is nowhere near being skimpy and naked. We got it all going on over here with grass-fed ground beef, ground Italian sausage, three colors of bell peppers, oodles of minced garlic, half an onion, and a whole lot of basil and oregano! How does that sound? Keep reading to find out how I made this set-it-and-forget-it sauce. I will also talk about the Ancient Harvest gluten-free pasta that I used with this sauce recipe. I tried them out for Tried It Out Tuesday!

Tri-Color Pepper, Ground Beef, and Italian Sausage Spaghetti With Ancient Harvest Pasta

Tri-Color Pepper, Ground Beef, and Italian Sausage Spaghetti With Ancient Harvest Pasta

This recipe does require a little bit of prep but it is essential. You can’t just toss raw ground meat products into your slow-cooker and expect good results. You gotta brown that meat. You are also going to want to saute your onions and garlic until they achieve a translucent appearance and become aromatic and fragrant. I also take the time to soften up the three peppers.

Also, for Tried It Out Tuesday I tried out a new-to-me gluten-free pasta from Ancient Harvest. The pasta is a corn & quinoa. I cooked this pasta according to package directions and it did turn out to be a little too al-dente. With gluten-free pastas, they often tend to be on the mushy side but I felt as though these noodles were a little chewy. They were good but I don’t know if I would purchase this spaghetti again. You can use whatever pasta your heart desires with this sauce recipe though. The sauce is most definitely freaking awesome, I can attest to that!


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Cactus Pear & Pomegranate With Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites Nice-Cream

Cactus Pear & Pomegranate With Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites Nice-Cream Vegan and Gluten-Free – Recipe

Cactus Pear & Pomegranate With Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites Nice-Cream

Cactus Pear & Pomegranate With Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites Nice-Cream

Wondering how I naturally obtained this lovely shade of hot pink in my bowl of nice-cream (vegan ice-cream)?? Easy! I owe it all to the cactus pear. The flesh of a cactus pear, when combined with a banana, will give you this gorgeous magenta hue. This cactus pear nice-cream is healthy dessert that will most definitely make your child excited for a yummy treat that is naturally sweet from nature with no added sugars. Other ingredients in this frozen treat are frozen pomegranate, two frozen bananas, and some coconut milk. This is a much healthier alternative to tradtional ice-cream and I always enjoy creating this and serving it at home. Super simple and easy to do too!

Nice-cream is the vegan and paleo version of ice-cream. It is dairy-free and lactose-free.

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Ribeye steak with herbed ghee (garlic, rosemary, and thyme) and roasted red skin potatoes

How To Get A Tender And Juicy Ribeye Steak With Herbed Ghee In A Cast Iron Pan

Can you think of anything better than a big juicy steak for dinner? Nope! Not me! This is definitely a favorite for my whole family. I am going to fill you in on how I use my cast iron pan and some herbed ghee to make the most tender and juicy steak!

You only need a few simple things to obtain a tender and juicy steak in the kitchen. First things first, you will need a cast iron pan. I am a true believer in cast iron and I won’t even throw a steak on the grill anymore. I get the best results with my Lodge Cast Iron. You will also need an herbed ghee or you can make your own herbed ghee with a few ingredients: garlic powder, rosemary, and thyme. The herbed ghee is going to make your steak burst with flavor. It is so simple to do and the results are spectacular. It requires only minimal effort.

The first thing I do when I am prepping to cook a steak is to take them out of the fridge and let them rest for a bit. This is when I salt and pepper them on both sides. You also need to start heating your cast iron pan. You want to ensure that your pan is hot when you throw the steaks on so they can get a nice sear to them.

Ribeye steaks cooking in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Ribeye steaks cooking in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan

4th & Heart makes a wonderful garlic ghee that you can add your seasonings (rosemary and thyme) to. If you cannot find this brand with the garlic already in it, any kind of ghee will do. I do highly recommend 4th & Heart though. I know my Kroger store carries the regular one. These ghees are also available on Amazon and you can get them conveniently delivered in two days if you have Prime. If you do not yet have Prime you can try a free 30-day trial through this link.

4th & Heart ghee is top-notch when it comes to all of the ghees available. Ghee has wonderful health benefits and is a much better alternative to butter. With ghee, all of the milk fats are removed. It is considered a clarified butter and is lactose-free and dairy-free. Ghee is known to improve the digestive tract and repair it. Ghee is very aromatic and when you are cooking with it in the kitchen your house is going to smell amazing.

Fourth & Heart ghee is made from the milk of grass-fed, pasture raised New Zealand cows.  Why did we have to go so far from home? We find the best quality to be in the place where the greenest grass grows and that’s in New Zealand. (source)

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Paleo Pot Roast With Parsnips RECIPE Gluten-Free, Slow-Cooker – When Comfort & Simplicity Collide

Paleo Pot Roast With Parsnips (Gluten-Free, Slow-Cooker)

Paleo Pot Roast With Parsnips (Gluten-Free, Slow-Cooker)

The fall weather is approaching and that means meals like pot roasts and soups will be in full swing in my kitchen. For cool weather meals, I also like to bust out my slow-cooker. The slow-cooker is a perfect tool to use for when you want a meal with minimal effort. It is great for busy workdays or school days. All you need to do is a little prep, set it, and forget it. Today I will share with you how I made my paleo pot roast slow-cooker and the recipe for it.

The meat and veggies are the stars of the show. Simple ingredients and effortless steps to obtain an incredible meal.

This was our first time trying out parsnips. I wanted to be adventurous with this roast and add something new to it so we went with that. My daughter, Chloe, actually loved them and my husband was on the fence about it (he is somewhat picky). I really enjoyed them and would continue to use them in my roast recipe. I would actually probably add another one or two next time I make pot roast with them.

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Paleo Turkey & Turmeric Chili – Gluten-Free – A Healthier Approach To Chili

Paleo Turkey & Turmeric Chili simmering in the Staub

Paleo Turkey & Turmeric Chili simmering in the Staub

It seems a bit early in the year still for chili but temps are cooling down a bit here in Michigan and I so ready to make my first batch on Sunday night. This version that I created was totally paleo (gluten-free) and this time around to keep it paleo I avoided kidney beans, which I usually do love to use in my chili. I also usually use ground beef and I switched it up and went for a lean ground turkey. I had a craving for some paleo turkey chili and I had to make it to satisfy my craving! The added turmeric was a nice touch as well. My husband and I reveled in this bowl of comforting chili. There is just something so comforting about eating chili. It is always satisfying and it is also so simple to make!

This chili will make quite a few servings. I would say anywhere from 4-6 servings, depending on how much you place into your bowl. It started off with garlic and onion sauteed in the Staub until it reached a nice translucent, golden color. You will need a large pot to prepare the chili in. I love to use my Staub dutch oven for meals like this. The Staub is a heavy-duty piece of cooking equipment. It is very durable and built to last a lifetime. I always enjoy cooking with it.

Then came the lean ground turkey. I broke that up with a wooden spoon and continued to brown it. I seasoned the turkey with some organic chili powder, turmeric, cumin, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper. This was my first time using turmeric in my chili so I was not sure how we were going to like it.

While the meat was browning I also added in some diced red and green bell peppers. Every chili needs to be chock full of peppers for me. Peppers in every bite! For this chili, I also decided to add some chopped zucchini pieces.

Once the meat was cooked and browned I added in an entire can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes. This is my favorite brand of tomato products that I currently use. Muir Glen is an organic line of tomato products and they always lend an extraordinary flavor to the dish I am preparing. You can read more about Muir Glen HERE and their principles as a company. They are outstanding!

I allowed this chili to simmer for a couple of hours. This can also be prepared in a slow-cooker and simmer all day in there. Just be sure to brown/cook the meat before putting it in there.

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Let’s Talk About Cacao! Cacao, Coconut, Granola, and Collagen Smoothie Bowl – RECIPE


In this post I will discuss how I made a collagen smoothie bowl with cacao, coconut, and granola. Hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite Thunderbird Bars is the Cacao + Hemp + Walnut. I am a sucker for anything chocolately and this bar wins me over big time! This bar is paleo and vegan friendly. Thunderbird Bar does not mess around with any crap ingredients. What you get in a Thunderbird Bar is REAL FOOD.

I will tell you the ingredients so you can see for yourself:

  • Dates
  • Hemp seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Coconut shreds
  • Cacao
  • Cacao nibs
  • Chia seeds
  • Mint
  • and Himalayan sea salt

But how on Earth can something like chocolate be good for you? Chocolate gets a bad reputation often and gets classified as junk food. If you consume chocolate in it’s purest form it is surprisingly great for you!

I am going to talk about the health benefits now:

  • Cacao is chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants combat cancer invasion and can be used as a preventative measure of cancer. It can help prevent a decline in the aging process.
  • Cacao is an iron powerhouse. Of all the plants in the universe, cacao has the most iron. If you are anemic cacao can be used to boost iron intake.
  • Cacao is high in magnesium
  • Cacao is high in calcium (more than cow’s milk!)
  • Cacao is known to be a mood elevator and can help lift you out of a bad day
  • Cacao has fiber. The brand that I used has 2g of fiber per tablespoon.
  • Cacao is free of sugar!
  • Cacao contains vitamin C. The cacao that I had has 10% of your daily value.

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Homemade Alfredo Sauce With Garlic & Lemon Served With Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Noodles – Awesome Sauce With Chef Shamy

Sometimes there is a dinner so phenomenal I just have to share. My husband and I had an appetite for some Fettuccine Alfredo. That is a dish that I used to make often and I have made it so much that I now have my sauce totally perfected. My secret to a great cheesy sauce like this is to use quality ingredients and you gotta have some fresh lemon juice and red pepper flakes. Homemade Alfredo sauce just can not be beat! Keep reading to learn more!

Homemade Alfredo Sauce With Garlic & Lemon Served With Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Noodles

Homemade Alfredo Sauce With Garlic & Lemon Served With Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Noodles

I have been trying to eliminate as much gluten as possible from my diet. It seems to be improving my health both mentally and physically so I am sticking to it. I have not reached a point of total elimination of gluten but I have cut down significantly. I needed a gluten-free, thick noodle to go with my alfredo. I ran into some difficulty at Kroger finding such a noodle and then I found it! I found some freshly made noodles that are made out of sweet potatoes. How perfect! I did have some fear in the back of my mind, though, that Joe would not approve. I took a leap of faith and added it to my ClickList anyway.

Now the details on the sauce. I have been going on and on lately about Chef Shamy’s gourmet butters.  I have a variety of flavors stocked in my fridge at the moment and figured my best bet was the Chef Shamy Garlic Butter with Parmesan Cheese and Basil. I can not say enough good words about this butter. Seriously guys, order some of this butter on Amazon and you will not regret it! I think that this butter really made my homemade Alfredo sauce shine. The butter gave it a marvelous flavor!


I used about 1/4 cup of that butter in my sauce along with one pint of Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream.  Once I had the butter and the heavy cream well incorporated I added a great big squeeze of my favorite minced garlic from Spice World. My knife skill are no good and I do not enjoy mincing garlic so I go the easy route with my trusty squeeze bottle. I also added in some Italian Seasonings, salt, and a good crack at a peppercorn medley. I continued warming the sauce and then very slowly added some Simple Truth Organic Parmesan Cheese.

All of my ingredients were then well integrated and I almost had the perfect sauce. What I like to do to my alfredo Sauce is use the lemon juice from a freshly squeezed lemon (no picture here but you probably know what a lemon looks like). I simmer my sauce a bit more and let that lemon juice infuse the sauce.

The Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Fettuccine noodles were simple to cook. Just boil up the water, separate them well, and drop them in. The noodles were nice and al-dente in 3 minutes. I then drained the noodles well and I mixed the sauce and noodles up in one pot to ensure that every noodle was smothered in my cheesy sauce.

I like to put black pepper and red pepper flakes on top of my pasta and serve some lemon slices as a garnish, just in case you need another squeeze of that zingy lemon.

Homemade Alfredo Sauce With Garlic & Lemon Served With Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Noodles

So how does it look? I think it looks marvelous and I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for this dish. I am pleased to say, as well, that Joe 100% approved of these sweet potato noodles. He and I both agreed that they didn’t have a bit of funkiness or weirdness to them. I am being sincere here when I say that you wouldn’t have an idea that they are gluten-free unless I told you so.

I would also love to give a shout out to Chef Shamy for hooking my fridge up with a bunch of their tasty gourmet butter. I will most definitely be experimenting more with them in the Give It A Whirl Girl Kitchen. You can find out more about Chef Shamy by clicking this nice little link HERE.

Do you have any tips or tricks on making a decent alfredo sauce? Feel free to share here and let us all in on your secrets!

Grab two tubs of Chef Shamy’s Garlic Butter on Amazon. Give it a whirl!



Make A Gluten-Free SmashMallow Brownie S’mores Pie to Celebrate – RECIPE

Heads up! National S’mores Day is August 10th this year. You can not celebrate the day without some delicious marshmallows. Look no further than to Smashmallow! I came across their marshmallows a few months back and fell in love with the delightful flavors that they have available. These are no ordinary marshmallows… these are next-level!

These marshmallows are shaped like cubes and are light and fluffy. They make an excellent snack or are also excellent components in recipes that call for marshmallows. These little bites of bliss will take your taste buds on a trip to happiness and joy! The great thing about these marshmallows is that they are made with organic cane sugar, they are non-GMO, and they are naturally gluten-free. Also, each SmashMallow comes in at 20 calories per piece. 4 pieces are considered a serving so one serving size of this yummilicious treat comes in at only 80 calories.

Smashmallows are available in flavors such as: Strawberries & Cream, Cinnamon Churro, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough.


SmashMallows come in a variety of fun flavors


SmashMallow Strawberries & Cream


SmashMallow Cinnamon Churro


SmashMallow Mint Chocolate Chip


SmashMallow Cookie Dough

I came up with a wonderful gluten-free S’mores Brownie Pie recipe that is quite simple for you to make at home.




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place 12 graham crackers, ghee/unsalted butter, coconut sugar, and your pinch of salt in a food processor. Pulse these ingredients until well combined and you have a fine, sandy mixture.
  2. Firmly press your pie crust ingredients into the bottom of the cast iron pan. You will want to do this on the bottom and sides of the pan. It is super important to make sure this is well packed in. You can use a large metal measuring cup to press the mixture into the pan.
  3. Bake your pie crust at 350 degrees for approximately 13 minutes. The edges of your crust will have a nice golden color. Allow the pie crust to cool before placing your ingredients from the next step into the pan.
  4. We will prepare the brownie now. Using a large bowl combine the brownie mix, 1/2 cup oil, 1 large egg, and 1/4 cup water. Use a soft spatula to incorporate all ingredients. Do not over-mix them.
  5. You will have a thick batter. Carefully place the brownie mix into the cooled pie crust and smooth it out into the pan.
  6. Bake the brownie/pie crust mix for appx. 15 minutes.
  7. At this point, you will want to add your bag of SmashMallows to the top of the brownie. Arrange them evenly around the pan.
  8. Bake the pie an additional 3 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  9. Once the SmashMallows have melted down a bit you will know your dessert is ready to eat. If you want a golden top you can place the dessert in a broiler for a few minutes. Placing this in the broiler is totally optional.
  10. Slice your pie, eat, and enjoy!

Gluten-free Pamela’s gluten free graham cracker crust


Gluten-free graham cracker crust made with Pamela’s gluten free graham crackers


Gluten-Free SmashMallow Brownie S’mores


Gluten-Free SmashMallow Brownie S’mores

Check out those slices of pie with ooey, gooey Cookie Dough SmashMallows. Such an indulgent treat and so damn tempting to eat the entire skillet! This dessert is decadent and rich from the Pamela’s Gluten-Free Brownie Mix.

If you would like to see another recipe that I did featuring the Cinnamon Churro SmashMallow click right HERE.

You can conveniently find SmashMallows online at!

You can also find Pamela’s Gluten-Free Brownie Mix and Gluten-free Graham Crackers on Amazon.

Please check out my previous post about SmashMallows HERE for another recipe and more information on them.

Want to learn more about these amazing SmashMallows? Check them out at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also use the store locator to find out where you can buy these locally.

What flavor of SmashMallows do you think you will enjoy the most? Cinnamon Churro might just be my fave! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclaimer: THIS POST CONTAINS AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS. I DO RECEIVE A SMALL COMMISSION IF ITEMS ARE PURCHASED THROUGH THESE LINKS. Proceeds from the Amazon Afiiliate Program help make this blog a better blogging experience for my readers. This is a sponsored post and these items were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinons are my own.

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Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker Easy-To-Do Healthy Popsicles Made At Home – REVIEW + RECIPE

Summer may be winding down here but when is it ever a bad idea to enjoy a homemade frozen treat? Never! Making my own popsicles at home is a new venture for me. I have dilly-dallied around with making my own ice-cream on occasion and found that to be a fun experience. Making homemade popsicles is an easy treat to prepare and I can even have my 8-year-old daughter, Chloe help me out with this project. In this post I will be discussing the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker.

Kombucha popsicle with passion fruit and blueberries

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RECIPE – Devil’s Food Vegan & Gluten Free Donuts – To Die For Goodness

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to my donut pan! I picked one up last weekend at Mile’s Cake and Candy Supplies in Clinton Township and I am so glad that I did. It is so much fun to work in the kitchen with my daughter making these healthy-ish gluten-free baked donuts. I went with a 6-cavity donut pan from Wilton. Wilton is a trusted source when it comes to baking supplies so I felt very confident purchasing this pan for the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. I did not use this pan for the recipe below but it would be best going with this pan. I used a flexible heart-shaped silicone mold with the donuts in the recipe and they were difficult to remove from the mold. So trust me here, go with a Wilton pan. You will thank me later. The cooking times are the same for either pan.

Wilton 6-cavity donut pan

We went a little overboard decorating these devil’s food donuts. We gave these donuts a generous sprinkling from 3 different jars of rainbow sprinkles. Why? Because variety is the spice of life. Gotta have my sprinkles right?!! We did not eat these sugar skulls, they were just for decoration.

Instead of using an actual egg we created our own “eggs” with ground flaxseed. For these you place 4 tablespoons of flax in a coffee grinder and grind them up. When these 4 tablespoons of ground flax are married to a half-cup of water this results in an egg-like mixture. Just whisk away and wallahh… flax eggs! They are vegan and paleo friendly. You can also do the same with chia seeds. So if you are ever out of eggs just bust out your flax or your chia and make your own eggs!


Devil’s Food Chocolate Vegan & Gluten Free Donuts


Some of the ingredients I used and also a heart-shaped donut pan from FoodStirs


  • 1/4 cup coconut flour (I used Arrowhead Mills)
  • 1/2 cup cacao powder (I used Livfit)
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • Sprinkle Himalayan salt
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil (I used Spectrum)
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup (I used Simple Truth)
  • 4 tablespoons flax seed (I used Arrowhead Mills)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup vegan dark chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

Your flax “egg” will have an egg-like consistency after soaking in water a few minutes.


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. While oven is heating up prepare your flax “eggs”. Place 4 tablespoons of flaxseed into a coffee grinder and grind them up. Place grounded up flax into a bowl and add 1/2 cup water. Whisk it up. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and it will get an egg-like texture.
  3. Work on dry ingredients first. Place coconut flour, cacao powder, baking soda, and salt into your stand mixer and mix until well combined.
  4. Now for the wet ingredients… add your flax “egg” mixture, coconut oil (1/3 cup), and maple syrup. Mix until well incorporated.
  5. Fill donut pan cavities up 2/3 of a way to the top of the mold. They will puff up while baking in the oven.
  6. Bake for 16-18 minutes at 350 degrees.
  7. Remove donuts from the oven and allow to cool.
  8. Prepare your chocolate glaze by placing 1/2 cups of chocolate chip and 1 tablespoon of coconut into a bowl. Microwave in 15-second increments. Continue stirring the chocolate and oil until completely melted.
  9. Dip your donut in the glaze. Allow it to see a few minutes for the glaze to set up.
  10. Eat and enjoy!

Devil’s Food Chocolate Vegan & Gluten Free Donuts

Have you ever made your own homemade baked donuts? How do you enjoy yours? Do you think this is something you would like to try? Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in creating your donuts you can pick them up at Amazon.

Wilton 6 Cavity Donut Pan

Wilton 6 Cavity Donut Pan 2 Pack






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