Why Your Kitchen Needs The Instant Pot Aura Multicooker REVIEW & RECIPE For Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce

The Instant Pot Aura is a multi-cooker that will replace ten common appliances in your kitchen. Even though this small appliance carries the Instant Pot name, this device is not a pressure cooker. And guess what? I am completely and totally fine with this small appliance not being a pressure cooker. I guess I am what you would consider old school when it comes to cooking and have always preferred a slow-cooker method over pressure cooking. This Instant Pot Aura review will show you the many functions of this multicooker device for your kitchen.

The Instant Pot Aura allows for a customizable cooking experience in your kitchen. This small appliance from Instant Pot has 10 different functions on it that are programmable. You will find that the Instant Pot Aura is a versatile tool that can be used for your next cooking project. This device can be fine-tuned to tailor the needs of what you are cooking and it even remembers the last setting that you programmed.

The Instant Pot Aura! The appliance that you didn't know you need! REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
The Instant Pot Aura! The appliance that you didn’t know you need!

Instant Pot Aura review

Advantages of the Instant Pot Aura – my takeaway

For me, the number one advantage to this Instant Pot Aura is that I can also sear/saute all in one convenient appliance and then use the slow-cooker function. Makes for fewer dishes! When I make something like a pot roast I always sear my big hunk of meat and I like to soften the veggies with some olive oil. The Instant Pot Aura is the perfect cooking device for your next big roast.

Another great function of this Instant Pot Aura multicooker is that you can use this to roast an entire chicken. With the Instant Pot Aura, you can perfectly roast an entire chicken. This was actually the first thing that I did with my Instant Pot Aura and the meat came out so flavorful and juicy. I simply just stuffed the cavity with a halved lemon, a shallot, and some rosemary. I then made an herbed ghee mixture with minced garlic and rosemary and spread this all over the skin of the chicken.


Functions of the Instant Pot Aura

10 appliances all in 1! How does that sound? Sounds pretty magnificent to me and that is exactly why I was so eager to give the Instant Pot Aura a whirl!

With 10 Smart Programs your favorite dishes can now be prepared to perfection by simply pushing a button.

  • Roast
  • Stew
  • Bake
  • Steamer
  • Slow-cooker
  • Sear / Saute
  • Rice Cooker
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Fermenter
  • Warmer
The functions on the Instant Pot Aura A REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
The functions on the Instant Pot Aura

Microprocessor Technology

With the Instant Pot Aura’s microprocessor technology you are in control over temperature and time. This technology ensures consistent cooking results.

I will discuss some of my favorite functions now of the Instant Pot Aura.


For the slow-cooker mode, there are two settings: high and low. You can program the slow-cooker for 30 minutes all the way up to 24 hours.


The sear and saute mode on the Instant Pot Aura is incredible. There is a flexible temperature setting that ranges from 250-degrees to 425-degrees. This function is perfect for getting a good sear on your meat, sauteing your vegetables, and for caramelization. The time for this mode ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.


The roast setting has a flexible temperature range from 250-degrees to 425-degrees. I roasted a whole chicken in the Instant Pot Aura for 90 minutes at 425-degrees and the outcome was excellent. So simple and easy to use and even the cleanup was a breeze. The Instant Pot Aura also comes with a roasting rack for the roast setting. The roast setting is not only perfect for chicken but imagine the big hunks of beef you could roast in here!

Delay-start mode

With the Delay Start mode, you can program the Instant Pot Aura so your meal can be ready at dinner-time.

Keep warm

The Keep Warm function is a wonderful setting as well. This setting keeps your food nice and warm and this setting can be programmed for whatever duration of time you need. One great way that this setting would come in handy is during the holidays so food can be kept warm at your next big feast.

Dishwasher-safe too!

The Instant Pot Aura is dishwasher-safe, which is a big bonus because I certainly don’t feel like washing it!

Instant Pot Aura Simple Sausage Pasta Sauce RECIPE

I am including a recipe in my review of the Instant Pot Aura. This is a super simple recipe for some very zesty and flavorful ground Italian sausage pasta sauce. This recipe can be served up with the pasta of your choice. I opted form some cheese tortellinis and that turned out to be quite the excellent choice. This recipe is a great one to start with for the Instant Pot Aura newbie (like myself).

Simple Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce with the Instant Pot Aura Multicooker served with cheese tortellini RECIPE by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Simple Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce with the Instant Pot Aura Multicooker served with cheese tortellini
Simple Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce with the Instant Pot Aura RECIPE by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Simple Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce with the Instant Pot Aura

Simple Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce In The Instant Pot Aura

This recipe is for my Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce. This is a very zesty and garlicky sauce and it is so simple to create with your Instant Pot Aura Multicooker! This recipe will serve approximately four people. Serve this pasta sauce with the pasta of your choice. We enjoyed this sauce with cheese tortellini.

  • 1 pound Ground Italian Sausage
  • 28 ounces Crushed Tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons Tomato Paste
  • 2 Shallots (slivered)
  • 2 tablespoons Minced Garlic
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon Italian Seasoning Blend
  • Red Pepper Flakes (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Turn your Instant Pot Aura on and hit the sautée button. The Instant Pot Aura will warm up. Place one tablespoon of olive oil inside. Add your garlic and slivered shallots. Cook until translucent and fragrant.

  2. Add the ground Italian sausage to the Instant Pot Aura and brown the meat. Season with one tablespoon Italian Seasoning.

  3. Add in the can of crushed tomatoes and the tomato paste. Give it a good stir and incorporate all of the ingredients.

  4. Add in an additional 1/2 tablespoon of Italian seasonings.

  5. Set the Instant Pot Aura on the slow-cooker mode on low for one hour.

  6. After the hour is up it is time to eat. Serve this pasta sauce with the pasta of your choice.

  7. Serve, eat, and enjoy!


Question Time! How will you be using the Instant Pot Aura in your kitchen? What would you love to create first?


Ready to get your very own Instant Pot Aura?


Instant Pot Aura also has a sous vide function on a different model.

You can get yours HERE.

Ready to find out more about the Instant Pot Aura multicooker?

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  1. Thanks for this post and information re: the Instant Pot Aura. I’ve been hearing a lot about Instant Pot’s more and more lately and how wonderful they are. Reading your post was the first time I went and looked at all the models ~ finally! Haven’t yet decided which one will best suit our needs but am grateful for the extra push from your blog post.

    p.s. also very new to your blog via Nutty Steph’s and am enjoying your posts and photos tremendously!

    1. Thank you for checking out my review of the Instant Pot Aura. I am so happy to have this in my kitchen. It is such a great small kitchen appliance. Good luck in the Nutty Steph’s giveaway!

  2. Your review helps a lot as I have been thinking about purchasing a slow cooker. I would definitely be using the bake and steam options and I could never get my rice to come out right. I can’t get over that this is a yogurt maker too! It really is multi-functional!!

    1. I am excited to give the yogurt function a try! I have never in my life created my own homemade yogurt!

  3. Instapots are so popular right now, but I knew nothing about them until I read this post. Now that I’ve learned the instapot’s versatility, I can see why people love them so much!

    1. I am really in love with the Instant Pot Aura. I made a pot roast this past weekend and was able to brown the meat and slow-cook the roast all in one device!

  4. I just bought an Aura and I am so happy I found your post! It was so helpful. Do you have recommendations for a place to find recipes or a cookbook specifically for this instant pot? So many I find require the “manual” or “pressure cook” setting.
    Thank you in advance!!!

    1. The Aura does not do pressure cooking but has many other functions. The Instant Pot website is a great resource for recipes.

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