Tasty Ice Cream REVIEW – Dig Into 4 Fun & Unique Limited Edition Ice Cream Pints From Tasty!

New product alert! And this new product is also a limited edition item! Today I am sharing my Tasty ice cream review with you. I just recently discovered that my local Kroger store carries these new ice cream pints from Tasty and they are available in four fun and very delightful flavors. Tasty ice cream pints feature some super-duper creamy ice cream with the addition of unique mix-ins. The flavor combinations of these Tasty ice cream limited edition flavors are not only creative but make for one memorable ice cream experience! Tasty ice cream succeeded in slapping a big fat smile onto my face with these sweet treats!

These Tasty ice creams are the perfect treat for your next indulgent “cheat day”. I often opt for the healthier, better-for-you ice creams like Enlightened and Halo Top but sometimes you just have to give into to that sweet tooth and have a bit of sugar. No sweat… just get back on track with your diet and lifestyle the next day. YOLO (you only live once) so why not just give in to the temptation and enjoy that pint of ice cream?!?!?!!! Remember my blog tagline is “Eat Healthy So You Can Have Dessert” so just keep that in mind ok?

Tasty Ice-Cream REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl
What flavor of Tasty ice cream will you be giving a whirl first?
Peanut Butter S'mores Smash Tasty Ice-Cream
Peanut Butter S’mores Smash Tasty Ice Cream
Check out that White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake ice-cream from Tasty... omg!
Check out that White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake ice cream from Tasty… omg!


Tasty Ice Cream Review

TASTY Ice-Cream REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl

The 4 Limited Edition Tasty Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla Galaxy Twist

This flavor here is for the rainbow candy sprinkles enthusiast (me!!). The Vanilla Galaxy Twist is going to blast you off into euphoria while chowing down on this pint. The ice cream flavor also has silky blue frosting swirls with a vanilla ice cream base. In this out-of-this-world delicious ice cream pint, you are also going to enjoy some caramel stars, chocolate chunks, and cosmic crunch. Tasty really went all out with this fun flavor! I don’t think ice cream gets any better than this folks!

Vanilla Galaxy Twist - Tasty Ice-Cream
Vanilla Galaxy Twist

WOWZA! Vanilla Galaxy Twist is chock full of goodies!
WOWZA! Vanilla Galaxy Twist is chock full of goodies!

Peanut Butter S’mores Smash

With the Peanut Butter S’mores Smash flavor of Tasty ice cream this is where two flavors collide and marry into one hell of an awesome flavor! The ice cream itself has a peanut butter flavor and inside you are going to experience some marshmallowy goodness and miniature peanut butter cups. And to take this flavor to a whole other level you will also enjoy a sprinkling of graham cracker crunchies and a fudge swirl mixed throughout.

Peanut Butter S'mores Smash - Tasty Ice-Cream
Peanut Butter S’mores Smash

Two Peanut Butter S'mores Smash ice-creams from Tasty
Two Peanut Butter S’mores Smash ice creams from Tasty

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch

This flavor is for the chocolate lover and connoisseur! Inside this Tasty ice cream pint, you will find some smooth and creamy chocolate ice cream mixed with pretzel bites and a dreamy salted caramel swirl! Yes please and YUM!

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch - Tasty Ice-Cream
Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch Tasty Ice Cream
Here is the Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch ice-cream from Tasty!
Here is the Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch ice cream from Tasty!

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch ice-cream from Tasty brand

White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake

The White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake Tasty ice cream pint is like my dream flavor here! This unique flavor features a white chocolate ice cream combined with raspberry ribbons and swirls along with some get this… CHUNKS OF CAKE! Oh my goodness gracious! I kinda hate to say it but this ice cream pint is one that I would honestly hoard just for my own sweet self. I am head over heels in love with anything that is raspberry flavored and when you throw some cake into the mix? BLISS! Pure bliss!

White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake - Tasty Ice-Cream
White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake

Dig in to this White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake ice-cream from Tasty brand!
Dig into this White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake ice cream from Tasty brand!

White Chocolate Raspberry Lava Cake ice-cream from Tasty

Tasty Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

As you can see in the nutrition facts label below this is an indulgent treat. The nutrition facts vary by flavor. The one shown in the photo below is for the Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch flavor. If you give in to your desires and lose control AND eat that whole pint you are going to set yourself back a whopping 710 calories. Might just have to run a marathon to burn that all off. Am I right?

One serving contains 25mg of sugar. If you eat the whole pint you will be consuming a massive amount of sugar, a total of 65mg. As mentioned earlier in this post, these ice cream pints are reserved for a cheat day treat. It is ok to have a sugary treat every now and then. I believe in eating with balance. What I do is eat healthy and clean most of the time and then allow myself to indulge in a not-so-good-for-you treat. I don’t want to deprive myself of the fun things in life (like ice cream).

Tasty Ice-Cream Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts

Final thoughts on Tasty ice cream

Gotta say these four limited edition ice cream pints were thoroughly enjoyed by my little family of 3! I truly hope that my Tasty ice cream review inspires you to hunt these down and give them a whirl! I’m going to give some mad props to Tasty for offering up these creative ice cream flavors. I also really enjoyed the delicious creaminess and texture of the ice creams. I am looking forward to Tasty releasing some more ice cream pints. Pretty sure I will be a regular buyer of this brand.

It is so hard to resist eating the entire pint all by your lone self because they are just that good!

If you are a regular reader over here at Give It A Whirl Girl, you can probably tell by now that one of my major weaknesses is ice cream. I love to review it and I love to blog about it. And finally, I love to eat all of it! In the near future, I will be reviewing more ice creams since summer is fast approaching and I can’t think of a better sweet treat to eat than ice cream when it is warm out.



Question Time!

What flavor of Tasty Ice Cream will you be indulging in on your next cheat day? Leave me a comment and let me know which Tasty Ice Cream pint you will reach for first!


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Zesty Spaghetti Sauce RECIPE With Ancient Harvest Pasta, Tri-Color Peppers, Ground Beef, & Italian Sausage (Slow-Cooker)

I am just going to come out and say it… this is some thick ass sauce right here y’all! This zesty spaghetti sauce recipe with Ancient Harvest pasta is nowhere near being skimpy and naked. We got it all going on over here with grass-fed ground beef, ground Italian sausage, three colors of bell peppers, oodles of minced garlic, half an onion, and a whole lot of basil and oregano! How does that sound? Keep reading to find out how I made this set-it-and-forget-it sauce. I will also talk about the Ancient Harvest gluten-free pasta that I used with this zesty spaghetti sauce recipe. I tried them out for Tried It Out Tuesday!

Tri-Color Pepper, Ground Beef, and Italian Sausage Spaghetti With Ancient Harvest Pasta
Tri-Color Peppers, Ground Beef, and Italian Sausage Spaghetti With Ancient Harvest Pasta – A very zesty spaghetti sauce recipe that you will love!

This zesty spaghetti sauce recipe does require a little bit of prep but it is essential. You can’t just toss raw ground meat products into your slow-cooker and expect good results. You gotta brown that meat. Next you are also going to want to saute your onions and garlic until they achieve a translucent appearance and become aromatic and fragrant. I also take the time to soften up the three peppers.

Continue reading “Zesty Spaghetti Sauce RECIPE With Ancient Harvest Pasta, Tri-Color Peppers, Ground Beef, & Italian Sausage (Slow-Cooker)”

I actually just found out about this incredible place, Rocket Fizz, a few days ago through my sister. My sister took her kiddos here and shared some photos from her experience. I knew that right after seeing those photos of hers that I needed to come in and scope out this fun and unique place. Rocket Fizz is a soda pop & candy shop, as well a nostalgia store located in Shelby Township, MI. These are actually a chain of stores that are located throughout the United States. Spectacular surprises await you around every corner and I am sharing my first-time experience with you in this Rocket Fizz review. From floor-to-ceiling there are sweet confections and oddities everywhere your eyes look. It is like sensory overload in here and I mean that in the greatest way for the candy consumer.

And just a heads up! This is a very pic-heavy post! I feel as though the images here really speak for themselves. I am really and truly hoping that my Rocket Fizz review will inspire you to visit this candy shop! If you want to find out where there is a Rocket Fizz store near you, you can use the store locator tool to find out where the closest location is.

Shop at Rocket Fizz for candy, soda pop, and unique gifts
Shop at Rocket Fizz for candy, soda pop, and unique gifts
Rocket Fizz location in Shelby Township, MI
Rocket Fizz location in Shelby Township, MI
Rocket Fizz location in Shelby Township, MI
Rocket Fizz location in Shelby Township, MI

My Rocket Fizz Review

Just what is Rocket Fizz?

Rocket Fizz just might be the place to head over to when you have a major hankering for sweets and you need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. This is the place to visit if you need to stock up on “Cheat Day” sweets and treats.

If you have ever been curious about what mustard-flavored or puke flavored pop tasted like then Rocket Fizz has you covered with their completely and totally INSANE flavors of pop for the thrillseeker!

Rocket Fizz is a store that has great pride in offering unique food and drink items to the public. They are a brand that strives for creativity and innovation. This store is the furthest thing from being boring. Rocket Fizz is the type of store that definitely evokes a lot of happiness, a ton of smiles, and plenty of hardy laughs. The mission of the Rocket Fizz chain of stores is that they want to offer something for everyone, for people of all ages and backgrounds. After my first visit here I can truthfully say that Rocket Fizz does succeed in doing that quite well! We had a blast here and we are all excited to come back soon for another visit.

Rocket Fizz inside of store
Rocket Fizz inside of store
Rocket Fizz soda pops available ROCKET FIZZ REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Rocket Fizz soda pops available
Inside of the Rocket Fizz store
Inside of the Rocket Fizz store
There is a huge variety of different soda pops available here! ROCKET FIZZ REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
There is a huge variety of different soda pops available here!
Soda pops available in adventurous, fun flavors
Soda pops available in adventurous, fun flavors
What flavor of soda-pop would you give a whirl to?
What flavor of soda-pop would you give a whirl to?
So many rootbeers!
So many rootbeers!
Cookie dough soda-pop!
Cookie dough soda-pop!
Judge Wapner!
Judge Wapner! Rootbeer!!
Jimi Hendrix soda-pop
The Monkees and Chumlee soda-pop
Zombie/Horror soda-pops available ROCKET FIZZ REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Zombie/Horror soda-pops available at Rocket Fizz
Do you see any soda pops that you would love to try?
Do you see any soda pops that you would love to try?
Would you try any of these crazy flavors of soda-pop?
Would you try any of these crazy flavors of soda-pop?
What do you think of these weird flavors of soda-pop?
What do you think of these weird flavors of soda-pop?
Ranch dressing or mustard soda-pop?? That is the question!
Ranch dressing or mustard soda-pop?? That is the question!
What soda-pop are you going to try at Rocket Fizz?
What soda-pop are you going to try at Rocket Fizz?
Soda pops come in so many wonderful flavors!
Soda pops come in so many wonderful flavors!





Lester’s Fixins Bizarre flavors of soda-pop at Rocket Fizz!




Melba’s Fixins soda-pops available at Rocket Fizz!


Which flavor will you be giving a whirl?



Just living for those Cheat Day thrills!

I ended up taking home a big bag of candy that was chock full of several (and I do mean several) different flavors of taffy. We opted for the larger size bag that you could fill up with as much candy as you could stuff in there. It was $9 for the large bag and I believe it was $7 for the all-you-could-fill smaller bulk candy bag. There were so many different unique flavors of soda-pop at Rocket Fizz and I need to go back when I have a bigger chunk of money to spend here. I also am not a pop-drinker AT ALL but the unique flavors here are worthy of a try. My daughter ended up getting a black licorice pop and boy was it ever tasty! You can choose 4 flavors of soda-pop and build your own 4-pack at Rocket Fizz for $8.00. That is a great deal at $2 a pop! Otherwise, the soda pops sell for $2.29 a piece. The next time I visit this place I am going to get adventurous and try out the weird flavors of soda pop. I am thinking that it would be fun to purchase a couple of different 4-packs and do a video review with my 9-year-old daughter, Chloe Pearl! She is my little blogger sidekick and she has an adventurous palate when it comes to food and drink. Just like her momma, she will try pretty much anything once!

Bulk candy
Bulk candy
Bulk candy /taffy
Bulk candy/taffy

As you can see in the photo below, we did take home quite a bit of taffy in many different assorted flavors. I wonder how long this bowl of candy will last here? Probably not long!

Bowl of taffy that we ended up taking home!
Bowl of taffy that we ended up taking home!



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Candy Galore!!

Seriously guys and gals… if you can not find a candy here at Rocket Fizz that appeals to you then you might have a problem! This store offers something for everyone! They have the more traditional candies available here as well as some really unique off-the-wall stuff! They have everything from taffy, sour candies, Jelly Bellies, lollipops, gummy candy, chocolate bars, and MORE!

Candy galore!
Candy galore! What will you choose?
Candy at Rocket Fizz
Candy at Rocket Fizz
Lollipop! Lollipop!
Lollipop! Lollipop!
So many Jelly Belly assortments!
So many Jelly Belly assortments!
Candy Sushi!
Candy Sushi!
So many fun chocolate candy bars! What is your favorite?
So many fun chocolate candy bars! What is your favorite?
Candy for days!
Candy for days!
Assorted candies
Chocolate Bars
Slime Bar! Ooooh yummy!
Box of boogers! Would you pick these? ROCKET FIZZ REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Box of boogers! Would you pick these?


Rocket Fizz is more than just candy and soda pop!

The neat thing about Rocket Fizz is that it is more than just a soda-pop and candy shop. You can find some very unique gifts at Rocket Fizz. You can find a vast array of decorative tin signs here, gag gifts, and more. These items are mixed in throughout the store. If you have ever wondered where you could get a giant unicorn mask you are in luck at Rocket Fizz. You can make all of your unicorn dreams come true here!

Rocket Fizz unicorn
Rocket Fizz unicorn
Doll eye glasses at Rocket Fizz
Doll eye glasses at Rocket Fizz
Where else will you find "squirrel underpants"??
Where else will you find “squirrel underpants”??
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady
Tin signs and gag gifts
Tin signs and gag gifts.
I love the “I refuse to become a nugget” sign!

Final thoughts

I believe that my readers will really enjoy their first visit to Rocket Fizz! My little family of three sure had fun browsing around this soda-pop and candy shop! There are so many fun and unique items here at Rocket Fizz and it is a lot to take in all at once. It seems as though everywhere I looked I could spot something that I wanted to take home with me to try out! When you do visit this establishment, be sure to bring a decent wad of money with you to blow here. And always remember to eat and drink with an open mind! See something of interest? Take it home and give it a whirl!


Question Time! After reading this Rocket Fizz review, do you feel that this is a place that you would love to visit with your family? What items would you take home to try out? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Do you want to find out more about Rocket Fizz??

Rocket Fizz Location (Shelby Township)

50752 Schoenherr Road

Shelby Charter Township, MI 48315

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Modern Cone REVIEW – Our First Visit To This Modern-Day Ice-Cream Shop In St. Clair Shores

Modern Cone is a fairly new ice-cream shop to hit the city of St. Clair Shores, MI. This ice cream shop is formerly known as Ashby’s Ice Cream shop. I am so excited about the change that has come to this location. This past weekend we were actually looking for a new frozen-yogurt or ice cream shop to visit and we stumbled upon Modern Cone on Yelp. The photos that I saw on my Yelp app totally and completely sucked me in. So for Tried It Out Tuesday this week I am sharing my Modern Cone review with you. If you are in the Detroit area (or St. Clair Shores would be even better) you need to check out Modern Cone. Their extensive menu is super duper exciting for the ice cream enthusiast. You will find yourself coming back for more and more after your first visit! I am always looking for new and interesting foods to try out and Modern Cone was the most perfect content to share with my readers.

Modern Cone


My Modern Cone Ice Cream Review

First Impressions

My first impression of this ice cream shop was the super duper friendly staff! There were two people working when I came in and they were both very friendly and both were helpful. It is always reassuring to go into a new establishment and be welcomed by some joyful staff members.

Modern Cone is a decently-sized little ice cream shop. There are several ice cream flavors to choose from, an exciting menu board, and also an adequate amount of seating for those who wish to enjoy their ice cream on the spot. Check out the menu board below.

Menu board at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board
Stackers menu at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board – Stackers
Menu board at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board
Making my Cereal Killer Stacker sundae
Making my Cereal Killer Stacker sundae

Create Your Own Stacker

Modern Cone offers up one of these lovely items known as a Stacker. You can order a Stacker off the menu board or create your very own!

  1. The bottom of the Stacker gets 2 toppings & sauce
  2. Ice cream layer
  3. 2 toppings & sauce
  4. More ice cream!
  5. For the topping of your Stacker, you choose two toppings and a sauce

Easy peasy and endless possibilities! I look forward to trying more Stackers off their menu and then venturing into creating my own.

Regular size Stackers sell for $6.00 and the large size sells for $8.00. To me, this is a very reasonable price for a sundae that is not only delicious but memorable too!

Cereal Killer ice-cream Stacker available at Modern Cone
Cereal Killer ice cream Stacker available

Our Two Ice Cream Stackers and a Modern Cone

I ended up splurging on the Cereal Killer sundae, my hubby got a I Want S’more (s’mores flavor), and my daughter Chloe got a double-scoop ice cream cone with rainbow sherbet and cotton candy. It was really hard to narrow down my choice to just one because the Stackers that Modern Cone offers all sound enticing to me. I consider myself an ice cream enthusiast so I can’t wait to return to Modern Cone and give more of these creative icec ream concoctions a whirl!

Cereal Killer

I have never in my life had an ice cream sundae with cereal on it but now seems like a good time to start! My Cereal Killer Stacker included strawberry ice cream with a variety of different breakfast cereals (Fruity Pebbles, Trix, and Lucky Charms) and it was then topped with a white chocolate sauce. Talk about a unique ice cream experience! Yeah yeah yeah I know this sounds like diabetes that is ready to happen in a cup BUT I do not treat myself to confections like this often so all is good! I was long overdue for a Cheat Day treat and this Cereal Killer Stacker satisified my sweet tooth!

Our three desserts at Modern Cone
Our three desserts
Cereal Killer Stacker
Cereal Killer Stacker


They also have “NACHOS”!

I was really intrigued by the section of the menu where it said NACHOS! This ice cream shop puts a delicious spin on nachos and they came up with dessert nachos. Yep… you heard that right! With the nachos, you get two flavors of ice cream, your choice of 3 different toppings, and two dessert sauces.

Nachos at Modern Cone
Nachos (this is not my image. (Image source: Facebook)


Other Items Available On The Menu

There is a great variety of items available on the menu here. Indulge in an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich or Cookie Ala Mode! Few things in life beat the winning combination of a warm cookie paired with some scrumptious ice cream so I bet you a million bucks that I will be trying out both of these frozen treats!

Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (Image source: Facebook)
Ice-Cream cake
Ice Cream cake (Image source: Facebook)


Traditional Treats

If you don’t want to try out something wild and crazy then Modern Cone has you covered with more traditional fare like milkshakes, sundaes, cones, Italian Ice, slushies, and even a pup cup perfect for your pooch!

Italian Ice and Ice-Cream
Italian Ice and Ice Cream
Chocolate Milk Shake
Chocolate Milk Shake (Image source: Facebook)
Ice-Cream - There are man more options available!
Ice Cream – There are many more options available!
Sundae (Image source: Facebook)


What is next for me at Modern Cone

I already have my mind made up (I think!) for my next visit to Modern Cone. I need that Fruity Explosion! The Fruity Explosion comes with vanilla ice cream but I am leaning towards swapping that out for some Blue Moon or cotton-candy!

Final Thoughts

I am sharing this Modern Cone review today because I want to inspire you all to get off your butt and head on over here! This was my first ever visit here and I was absolutely blown away by the menu choices.

Ice cream shops like this are a dream come true for me because I am not into ordinary… give me extraordinary!

This place is anything but boring. When you go to an ice cream shop like this you are in for a real treat. The menu is so creative and it really has inspired me to want to go back for more! I want to give it all a big whirl! Lucky for us, we actually live within walking distance to Modern Cone. I am feeling like I hit the jackpot by discovering this unique and modern place!




What Stacker do you want to order at Modern Cone? Check out the Modern Cone menu board in this post and let me know!


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Modern Cone


Want to learn more about Modern Cone?





Where Can I Get My Modern Cone?

Wondering where you can get your very own Modern Cone? This ice cream shop is located in the plaza where Village Market is in St. Clair Shores, MI.



28616 Harper Ave St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081




Monday: 12PM-8PM


Tuesday: 12PM-8PM


Wednesday: 12PM-8PM


Thursday: 12PM-8PM


Friday: 12PM-9PM


Saturday: 12PM-PM


Sunday: 1PM-8PM








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Redd Bar REVIEW – Superfood Energy Bars – A Gluten-Free, Vegan Snack Bar With Clean Ingredients

When that afternoon fatigue and hunger pang hits me, I need something to recharge myself with. If you are looking for a good, clean source of energy, look no further than to Redd Bar Superfood Energy Bars. Today I am sharing my Redd Bar review with you on the blog for Tried It Out Tuesday. These snack bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and contain 35mg of caffeine per bar. These bars will give you the jolt that you need without any jitters. What I love about these snack bars is that they only use pure and natural ingredients in their bar. You will not find anything strange lurking inside these. They also taste fantastic!

They come in five different flavors: Chocolate, Salted Caramel (my favorite!), Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate, and Oatmeal.

Redd Bar is actually 3 items in one handy snack: protein bar + energy shot + multivitamin.

It is a convenient snack that is a nutritional powerhouse. I am confident that you will be adding them on the regular for your snack rotation.

Redd Bar
5 flavors of Redd Bar available

Keep on reading to find out more about Redd Bar.

Redd Bar Superfood Energy Bar Nutrition

In this Redd Bar review, let’s kick things off with discussing the nutrition of these snack bars. You are going to love the back of the Redd Bar when see the ingredients. This bar is chock full of clean ingredients, also known as superfoods. Redd Bar utilizes the best and the most natural ingredients in their snack bar. A couple of their slogans:

All Killer No Filler

and Uncompromised

You will not find any artificial ingredients here. Some of the superfood ingredients you may find in your bar: mangosteen, yerba mate, quinoa, chia, pumpkin seed, acai, schizandra, maca, dark chocolate, goji, and cacao. To find out more about the clean ingredients that Redd Bar uses check it out on their website.

The Redd Bar is a great source of protein. As you can see in the photo below (peanut butter flavor), the bar contains 10 grams of protein. This is a great amount of protein for an afternoon snack. The Redd Bar also is a fabulous source of fiber if you need to boost your intake. This bar has 4 grams of fiber.

No gluten in these bars and no animals products

I am always keeping my eye out for tasty gluten-free snacks and the Redd Bar is an absolute winner. With these bars, you will not miss the gluten! Redd Bar really hit the mark with taste and texture.

And a big bonus as well is that Redd Bar does not contain any animal products. These bars will be perfect for your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Redd Bar
Redd Bar Salted Caramel

Vitamin & mineral blend

If you are looking to gain some vitamins and minerals into your diet, Redd Bar has a vitamin & mineral blend that has pretty much everything you need for your healthy diet and lifestyle.

Vitamin/Mineral Blend (Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Chromium Amino Acid Chelate, Pyridoxine HCl, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Selenium Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12)

The caffeine in Redd Bar

Caffeine in the Redd Bar is equivalent to about a third of a cup of coffee. It is naturally sourced through yerba mate. If you are curious about this superfood you can read more about it on Redd Bar’s website.

Maca (awesome superfood)

The superfood maca is also known to increase energy, stamina, and focus. Redd Bar includes maca in your energy bar. You can read more about maca HERE.


Nutrition Facts for Redd Bar Peanut Butter Flavor
Nutrition Facts for Redd Bar Peanut Butter Flavor

Redd Bar review of product flavors

Chocolate Redd Bar

I have a thing for anything and everything chocolate! This nutrient-dense snack will satisfy your chocolate cravings and in a great way that you can feel good about! This bar has dark chocolate and cocoa powder in it for maximum flavor.

Check out these nutrition facts… VITAMINS AND MINERALS GALORE! This particular flavor also has a large amount of dietary fiber… 8 grams! WOWZA! This will really keep your regular if you know what I mean. I am very impressed with these number of the nutrition facts label.

Redd Bar nutrition facts
Redd Bar nutrition facts (source)


Redd Bar - Chocolate Flavor
Chocolate Flavor


Salted Caramel Redd Bar

This flavor right over here was the first bar that I gave a whirl and boy was I ever impressed with the bold flavor of this particular flavor. This Salted Caramel bar is hands down my favorite. If you love caramel you will be delighted by this flavor.

Salted Caramel - Redd Bar
Salted Caramel flavor


Salted Caramel Redd Bar
Salted Caramel Flavor

Peanut Butter Redd Bar

Ahhh yes! Peanut butter!! I am a huge fan of peanut butter and this flavor did not disappoint. The main ingredient in this bar is peanuts. It also has a super grain blend with oats and quinoa.

Peanut Butter Flavor - Redd Bar
Peanut Butter Flavor


Mint Chocolate Redd Bar

Mint combined with chocolate is a classic flavor that will never go out of style. This bar has a refreshing, bold taste of mint. It is just the right amount too!

Mint Chocolate Flavor - Redd Bar
Mint Chocolate Flavor


Oatmeal Redd Bar

This oatmeal flavored bar was a terrific flavor. The main ingredients in this oatmeal bar are cashews, oats, and agave syrup. Never fear! The oats are gluten-free!

Oatmeal Flavor - Redd Bar
Oatmeal Flavor



Feeling indecisive and don’t want to commit to just one flavor of Redd Bar? Pick up a variety pack of their five flavors on Amazon.

Amazon currently has a $4.00 off clippable coupon for a variety pack of Redd Bars. Don’t miss out on that special offer. Pick up your variety pack on Amazon today!

Redd Bar online store

Price per bar is $2.99 at their online store. You can also subscribe to Redd Bar and save 10%. Redd Bar also allows you to create and build your own variety pack.

Final Thoughts

Redd Bar is going to now be a regular part of my healthy snack stash. I am overall very, very pleased with the taste, texture, everything about these gluten-free, vegan bars. The ingredients inside these bars give me both a boost in vitamins and a boost in energy to combat afternoon fatigue. When I eat one of these bars I feel great about the snack choice that I made. I am really happy I found myself a great snack bar that is only made with all-natural ingredients. I also love that these bars have a great amount of fiber in them. Helps keep things going smoothly.

I hope you enjoyed this Redd Bar review on my blog and hopefully I inspired you to give a variety pack a try!

Question Time!

What flavor of Redd Bar’s energy bars will you be reaching for first? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Want to find out more about Redd Bar? Find them here:

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Fresh Sushi At Kroger – Tried It Out Tuesday

Fresh sushi at Kroger? Sure is and I got brave and ventured over to Kroger on Friday to try out some of that beautiful, fresh sushi. I don’t consider myself a sushi snob but I do prefer my sushi to be as fresh as possible. At the present time, my favorite place to grab some fresh sushi is at the Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale, MI. Their sushi is top-notch, creative, and beautifully plated. To save some money and some time, I gave the fresh sushi at Kroger a whirl and it did not disappoint. For the record, the Kroger that I visited is located in Roseville, MI in the 13 Mile Rd & Little Mack location. This store is fairly new and it is my go-to place each and every week. Keep reading my Kroger sushi review to find out more!


My Kroger Sushi Review


Pretty huge selection of fresh sushi at Kroger

As you can see in the photos below, Kroger has a nice selection of fresh sushi available. Their sushi is made fresh each morning and often times you will see someone working at the station and creating more. If there is a sushi chef at the station you can even request a fresh roll of sushi or customize it to your liking.


The sushi is presented beautifully. I was in awe of all of the beautiful colors from the sushi. Looking at stuff like this dazzles my eyes and makes my tummy growl a bit. All of the sushi looked super fresh and nothing there turned me off. I wanted to give it all a whirl. You can tell that they pour their heart and soul into this sushi. Sushi is an art form and a craft. Their rolls were impressive considering it is at a grocery store.

Different types of fresh sushi at Kroger

Kroger offers a wide variety of sushi including both cooked sushi and raw sushi. For those that fear eating raw sushi, Kroger has your back with plenty of non-raw choices.

I was even amazed to see that Kroger had a sushi burrito available for $10. I am definitely going to give that a try someday and that will be a first for me because I have never tried a sushi burrito. There was also a poke bowl available. That is another dish that I plan on trying out in the near future.

Pricing of the fresh sushi at Kroger

I feel that the prices of this grocery store sushi is also pretty reasonable. For basic rolls like a California Roll you can get quite a bit of sushi for around $6.00. The fancier rolls are higher in price but the taste justifies it.




Variety Pack #3

I ended up purchasing a variety pack of fresh sushi at Kroger. This variety pack had three different rolls:

  • Crunch Roll – Krab salad, cucumber, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy fried onion.
  • NY Crunch – This roll has a krab salad mixture in it with sliced avocado, cucumber, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy fried onion.
  • Shaggy Dog -Krab, avocado, fried shrimp, sushi sauce, and topped with spicy mayo.

These three rolls were perfect for my husband and I because we love spicy sushi. These rolls fit nicely together in the variety pack due to their similarities in ingredients. The spicy sauce on this fresh sushi was a tad bit on the spicy side and definitely wasn’t overpowering… it was perfect. I don’t know about you but I love quite a bit of ginger to go with my sushi. Ginger was provided but it would have been nice to have just a bit more included. The amount of wasabi in this variety roll package was adequate. Just a dab of wasabi is all that you need because wasabi sure does go a long way!

Fresh Sushi Variety Pack #3 from Kroger
Fresh Sushi Variety Pack #3 from Kroger
A variety of fresh sushi that I brought home from Kroger
A variety of fresh sushi that I brought home from Kroger
Close-up of my sushi from Kroger. Looks pretty good huh?!
Close-up of my sushi from Kroger. Looks pretty good huh?!
Variety Pack #3 Sushi from Kroger
Variety Pack #3 Sushi from Kroger


Final thoughts

In the end, I was very impressed with the taste and the quality of my sushi at Kroger! Wow! Who knew that grocery store sushi could be so good? It is not the greatest but it will do when you have that sushi craving that you have to satisfy. The convenience of being able to run into Kroger and grab some fresh sushi in a pinch is awesome! The variety packs are the way to go if you want to experience some different rolls. The variety pack that I purchased was put together well and these rolls went wonderful together.

Also, I am quite sure that you can make a custom roll just by requesting one if there is a worker at that station. Word of mouth told me that so I am not 100% sure because I never tried, but I will in the future and see what happens.

I love the convenience of the Kroger sushi and whenever I have that sushi craving I can satisfy that craving by going to my local Kroger store!

Have you ever tried grocery store sushi? What are your thoughts on it? Leave me a comment and let me know.



Cheeseburger Casserole From SkinnyTaste – Tried It Out Tuesday

I recently came across a Cheeseburger Casserole recipe from SkinnyTaste and I was intrigued so by it, I just had to give it a whirl! I would have never even thought of enjoying a cheeseburger in casserole form until I saw this brilliant recipe of hers. My family really enjoys their cheeseburgers and we love our pasta too so this seemed like a winner winner cheeseburger dinner!

If you are not familiar with SkinnyTaste be sure to check out her website for some brilliant recipes that will help keep you on track with a healthy lifestyle. I made a gluten-free version of her Cheeseburger Casserole and my family enjoyed this recipe. I will be whipping up this dish again in the near future. Keep reading to hear more about this unique casserole dish.

Cheeseburger Casserole is a simple & easy recipe

What I really loved about this recipe from SkinnyTaste was the simplicity of creating it. The recipe was easy to follow and the ingredients were very simple to prepare. I started out by boiling the pasta and browning the beef. There was very little prep involved. I used two shallots in this recipe and had to slice those, easy peasy! The recipe calls for garlic as well and I just use my trusty Spice World squeeze bottle. I love simple recipes… who doesn’t?? They are wonderful on busy weeknights or when you are feeling too lazy to cook.


Ingredients I used for the SkinnyTaste Cheeseburger Casserole
Ingredients I used for the SkinnyTaste Cheeseburger Casserole

Gotta have my grass-fed beef in my Cheeseburer Casserole!

I recently made the switch to grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef is not only more beneficial to your health but I believe it tastes better than regular beef. The grass-fed beef that I purchase at Kroger is also organic. That means that the cows graze on pesticide-free grass. Grass-fed cows also mean that the meat is free from added hormones that are typically given to cows. Sometimes I think of my body as an automobile. Your body needs good to fuel to run. You don’t want to put crappy fuel into your car so why would you want to put bad fuel into your body? Grass-fed beef costs a bit more than regular beef but I believe that the added benefits are worth the extra cost.

A few modifications to the Cheeseburger Casserole recipe

I made a few modifications to her recipe for my family. Instead of using an onion I used two sliced shallots. I discovered shallots earlier this year and prefer their taste and often swap onions for shallots now. I also incorporated some onion powder to the meat while browning it. I love the added flavor that onion powder lends to ground beef. Also, instead of using Dijon mustard I went with my favorite mustard by Boar’s Head. The mustard is a Delicatessen style and it gave the dish a wonderful flavor.

Browning the grass-fed beef
Browning the grass-fed beef
Grass-fed beef, tomatoes, shallots, and minced garlic
Grass-fed beef, tomatoes, shallots, and minced garlic


Gluten-free eating

Another swap that I did with this dish was that I used gluten-free noodles. I use Kroger’s ClickList and wanted some rotini pasta but they were out of stock and they gave me penne pasta instead. That was fine with me but I do think that rotini would have been best. I used Ronzoni brand and I believe that they do make a very tasty gluten-free noodle. I don’t think they taste much different than regular pasta. This dish would have been great with Banza’s chickpea pasta as well. They are another one of my go-to brands for gluten-free pasta.

Getting cheesy

A great cheeseburger has to have great cheese. I love Tillamook’s shredded cheese and I ended up pouring the entire bag of cheese all over this Cheeseburger Casserole. The recipe calls for 2 cups of cheddar and the one bag of cheese was equivalent to two cups. I used a sharp cheddar and this was a great choice for the casserole. Tillamook creates some damn good cheese. It is my go-to brand for shredded cheese. I also use their mozzarella on my homemade pizzas. They take great pride in creating their cheese and I can always rely on Tillamook to deliver a quality product.

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese
SkinnyTaste Cheeseburger Casserole before going in the oven
SkinnyTaste Cheeseburger Casserole before going in the oven

Pickles on a casserole?

Who would have thought that pickles would be an acceptable topping on a casserole dish? I’m telling you guys, this works and the pickles actually turned out to be my favorite part! Any type of pickles will work well with this casserole. I ended up going with bread and butter pickles. Dill pickles would we splendid on this as well!

Giving it a whirl

I was so excited when my oven beeped and my casserole was ready to dig into. Check out that ooey, gooey melted cheddar, OMG! I love anything with melted cheese on it and this recipe did not disappoint. When the casserole came out of the oven I topped it with some bread and butter pickles. This dish was love at first bite. The cheeseburger really translated well into a casserole dish. I was amazed! This is a dish that I would gladly make for my family again since we all enjoyed it.

Cheeseburger Casserole from SkinnyTaste
Cheeseburger Casserole from SkinnyTaste


Kid-friendly meal

My daughter, Chloe, really enjoyed this recipe and she really got a kick out of those pickles that we topped the casserole with. Pickles are an ingredient that you wouldn’t normally use in a typical casserole. For us, the pickles were actually our favorite part of this dish! The more the merrier! The next time I whip up this recipe I will definitely be adding an abundance of pickles on top!

Who is SkinnyTaste?

SkinnyTaste was created by Gina Homolka. She is an author, recipe creator, and a photographer. She is a pro when it comes to the recipe world. SkinnyTaste began in 2008 and now has 3 million monthly viewers on her website… can you say goals?? I would love to someday achieve greatness like her. Her philosophy of eating is to eat seasonal, whole foods and to maintain portion control while eating. Her website has a wide variety of recipes for several different diets. I am sharing this with you today because her recipes are top-notch. Yes, I am a food blogger and yes she is a food blogger. I don’t see her as competition. When I fall in love with something I feel the need to share it with the world. I am sharing her recipe website because I believe in her philosophy and I like to encourage people to eat the right way.

Does this look like a recipe that your family would enjoy? What other SkinnyTaste meals sound great to you? Leave me a comment and fill me in!

You can see all of the recipes at SkinnyTaste on her website. The Cheeseburger Casserole recipe can be found HERE.



Firehouse Subs REVIEW – Picnic In The Park At Fort Fraser in Fraser, MI – Tried It Out Tuesday

Yesterday was Labor Day and my husband had the day off and he came up with the most wonderful idea to have a picnic in the park AND to visit a new park that was close by to us. Fraser is relatively close and he discovered a park called Fort Fraser there. We ended up dodging some thunderstorms that seemed as though they were heading our way. We heard lots of thunder in the distance. We really lucked out! We stopped off at Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI to get our food for the picnic and we brought along a cooler to keep it cold on the way there. Unfortunately, they do not offer any gluten-free options for bread so I had to go with a salad. The salad ended up being a great choice though and I am actually so glad I got that. It was so delicious that I did not even miss the bread! Here is a little bit of a review of my experience with Firehouse Subs.

Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI
Firehouse Subs in Roseville, MI
Firehouse Subs menu board in Roseville, MI
Firehouse Subs menu board in Roseville, MI

I ordered the Italian With Grilled Chicken Salad and added on some cherry peppers and black olives (free of charge). There were a lot of extra toppings you could choose from that did not cost any additional money, which I thought was wonderful! You can see the photo on their website. I just kept on eating and eating this salad. It was huge and seemed neverending but in the greatest way. I most definitely feel that I got what I paid for with my $8. This salad was chockful of meat and veggies. No sad salad to see here folks!

This was one of those rare occasions when your salad actually turns out looking better than the advertised photo!


I have been to Firehouse Subs a couple times before (back when I was eating regular bread) and I always ordered the Engineer. That was a hot sub that had mushrooms on it and that sub never disappointed. The food here is always fresh, the establishment was squeaky clean when we came in, and the staff was helpful and friendly.

ITALIAN WITH GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD from Firehouse Subs with a couple extra toppings
ITALIAN WITH GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD from Firehouse Subs with a couple extra toppings

Continue reading “Firehouse Subs REVIEW – Picnic In The Park At Fort Fraser in Fraser, MI – Tried It Out Tuesday”

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel – Smoothie RECIPE – Tried It Tuesday

For the past couple of days I have been trying out this Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel. I am really loving this mix and it goes well stirred into coffee, mixed with unsweetened almond milk in a smoothie, or it makes one hell of an awesome smoothie bowl as I will explain below. The taste is incredible as well, which is sometimes hard to come across with a protein powder. Today I will be talking about Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel and how versatile it is.

First off a little bit of info on Primal Kitchen’s Collagen Fuel. This product contains healthy fats from the coconut and it promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, and also helps repair muscle. This Collagen Fuel is also packed with a whopping 10 grams of protein per 1 scoop serving. If Vanilla Coconut is not your jam they do offer the Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel in a delicious chocolate flavor. Each tub of Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel will give your 24 individual servings.

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Smoothie Bowl
Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Smoothie Bowl

Many protein powders on the market contain whey. This mix does not contain any whey, soy, or dairy and it is perfect for those on a paleo diet. You know you are getting a quality product from Primal Kitchen because they only source ingredients from cows that are grass-fed.

The great thing about this Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel for me is that it helps promote a healthy gut. It had prebiotic fibers in it. I have been doing more research on health and I am hearing more and more about how important our gut health is and that a gut that is off balance can through your whole system out of whack.

I hope you enjoy this delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl recipe that I came up with for you. This was perfect for a Tried It Tuesday post because not only is the Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel new to me but so was the guava. This past weekend was the first time I ever brought home a guava fruit.

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Bowl w/ Dragon Fruit and Guava

RECIPE (makes two servings)


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 of a dragon fruit (I used a golden pitaya in mine)
  • 1 guava
  • 1/3 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1 scoop Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel
  • Dragonfruit & kiwi fruit slices to top
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes to top
Frozen banana, dragonfruit, and guava fruit
1 scoop of Collagen Fuel Vanilla Coconut


  1. Place frozen banana, 1/2 of your dragon fruit, the flesh of the guava, and your full-fat coconut milk and blend until smooth
  2. Pour smoothie mix into 2 bowls and top with unsweetened coconut flakes, kiwi fruit slices and dragon fruit slices.
  3. Eat and enjoy!
Primal Kitchen Collagen Bowl w/ Dragon Fruit and Guava
Collagen Bowl w/ Dragon Fruit and Guava
Primal Kitchen Collagen Bowl w/ Dragon Fruit and Guava
Primal Kitchen Collagen Bowl w/ Dragon Fruit and Guava

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you try the recipe!

Are you familiar with Primal Kitchen Foods? What would you love to have from their online store? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are crushing on!

If you would love to save some money on your next Primal Kitchen purchase please use my

Primal Kitchen coupon code GIVEITAWHIRL10

during checkout.


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Cactus Pear Smoothie RECIPE With Raspberries- Tried It Out Tuesday

I went shopping at Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace this past weekend and that is my go-to place for unusual fruits and vegetables. They carry the mainstream and also the more obscure. If you are looking for beautiful produce, Nino’s is the place to be. You can tell that they are super picky about what kind of produce is allowed to hit the shelves because it all looks beautiful and perfect! This past weekend we went to the exotic fruit section and decided on bringing home a couple cactus pears, also known as a prickly pear cactus. Imagine my surprise when I sliced into it and discovered that it is a vibrant hot-pink, magenta color. I had no idea this cactus pear had such a gorgeous interior! I was thinking hmmm maybe cactus pear smoothie? Keep reading to find out how you can make this delightful pink drink with my cactus pear smoothie recipe!

Nino Salvaggio’s

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a commission from items purchased through these links with no extra cost to you.

I did a bit of research before eating the cactus pear. I sliced the skin off and I noticed that it had quite a few hard seeds inside. They are not something you can bite into but they are safe to swallow. When I blended this up in a smoothie the seeds got ground up in the blender.

So the taste? Super sweet like candy, a cross between juicy watermelon and bubble gum!

Here is a recipe for a cactus pear smoothie that you can have all to yourself or share with a loved one! I shared mine with my adventurous eater, Chloe Pearl, who is 8 years old and loves trying new things with me.

Cactus Pear Smoothie

Cactus Pear Smoothie Recipe


Cactus Pear Smoothie Recipe With Raspberries

This delightful hot pink smoothie drink not only looks incredible but it tastes great too and it is a healthy choice to make!

  • 2 Cactus pears (Peeled)
  • 1 Frozen banana
  • 1 handful Raspberries
  • 1/3 cup Unsweetened almond milk
  1. Place all of the ingredients in your blender.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve, eat, and enjoy!

Cactus Pear Raspberry Smoothie
Chloe enjoying her cactus pear smoothie


Tidbits of info on the cactus pear:

  • Cactus pears grow on the Nepales Cacti and these plants can be found in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, and Morrocco
  • Cactus pears contain potassium, calcium, vitamin C, iron, and beta carotene.
  • Cactus pears can be used to make smoothies, candy, syrups, jams/jellies, wine, juice, pies, and more! Get creative!
  • They have anti-inflammatory benefits and also have anti-viral perks
  • High in fiber and rich in antioxidants
  • Can be used to lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetics
  • They can help strengthen hair and nails
  • The average cactus pear has 60 calories, 14 g of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of fiber.
  • The fiber in the cactus pear can help with weight loss since the fiber makes you feel full longer.
  • Do not consume large amounts at first. They have been known to have side effects so please research before consuming large amounts. This does not affect everyone but some may get side effects.
  • Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please do research on how this may benefit or impact you.

I hope that this cactus pear smoothie recipe will inspire you to give it a whirl! This hot pink concoction is simple and easy to do with your blender and home and it is a fantastic smoothie recipe that you will want to incorporate into your morning smoothie regimen.



So have you ever tried a cactus pear? How did you eat yours? If you have not tried it yet does this look like something you would try? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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