Halloween Fiesta At Macy’s Shopping Guide – Friday Faves

TGIF! It is Friday so you know what that means… FRIDAY FAVES! This week I am so thrilled to present to you the line of Halloween Fiesta items available at Macy’s. I have a huge addiction to Fiestaware. I recently got my first set of Fiesta products in the summer and I am head over heels in love with it all. If you are looking for beautiful and durable dinnerware, Fiesta is the way to go. This is a shopping guide to the best Halloween items available.

Halloween is hands down one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time to cut loose and have some fun. Last year my family was a pack of rainbow unicorns. This year my daughter is going out as a creepy babydoll in one of my favorite vintage dresses.

If I had the funds all of this Halloween Fiesta would have a place in my home. The frightful designs are delightful! For those that are in the Halloween spirit year-round you could most definitely use these fine pieces throughout the year. I know that I would. I have a love affair for anything with a skull or skeleton design. The Fiesta Skull and Vine pieces are my favorite out of this collection. They are available in white or black designs and my eyes are in love with the black line.

Fiestaware is dishwasher safe, oven-safe, and microwave-safe. It also comes with 5-year chip protection. I have had my Fiesta since summer and have not gotten a single chip or scratch in any of my dinnerware and I use it for each and every meal. These are some very well-crafted pieces.

Click the links below, images, or banner to shop!


Fiesta Skull and Vine Sugar Lunch Plate

This Fiesta plate has a Dia de los Muertos-inspired design on it and there are several coordinating accessories to go with this plate. You can grab the coordinating pieces for your collection:

Fiesta Skull and Vina Lunch Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Lunch Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Sugar Border Chop Plate

This is a generous-sized plate. This would be perfect for serving up your next big slab of ribs or whole chicken. Dimensions for this particular plate are diameter 11 3/4 Inches, height 1 1/4 Inch.

Fiesta Skull and Vine Chop Plate

Fiesta Skull and Vine Chop Plate

Halloween Fiesta Moon Witch Lunch Plate

This spooky witch plate is the perfect size for your next Halloween meal. Fiesta lunch plates are 9″ Dia. x 1.125″H. This green plate depicts a witch on a broomstick flying over the moon. There is also a coordinating coffee cup to go with this witch plate.


Fiesta Witch Plate

Fiesta Witch Plate


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Friday Faves Halloween Party Essentials

Halloween Party Essentials – Friday Faves

Welcome to this week’s Friday Faves where I break down my favorite Halloween party essentials on Amazon. The concept of my blog is to eat healthy so you can have dessert. So this week we have some Cheat Day treats. It is Halloween time, after all, so might as well enjoy all of the tasty treats going around. I have some items here that can also incorporate adult beverages in them. Get creative! The possibilities with some of these Halloween items are endless.


Nordic Ware Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

Here is something that I absolutely love and want so freaking bad! You can really get creative in the kitchen with this and whip up some tasty treats for your Halloween party. This pan is used mainly for baking sweet treats but I once saw something online where someone used this to create little-stuffed pizzas.

Enjoy Life Halloween Chocolate Candy Minis Variety Pack, Soy-free, Nut free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Non-GMO, 6.3 Ounce, 4 Count

Imagine my excitement when I found out that Enjoy Life Foods has Halloween candy that is free from common food allergens. I saw this on Twitter and I am so happy to see a brand that keeps allergies in mind. These are also made with all natural ingredients. I could totally see myself pigging out on these candies.  I am so very much in love with their chocolate and I would love to have these in my life! Pass these out at your Halloween party!

Tovolo Zombies Pop Molds, Flexible Silicone

I am really digging these Zombie Pop Molds because these can actually be a healthy treat. Just add some fresh fruit juice and you will have yourself a healthy zombie treat! These would be great ot serve up at a Halloween party. I think this would be a memorable treat for your guests. This also might be another thing you can play around with and get creative with some adult beverages. Wink! Wink!

Fred SWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/Stampers, Set of 4

I know, I know Halloween and Day of the Dead are two separate things but close enough to make this Friday Faves list. I love these sugar skull cookie cutters and this would be a fun project for making cookies with my daughter, Chloe. Serve up some of these at your Halloween party and you will have some happy guests.

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The Iridescent Kitchen – The Happy Shiny Rainbow Collection Part 2 – Friday Faves

For this week’s Friday Faves, I curated a collection of iridescent items for your home and kitchen. These rainbow items can all be found on Amazon. If you are anything at all like me you are going to want it all. I really do love this collection of Friday Faves this week and would love to have all of it in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. I have everything listed here that you need from dinnerware to drinkware.

I think the truth is out by now about my addiction to anything rainbow. It is an obsession I have had since I was a little girl. Rainbows dazzle my eyes and my senses. When I see a rainbow and all colors combined it brightens my day and it gives me a reason to smile and put on a happy face.

Mikasa Coronado 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, Pearl

I blogged about the sister set to this Pearl colored Mikasa dinnerware collection. I love both sets of this line. They have a tantalizing pearlescent luster finish. This dinnerware would be best for special occasions. If the service for 4 set price is too steep, why not just splurge on one single place setting? This line also includes an oval platter and a vegetable bowl that shimmers and shines. Who else here wishes they could have it all? Me! Me! Me! 

Iridescent Wine Glasses

These sure are a sight to behold! I can totally imagine myself sipping my next glass of wine in these iridescent wine glasses. Each glass is handmade and you will receive a set of 4 of these beauties!

SOCOSY Royal Embossed Clear Glass Apothecary Jar

This is something that I most definitely want. I have never seen a candy jar so beautiful! This jar with lid has a stunning raining appearance with all the iridescence a girl wants in her life!

Mexican Glass Hand Blown, Turquoise & White Iridescent Swirl, 18 oz Set of 6

These stunning hand blown glasses from Mexico would be the perfect glass for your next beverage. They have a mesmerizing swirl appearance. The great thing about these is that they are great for everyday use and these can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Friday Faves - Food Themed Halloween Costumes

Friday Faves – Foodie Halloween Costumes on Amazon

Halloween sure is coming up quick! So I compiled this list of fun food costumes that are available online at Amazon. Indulge in your inner foodie and let that come through and shine with these fun food-themed Halloween costumes! These costumes are not only cute but some of them are just flat out clever and hilarious.

Friday Faves - Food Themed Halloween Costumes

Friday Faves – Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

Many include Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. If you do not have an Amazon Prime account simply click HERE to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

My top ten list of favorite food-themed Halloween costumes

Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume

This peanut butter and jelly costume had to be at the top and I am seriously considering this one for my husband and me! Peanut butter and jelly will always have a place in my heart and I feel that Joe is the peanut butter to my jelly!

Slice of Pizza Costume

I could totally see my husband going with this slice of pizza costume, considering the fact that he can eat an entire pizza all by himself.

Cheeseburger Costume

Ahhh a cheeseburger costume. This one is looking mighty tasty, I must say. This cheeseburger is fully loaded with all of the toppings that a burger needs.

Rasta Imposta Taco Dress

Be a sexy taco this year for Halloween. To me, this is more than just a Halloween costume. I would be bold and brave and wear it on my next trip to a Mexican restaurant. And oh damn! Now I am suddenly craving a salt-rimmed blue margarita.

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Cooking Essentials For The Home Chef – Friday Faves

This week I am going to present to you a curated list of some of my favorite cooking items and some items that earned a spot on my wishlist. There are some great items here that are all available on Amazon. I think most of my readers will agree that these are some great items to have if you are a home chef. These kitchen essentials might just make you the next top chef.

Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Hard Anodized Non-Stick 11 Piece Cookware Set – I actually do own this exact set of cookware from Circulon. My husband did an awesome thing for me and got these as a gift for me. I am completely in love with this cookware set. It truly does have non-stick surfaces and nothing every sticks to these pots and pans. They are also dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus because I dread handwashing. These also have a nice heavy-duty feel to them. They do not have a cheap feeling at all and feel as though they will last me quite a long time. Love this set and I highly recommend it!

Staub 5.5 Quart Round Cocotte, Graphite Grey – This is another piece of cooking equipment that I have the pleasure of owning and this piece here is my pride and joy in my collection of cooking items. Talk about heavy-duty… this piece is it! I use this dutch oven quite often in the kitchen and it is always a joy to use. It is the perfect size for whipping up dishes for my family of 3. It is oven safe to 500-degrees and another big bonus with this is that it is dishwasher safe. I enjoy using this for my pasta sauces that simmer on the stove for a couple hours. I use it for soups, and it is the most excellent pot for cooking a big batch of soup. I also use this for one pot meals. This Staub will last me a lifetime.

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Wear Your Food Part 2 – Fashion & Food – All About Socks- Friday Faves!

Welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Faves~ Wear Your Food Part Two! For this current week, I have curated a collection of fun food socks! Is it even possible for feet to get hungry? They just might after trying on some of the items in this collection of food fashion. Here we have everything savory and sweet for your feet! These socks are all available at Amazon and if you have Prime you can get them shipped to you for free in two days. You will have the snazziest socks in town with these.

Pizza Socks

This collection of socks includes four pairs of pizza socks. They even come in a pizza box. This would be the perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life!

Sushi Socks

This collection of sushi socks has three varieties of sushi! You get tamago, cucumber, and salmon. I love sushi so personally, I would love to rock these on my huge feet!

Cheeseburger Socks

This is for one pair of socks with a giant stacked cheeseburger printed on them. For some reason, my tummy just growled. Gosh, this looks so damn tasty! These cheeseburger socks have all the fixings on them!

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Shopping At Tastemade – Friday Faves

TGIF and welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Faves! Tastemade is a wonderful cooking and lifestyle website that has some unique items in their online shop. They offer free shipping on orders that are $49+. I am really loving the DIY kits that they offer. Those sound like fun projects to do in the Give It A Whirl Girl Kitchen. Here is a list of some of my favorite items in the Tastemade shop. Be sure to check them out because they offer some nice stuff for your kitchen and home. Many of these items would also make great gifts!

Click the links or images to shop!

Dana’s Bakery – Macaron Making Kit

Dana’s Bakery has three kits to choose from. There is Red Velvet, Fruity Cereal, and Chocolate. Each kit contains the following: 2 mix packets, 2 piping bag, 1 piping tip, and a recipe for filling. You will be making this French pastry like a pro with this kit.

BergHOFF Apero Dinner Party Serving Set

Present your guests with foods to nibble on in style. I love this serving set. Is the food included as well? Just kidding (but maybe not). Looks so delicious. This serving set has five different compartments to organize your hors-d’oeuvre.

Aura Glass Aerating Wine Glasses With Coasters – Rainbow Chrome

I just had to spot a rainbow, didn’t I? These unique wine glasses totally caught my eye. These glasses enhance the flavor and aroma of your wine AND it is spill-proof. LOVE!

Eat Your Coffee Bars – Variety Pack of 8

Looking for an energy surge in your day? I have tried these bars before and they will give you a much-needed energy burst if you are having a sluggish day.

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Gourmet Candy For The Sweet Tooth Afficonado – Friday Faves

Nordstrom is chock full of gourmet candy that you can treat yourself to or gift to a deserving friend. I truly do believe that these items here would make incredible gifts for family and friends that would be unforgettable and memorable. I curated this list of gourmet candies that are my fave at the moment. Hope you enjoy. It was difficult to choose only ten items for this list because everything in their candy shop looks fascinating. You might need to wipe drool off your screen once you reach the end of this list! Every bit of gourmet candy that Nordstrom sells is top-notch food. You won’t be let down!

Rose 3 Piece Candy Bento Box by Sugarfina – This three piece set contains three different types of rose gummi candies.

Sugarfina Rose 3 Piece Gift Set

Sugarfina Rose 3 Piece Gift Set (gummy candies)

Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina – This 3 piece champagne-flavored gummi bear set also included two stunning champagne flutes. Treat yourself when it’s time to celebrate something incredible! This would also be a perfect gift for a bride and groom. This set sure makes for a sweet celebration in style!

Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina

Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina

Dylan’s Candy – Bar Gummy Bear Bank – Who doesn’t love gummy bears? How can you not? These candies will always be reminiscent of my childhood.


Dylan’s Candy Bar – Gummy Bear Bank

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Sour Belts Tackle Box – Wowza! Check out the flavors in this fabulous tackle box: Sour Rainbow, Sour Green Apple, Watermelon, Berry Blue, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy and Wild Cherry. I have a major weakness for any kind of sour candy over here, and I would just be over the moon thrilled to explore the candies in this gift set.

Dylan's Candy Bar - Tackle Box of Gummy Belts

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Tackle Box of Gummy Belts

Lolli and Pops Dessert Signature Bar Set – Gimme gimme gimme! All of these flavors sound amazeballs! Prepare to be amazed by: Red Velvet, Gimme S’more, Jalapeño Peanut, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate flavors.


Lolli And Pops Dessert Signature Bar Set

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Truffles In A Heart-Shaped Box – They had me at mouthwatering champagne truffles! Be still my heart!


Chocolate Truffles in Heart Shaped Gift Box CHARBONNEL ET WALKER

Marie Antoinette Cookie Bites by Stud Buckets – This bucket is overflowing with confetti-colored birthday cake flavored cookies. Non nom nom!


Marie Antoinette Cookie Bites STUD BUCKETS

Discovery Collection 12 Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus – I have had the pleasure of trying this brand of chocolates before and they are absolutely divine. This set includes 12 assorted pralines in white, milk and dark chocolate.

Discovery Collection 12-Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus

Discovery Collection 12-Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus

Chocolate Mint Meltaways by Chicago Classic Confections – Mint and chocolate will always be a classic combo. When chocolate and mint get married it is true bliss.



Hologram Whole Bean Coffee Blend by Counter Culture Coffee – Ok well this is not candy but it is still in the food/drink category. The word “Hologram’ really sucks me into wanting to try out this coffee. To me, it just sounds magical and a great way to start the day. This coffee had a fruity and chocolatey taste to it and that just fascinates me.

Hologram Whole Bean Coffee Blend COUNTER CULTURE COFFEE


All of these gourmet foods can be found at Nordstrom. You can click the links to go directly to the items so you can throw them in your shopping cart.

TGIF! What will you be treating yourself to this week? You earned it, so you should totally go for it! Leave me a comment here and tell me what catches your eye the most from this list.




Find looks for every occasion at NORDSTROM.Jet.com
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Friday Faves – The Baking Edition Part 2

Baking baking baking… all I think about now is baking. Always dreaming of being in the kitchen with my apron on and always brainstorming ideas for new tasty treats. This curated list features some baking tools that I currently have on my blog wishlist. I am determined to be a baker and I would love to get these items and experiment with them.

I just fell in love with baking this past year and I got my daughter into it to. Believe it or not, she said her birthday wish this year is for me to be on the show Nailed It, which airs on Netflix. I may actually research this more and apply for Season 3. I think I would fit right in. I am an amateur and think I would fit right in on the show.

Fiesta 15-Piece Prep & Serve Baking Set – I am so in love with everything Fiesta at the moment. I am in awe of all of the beautiful colors. I own some of their plates and bowls and Fiesta delivers a high-quality, well-made product. I would be thrilled to have this set in my kitchen for my next baking adventure.

Fiesta 8 Piece Mixing Bowl Set – Well if you are going to have the measuring cups and spatulas you might as well have a proper set of Fiesta mixing bowls.

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Kitchen Gadgets That You Definitely need ASAP -Friday Faves

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets this Friday. That is the focus of this curated list. I have an awesome list of kitchen gadgets here that can be found on Amazon. I will be sharing items that have peeked my interest that have earned a spot on my kitchen wishlist! Gadgets always seem to make the process of prepping and preparing food a whole lot easier. I am always down for easy peasy.


7 Blade Vegetable Spiralizer Let’s face it… ZOODLES are all the rage today. Everyone is hopping aboard the low carb train and a spiralizer will end up being your best buddy in the kitchen. As you can see in the photo this particular spiralizer had several features available for 7 different types of veggie noodles. This would be a nice upgrade from the one that I already have.

Vegetable Chopper and Mandoline Here is a nifty multi-function device for the kitchen. This can chop up onions, grate cheese, and slice up your fruits and vegetables. There is a lot going on here and it looks like you get a lot of bang for your buck with this.

3-in-1 Mango Slicer Peeler and Pit Removal Tool I am not going to lie. Slicing mangoes is a bitch and this device looks like it would slice and pit your mango with ease. I love mango but I dread figuring out how to prep them. Need! Need! Need!

Oxo Good Grips 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer I will admit that I also dread the task of prepping an avocado. This tool will split, pit and slice your next batch of avocados. Make your next avocado worthy of some Instagram love! Everywhere I look there are avocadoes everywhere!

Utopia Kitchen Pineapple Corer, Peeler, and Slicer Working on this list is really making me realize that I need an upgrade in the gadget department. How neat is this pineapple prep device? Super cool I must say. This device would make pineapple preparation a breeze.

Stainless Steel Garlic Press and Peeler by MiTba Crushing up some fresh garlic really takes food to a whole other level! I admit I often purchase minced garlic in a jar from Spice World but this device would make garlic prep a lot less intimidating to me.

Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife This knife is equipped with Japanese stainless steel and is ready to slice up your watermelon. It has great reviews on Amazon so you can rest assured that this a wonderful tool to have.

Complete Bento Box Supply Kit Seriously considering this kit for my daughter. I would not whip up bento boxes every single day but it would be an incredible way to surprise her at lunch time while she is away at school. This kit includes shapers, slicers, molds, and food picks. Also, if you have a picky eater this fun kit might encourage them to eat their lunch.

Collapsible Collander by Comfify Collanders do often take up a lot of space in the kitchen cupboard. I think that this collapsible design would be super to have for someone that is low on storage space (me!).

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker If you know how to operate a waffle maker then you will know how to operate this. This cake pop maker will make 8 cake pops for you. I don’t know about you but over here when I make cake pops they are gone in a jiffy. They are an awesome, occasional, decadent treat!

TGIF! What item(s) are you going to splurge on? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are crushing on. Retail therapy truly is the greatest form of therapy!


The Baking Edition Part One – Friday Faves

This week’s Friday Faves will focus on items that will help you along your way with baking. I will include some baking essentials and also some other items that look worth splurging on! This will be part one of this list. There are a ton of other baking items out there that I have my eye on so I will do another baking essentials list in the near future.

I have recently fallen head-over-heels in love with baking. It is something that I am very passionate about. I know the appearance of my baked goods is not yet top notch like a professional’s work. My baking technique is something that I am determined to perfect so someday I can have some drool-worthy looking goodies. I will say this, though, the flavor is usually spot-on and I do nail that! Some will say that is all that matters but I also want my baked goods to look more visually appealing.

KitchenAid Mixer Professional 6 Quart in Guava Glaze

I already have a KitchenAid mixer on my countertop and it has a permanent home there. I have the smaller one with a black, glittery finish. I would consider a stand mixer an essential item for a person who is serious about baking. These mixers are heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime. How pretty is this pink (Guava Glaze) color? Love!

KitchenAid Hand Mixer in Green Apple

A hand mixer is another essential tool for the at home baker. These will help combine ingredients. This particular KitchenAid model comes in 5 speeds and is also available in a huge variety of colors. This Green Apple color just so happens to be my favorite.


Chefman Immersion Hand Blender in Lavender

This immersion hand blender comes in a variety colors. It has an ergonomic handle and can perform different blending techniques. These are a great kitchen gadget that can also help with other tasks in the kitchen and not just used for baking.

Circulon 10 Piece Bakeware Set

I own a set of Circulon bakeware in the chocolate color and I am totally impressed with the quality. Their line has a truly wonderful non-stick coating on it and I have never had any problems getting my items to come out of these pans. This set is wonderful for getting you started on your baking journey and I love that this set includes a cake pan with a cover.

Rainbow Whisk Set by Wired Whisk

Whisking will be a bore no more with this colorful rainbow whisk set! This set includes 3 whisks in various sizes so you will have a whisk to get every job done, big or small!

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Friday Faves – Wear Your Food Edition – Part 1

Pretty much obsessed with everything on this list! I have composed a list of gift ideas for the foodie in your life or go ahead and splurge on yourself! All day and night I live in a world where I dream of food. I really should start dressing myself in head-to-toe food clothing. This list features some of the best of the best of food fashion.

Pizza Hoodie

Pizza has to be the most universally loved food on this planet right? I have never in my life heard anyone say that they hate pizza.

Hotdog Duffel Bag

Wow. What to say about this? *Insert LOZ here* I just can not get over how wild and crazy this bag is. Surely you would be the talk of the town toting this weiner bag around.

Sushi Dress by Folter

I am a big fan of Folter’s line of dresses and I own a few. Owning this adorable sushi dress is definitely one of my goals to achieve one day. I would be thrilled to rock this dress on my next sushi date.

Taco Cat Board Shorts Here is something for the man in your life! The graphics on these shorts are totally crazy but in the greatest way.

Avocado Socks

Seems like avocados are all the rage these days so why not show off your love for it with these green avocado socks!

Pineapple Purse

This purse is small and would be great for date night. You could carry a coin purse and cell phone in it. This purse is a sure attention-grabber!

Candy Land Dress by CowCow

This dress is super cute and the best part about it is that it is easy on your wallet. You can get this dress for around $20 depending on your size.

Donut Backpack by Jansport

You can send your child back to school with this pink donut backpack.

Lasagna Del Rey Shirt

If you are not familiar with Pyknic it is time to check them out. This shirt is the epitome of perfect for me. Lasagna + Lana Del Rey? I love both and I definitely need to rock this tee.

Happy Ice-Cream Cone Dress

JXStar is another great line of clothing for the little girl in your life. My Chloe Pearl does own this dress and it is one of her favorites. This is the perfect dress to wear on your next trip to the ice-cream shoppe.

So we have reached the end of my Friday Faves list. What are you crushing on? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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The Happy Shiny Rainbow Collection – Part 1 – Friday Faves!

For those that know me, they know that I am usually dressed in head-to-toe black. Yes, it is true. I wear black clothing and I dye my hair black. But my eye is drawn to anything that is rainbow and multi-color. Rainbows bring me happiness and joy. I do suffer from bipolar depression (I am not shy or ashamed to admit it either, it is what it is) so to me this all makes sense. When I surround myself with rainbows I am projecting the happiness that I thrive on. Good days come and go. Some are good, some are bad. I would love for my life to be all sunshine and rainbows but I know that is impossible. That’s just not how life works.

So I created this list of colorful items because looking at them brings me joy. I would love to someday have a kitchen bursting with color. It’s nice to dream… maybe someday I will have my wish come true!

Hope you enjoy this curated list I created of colorful kitchen items!

Mikasa Coronado Dinnerware, Graphite

This gorgeous 16 piece set is service for 4 lucky people. I really do not think I have ever seen a more beautiful dinnerware set in my life. This definitely earns a spot on my wishlist! Anyone want to buy this for me? Just kidding but not really!! This set is also available in Pearl white. I would be happy to have either set in my collection.

20 Piece Rainbow Flatware Set

These rainbow flatware pieces are all the rage right now. We all know that it is already fun to eat but these fun colors make it a whole lot more fun to shovel that food into your mouth!

The Rainbow Party Cup

I have the pleasure of owning one of this faux Solo cups. It is the cup that I most often reach for while having company over. This cup is wonderful for keeping your cool drinks nice and chilly!

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Healthy Foods For Your Pantry – Friday Faves – Things I Am Crushing ON

Welcome back to Friday Faves. This week’s edition will feature some healthy foods that I am dying to try out. Hop on the train to Healthy Town with these nutritious items found on Amazon.

Primal Kitchen – Whole 30 Kit

I am not participating in Whole 30 but I do often love to try to eat as paleo as possible and believe in trying to eat clean ingredients. This Whole 30 kit is a great starter pack for anyone wanting to take the plunge into healthier eating habits. This kit contains Mayo, Chipotle Lime Mayo, Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Greek Vinaigrette and Marinade, Ranch Dressing.

Tessemae’s All Natural Dressing, Sauce, and Marinade Value & Variety 8 pack

Another great starter kit paving the way to a healthier lifestyle. I recently picked up a bottle of Tessemae’s Green Goddess dressing and it was incredible. The wonderful thing about this brand is that they are Whole30 Certified, Paleo approved, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and they taste incredible. Their products are also low in sugar. I am always looking at the sugar content on the labels and these suit me just fine!

Nuts ‘N More High Protein Birthday Cake Peanut Butter

This nut butter is packed with protein and fiber. And hello birthday cake! Spread it on toast, put a dab on top of a sundae, or grab yourself a spoon and eat it straight out of the jar!

Buff Bake Protein Cookies Here is a variety pack of Buff Bake cookies that I hope to try someday. I have only tried their cake cookie and it got two thumbs up from me.



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Friday Faves! Things I’m Crushing On

If you are like me or if you have any idea of who I am, you would know I have a wishlist that is a mile long on Amazon. This is going to be a weekly feature of curated items that have snagged a hotspot on my wishlist!

This week I will be featuring some rainbow colored kitchen items. I am crushing hard on each and every one of these items. Hopefully I will be able to switch over all of my kitchen items to these fun, bright colors.

Rainbow Striped Ceramic Bowls You will receive a set of four handpainted bowls. I love the fun colors and rainbow stripes!

This cutting board sticking with that rainbow theme!

Reusable rainbow colored iridescent straws! Think about how much waste throwaway straws create. I really need to invest in these.

Fiesta rainbow flatware set These are drool-worthy to me and definitely need to find a home in my kitchen.

Colorful cookware set This would be super to gift to someone who is moving out on their own for the first time. This collection of ceramic cookware would be a great starter set for someone going of to college.

Rainbow salt and pepper shaker set I just love how colorful and fun these are. They are also handpainted. Wonderful!

Set of 6 aluminum tumblers These look like a nice, stylish, and very retro way to keep your drinks ice-cold in the summertime.

Photo-realistic rainbow knife set Holy moly this knife set is freaking sweet. Anyone want to get these for me? LOL!

Ten kitchen tools in one This device here definitely looks like it would be useful. It has 10 different gadgets in one compact space.

Set of 6 wine glasses every color of the rainbow What a great way to keep track of whose drink is whose.

That is all for this week! Hopefully this collection of items will inspire you to brighten up your life with all of these beautiful colors.


Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I do receive a small commission if items are purchased through these links. All opinions stated here are my own.