BD's Mongolian Grill in Sterling Heights, Michigan

bd’s Mongolian Grill in Sterling Heights, MI – Our Visit and Review

bd’s Mongolian Grill is the place to be if you want to build your own stir-fry and be the chef of your own meal. You choose the meat, veggies, sauces, and seasonings. Once your bowl is complete you take it up to the big grill and watch the meal cook right before your eyes. This is a great place to dine with family and friends and your meal will definitely give you something to talk about.

I have a long, long history with bd’s Mongolian Grill. It actually used to be my favorite place to dine at while I was a teenager in the 90’s. I even had my high-school graduation in one of the large dining rooms at one of the original locations in Royal Oak, MI. When I was growing up I was fascinated with this place. Just the thought of having an empty bowl and filling it up with various meats/ seafood, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings was enough to excite the inner chef in myself.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago and it was my first visit in years since the price dramatically increased. We had a coupon for two bowls for $20 and we ordered a kid’s meal for my daughter, Chloe, as well. If you would like to locate a coupon for bd’s Mongolian Grill be sure to check your local papers because that is where I located mine. Coupons always give us a big incentive to go out to eat so I am always scouring our papers for deals.


BD's Mongolian Grill interior in Sterling Heights, MI

bd’s Mongolian Grill interior in Sterling Heights, MI

BD's Mongolian Grill serve yourself stir-fry bar in Sterling Heights, MI

bd’s Mongolian Grill serve yourself stir-fry bar in Sterling Heights, MI

How bd’s Mongolian Grill Works

You can check out the menu online for your bd’s Mongolian Grill location that you choose to visit. The menu is simple and to the point. At this restaurant, you get to be the chef and the creator of your final concoction, or you can view one of the menu cards and use that as a guide.

The possibilities of what your stir-fry will become are endless here at bd’s Mongolian Grill. No two bowls are ever the same!


There are several protein choices to choose from up at the serve-yourself bar. They provide everything from beef, chicken, sausage, pork, seafood, and some other options. If you are a vegan, the great news is that you can also come up with a great meal here. Just go ahead and skip the meat area. This area here also has a few noodle options available if you would like pasta in your stir-fry.

BD's Mongolian Grill meats section of the serve-yourself stir-fry bar

bd’s Mongolian Grill meats section of the serve-yourself stir-fry bar

Tons Of Fresh Veggies To Choose From At bd’s Mongolian Grill

This is the area where the bowl really starts to kick into high gear that you are building. There is a large serve-yourself area that has several vegetables and other toppings to choose from. This area also includes some eggs that can be incorporated into your bowl. I always have to have my egg and I get two for the Asian dish that I love to build.

bd's Mongolian Grill veggies area

bd’s Mongolian Grill veggies area

The veggie station at bd's Mongolian Grill

The veggie station at bd’s Mongolian Grill

Veggies galore at bd's Mongolian Grill

Veggies galore at bd’s Mongolian Grill

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Surround Yourself With Squash & Gourds- Tried It Out Tuesday (Dumpling & Buttercup Squash)

Have you ever gone on a squash adventure? No? Neither have I until this past weekend when I went to Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace in St. Clair Shores, MI looking for something interesting to try this week for Tried It Out Tuesday. We ended up taking home four different types of squash. In this post I will be discussing the dumpling squash and the buttercup squash that we tried.

I have written about this place before and I love going here on a fun little foodie adventure when I have a small wad of cash to blow. Some girls spend their dollars getting hair & nails done or buying trendy new clothes. Not me, not this girl right here! My family enjoys being adventurous eaters so when we have a little extra cash we like to treat ourselves to something delicious and tasty.

There is a whole world of squash out there in the universe just waiting to be discovered by you!

When you eat with an open mind you allow yourself the chance to experience new foods, new flavors. I went to Nino’s with no clear plan. I just wanted to go in there and walk out with something that I have never tried and experienced.

A little bit about Nino Salvaggio’s

Nino Salvaggio’s is a great local place that is chockful of interesting fruits and vegetables right at your fingertips. They currently have 3 locations with another added location in the works. I live closest to the smaller, St Clair Shores location, and believe it or not I have been going to this little store my whole entire life. On weekends I remember my mom taking us out to fruit markets to stock up on produce. We would go to Randazzo’s on Gratiot in Roseville and we would go to Nino’s in St Clair Shores. Honestly, I absolutely hated going to these stores when I was growing up. I thought it was boring and I would get a bit antsy and impatient and want to leave.

Look at me now! I am all grown up and going shopping for food is always the highlight of my days and I look forward to it. I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Nino’s is bustling with people on the weekend and for good reason! They have the most beautiful displays of fresh produce that I have ever witnessed. They are super picky about what gets put out on the display for purchase, and they only put out the best of the best.

I will be writing frequently about my shopping experiences there. Other than Eastern Market, this is my go-to place for interesting eats. If you live in the area of Nino Salvaggio’s I highly recommend taking a little trip there to see what you can stock up on. There is always something new and interesting there to feed the senses.

My little haul of unusual squash

Squash that I bought at Nino Salvaggio's

Squash that I purchased at Nino Salvaggio’s: Dumpling, Buttercup, Hubbard, and Sweet Potato Squash

I am a huge fan of summertime in Michigan. I pretty love and cherish most things about summer here, minus the god-awful humidity. I do enjoy a good barbeque feast on the weekends and I do love the food during the summer BUT my favorite foods are all autumn related. I love a good, filling bowl of soup on a cold day. I love a thick & hearty stew. I enjoy eating pumpkin flavored desserts. Just last year I recently discovered that I am also a huge fan of squash. The first squash I fell in love with last year was the butternut squash. I pureed it and made some paleo soup with it and topped it with a coconut milk drizzle. And then next up I ventured into trying out acorn squash. I remember serving it as a side dish with a maple syrup drizzle on it.

So this year I was up for the challenge of taking home some new-to-me squash. Nino Salvaggio’s had a grand display of squash, pumpkins, and gourds out in the front of the store. I grabbed a shopping cart and starting asking Google a bunch of questions on my phone about these squash I was about to purchase. I filled up my cart with four varieties: dumpling squash, buttercup squash, sweet potato squash, and an orange hubbard squash. I had a general idea on what I was going to do with them. Maple syrup always goes well with roasted squash so I got myself a bottle of pure Michigan maple syrup.

I did not even step foot into the store and I already had my mind made up on what I was going to take home…  SQUASH and lots of it!

My daughter, Chloe, was scoping out the heirloom pumpkins and observing them in amazement. She fell in love with a tall white pumpkin that you can see in the photo below.

I also had to rummage through the basket of decorative gourds and bring home a few of them. We enjoyed looking at how unique each and every one of them was.

Dumpling Squash at Nino Salvaggio's International Marketplace

Dumpling Squash at Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace

Buttercup Squash at Nino Salvaggio's International Marketplace

Buttercup Squash at Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace

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Traverse City Chicken Salad at Sugarbush Tavern

Good Eats At Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI – And The Best Cherry Chicken Salad Of My Life!

Who doesn’t love a great deal? I discovered Sugarbush Tavern through a local advertisement paper and through a recommendation from my mother. My husband and I often browse those publications to discover new restaurants that are local and have a coupon offer. Sugarbush had a buy-one-get-one-half-off coupon offer so we decided to step in for a family dinner and hope for the best.

Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI

Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI – A great place to grab a burger, wings, ribs, salads, or just a great dinner!

We reside in St Clair Shores so heading over to Eastpointe is not too far of a drive for us. Sugarbush Tavern is definitely conveniently located for someone like myself.

Keep reading to find out about our incredible meals here and to find out more about their menu items. They are known to have the best ribs in town, also known to serve up a big fat juicy burger, wings, and other entrees. They also have a weekly specials menu for food and drinks.

Interior of Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI

Interior of Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI

About Sugarbush Tavern

We visited the Eastpointe location but this restaurant also has a Chesterfield, MI location and that is where this place originated. They have been serving up their amazing dishes since 1994.

One great thing about Sugarbush Tavern is that they take pride in using items that are local to the state of Michigan.

We pride ourselves in buying local fresh food with a host of made in Michigan products such as Sanders Hot Fudge Sundaes, Traverse City’s Cherry BBQ Sauce, local Amish raised turkeys, and an amazing selection of local craft beers to name a few. (source)

If you love ribs you might just want to stop in and give theirs a whirl. They have award-winning ribs that were voted best in Macomb County. That is quite an honor, considering how many restaurants there are in the county of Macomb.

Let’s explore the menu and highlight some of the best

I apologize for not having a photo of the burgers here. The complete menu can be viewed online HERE. Sugarbush Tavern is known to offer up some great burgers. They have a 1/2 pound burger on their menu for $7.99. And for all of those low-carbers out there they even offer a low carb burger:

Lo-carb Burger
Cooked lo-carb style with no bun, and topped with bacon and
cheddar and served with cottage cheese and tomato slices – 8.99

Another burger that sounds intriguing is the Jack Daniels burger:

Jack Daniel’s Signature Burger
Topped with Jack Daniel’s sauce, monterey jack cheese,
sautéed mushrooms and onions – 9.59

Sugarbush Tavern Saturday Dinner Specials

Sugarbush Tavern Saturday Dinner Specials – They all sound fantastic! Prime Rib is the big Saturday special that I will need to chow down on someday!

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Trip To Eastern Market & DeVries & Company 1887 – Detroit

If you are local to the Detroit area, chances are you have been to Eastern Market at least once in your life. If you are a foodie like me then chances are you have visited several times. Eastern Market is a bustling area of visitors looking for the best deals on fresh produce, other food items, and flowers. Each and every time you visit Eastern Market it is a different experience because there are different vendors.

Through Groupon, we have also discovered a miraculous place nestled down there in all of the action, DeVries & Company 1887. We regularly purchase Groupons to get some good bargains there and we went equipped with one yesterday to stock up on some unique foods.

My family of three really values these trips down to the city to explore all of the foods that Eastern Market has to offer. Yesterday it was just my husband and me on a little day-date while my daughter hung out with her friends. Our first stop was DeVries & Company 1887 and we got a wonderful haul there. Then we stopped into the sheds at Eastern Market with our canvas shopping bags and filled those bags up with a plethora of foods. When I come home from these trips I unload my bags and marvel in all of the glory of having these available in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. My day is always made on these trips and I treasure them in my memory and mind.

There are beautiful murals all over the Eastern Market area

There are beautiful murals all over the Eastern Market area

Eastern Market in Detroit, MI - The home of many food vendors selling produce, meat, cheese, plants, and flowers.

Eastern Market in Detroit, MI – The home of many food vendors selling produce, meat, cheese, plants, and flowers.

First stop – A visit to DeVries & Company 1887

Cheese and Meats at DeVries – What they are best known for

DeVries & Company is a large historic building with three levels of fun finds. Yesterday we only explored the lower level where a majority of the foods are kept. The other two levels are gift shops where you can obtain some neat things.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait at Erma's Frozen Custard in St Clair Shore, MI

A Trio Of Frozen Custard Parfaits At Erma’s Frozen Custard in St. Clair Shores Michigan

Our Visit To Erma's Frozen Custard in St Clair Shores, MI

Our Visit To Erma’s Frozen Custard in St Clair Shores, MI

Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait at Erma's Frozen Custard in St Clair Shore, MI

Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait at Erma’s Frozen Custard in St Clair Shores, MI

Erma’s Frozen Custard is the place to be if you want some top quality frozen custard and some exciting, fun ways to top it. This place has so many wonderful flavor concoctions it is somewhat overwhelming to decide on just one! Give me two. NO! Give me three! The flavor options here are just mindblowing. This was my first time visiting with my little family of 3 and we each chose our own parfaits. I just had to go with Peanut Butter & Jelly. I really have a thing for PB&J and that is my jam right now. My husband went with the S’mores Parfait. I believe I heard him moaning over just how good it was. And last but not least my daughter, Chloe, went with a Candy Parfait.

Hard work does pay off… in frozen treat form!

We had a yard sale for the past few days and this was a great place to go to reward ourselves for our hard work. Chloe had a blast with the yard-sale (it was her first) and she was so thrilled about earning some money. It was her idea to go out for ice-cream. She insisted that she wanted to purchase her own sundae with her own money. That kid had some sheer determination to spend money last night!

Always seeking something new to experience

It was my idea, of course, to try out something new. Erma’s Frozen Custard is so conveniently located that we could actually take a stroll and walk on over there. How have I been living in St Clair Shores for so long and never ever stopped at Erma’s. It saddens me to think about how much I have been missing out on all these years. I am definitely going to visit this place one more time before they close for the season. I already know what I’m going with too~ Raspberry Truffle Parfait!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait and S'mores at Erma's Frozen Custard in St Clair Shore, MI

Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait and S’mores at Erma’s Frozen Custard in St Clair Shores, MI

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Sweet Beans In My Ice-Cream! Why You Should Try Hello Hello (Halo Halo) At Tou & Mai In Detroit

Hello Hello (Halo Halo) at Tou & Mai in Detroit, MI

Hello Hello (Halo Halo) at Tou & Mai in Detroit, MI

I have been trying to lose my halo halo virginity for well over a year now. A freaking year! I discovered this crazy cool concoction on Instagram one day and ever since I have been dreaming of the day that I would get a chance to give this a whirl. My day finally came at Tou & Mai in the Midtown section of Detroit, MI yesterday.

I was going to share this post for my Tried It Out Tuesday feature but I am really eager to share the details with you and since it is Sunday, maybe you can head on over there today to give this extraordinary and unparalleled dessert a try! There truly is no other dessert on this planet like it.

Tou & Mai is a quaint and curious place! There is so much to see and take in, in such a small space. The first thing you see when walking in is the big white menu. I analyzed the menu online before visiting so I already knew what my strategy was when it came down to deciding and ordering. I started off with a passion fruit boba tea and of course I had to get myself the Hello Hello (their version of halo halo). Click HERE to get a better look at the menu.

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ITALIAN WITH GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD from Firehouse Subs with a couple extra toppings

Firehouse Subs Picnic In The Park At Fort Fraser in Fraser, MI – Review & Tried It Out Tuesday

Yesterday was Labor Day and my husband had the day off and he came up with the most wonderful idea to have a picnic in the park AND to visit a new park that was close by to us. Fraser is relatively close and he discovered a park called Fort Fraser there. We ended up dodging some thunderstorms that seemed as though they were heading our way. We heard lots of thunder in the distance. We really lucked out! We stopped off at Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI to get our food for the picnic and we brought along a cooler to keep it cold on the way there. Unfortunately, they do not offer any gluten-free options for bread so I had to go with a salad. The salad ended up being a great choice though and I am actually so glad I got that. It was so delicious that I did not even miss the bread! Here is a little bit of a review of my experience with Firehouse Subs.

Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI

Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI

Firehouse Subs menu board in Roseville, MI

Firehouse Subs menu board in Roseville, MI

I ordered the Italian With Grilled Chicken Salad and added on some cherry peppers and black olives (free of charge). There were a lot of extra toppings you could choose from that did not cost any additional money, which I thought was wonderful! You can see the photo on their website. I just kept on eating and eating this salad. It was huge and seemed neverending but in the greatest way. I most definitely feel that I got what I paid for with my $8. This salad was chockful of meat and veggies. No sad salad to see here folks!

This was one of those rare occasions when your salad actually turns out looking better than the advertised photo!


I have been to Firehouse Subs a couple times before (back when I was eating regular bread) and I always ordered the Engineer. That was a hot sub that had mushrooms on it and that sub never disappointed. The food here is always fresh, the establishment was squeaky clean when we came in, and the staff was helpful and friendly.

ITALIAN WITH GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD from Firehouse Subs with a couple extra toppings

ITALIAN WITH GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD from Firehouse Subs with a couple extra toppings

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Kawaii Bubble Tea Boba drink (honeydew, with almond milk, green tea, and passionfruit jelly)

Kawaii Bubble Tea Is The Place You Want To Be – Boba Review in Clinton Township, Michigan

If you have not heard about boba tea yet, why not? It is all the rage these days and I am writing this in hopes of directing you to your new happy place~ Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI. Upon walking in you are bombarded with an adorable cat on the wall that just screams CUTE! This place is the place you want to be if you want to be adventurous and indulge in a unique drink. Did you know that the word “kawaii” means CUTE in Japanese? This place is off the charts when it comes to the cuteness factor! You will be radiating with happiness once you take that first sip of your boba drink.

Kawaii Bubble Tea is the most perfect place to take your family. The drinks served here are kid-friendly and this little shop is a good alternative to going out for ice-cream. I am suggesting here that you mix things up and try something new! Your child will fall in love with the cute drinks that come in fun flavors. The drinks even come with a cute little face on top to seal the drink in. And because there is boba in there you have to use a thick, fat straw. Children will definitely have a memorable time here and get a kick out of it. My 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, always looks forward to going out for a bubble tea.

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

Give It A Whirl Girl visits Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI offers boba drinks, French macarons, and other Japanese treats

About Kawaii Bubble Tea

Kawaii Bubble Tea is owned by Christa Gowing and she has been the owner here for nearly two years. She started out working at Starbucks and then took a leap of faith and made her dream come true of opening up a bubble tea shop. I had a chance to sit down and chat with Christa about her business and I got nothing but good vibes from her. She was friendly and sweet and I enjoyed chatting with her about her bubble tea shop.

Christa also has her amazing 19-year-old son, Jadon Maloney, who inspired her to open up this unique place. Jadon is the co-owner of the shop. They work together at Kawaii Bubble Tea and he was pretty much the mastermind of the entire concept of this shop, including the name, logo, and color scheme. That is quite the accomplishment for someone who is the age of 19! I am fascinated by this! Christa also had a ton of support from her husband to open up Kawaii Bubble Tea. When you have a fantastic support system your dreams can become a reality.

Boba is a Taiwanese drink concept and has actually been around since the 1980s. It hasn’t achieved popularity in the states until fairly recently. The good word is spreading and more and more people are getting curious about these cute and unusual drinks!

The drinks are available in three sizes (small, medium, or large). The cool thing about this drink shop is how you can create any drink that you desire. There are thousands of possibilities with the different flavor combinations you can come up with.

You can either choose to drink your boba drink inside or take it on-the-go. There are plenty of tables for indoor seating.

The menu board at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

The menu board at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

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Visit Tony’s I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan! It Is A “Cheat Day” Waiting To Happen


Tony’s I-75 in Birch Run, MI

Tony’s I-75 is located in Birch Run, MI. This place is not for the faint of heart. It is not the place to go for a light meal. And it might just be a heart-attack waiting to happen. This establishment will literally put an entire POUND OF BACON on your sandwich. Do you want an omelette? They will put a DOZEN OF EGGS in there. Not kidding. This is a family restaurant that serves up meals of EPIC proportions. They are famous for their serving sizes and they are also famous for the bacon that they serve up here. It is a bacon-lover’s paradise and dream come true here. Did you know that they use up 11,000 lbs of bacon weekly? It is true, read on!


Tony’s I-75 in Birch Run, MI


Ton’y famous BLT sandwich – (Image courtesy of:

Tony’s I-75 has been around for nearly seven decades. This place is a Michigan classic. If they had a motto I believe it should be, “go big or go home”. It is a once a year tradition for our family to dine here in the summer. This is not the kind of place you should be going to every week. I wish they included nutrition facts on the menu because the amount of calories here would be off the charts.

If you are in a hurry to eat you will often be confronted with a line out the door. Even on a weekday afternoon there is a line to get in here. The building is not large enough to accommodate the demand. It is a small, cramped restaurant and I wish they would expand to a larger building but they have been at that location for decades and I doubt they are going anywhere. It is worth the wait though and the line does move fairly quickly.

Tony’s I-75 not only serves giant portions of food but they also have a massive menu. They have anything ranging from sandwiches, soups, salad, burgers, subs, dinners, seafood, Italian, and Mexican. And save room for dessert! You can not leave Tony’s without dessert.

There is also a decent children’s menu. I highly recommend the kid’s spaghetti with the giant meatball. My daughter ordered chicken strips this year. The portion size for children is very reasonable and they don’t go overboard with kids, which I think is totally cool.

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My Visit To Menchies – Froyo Is Always The Best Medicine

Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI

Menchie’s is nothing new to me. This serve-yourself frozen yogurt bar has been a family favorite dessert destination spot for years now. The great thing about Menchie’s is that each and every trip here can be a new experience. There is always a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, as well as sorbets. Menchie’s also often introduces new flavors to try to keep things exciting. We go to Menchie’s to celebrate. We go to Menchie’s to drown our sorrows on a bad day. I always joke around about Menchie’s being the best medicine and a remedy to take your day to better heights. When I’m stuffing my face with froyo I don’t have a care in the world.

Upon walking in you see a serve yourself frozen yogurt and topping area. How neat! I have always had a spot in my heart for frozen yogurt. I used to get so excited when my mom took us to TCBY and we could choose 3 different toppings for a parfait. You, however, did not have the opportunity to serve yourself there, somebody else took care of you. Menchie’s has a help yourself frozen yogurt bar and a serve yourself topping bar where all your wildest dessert dreams can become a reality. You can build and create anything your heart desires. I love this help-yourself approach to frozen yogurt. It is a gratifying experience to walk into a place like this and create your own little (or big) cup of edible art.

At Menchie’s your creation is completely and totally up to you! The froyo is in your hands. Your froyo creation is sold by weight. So if you go wild and crazy with the froyo and the toppings be prepared to pay a hefty amount for that epic creation of yours.

You can scope out all of the flavors that Menchie’s has available by clicking THIS LINK. Please note that not all flavors will be available at your location. Call your local store up if you want to inquire about what flavors they have available.

My local Menchie’s has seven self-serve froyo stations and each station has two flavors. You can help yourself or swirl both flavors together. This means that there are usually 14 different flavors available. One of my usual go-tos is the Takes The Cake Batter. The Rich ‘n” Nutty Pistachio is another favorite. The pistachio always gives me flashbacks of the pistachio pudding that my grandma used to make with me and my sister.


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI

Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI – Variety of frozen yogurts to choose from

My favorite part of visiting Menchie’s is dressing up my froyo with all of the available toppings. Decisions! Decisions! Only so much can fit into the cup so you have to be a little choosy with what you go with. Menchie’s has the available toppings menu online. Please note with this as well,  not all toppings will be available at every Menchie’s location. I didn’t see the Bursting Boba toppings available yesterday and those are one of Chloe’s favorites. She usually builds a fruity sorbet cup and goes with colorful toppings such as boba and gummy candies.


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI – Toppings bar


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI – Toppings bar


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI -Toppings bar


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI – Fresh fruit at the toppings bar


Menchies Heritage Village in Warren, MI – Toppings bar (whipped cream, cherries, cheesecake, cookie dough, brownie, etc)

Insider tips:

  • Do not go too crazy with different flavors and toppings. Think things through and really think to yourself, “is this going to taste good?” If your Menchie’s does not taste good, you are probably to blame.
  • They charge by weight so if you want to keep it on the cheap side do not out an enormous amount of froyo in your cup. Also, stick to light toppings like candy sprinkles, whipped cream, etc.
  • They have a lot of gummy candy toppings to choose from but keep in mind that your froyo is FROZEN yogurt so once that gummy candy sits there on top of your creation for a bit it does tend to get on the hard side, as opposed to soft like a gummy candy should be.
  • I forgot to get a photo of the liquid toppings available like marshmallow and hot fudge. It is a good idea to put this on your froyo BEFORE the toppings.
  • Menchie’s does offer a rewards program, known as My Smileage, so you can save on frozen yogurt once you reach a certain amount of money spent. Once you reach 50 Smiles (spend $50) you get a $5 reward. Just for signing up they start your account with 25 Smiles.
  • Don’t forget Menchie’s for your next celebration. They do offer frozen yogurt cakes!

Give It A Whirl Girl with her Menchie's Froyo Creation

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Build-Your-Own Creation

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Build-Your-Own Creation So much fun to look at!

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Build-Your-Own Creation

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Build-Your-Own Creation Edible art!

Give It A Whirl Girl with her Menchie's Froyo Creation

Give It A Whirl Girl with her Menchie’s Froyo Creation

How can Menchie’s improve?

  • Orange Leaf is a froyo competitor and they offer little paper dividers for your cup so different flavors and prevented from blending together.
  • Offer breakfast flavors as a regular option. Last year Orange Leaf offered a line of breakfast flavored froyo like pancakes w/ syrup, Fruity Pebbles, etc. The breakfast flavors are my favorite. Keeping these flavors as a permanent offering would be fabulous. I would even visit in the morning for a breakfast treat if those flavors were always available.
  • Rearrange the stations just a bit. The liquid topping area is at the end of the self-serve area. I think it just makes sense to put hot fudge, etc. on top of your froyo BEFORE you put the cute little toppings on. When you put this on last it smothers your creation.

Want to learn more about Menchie’s?

Have you ever been to Menchie’s? What does your favorite cup of froyo look like? Leave me a comment and let me know, don’t be shy!

If you have never visited Menchie’s will this post inspire you to go? I sure hope so and I hope you love your first experience there. I was hooked from my first visit!



New York Deli In St Clair Shores, Michigan Aims To Please And That Is Why We Are Regulars


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI

For me, Fridays have always been about seafood and fish. There is just something about getting a tasty fish dinner on a Friday. Technically it wasn’t dinner today, but a late lunch at New York Deli in St. Clair Shores, MI. My main focus of this blog is about trying out new things. New York Deli is not new for me. My family and I are regulars here. I am going to go and assume that this restaurant has a lot of regulars because the delicious food keeps bringing them back. Hmmm or could it be all about the pickles? Maybe the corned beef? The Reubens? Let’s investigate! Seriously though, if you have been living in the area of this restaurant and have not yet visited you are the one missing out!


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI

You want to know what I love about this place? It is the only restaurant that I have ever dined at that greets you with a bowl of juicy pickles. Sometimes if you polish off that bowl of pickles your nice waitress will ask you if you want more. The obvious answer is always YES!

The New York Deli has a great menu with really decent prices. They offer a wide variety of items and have something for everyone on their menu. My husband, Joe, is often a burger guy and I am an entree gal. Since it was Friday and I was craving fish I had to go with my usual~ baked cod with steamed broccoli on the side.  Joe had a hardcore craving for a burger today so he went with a cheeseburger.

I have a few photos down below of just some of their offerings. There are plenty more than shown here. You can view their entire menu HERE. They have soups, salads, sandwiches (including build-your-own deli sandwiches), burgers, pita & wraps, entrees, and a section with Italian foods. I have never dined here for breakfast but I did see that they have some breakfast foods available here. I will have to come early someday and explore that part of the menu more.


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI – You always get started with pickles!

New-York-Deli-N-Restaurant - St Clair Shores, MI - Menu

New-York-Deli-N-Restaurant – St Clair Shores, MI – Menu

New-York-Deli-N-Restaurant - St Clair Shores, MI - Menu

New-York-Deli-N-Restaurant - St Clair Shores, MI - Menu

New-York-Deli-N-Restaurant – St Clair Shores, MI – Menu

New York Deli has a daily special menu available. They offer up six varieties of soups and a wide array of dessert offerings. Personally, for me, I am all about that Seafood Chowder. The Seafood Chowder is fully stocked with all the seafood you can fill into a soup cup. Cup runneth over! Check out the images below. They frequently serve overflowing cups of soup, nothing to complain about there, the more the merrier!

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI Daily specials for Friday


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI – Seafood Chowder


New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI – Seafood Chowder

I often like to venture out and try new things but sometimes things are just so damn good you gotta keep coming back for more. That is exactly what I do at New York Deli. Their Baked Cod dinner is cooked and seasoned to perfection. It is served with a side of potatoes but I try to do low-carb so I swap the potato out for a vegetable, in this case, broccoli. The cod is nice and meaty fish. It never has that putrid fishy taste that some restaurant fish dinners serve up. It is flaky fish and goes great with a little tartar sauce and a whole lot of fresh lemon juice.

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI - Baked Cod

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI – Baked Cod

Joe was very pleased with his cheeseburger and he said it really hit the spot for him. I gotta say, it did look pretty fine! I could see the cheese just oozing around and it had all of the right fixings on it. He did manage to join the Clean Plate Club and pack it all in. It solved the hunger crisis that he was having.


We did not order dessert, though it did sound tempting. We might go out later for a frozen treat. New York Deli has a considerably good amount of desserts to choose from: cakes (including Bumpy Cake), pies, cheesecake, rice pudding, and ice-cream.

All in all, we were very gratified by our delectable meals at New York Deli. My daughter is away on vacation now but she also really does enjoy dining there with us too. I forgot to mention above that they do have a children’s menu. I do wish the children’s menu had some more choices available, that might be my only slight complaint but it seems that is the case with most restaurants.

Have you ever been to the New York Deli and what do you enjoy there? They are famous for their Corned Beef dinner and their Reubens and I have tried both. I can attest that they are indeed satisfying.

If you haven’t yet tried out the New York Deli and you decide to try it I really hope that you enjoy it as much as me and my family do!

Want to give New York Deli a whirl? They have two locations available:

St Clair Shores: 25008 Little Mack, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Visit them on Facebook: CLICK HERE

Clinton Township: 40700 Garfield Rd., Clinton Township, MI 48038

Visit them on Facebook: CLICK HERE

Hope you enjoyed my review of the New York Deli! Feel free to share this post.

First-Timer’s At Apple Annie’s and Dessert At Roger’s Bulk Candy Again

I have been living in this area of Southeast, Michigan all of my life. I have driven past Apple Annie’s in Roseville, MI numerous times, way too many to count. I have always been curious about how their food was. Last night my family and I finally gave it a whirl. We try to be thrifty while dining out and we had a coupon from a local paper. I have always heard that they were famous for their soups and that was plenty enough to get me to try it out because I love having a nice cup of soup to go with my dinner. On their website, they mention that they were voted best soup in Michigan for two years in a row. That was a claim I was willing to find out for myself. We also stopped by Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream after dinner. Read more to get the deets!

The first thing you notice while coming inside the restaurant is the dessert cases. There were fresh baked cookies, brownies, and I even spied with my little eyes Sanders Bumpy Cake, which is one of my all-time favorite cakes. Apple Annie’s is not only a restaurant but a bakery as well. They offer up freshly baked fruit pies, deliciously appealing bakery desserts, and specialty loaves of bread.

We sat down and looked over the menus. I sure made a great first impression for me. They specialize in traditional fare but also have some exciting items on the menu. I was really impressed with the soup list (as shown below). I had to inquire to the waitress about Kapusta and the Forest Gump Soup, since I had no idea what those were. Kapusta is a Polish soup with kielbasa and potatoes in it. The Forest Gump, which I should have know, had shrimp in it duh! Bubba Gump shrimp anyone??

I really was torn on what to order here because there were a lot of great options I could go with. I almost ordered one of the summer specials that was a pineapple half stuffed with salad and fruit. Gosh, that sounded amazing! I went back and forth in my mind and when the waitress finally showed up I told her that I was going to be brave and try out the Kapusta for the first time in my life. I figured that soup would pair well with the cabbage rolls so I ended up ordering that. I have not had stuffed cabbage in who knows how long? It’s really been that long! I love that dish but never cook it at home because I would be the only one here eating it, unfortunately.

Joe ended up going with the Dinner Chicken Pot Pie. He was going to go with a regular ol’ cheeseburger and I talked him into that. He orders a cheeseburger pretty much everywhere we go, or fajitas. Chloe had a decent children’s menu and I was hoping she would order something a little healthier but she really wanted a cheeseburger and fries. I was fine with that.

Apple Annie’s Dinner Menu

I received my soup and my eyes lit up. It looked so wonderful! I was excited to try out my kapusta for the first time and it did not disappoint. It was like a Polish explosion in my mouth. I really could have sat there and devoured a bowl of this soup. I see why they were voted for top soup in Michigan. I couldn’t think of a single thing that I did not enjoy about this soup. A big plus for me was there were many chunks of kielbasa and plenty of diced potatoes. It was a thick and hearty soup.

Joe, on the other hand, had chicken noodle soup. I did not try it but he said it was a bit on the salty side. I think he is just really adjusted to the way I cook at home and I use a minimal amount of salt in my food. When we dine out nowadays, food often does come across heavy on the salt side.

The soups came out with a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. I took a little taste but let me daughter have my dinner roll. She and Joe enjoyed the bread very much.

Apple Annie’s Kapusta Soup

So now for the dinners! In the photo below I showcase our two dinners: Dinner Chicken Pot Pie and the Cabbage Rolls dinner.

Apple Annie’s Cabbage Rolls and Chicken Pot Pie

Apple Annie’s Cabbage Rolls

Do I get a trophy or a badge? I did somehow manage to stuff three golabkis, a pile of mashed potatoes, and some steamed carrots into my skinny frame! I was stuffed to the gills with food. We did not order dessert at Apple Annie’s but maybe next time! Overall, I was highly satisfied with my meal. Chloe was delighted with her meal. Joe did not particularly care for his pot pie. He said he would give Apple Annie’s another chance. I’m sure next time he will just be safe with his burger. For myself, I will definitely be exploring other items on the menu. Apple Annie’s was delicious! Delcious!


If you would like to learn more about Apple Annie’s check out their website HERE. There is a Roseville location and a Clinton Township location for your convenience. You can view the entire menu online so you will have an idea on what you might order when you visit. The menu is quite big and has so many great items on it, it is hard to narrow it down to one choice. Hope you enjoy your experience at Apple Annie’s as much as I did!

Next stop was dessert. We have been overindulging a bit in the ice-cream as of lately. I admit that I have an ice-cream problem… a real true addiction. I could eat every single day in the summer. We ended up visiting Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI again. Our last banana split there was totally epic. You can read more about my first experience at Roger’s in THIS POST HERE.

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Whirly Pops and Unicorn Lollipops

We decided we would share another banana-split once again for the three of us. We mixed it up just a bit this time around. We went with Blue Moon with chocolate on top, Amaretto Cherry with strawberries on top, and Superman with pineapple on top. Of course we also needed a heaping mountain of whipped cream and rainbow candy sprinkles. We also had to have our three maraschino cherries on top. I think every kid always gets a kick out of eating the cherries on top!

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Ice-Cream getting scooped for our beautiful banana-split

We were met with service and a smile at Roger’s. The staff there is very friendly and always willing to help. The girl who waited on us was patient and created a gorgeous banana-split worthy of an Instagram post.

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Banana Split w/ Bue Moon, Cherry Amaretto, and Superman

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Banana Split w/ Bue Moon, Cherry Amaretto, and Superman

Today is Saturday and I don’t have a clue what I am making for dinner tonight. Actually, I would rather go out on a date night since it is just me and hubby for two whole weeks!

I might just maybe be making from-scratch pizza one more time for Joe and I. I ordered a Paleo Pizza Crust mix from Thrive Market and I am super curious about it. It could be something else other than pizza too because I got a great haul of Primal Kitchen dressings and marinades delivered yesterday. Decisions, decisions! I do have some great meals planned for the week. Chloe will be up-north in Oscoda, MI for two whole weeks so I will only be cooking for two for awhile.

Did you have a great meal this weekend, or do you have a fabulous meal planned for dinner tonight? Leave me a comment and let me know what is cooking.

Comments are always welcomed and I enjoy getting them. To be quite honest, I get excited just to see that I have a comment to read and reply to!

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Sugar Booger Donuts, Coffee Cardamom Steak, And A Trip To Wally’s Frozen Custard

I always try to make my Sundays all about awesome food. I always make a big deal about Sunday supper. It has to be something special. It needs to be mindblowing. I also like to prepare some sort of brunch for us. Yesterday was a success and I achieved pretty much everything that I wanted to. We had homemade baked donuts in the morning, tender & juicy t-bone steaks for dinner, and an ice-cream sundae at Wally’s Frozen Custard large enough to feed an elephant!

The morning kicked off with what I am calling, “Sugar Booger Donuts”. Natural food coloring is weird. Green often achieves its color with spirulina, which is a superfood blue-green algae substance. Did you know that Fruity Pebbles are gluten-free? They sure are so these donuts were gluten-free for the win! Here is the part that killed them for me though, for this recipe I tried out Stevia to sweeten them. Usually, in my baking, I stick with raw money or pure maple syrup, or if I have to I will use coconut sugar. The Stevia was a big turn-off to me with the final product. While edible, they just were not as delicious as the other natural sweeteners that I use.

For fun, I made a glaze for the donuts and topped them with Fruity Pebbles, which is a cereal that I avoid having in my pantry. I bought a little individual serving size tub for a dollar at Kroger just for the sake of using them as donut topping. My daughter was in shock to see Fruity Pebbles in the house. Sugary, processed cereals are a big no over here. I had mixed feelings about using them as a topping too. They are like eating pure sugar. Way too sweet for me. I still do want to try a Lucky Charms topped donut someday. I might enjoy that more since that was my favorite cereal while I was a little girl.

Sounds like I am hating on my donuts here. I kinda sorta am. I am definitely going to whip up some coconut flour vanilla donuts again but totally steer clear of the Stevia. I can usually tolerate Stevia in my Zevia soda but it just didn’t agree with me in baking.


Green donuts before going in the oven


Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger


Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger


Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger

Nothing special happened for lunch over here. We just snacked on some fruits. By the time 4 o’clock rolled around my tummy was growling and hangry! It might have been growling so loudly because it knew that I had t-bone steaks in the fridge. I took the steaks out and prepared a rub for them. I really wanted to try out something new with my steaks. For the spice rub I used a recipe from Do You Even Paleo. This paleo rub was superb and I would not change a single thing about it! It uses ground coffee, cardamom, coconut sugar, paprika, garlic powder, ground ginger, and salt & pepper.

I picked up a bag of baby rainbow carrots at Nino Salvaggio’s a couple days ago and I prepared them with a cardamom ghee (clarified butter). I love roasted carrots with a raw honey drizzle on them but I also wanted to try something new with the carrots. Really wanted to go for some brand new flavors last night.

After I had the rub on the steaks for awhile I heated up some ghee on my cast iron grill pan. I threw them on and heard that lovely sizzle! I cooked them medium rare, which in my humble opinion, is the only way to eat a steak. Steak needs to have that pink center. I took the steaks off the pan after I grilled each side for a few minutes and then let them rest for a few minutes.

I will tell you this… these steaks came out absolutely perfect! Everything about this steak was spot on. They were so tender and juicy and the flavor from the rub was extraordinary. I loved these steaks so much I am pretty sure we will be eating them the same way again tomorrow. Kroger had value packs of t-bone steaks on sale so we ended up getting four biggies for a great price.


Coffee & cardamom t-bone steak with cardamom carrots and zucchini


Coffee & cardamom steak medium rare

Chloe and I were supposed to bake a layer cake yesterday but it never happened. I have Amazon Prime and unfortunately, an extract that I had ordered did not arrive when promised. So our cake is put on hold until that extract shows up.

Me and Joe took a trip to Wally’s Frozen Custard one weekend while Chloe was away at her grandparent’s home. We ordered the gargantuan 911 sundae. No way we could finish it all but I wanted to visit this place with my daughter so she could witness this huge sundae.

Wally’s is located in St Clair Shores, MI and it is one of the most happening spots to grab a frozen treat! It has a very unique look and it appears to be like a fire station. They have plenty of tables outdoors so you can enjoy your frozen custard and enjoy the beautiful weather. They have a fantastic menu to choose from and offer something for everyone. And get this~ you can even order BREAKFAST at Wally’s Frozen Custard. For breakfast, a a few of the things you can choose from are oatmeal, bagels, and muffins.

The 911 sundae is a steal at $9.11 and is the most perfect treat for sharing. There is definitely enough to go around for a family. It includes 9 dollops of frozen custard, 9 different toppings (the hard shell is hands down my favorite topping), whipped cream & maraschino cherry.


Wally’s Frozen Custard 911 Sundae


Wally’s Frozen Custard 911 Sundae

The photo below is how Wally’s represents the 911 Sundae on their Facebook. I was really hoping mine would have looked more like the photo. I did ask politely for an Instagram-worthy photo (did mention I am a food blogger… I am not shy) and ours looked a lot different than this photo. The frozen custard was out-of-this-world though so we will definitely be returning. I just hope that next time ours comes out more like this photo.


If you would love to give Wally’s a whirl you can find some money-saving coupons on their website. Just click HERE.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend full of good eats and tasty treats. Weekends for me are a time to splurge and indulge in whatever my heart desires. I eat healthy all week long and the weekend is a time for me to cut loose a bit.

Did you eat anything marvelous over the weekend? I am so curious so please leave me a comment and tell me about it!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I do receive a small commision if items are purchased through those links. Proceeds from the Amazon Affilate Blog help make this blog a better blog experience for my readers.

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TGIF! How I Spent My Friday – Thank Goodness It’s FOOD! – And A Visit To Nino Salvaggio’s

My husband has Fridays and Saturdays off work for the time being. We spent the early part of the day cleaning and tidying up our house, it was long overdue. I love spending quality time with my family. Joe leaves for work early in the morning and works long hours so we do not get to see him much during the week. We had an awesome day full of good eats and a little trip to Nino Salvaggio’s.

My daughter and I were also spending more time working on a product review for a popsicle maker. We have been having a blast experimenting with the pop maker. She was so happy yesterday when I gave her a vanilla protein popsicle that I had made with Svelte’s vanilla shake and a few candy sprinkles. You can see her joy for this pop in the image below.

Chloe was happy to also have a kiwano horned melon to nosh on yesterday. We mistakingly got 3 of them in an Instacart order and they let us keep them. They were supposed to be cactus pears. When I called up to inform them that I received the wrong item they sent the wrong item to me AGAIN. They ended up giving me golden dragon fruits. I am going to assume that the Instacart shoppers are a little baffled on an order that involves exotic fruits because they never got that order right.

We were all craving something spicy last night so we decided we would go to one of our favorite Thai restaurants~ Sy Thai in St Clair Shores, MI. We have been visiting this spot for several years now and we can always rely on the food being fresh and delicious!

We decided we would order a lychee bubble drink and all share. Sy Thai is known for making gigantic bubble drinks. The one we received yesterday may have been the largest one we received to date. It was huge.

Another thing that I love about Sy Thai is their soups that come with the dinner. Many Thai restaurants do not include soups with the dinners. We had hot and sour soup yesterday and me and Joe loved it. My daughter, on the other hand, did not care for it. Hot and sour soup is really not a kid-friendly soup. It has a taste that is hard to describe.

I wanted to try something new yesterday. I also knew that I needed to have some kind of noodle dish. I am a huge fan of Thai basil and I usually enjoy ordering the drunken noodle but I ended up trying out the Karee Basil Noodle. Joe ordered his usual Pad Thai. That is the dish he often goes with. I really enjoyed the flavor of my dish but the rice noodles in there were so thick they were almost like dumplings. I have never in my life had noodles that were that thick!


Sy Thai Karee Basil Noodle and Pad Thai

After our dinner, we wanted to do a bit of shopping at Nino Salvaggio’s. We visited the smaller location in St Clair Shores since that one is the closest to our home. I did not really have any idea what I wanted to come home with. I was pretty much just on a mission to challenge myself to find something new and unusual to take home.

First thing that really caught my eye when I walked in were the fresh green figs. Oh man… I sure do love my figs. I love the red and green. Nino’s had the green ones in stock so I grabbed a few. I would have loved a whole case but my wallet said no.

I was hoping to find some purple carrots while I was at Nino’s. I have a newfound love for them. I did locate a bag of mini rainbow organic carrots and I could not pass that up. They will make a great side dish for one of my dinners this week. I love roasted carrots with some raw honey drizzled on top. So damn good!

Me and Chloe have been eating a ton of fruit lately, and I mean a lot! We ended up taking home a few interesting fruits that were brand spankin new to us: baby bananas, forelle pears, guava, midnight rose apriums, and yellow plums.

You can see my haul from Nino’s in the images that follow. Some people get excited about buying new clothes, buying new makeup, or buying a new video game. I get most excited about buying new food!


Fresh fruit haul from Nino Salvaggio’s


My little haul from Nino Salvaggio’s

And wowza!~ Nino’s sure has a fantastic bakery. I did not get this cake but it sure looks drool-worthy to me! They have an amazing array of sweets and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Cake from Nino Salvaggio’s

The first fruit that we tried last night was the midnight rose apriums. These are a hybrid fruit that is a mix of plums and apricots. They had a nice firm texture and also a nice rosy hue for the flesh. As far as the taste goes, they were quite sweet but not overly sweet. They had the perfect amount of sweetness to them. I purchased four of these fruits and I do really wish I had more.

After we came home and unloaded the groceries it was time to pick up more food. We had a ClickList order waiting for us at Kroger. Ahhhhhh I sure do love grocery pick up day. At the end of the week the fridge and pantry starts getting bare. I love bringing home my groceries and seeing a fridge and freezer packed to the gills with stuff!

I put a fancy little dessert on our grocery list. I have had my eye on these for quite some time now. I got the TickleBelly Carnival Cotton Candy bars. They are cake pops dipped in a cotton candy shell. Oh, sweet heavens were these delish! Our Kroger has a cute display inside of mermaid-ish items and these were part of the display. My whole family loved these. There are 4 in a pack and we each had one. We will all have to fight over who gets the last one! I am definitely going to hunt down more flavors of these bars and give them a whirl ASAP!



Today is now Saturday and I am unsure of what the day has in store for us. Maybe the beach with my rescue dog, Stormy? I am also not sure of what we will be feasting upon for dinner tonight. It will likely be steak or another from-scratch pizza. Whatever I do end up making tonight will be fun. I am sure of that!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Have you recently tried a new food and fell in love. Let me know in the comments. I sure would love to hear from you. Comments always brighten my day over here!

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Family Of 3 Weekend Foodie Adventure – Part One

My husband has a new work schedule which clears his Fridays and Saturdays for family togetherness time. The last two days were full of fun and there were so many cooking/baking frenzies happening over her in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen! My family gets so much pleasure a food-filled weekend. This will be an ongoing series of our weekend adventures. More to come soon! Our two days together kicked off on Friday morning with some Unicorn French Toast. I have a major weakness for paleo-friendly French toast. I am always brainstorming some new ways to prepare it. It actually might just be “paleo-ish” and “healthy-ish” because I just had to add a sprinkling of candy sprinkles on there… another major weakness of mine. This was a total blast to make for breakfast and even more fun to sit down, eat, and enjoy it! I think this was next-level French toast because for this batch I made a vanilla custard batter to dip & soak the bread slices in.

Chloe and I at the Dotty Wotty House

Chillin on the steps


Unicorn French Toast


Unicorn French Toast

Later on that day (Friday) I had my husband chauffeur me to the baking supply shop in Clinton Township~ Miles Cake & Candy Supply. I used to visit this store often when I made resin jewelry. I would shop there for sprinkles to preserve in the resin. Now that phase of life is done and over with and I am buying these things for actual baking! I went there with the intention of purchasing a donut pan and I did score a nice pan from Wilton. It is a six cavity mold so you end up with a half-dozen of baked donuts.

Miles Cake And Candy Supply

rainbow sprinkles galore!

Friday evening we were looking for a new place to dine at. We found a coupon for a restaurant in Eastpointe, MI I and it was the Milestone Grill.  Our meals there were quite disappointing if I am going to be blunt about it. I ordered some baked whitefish with a cup of lobster bisque. When I see lobster bisque as an option I do get quite giddy and excited about it. Oh man… my soup came out and I then discovered (and I am certain of this) that it was FAUX LOBSTER! You know, like the fake crab stick meat. Yeah. Ugh. I recently ordered lobster biqsue at Nino Salvaggio’s and that soup was chockful of big lobster meat pieces. That bowl of soup there was just divine. The soup at Milestone Grill was a major letdown.

My baked whitefish was just ok to me. Pretty bland if you ask me and also my steamed vegetables looked quite dull. Joe had some chicken fajitas. When you order fajitas you expect Spanish rice. They served the fajitas with a RICE PILAF with peas and carrots in it. What???

I do have one nice remark about that place… my beer was great! I ordered a Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout. Boy, was it ever good! I have tried their other beers in the past and they never disappoint. Any kind of stout with a dessert-like flavor is right up my alley of the tasty department… wink wink!


Rochester Mills Beer Co. Milkshake Stout

Saturday started off with me whipping out my new Wilton donut pan. I could not wait to use it. I found a recipe at Elana’s Pantry and used that for inspo. So shoutout to Elana’s Pantry for the amazing recipe.

The recipe called for four eggs. I only had two eggs to work with so I ended up making my own “egg”. Did you know that you can use chia seeds in place of eggs in a recipe? You need 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for each egg. You add three tablespoons of water to that and let it soak for a bit.

If you ever had a devil’s food Entenmann’s donut these sure did resemble that as far as the taste goes. The great thing about these donuts for me is that they are gluten-free. I used coconut flour to make them. I am pretty fond of coconut flour being used in recipes. I think it injects a great flavor into the final product. I used a generous scoop of LivFit Cacao Powder in the donuts. Cacao powder is an incredible superfood with some wonderful health benefits so I am excited to use it in my recipes.


Paleo (minus the sprinkles) Chocolate Donuts


Paleo (minus the sprinkles) Chocolate Donuts

The remainder of our Saturday was all planned out to head down to the city (Detroit) to go check out Eastern Market. I packed up my camera bag and brought along some of my Thunderbird Bars for the journey. I also had some of the ThunderKids Bars so I brought that along for my daughter, Chloe. It was our first time trying them and they were simply delicious. They offer a great line of bars with healthy and nutritious ingredients… real food! Their flavor combinations are quite unique. They are also filling. They are perfect for fueling your next adventure. I look forward to trying out the rest of my sampler pack.


Thunderbird Bar – Pineapple Mango Papaya


Thunderbird Bar for kids – Chocolate chip cookie

We always love to visit MooTown Creamery during a visit to Eastern Market. I ordered a Maple Bourbon scoop, which I believe was paleo! How often do you find options like that at an ice-cream shop? I was so excited to see that and I was very pleased with the taste! Two thumbs up!

After our ice-cream pitstop, we went to the sheds to look for some gorgeous fruits and veggies. Eastern Market is the place to be if you want great deals on great foods! You can check out my awesome haul in the photo below. I am most excited about those purple carrots. I was hoping to find them there and I scored a batch. I am going to serve them as a side dish with an herbed ghee sirloin steak.


Eastern Market produce haul


Could not pass up this mushroom blend… YUM

38059395_10156532296094420_8695880749313687552_n (1)

Joe and Chloe

We always make it a priority to stop at the Heidelberg Project during our Detroit day-trips. Tyree Guyton is constantly adding to this outdoor art installation. It truly is something that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime.


It was a long day that made me feel a bit tired when I arrived home but I was bound and determined to make my family a couple made-from-scratch gluten-free pizzas. I had a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix and it was simple and easy to use.

I also love to make my own sauce. I use Muir Glen tomato sauce and Muir Glen Tomato Paste to make a nice, zesty sauce. I used my pizza seasoning packet that I picked up at Eastern Market. Spice Miser made the seasoning and it was a great blend! I would have never thought to add anise and rosemary to my pizza sauce but it gave it a great flavor and it was the best pizza sauce I have made to date.


My family of 3 ate both 12 inch pizzas with one last slice leftover. We were too stuffed to eat that lone piece. Making a from-scratch pizza is a long process that requires dedication and time. It sure is rewarding though to sit down and enjoy your kitchen creation. To me, a homemade pizza is edible art!

My daughter, Chloe, also helped me make this pizza. It was her first time helping out with a pizza. I am spending more and more time with her in the kitchen. I see her passion for cooking and baking and it warms my heart and soul. She is my little foodie sidekick. For an 8-year-old child she has experienced a vast array of foods. She eats with an open mind and I am so proud of her! She currently wants to become a pastry chef. We owe that all to the Netflix show, Sugar Rush. We love watching that show together. She also loves Nailed It but we watched every episode of that already. She loves the show so much that she told me it is her birthday wish for me to make it onto the show. That would totally be a dream come true!


Homemade gluten-free pizza


Homemade gluten-free pizza

It is currently Sunday morning and I started the day off with a bang in the kitchen. I made some carrot cake donuts but my glaze was too thin. I can assure you that they were tasty because I ate two of them. I used one of my purple carrots to top the donuts and it really does look like chopped bacon! This recipe was inspired by Paleo Hacks. They are a great resource for paleo recipes.

Paleo Carrot Cake Donut with Purple Carrots

Last but not least, Chloe had a piece of toast with some chocolate Maranatha almond butter on it. I also added some strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries to it.  She is a big fan of toast like this. I know avocado toast is all the rage these days but for her it is berries, berries, and more berries!


I always love to crank out a great Sunday dinner but I have not made up my mind yet. It is either going to be orange duck or sirloin steaks.

Wow! What a long post! If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate and love all of my readers. I am hoping to make this blog into something so fantastic someday. It is baby steps all of the way there. Thanks to all who are holding my hand to get to that destination with this blog. XOXO



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Our Visit To Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream – Because Sometimes A Girl Just Needs To Have Fun

We have all heard the expression, “You will feel like a kid in a candy shop”. Yesterday I was that kid in the candy shop! Last night I came up with the grand idea to visit Roger’s Bulk Candy and Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI. As you may already know I often promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. I believe in living your life and having fun every once in a while though. I feel that eating should be all about BALANCE. I regularly opt for healthy meals but sometimes I like to just cut loose and enjoy whatever the heck I want.


I heard about Roger’s Bulk Candy and Ice-Cream on the news just recently. I could not believe that I lived in the area of this place for so long and had no clue that it even existed. When you first step foot inside you will see an explosion of color, candy, and the huge variety of ice-creams that are available. This place just looks absolutely fun from the first moment that you get a peek inside. This place is floor to ceiling candy wherever your eyes looks.




This was a very exciting excursion for my 8-year-old daughter, Chloe. We ended up going there on a whim and planned it out as a surprise for her. We did not tell her where we were going, we just drove over there.

We had a blast walking around the store and looking at all of the candy that you can help yourself to. It is a bulk candy shop and the candy is sold by weight so you can buy as much or as little as you want. If your sweet tooth is calling, this is the place to be.

Roger’s has been in business for 12 years now. They have over 500 types of candy and they have something for everyone. Seriously, if you have a problem finding a candy to take home with you then maybe you have a problem lol! Most of the candies here are nostalgic candies that date back to your childhood. Seeing these candies sure did bring in a tidal wave of memories!


gumballs galore


Hershey Kisses in every color


Jones Soda and Stewarts soda

We ended up getting a little variety bag of sour candies. Then it was time to figure out what we were going to get at the ice-cream area of the shop. There is a huge assortment of ice-cream available and if you are seeking out something a little healthier, Roger’s does offer smoothies made with fresh fruit.

We decided we would order a banana-split and share it. This was no ordinary banana-split either. We did not go with the basic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. We wanted a colorful, Instagram-worthy banana-split with some fun flavors. We chose Superman, cotton candy, and anniversary cake. We had the usual toppings on it: strawberry (on the Superman), pineapple (on top of the cotton candy), and chocolate (topping for anniversary cake). We really were not sure how this would all pan out but this really did come together as a memorable banana split that we all enjoyed!




If you are local to this spot definitely stop in and give it a whirl! This was a wonderful experience for all of us. We also really enjoyed the helpful and friendly staff. Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream will surely put a smile on your face.

What is your favorite kind of candy that takes you back to your childhood? My favorite has always been those little raspberry and blackberry candies. Leave me a comment below!

You can find Roger’s Bulk Candy and Ice-Cream at: 15020 E. 9-Mile Road, Eastpointe, MI





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