Extreme Pizza REVIEW – 26 Gourmet Signature Pizzas Available At This Grosse Pointe Pizza Parlor & A Way To Save On Your Next Visit

Looking to feed your hungry family some pizza that is something other than ordinary? This Extreme Pizza review will tell you how can achieve that with some fun and exciting pizza flavors that this pizza chain has. The whole entire “does pineapple belong on pizza” movement can move over and step aside because at Extreme Pizza they are bold enough to put mandarin oranges on pizza! Yes, I said mandarin oranges, and those can be found on one of their signature gourmet pizzas The Paia Pie. Ok so I know you might be thinking that oranges on pizza does not sound very appealing but guess what… if you allow yourself to eat freely and with a very open mind you will see that yes, mandarin oranges do belong on pizza! Keep reading this Extreme Pizza review to find out what else this place has to offer for your next lunch or dinner!

Extreme Pizza is located in Grosse Pointe, MI. Use the store locator to find an Extreme Pizza near you!
Extreme Pizza is located in Grosse Pointe, MI. Use the store locator to find an Extreme Pizza near you!

Also, I have a tidbit of news to share with you! Extreme Pizza has vouchers available on Restaurant.com so you can save on your next purchase. Keep reading my Extreme Pizza review to get all of the details!

My Extreme Pizza Review

This was not our first time at this Grosse Pointe pizza place. We have been here several times before. We live one city over in St. Clair Shores and the little extra drive is worth it to get to this unique Grosse Pointe pizza establishment. I consider this place to be a hidden gem and I am so happy I discovered it a few years back. This Grosse Pointe pizza place has a menu that builds up excitement in me. There are so many excellent choices here and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them! Extreme Pizza is known to consistently serve up pizzas that do not disappoint!

Pizzas that we ordered at Extreme Pizza (The Yard Sale and the Boar'der)
Pizzas that we ordered at Extreme Pizza (The Yard Sale and the Boar’der)

Extreme Pizza Menu

Extreme Pizza has quite the exciting menu board! Their menu features 16 Carnivore signature pizzas and 10 Veggin Out pizzas. Their menu has something for everyone and also includes pizzas for the adventurous eater. While you are able to create your very own build-your-own pizza here, I highly recommend giving their signature pizzas a whirl. At our most recent visit, we ordered my favorite, The Boar’der (my pick) and my husband chose the Yard Sale.

Here are the ingredients that were on these two pizzas:

The Boar’der: Shredded pork marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce, red onions, fresh cilantro, cheddar and mozzarella.

The Yard Sale: Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, black olives, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, vine ripe tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar.

You can view their entire menu here or check out the images below.

Menu at Extreme Pizza (Sandwiches, Calzones, Etc)
Menu at Extreme Pizza (Sandwiches, Calzones, Etc)
Extreme Signature Pizzas Menu at Extreme Pizza
Extreme Signature Pizzas Menu at Extreme Pizza
Build-Your-Own Pizza and Salads at Extreme Pizza
Build-Your-Own Pizza and Salads
The Boar'der Pizza At Extreme Pizza
The Boar’der Pizza At Extreme Pizza
Yard Sale Pizza at Extreme Pizza
Yard Sale Pizza at Extreme Pizza

Want To Build Your Own Pizza?

As you can see below I have all of the sauces, cheeses, meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and spices noted and you have endless possibilities here with creating your very own Extreme Pizza!

I would love to hear about the pizza that you would create here at Extreme Pizza!

Feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section about your dream Extreme Pizza!

Ingredients available to build-your-own!

Tomato, pesto, black beans and salsa, Alfredo, pico de gallo, chipotle, hummus, spicy hoisin style, sweet BBQ, tangy ranch, buffalo wing, peanut, Tandoori, balsamic glaze.

Mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, cheddar, feta, mascarpone, fontina and Swiss, ghost pepper, goat, gorgonzola, soy, ricotta, vegan cheese.

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, linguica, salami, smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, beef meatball, shredded pork, anchovies, chicken (bbq, Thai, grilled).

Fresh mushrooms, spinach, arugula, broccoli, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, green peppers, black olives, kalamata olives, roasted potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, vine ripe tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos, pepperoncini, green onions, red onions, caramelized onions, carrots, roasted garlic.

Hawaiian pineapple, Mandarin oranges, walnuts, candied walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, tortilla chip strips.

Basil, cilantro, garlic, sage, oregano.

Yard Sale Pizza At Extreme Pizza - Check Out All Of Those Delicious Toppings!
Yard Sale Pizza at Extreme Pizza – Check out all of those delicious toppings!


Beyond Pizza at Extreme Pizza

Extreme Pizza offers up more than just EXTREME PIZZA! Their menu also features breadsticks, chicken wings, salads, Monster subs, calzones, and desserts. I can vouch for the wings here as I have had them in the past and they are excellent!

Extremely Twisted Breadsticks

Baked dough “twisted” with a blend of Swiss and fontina cheeses, garlic and herbs served with choice of ranch or tomato dipping sauce.

Chicken Wings

Monster Subs

You can view all of the Monster Subs from Extreme Pizza HERE.


There are three calzones available at Extreme Pizza. Which one will you be giving a whirl?


Mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, caramelized onions and tomato sauce.


Mozzarella, ricotta, garlic and tomato sauce with any of our freestyle toppings


Mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, caramelized onions, italian sausage, roasted red peppers, pepperoni and tomato sauce.

Extreme Pizza Garden Fresh Salads

There are 12 Garden Fresh Salads available at Extreme Pizza if pizza is not your thing or if you are watching your carb intake. View all of their salads HERE.


Save room for dessert! Extreme Pizza has these wonderful things called Pow Pow Sticks that you are not going to want to miss!


Baked dough “Twisted” with a hazelnut sauce, powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

And another wonderful dessert creation they offer is:


Baked dough with creamy mascarpone cheese, freshly sliced apples, cinnamon and drizzled honey.

If you want a more traditional dessert after your Extreme Pizza they also offer Big Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and New York Cheesecake.


In the St. Clair Shores, MI area and want a creative ice-cream creation?

Why not give Modern Cone a try? You can read my Modern Cone review HERE.


The Boar'der has cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce on it! Would you give this pizza a try?
The Boar’der has cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce on it! Would you give this pizza a try?

Vegan & Gluten-Free Options

If you have any vegan or gluten-free dietary restrictions you are in luck at Extreme Pizza! There are 5 signature vegan pizzas that you can choose from. Any of the gourmet signature pizzas can be made with a gluten-free crust or you can also choose from 4 different salads. Also, if you are looking for some healthy options here at Extreme Pizza they do have a Healthy Dining menu available.

Dine In, Pickup, or Delivery

Great news for those of you who might live kinda far away… you can enjoy your pizza at Extreme Pizza. There are some dining room tables available if you prefer to dine in. Extreme Pizza also has the option for you to order online and pick up at the store OR you can also have your Extreme Pizza delivered straight to your door with delivery.

Final thoughts on Extreme Pizza

Extreme Pizza is an excellent choice for your next “cheat day” meal! YOLO so you might as well just stuff your face with some Extreme Pizza… am I right?? I absolutely love places like this that offer the customer to enjoy a unique experience. If I ever want an ordinary pizza I will head on over to Little Caesar’s for a Hot & Ready pizza.

On days when I am craving something a lot more adventurous on my pizza, Extreme Pizza in Grosse Pointe is my go-to place.

I hope that you all enjoyed my Extreme Pizza review and it inspires you to give this Grosse Pointe pizza parlor a whirl! Not near Grosse Pointe? Use the store locator to find out if you have an Extreme Pizza near you!

And now it is Question & Answer Time!

What signature Extreme Pizza will you be giving a whirl? Or will you be building your own gourmet pizza?

Leave me a comment and let me know! I love hearing from my readers so don’t be shy.


Restaurant.com Savings

Currently, Restaurant.com has some vouchers available for Extreme Pizza so you can save on your next purchase.

I have the current offers listed below.

$5 Certificate | Your Price $5 $2.00 (min. purchase $10)

$10 Certificate | Your Price $10 $4.00 (min. purchase $20) (This is the voucher we used on our visit)

$25 Certificate | Your Price $25 $10.00 (min. purchase $50)

CLICK HERE to see all of the Restaurant.com vouchers in your area.




Want to find out more about Extreme Pizza?

Grosse Pointe Extreme Pizza location

369 Fisher Road, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Grosse Pointe Extreme Pizza phone


Grosse Pointe Extreme Pizza hours

12:00pm – 7:00pm

Mon – Thu
10:30am – 8:00pm

10:30am – 9:00pm

12:00pm – 9:00pm

**All store locations are independently owned and operated.





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15 Food & Drink Novelty Gifts – Gift Guide – The Ultimate Shopping Guide For The Foodie

If you know me then you would know that I do have a sense of humor. I believe that laughter and smiles are truly the best medicine. So today I have put together this funloving novelty gifts gift guide for my readers. The 15 items that I have included in this novelty gifts gift guide are sure to put a smile on your face or the recipient’s face! We have everything here from nutsack tea infusers to canned unicorn meat included here! I absolutely LOVE putting novelty gift guides together over here at Give It A Whirl Girl. Stuff like this is totally my style and right up my alley.



Realistic Pizza Throw Blanket

Here we have a realistic throw blanket that resembles a cheese and pepperoni pizza! This pizza throw blanket measures in at 60″ in diameter and is made from a soft, polyester fleece material. This pizza blanket is perfect for the pizza lover in your life and is great for snuggling up into.

Realistic Pizza Throw Blanket
Realistic Pizza Throw Blanket

Teabagger Nutsack Tea Infuser

I gotta just come out and say here how brilliant and genius and brilliant this Teabagger Tea Infuser is. Hiliarious! Have you ever seen a tea infuser that is funnier than this one? Nope… not me!

For those of you who are hurting in the testicles department, there is a special Blue Balls Edition Teabagger Tea Infuser.

And they didn’t want to leave out the Chocolate Lovers so here is their Chocolate Lovers Teabagger Tea Infuser.

Teabagger Nutsack Tea Infuser
Teabagger Nutsack Tea Infuser

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

This snot-nosed egg separator is a must-have item in your kitchen if you have any sense of humor. I can’t think of a better more enjoyable way of separating your eggs!

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator
Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

Funny Drink Coasters

These funny drink coasters from Ultimate Hostess contain the perfect amount of an offensive attitude. Try not to be offended here, they are just having fun!

Funny Drink Coasters from Ultimate Hostess
Funny Drink Coasters from Ultimate Hostess

Canned Unicorn Meat by ThinkGeek

Ummm hmmm… not sure what the heck unicorn meat tastes like but if you are curious and intrigued by this canned unicorn meat from ThinkGeek I say GO FOR IT!

They say it is an excellent source or sparkles and that there is magic in every bite.

Canned Unicorn Meat
Canned Unicorn Meat


Sourpuss Alternative Lifestyle Gift Guide

Nostalgia Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

This is a pretty darn impressive item from Nostalgia. This is a grilled cheese sandwich toaster that is capable of creating two grilled cheese sandwiches for you in minutes!

Nostalgia Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker
Nostalgia Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker

Giant Gummy Cheeseburger

Ahhh yes! Gummy candies… a major HUGE weakness of mine! This is a 7 oz. giant gummy cheeseburger. This gummy candy has the flavors of cherry, orange, and sour apples.

Giant Gummy Cheeseburger
Giant Gummy Cheeseburger



Dinosaur Taco Holder Set

Serve up your next batch of Mexican food on Taco Tuesday with this 4-pack set of dinosaur taco holders!

4-Pack Dinosaur Taco Holder Set
4-Pack Dinosaur Taco Holder Set

More dinosaur taco holders on Amazon


BigMouth Novelty Gifts Gift Guide

Blue Q Oven Mitt

This brand, Blue Q, totally blows my mind with their clever and witty designs for your kitchen. Blue Q has some gut-busting funny oven mitts and dish towels available.

Blue Q Oven Mitt (I'm Beautiful and I EAT A LOT)
Blue Q Oven Mitt (I’m Beautiful and I EAT A LOT)


Brain Ice Cube Mold

This brain ice cube mold is sure to make your next drink stand out from the crowd. This 3-dimensional brain mold creates 4 brainy ice-cubes.

Brain Ice Cube Mold
Brain Ice Cube Mold



Check out my Amazon store for more fun foodie items

Deez Nuts Banana Bread Scented Candle

Anyone remember when Deez Nuts wanted to run for president. I do! This is a banana bread, toasted coconut, and hazelnut-scented candle in a glass jar.

Deez Nuts Banana Bread Scented Candle
Deez Nuts Banana Bread Scented Candle

Food Themed Socks

Show off your love for food on your feet with this super duper fun food sock set! This set contains 12 sets of food-related socks.

Food Socks - 12 Socks Set
Food Socks – 12 Socks Set

Fred & Friends Rainbow Party Cup

I am head over heels in love with this Fred & Friends reusable rainbow party cup AND this is an item that I do actually have the pleasure of owning! This is my go-to cup for when I need to wet my whistle!

Fred & Friends Rainbow Party Cup
Fred & Friends Rainbow Party Cup

Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Bean Game

I believe that everyone should play Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled game at least once in their lifetime. This simple game is sure to bring belly laughs to the table with gross flavors like barf, boogers, and rotten eggs. There are also some yummy flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans in here. You never know what you are going to end up with when you spin the Beanboozled wheel! This is such a fantastic game to play with family and friends. You might just want to even video record the reactions that you end up with on your face when you take a bite out of one of the disgusting jelly beans.

Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Bean Game
Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Bean Game

I’ve Got Anxiety Coffee Mug from LookHUMAN

Yup… this coffee mug basically sums up my life! I love this coffee mug from LookHUMAN. This is a brand that has a ton of clever items available. LookHUMAN knows how to make someone’s day with their clever and witty products.

I've Got Anxiety Coffee Mug from LookHUMAN
I’ve Got Anxiety Coffee Mug from LookHUMAN


Question Time!

What food & drink novelty gifts do you love from this gift guide for the foodie in your life? Leave me a comment and let me know what item(s) made you laugh out loud!






Greek Caulipower Pizza RECIPE With Primal Kitchen (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian)

If you are not a fan of garlic it might just be time to walk away from this post. Today I will tell you how I created a Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza using a blank Caulipower crust and some Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. You can adjust this recipe to your taste with the garlic but the amount that is noted in here is for garlic lovers only. This is, believe it or not, my first time ever having a Greek pizza. I love Greek food so I kind of had an idea in my mind that everything would turn out wonderful to me. Guess what? I nailed it and that is why I am sharing this recipe to you for my Greek Caulipower Pizza! This pizza does not contain any meat so it a vegetarian pizza and would be perfect for any veggie lover. I have a feeling that you will love this Caulipower Pizza recipe that I am sharing with you today!

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen
Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Caulipower Crust – The Caulipower Greek Pizza All Starts Here

If you are looking at my post and my photos here and are drooling a bit and craving this Greek Caulipower Pizza then you are going to need your base to start with. This was my second time trying the Caulipower crust. I bought a veggie Caulipower pizza not too long ago and dressed it up with some additional toppings. This time I wanted to be the artist and the chef and create my own on a blank slate. The blank Caulipower crust pack contains two crusts and if you want you can double this recipe so that you have two Greek Caulipower Pizzas. The recipe has enough servings and slices for two people. That is of course unless you have a huge appetite and can eat an entire pizza by yourself.

The Power of the Caulipower

Let’s talk a bit about why I love this Caulipower crust so much.

First of all, it is paleo friendly. If you do not add any cheese this pizza will fulfill your paleo diet needs.

Secondly, we all know that cauliflower crust is all the rage these days because it is low-carb. A cauliflower crust pizza is leaning in the guilt-free direction of things. You can take a peek at the nutrition facts below (source). A serving size is considered 1/3 of the pizza and considering this is pizza it only comes in at 26 grams of carbs (with net carbs it is lower). A regular pizza is at least twice that amount and averages about 36 grams of carbs for just one slice!

Nutrition Facts for Caulipower Crust
Nutrition Facts for Caulipower Crust (source)


And third, this Caulipower crust is nice and crisp! Often times a cauliflower crust can result in sogginess from the moisture that can be found in cauliflower. If you ever make your own crust you really have to squeeze the moisture out. I made my own cauliflower crust last year and while it was good, the texture of it was mushy. I did not get enough of the moisture out. Caulipower takes the frustration out of cauliflower crust. These blank crusts have endless possibilities.

Ingredients used for Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe
Ingredients used for Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe

Primal Kitchen Greek Marinade/Salad Dressing

This pizza uses Primal Kitchen’s Greek Marinade/Salad Dressing for the sauce. I am pretty confident that most other greek salad dressings will work for the Greek garlic sauce but Primal Kitchen is the brand that I use because I am a huge fan of all of their products. This dressing is made with only the finest all-natural ingredients. When an item is Whole-30 approved, you know it is going to be a healthy element in your dish.

Primal Kitchen Coupon Code - 10% Off

Save 10% off your next order at Primal Kitchen.

Primal Kitchen has items for your paleo, Whole 30, keto, and gluten-free diet and lifestyle.

More Less
Doesn't expire

Garlic! Garlic! And More Garlic!

There. I said it three times so you get the point. This Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe is chock full of garlic. I put three heaping tablespoons of it in the blender with my Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette. When I need minced garlic I skip the knifework and I grab my Spice World Minced Garlic. My knife skills suck if I am going to be honest here and minced garlic can be tricky. I really need to improve in the knife department. Spice World does all of the work for you and they are my go-to brand. They do also have an organic minced garlic available and I often try to use that but my Kroger was out the last time I shopped so I just went with regular.

Bring On The Cheese Please!

A Greek Caulipower Pizza would not be Greek if it was not for the feta cheese! No Greek pizza is complete without feta. For this recipe, I went with a blend of feta and mozzarella. I used one small container of Kroger’s Simple Truth Feta Cheese and I used a handful of Tillamook mozzarella, which is my favorite shredded mozzarella cheese.

Greek Toppings

For the rest of the toppings on this Greek Caulipower Pizza, I used cherry tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and half of a slivered and sliced shallot. Next time I make a Greek pizza I am going to add some sliced beets to it. I think beets would have been awesome on this pizza, so now you know! You might just want to add them to yours.

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen
Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Final Thoughts on this Greek Caulipower Pizza recipe

I would love for you to know exactly what came out of my daughter’s mouth when she hesitantly took her first bite of this pizza. I did not think she would agree with it because of the potent taste of feta cheese BUT the first thing she said was,

Wow! Mom! This pizza has sooooooo much flavor!

It does have quite a potent garlic flavor so just scale back a tablespoon if three is too intense for you.

We were both impressed with the crisp texture of this Caulipower Crust! Could it be magic? I do not know how they do it but it sure turns out crisp after 13 minutes baking in the oven! It is very impressive to me that Caulipower has the power to transform cauliflower into a pizza crust that does disappoint. This Caulipower Pizza recipe might just be one of your recipes that are in regular rotation! Love it!

Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen
Garlicky Greek Caulipower Pizza With Primal Kitchen

Would love to hear from you!
Will you be giving Caulipower Pizza recipe a whirl? How will you dress your pizza up? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Greek Caulipower Pizza RECIPE Gluten-Free, Vegetarian GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL



Primal Kitchen Coupon Code GIVEITAWHIRL10


Caulipower Store Locator Tool





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More Belly Laughs Brought To You By Perpetual Kid – Novelty Gift Guide For Home & Kitchen

In case you missed my gift guide for Perpetual Kid last month, I have created another one for you today that features more of my favorite home, kitchen , and novelty food items. This Perpetual Kid gift guide has the best of the best that is offered at Perpetual Kid. This online store has some extraordinary and unique items that make life enjoyable and will surely slap a smile upon your face. Perpetual Kid is all about good times, having fun, and has some items that will result in those belly laughs that make so worth living!

Click the banner below to shop or you can stay for awhile and see what my favorite items are in this nifty shopping guide!

Cool As Sh*t Gifts

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Looking to inject some humor and fun to the dinner table? This Nachosaurus chip & dip set has got you covered! This Nachosaurus chip and dip set is not only perfect for your little one but also for the adult who is young-at-heart.

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Because every morning should start with sunshine, rainbows, and pure happiness! This motivational phrase mug is perfect for your cup of Joe at the start of the morning. Make your morning a magical one with this colorful unicorn mug.

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Unique Rainbow + Unicorn Gifts

Scented candles from The Stinky Candle Company

Perpetual Kid has some very unique food-scented candles for the foodie in your life! These candles were created by The Stinky Candle Company and these are sure to result in some laughter. There are several different food-scented candles available at Perpetual Kid including: pizza, burrito, popcorn, pickles, nacho cheese, fast-food, bacon, red wine, and beer!

Would you like to see all of the scented candles available at Perpetual Kid’s online store? Simply click HERE.

Pizza Scented Candle

Burrito Scented Candle

Popcorn Scented Candle

Beer Scented Candle


Adorable tea infusers

I am head over heels in love with the tea infusers that are available at Perpetual Kid! I love sipping on a warm cup of tea mid-day and these tea infusers are some of the most adorable and clever designs I have ever seen. As you can see below, there is a sloth and a pink elephant tea infuser available at Perpetual Kid but there is also a kitty cat, swan, seahorse, turtle, unicorn, llama, narwhal, polar bear, and manaTEA.

See all of the tea infusers HERE.

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Big Brew Pink Elephant Tea Infuser

Two For Tea Mug + Manatea Tea Infuser Gift Set


Dish towels that speak their mind

Perpetual Kid has an extensive offering of hilarious dish towels for your kitchen and these are just a few of my favorites! I love and adore the vintage feel of these dish towels. They look like a page out of an illustrated book to me.

Just a fair warning that not all of these towels are going to be kid-friendly, some of these towels do have a bit of a potty-mouth!

You can see all of the humorous towels that are available by clicking HERE.

I Don’t Like Anyone In The Morning Dish Towel

Go Away Retro Hostess Dish Towel

I Want A F*cking Pizza Dish Towel

Loud & retro oven mitts

As you know now, I am a huge fan of the dish towels offered at Perpetual Kid, but I am also a fan of their very loud, retro oven mitts.

Here are some more of my favorite oven mitts:

You can view all that they have to offer right over HERE! There are more available at Perpetual Kid that I did not share.

I am going to show you three of my favorites below. My kitchen would love to have these oven mitts.

I’ll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt

Droppin’ A Recipe On Your Ass Oven Mitt

Horny For Food Oven Mitt

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Never fear! This hand-poured Rainbow Puke Lollipop does not actually taste like vomit! This Rainbow Puke lolli is a fruit punch flavored pop and it also has some rainbow candy sprinkles inside of it. This colorful lollipop is a delight to eat and you will be the envy of all your friends when you are sucking on this!

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Bacon Lollipops

Do you have a bacon lover in your life? Show them you care and satisfy their sweet-tooth at the same time with these bacon-flavored lollipops in this gift set.

Bacon Lover's Lollipop Gift Set
Bacon Lover’s Lollipop Gift Set

Hilarious gums

Looking for laughs on a budget? Perpetual Kid has several different hilarious packages of gum to choose from.

See all of the gum that is available HERE.

Cute But Psycho. But Cute. Gum

I’m A Delicate F*cking Flower Gum

Eat Sh*t. Seriously, Do Not Mess With Me Today Gum

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Gum


Cute bandages

Perpetual Kid also has some fun and unique bandages available. Here are some of my favorites that I found.

I shared the food-related bandages with you here. If you would like to see all of the other bandages that are available at Perpetual Kid click HERE.

Pickle Bandages

Cupcake Bandages

Bacon Bandages

Pizza Bandages


Current offers and deals at Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid is currently having a Christmas clearance sale with several items discounted 50% off. No coupon code needed!

Click HERE to shop the clearance sale!

Question Time!

What novelty item will you be splurging on and treating yourself to at Perpetual Kid? Let me know in the comments what item(s) you gotta have!

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Visit DylansCandyBar.com
Candy Club

Last-Minute Novelty Gift Guide For The Foodie In Your Life – Perpetual Kid & Amazon Shopping Guide

This is a novelty gift guide for those last-minute gifts for the foodie in your life. These gifts are perfect for the foodie that also has a sense of humor and loves to indulge in humor. Whether you are shopping for a specific foodie in mind or looking for the most ultimate white elephant gift, I have got you covered with this novelty gift guide.

Truth be told, I am slightly obsessed with the oven mitts and dish towels in this shopping guide! These really crack me up! I also feel as though I need that Moist mug in my life. The word MOIST makes me giggle a bit inside and sometimes I lol!

You can simply click the links or the images to shop.

To see Perpetual Kid’s online store click HERE.

Hilarious Oven Mitts by Blue Q

Let’s kick off this novelty gift guide with something I am really crushing on these days. These hilarious oven mitts by Blue Q are the most perfect gift for any foodie on your shopping list. I have 3 of my favorites posted below but there are a ton of others available! If you want to see the rest that are up for grabs, simply click the images below to be swept away to Amazon to do a little bit of shopping.

Moist Coffee Mug

I think it is a universal fact that everyone absolutely hates the word MOIST! This hilarious mug celebrates the word MOIST and this would be the perfect gag gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Eggyman Egg Separator

This Eggyman Egg Separator is pure genius! I have never in my life seen a kitchen gadget as brilliant as this one. Separating eggs does look like a runny nose. Whoever invented this egg separator deserves a medal!

Get your snot-nosed egg separator HERE!

Novelty Dish Towels by Blue Q

Here are some more items from Blue Q that have a sense of humor. There are more to choose from on Amazon but these are four of my favorites. These dish towels will surely result in some belly laughs! Click the images below to see the other hilarious novelty dish towels on Amazon. Just make sure you are alright with a little bit of pottymouth. Wink! Wink! These towels do have some very expressive language.

Food Face Dinner Plate
from: Perpetual Kid

Momma always told you to knock it off and stop playing with your food right? Not with these plates! These Food Face Dinner Plates make eating enjoyable and fun. These plates are perfect for children or the adult who is young at heart that has never grown up.

Food Face Dinner Plate

Unisex Galaxy Nebula Hoodie w/ Pizza Cat

This is what you end up with when pizza, kitties, and outer space collide. This unisex zip-up hoodie has all of your favorite things on it. It doesn’t get any cooler than this, folks!

Take It Or Leave It Sign

This is what is always on the menu at my home so yeah… take it or leave it. I don’t believe in cooking multiple meals.

Funny Dish Towels By Sourpuss Brand

These dish towels by Sourpuss Brand are gut-busting hilarious. This is for the foodie that has a foul mouth and an attitude. Eat Shit and Die and Clean Up Your Mess Asshole are my favorite! If you like what you see here then check out my other gift guide that is chock full of items available from Sourpuss brand.

Sourpuss Gift Guide

Hot Mess So Blessed Mug
from: Perpetual Kid

This Hot Mess Coffee Mug is similar to the Moist mug but this one is for the moms with messy buns that have a child screaming bloody murder in the grocery store.

Hot Mess So Blessed Mug

Funny Food Socks

No foodie gift-guide is complete without food socks! Keep your feet warm and cozy with these cute & funny food-themed socks!


Coffee Makes Me Poop Coffee Mug

We all know it’s true. Coffee gets things going… hmm…. if you know what I mean! I know for myself after that first cup of coffee I am ready to go do my business.

Wine Condom

Gag gift and real product all-in-one right over here! The Wine Condom really does work on your bottle of wine to keep it fresh after you pop the cork. This functional but funny Wine Condom has an airtight seal to keep that bottle of wine tasty.

No Great Story Ever Started With A Salad

Sad but true… am I right?!? I think that many stories start off great when you are just a tad bit tipsy. This funny sign is perfect for your kitchen or your man-cave.

Urinal Shot Glasses

Whoa! What happened here? Did I save the best for last? You can be the judge of that. I honestly have no words for this item here.

Final Thoughts

I sure hope you had a great time here over at the Give It A Whirl Girl blog! I really truly enjoy searching high and low for the best of the best to create these awesome and convenient gift guides for you. The novelty gift guides are my absolute favorite to put together. I get quite a bit of laughs while browsing the interwebs. I really hope that you found this novelty gift guide to be helpful and you were able to get some shopping done, and the perfect gift for the food & drink-obsessed person in your life. Feel free to check out the related posts that I have linked to below for more great gift ideas. There are plenty to pick from with these other gift guides that I recently created.

I hope all of my readers have a Happy Holiday! I really am just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in less than a week, many of us will be celebrating the Christmas holiday. Truth be told, I have not wrapped a single gift! Yup that is right! I have all of my shopping done for the holidays and all of the gifts are stowed away in my office closet? Anyone out there want to lend a helping hand with gift-wrapping? Long shot, but worth a try! lol! Happy holidays to all of the Give It A Whirl Girl readers out there. I truly love and appreciate each and every one of you!


Perpetual Kid Gift Guide (perfect for white elephant gifts)

Big Mouth Gift Guide (more novelty items from Big Mouth brand)

Sourpuss Gift Guide (gift guide for the alternative lifestyle)


Which item from this novelty gift guide for foodies is your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!




Cool As Sh*t Gifts

Gluten-Free Food Shopping Guide – Healthy Hot List Part 4

Today I have compiled this list of gluten-free food that I am just dying to try! I searched high and low on Amazon to bring you a list of my top 10 favorites that are on my wishlist. Many of these items are also paleo and keto-friendly and you can easily incorporate these gluten-free items into your healthy diet and lifestyle.

Real Good Foods Gluten-Free, Low Carb Pizza

You can find Real Good Foods at their online store or on Amazon. Their pizzas are offered as a chicken crust pizza or a cauliflower crust pizza. Amazon currently has a $15 off clippable coupon.

Real Good Foods offers up a great gluten-free, low-carb pizza. I haven’t tried the cauliflower crust yet but I sure do love the chicken crust pizza. Because they use chicken and cauliflower in their crusts you are not going to find any gluten in these and very few carbs. These pizzas are also great for those following a keto diet. You can also check out their gluten-free, low carb enchiladas that are available. They are fantastic for lunch!

Real Good Foods Gluten-Free low-carb pizzas on Amazon
Real Good Foods Gluten-Free low-carb pizzas on Amazon
Real Good Foods online store
Real Good Foods online store

If you prefer to purchase your pizzas in-store simply click this banner below for the Real Good Foods handy store locator.

Real Good Pizza

Paleo Powder Seasoning Variety Pack

Paleo Powder is a brand that I know and trust to deliver a wholesome, quality product. I have used their Paleo Powder Pink and Paleo Powder Original All-Purpose Seasoning to flavor many of my recent dishes. This variety pack contains both of those seasonings and also includes Herbed Salt-Free and Low FODMAP. You can read more about how I used Paleo Powder to season my chili and whip up the best batch ever.

The wonderful thing about these Paleo Powder seasonings is that they only use all-natural ingredients in their seasonings. You will not find any artificial flavors or food additives lurking here. All of Paleo Powder seasonings are free of MSG and GMOs and they are manufactured in a wheat, soy, and milk-free facility. These seasonings are certified Paleo and can be incorporated into all of your healthy meals. They are very versatile.

You can also shop for Paleo Powder in their online store.

Paleo Powder Seasoning Variety Pack
Paleo Powder Seasoning Variety Pack

Caulipower Cauliflower-Based Baking Mix

This here is a brand that I love and trust to come through with a great-tasting, quality product. Caulipower serves up a gluten-free and paleo product here with their baking mix, that I have yet to try! It has 11 net carbs per serving and has a 1/3 less amount of calories and fat than traditional baking products. This would be the perfect grain-free mix for your next baking project! I am thinking this would be great for a homemade pizza crust.

Read my review of Caulipower (Gluten-Free) Pizza and check out my recipe for a Greek pizza made with Caulipower cauliflower crust.

Caulipower Baking Mix
Caulipower Baking Mix

Legendary Foods Variety Pack of Nut Butter

If you hang out on Instagram a lot then chances are you have heard about Legendary Foods and their line of gluten-free, keto, no-sugar-added nut butter. Instagram is where I first heard about them. They have an incredible line of healthy nut butter that you can feel good about eating without all the guilt. This variety pack is available on Amazon and includes Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Pecan Pie, and Blueberry Cinnamon Bun.

Legendary Foods Variety Pack of Nut Butter
Legendary Foods Variety Pack of Nut Butter

Banza Gluten-Free Chickpea Pasta

These gluten-free pastas from Banza were created with chickpeas. They are gluten-free and packed full of protein. This pasta also gives your fiber intake a much-needed boost and they are slightly lower-carb than traditional pasta. This variety pack from Banza includes many different shapes of pasta so you can get started on your next gluten-free pasta dish! Includes shells, penne, and rotini-shaped noodles.

Check out my gluten-free Italian Sausage Goulash recipe on my blog that I created with Banza pasta.


Banza Chickpea Pasta Variety Pack
Banza Chickpea Pasta Variety Pack

Primal Kitchen Whole 30 Kit

If it is Whole 30, then you know it is gluten-free! Primal Kitchen is one of my go-to brands that I use often in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen. You can read my review of their products on my blog. These products by Primal Kitchen are always gluten-free and many are also paleo, keto, and Whole 30 friendly. This Whole 30 Starter Kit is perfect for getting started with their products. It includes: Avocado Oil, Greek Dressing/Marinade, Ranch Dressing, Chipotle Lime Mayo, and Avocado Oil Mayo.

Check out some of the meals I have whipped up using Primal Kitchen products:

You can also shop at Primal Kitchen’s online store and save 10% with coupon code GIVEITAWHIRL10.

Primal Kitchen Whole 30 Starter Kit

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips

As many of you may know, I am a huge fan of Enjoy Life Food’s dark chocolate chips. They are great for baking projects. I do have a confession to make as well, they are great for nibbling and snacking on straight out of the bag. Busted!

I have not had a chance to try out Lily’s Sweets Premium Dark Chocolate Baking Chips yet but they rank quite high on my list of foods that I would love to try. I recently tried a Lily’s Sweets dark chocolate bar and it was love at first bite. This bag of chocolate chips is sweetened with Stevia and these chips are also vegan and free of GMOs.

Lily's Sweets Dark Chocolate Chips
Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Chips

Swerve Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookie Baking Mix

This Swerve Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is for the health-conscious person. Not only is it gluten-free but it is also low-carb and ketogenic. One baked cookie comes in at 110 calories, 2 grams of added sugar, and 12 carbs. I have not given this product a whirl just yet but if you have I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Swerve Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Swerve Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

ChocZero Keto Bark w/ Hazelnuts

I love this keto bark by ChocZero. I have not yet tried this hazelnut flavor but I have tried the almond bark. Other flavors available are peanut and coconut. This chocolate bark is sweetened with monk fruit so there are zero added sugars in this gluten-free chocolate bark. This is a line of chocolate you can enjoy with peace of mind because there are only 3 net carbs per serving.

ChcoZero Keto Bark w/ Hazelnuts
ChcoZero Keto Bark w/ Hazelnuts

Goodie Girl Birthday Cake Sandwich Cookies

These birthday cake flavor sandwich cookies from Goodie Girl really caught my eye and stood out for me. Birthday cake flavored items rank pretty high on my list of favorite foods. It is just something about birthday cake, maybe it is the nostalgic feeling of eating it when I was a little girl? Birthdays are all about happy times and a celebration and I think that is why they always put a smile on my face.

These cookies are gluten-free and they are also made with all-natural candy sprinkles as well. You won’t find any artificial flavors or colors in these cookies. Goodie Girl only uses the best all-natural ingredients to create their cookies. There are a ton of great flavors available (way too many to list here!!). So click the image below to see what is available and go ahead and treat yourself!

Goodie Girl Birthday Cake Sandwich Cookies
Goodie Girl Birthday Cake Sandwich Cookies

Know Foods Maple Syrup

Everyone knows that maple syrup is chock full of sugar and carbs and it is best to avoid if following a diet that is low in sugar. Know Foods has a solution though! Their maple syrup has 0 net carbs and only 10 calories per serving. WOW! This stuff goes great on your stack of gluten-free pancakes or waffles. It is a fabulous alternative to regular maple syrup.

I am a big fan of their products and first discovered them through their line of cookies. You can grab a variety pack of their gluten-free cookies on Amazon and enjoy some cookies without worrying about allergens and guilt! They also have chickpea, gluten-free pasta available.

Know Foods Maple Syrup
Know Foods Maple Syrup

Question Time!

Which of these gluten-free foods from this shopping guide are you most eager to try? Leave me a comment and let me know what is on your wishlist!

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Bone Broth Buy Now
Stay Fit and Healthy

Sourpuss Housewares, Etc For The Alternative Lifestyle – Gift Guide

Sourpuss is a brand that I have been head over heels in love with for quite some time. They specialize in clothing that is anything but mainstream fashion. In addition to clothing, Sourpuss has some unique home and kitchen items for your alternative lifestyle. These houseware designs from Sourpuss are sure to stand out from the crowd and are anything but typical. These items in this gift guide are perfect for the foodie in your life. This post is a round up of my favorites that can all be found on Amazon.

Warning: There will be some foul language in this Sourpuss Gift Guide so if that offends you go clutch your pearls someplace else.

If you would like to do some shopping from this Sourpuss gift guide, simply click the images or the links that are provided.

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Yummy World – Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

Yummy World is a brand that specializes in fun food-related toys (plush, keychains, collectibles, etc). These toys are absolutely adorable and would also be the perfect gift for an adult who is young at heart. Over here at Give It A Whirl Girl I blog about all things that are food related and I have been busy creating gift guides for the past month. I did not want to leave the children out of these foodie gifts so today I wanted to break down my favorites that can be found on Amazon.

The Yummy World brand is associated with Kid Robot. The Yummy World items are not only too-cute-to-resist but they are great collector’s items as well. They are continuously coming up with new and exciting product offerings. They sure do have some creative masterminds working for them because their toys always have an innovative design.

If you would like to shop through this gift guide, simply click the links or the photos to head on over to Amazon. Many of these items included free 2-day Amazon Prime shipping. If you are not yet a Prime member, now is the time to get started with a free 30-day trial. This surely will come in handy for all of your holiday shopping needs!


Yummy World Cheezey Pie Pizza Slice 10″ Designer Plush by KidRobot

Let’s kick things off on this gift guide with an adorable 10-inch slice of pizza! This one is named Cheezey Pie. This plushie is one that I know would be a huge hit with my daughter. Her and my husband have a frozen pizza every week and it is a tradition for them.

Yummy World Cheezey Pie Pizza Slice 10" Designer Plush by Kidrobot
Yummy World Cheezey Pie Pizza Slice 10″ Designer Plush by Kidrobot

KidRobot Yummy World Flaco Taco Medium Plush

I think tacos are one of those universal foods that most people love and enjoy. Taco Tuesday anyone?? This Flaco Taco is perfect for the Mexican food lover on your Christmas shopping list! I am more of a burrito lover though when it comes to my Mexican food choices. Be sure to check out Burt Burrito!

KidRobot Yummy World Flaco Taco Medium Plush
KidRobot Yummy World Flaco Taco Medium Plush

KidRobot Yummy World Bunford Burger Medium Plush Standard

Bunford Burgers is a standard sized cheeseburger plush toy. This cheeseburger plushie toy is around 9-inches tall. How can one resist this adorable cheeseburger with those big black eyes?

Kidrobot Yummy World Bunford Burger Medium Plush Standard
Kidrobot Yummy World Bunford Burger Medium Plush Standard

KidRobot Yummy World Fernando The Fries Large Plush Standard

Fernando Fries is one of the large plushies that Yummy World has produced. This french fry plush comes in at about 15 inches tall. This is another food product that I think most people love and enjoy in some way or another. I mean come on, how can you not like fries?

Kidrobot Yummy World Fernando The Fries Large Plush Standard
Kidrobot Yummy World Fernando The Fries Large Plush Standard

KidRobot Yummy World 10″ Medium Plush, Ben Chocolate Donut

Oh yeah, baby! Check out this chocolate donut glazed with even more chocolate and then topped with rainbow candy sprinkles! This donut’s name is Ben and he also has a pink glazed donut companion. There is also a large 15″ tall blue glazed donut available on Amazon.


Kidrobot Yummy World 10" Medium Plush, Ben Chocolate Donut
Kidrobot Yummy World 10″ Medium Plush, Ben Chocolate Donut

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BigMouth Food Novelty Gifts – Gift Guide + #GIVEAWAY

BigMouth is a brand that makes a loud statement with their fun and unique novelty gifts. I put together this novelty gift guide in hopes of making you laugh and smile and find the perfect gift for the person in your life that has a great sense of humor, and knows how to cut loose and have fun! These novelty gift items from BigMouth would also be excellent for gift giving if your family or friends participate in a white elephant gift exchange.

If you are in the market for novelty gifts you are in the right place! I included some fun coffee mugs, wine glasses, snow tubes, beach blankets, a beer mug, and some pool floats in this novelty gifts guide. Novelty gifts are always fun to give. Christmas should be a memorable time and novelty gifts like this are true conversation starters and laughter initiators.

If you are an Amazon shopper and have Amazon Prime these novelty gift items include free two-day shipping. Not an Amazon Prime member yet? No problem. Sign up and start your FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial today.

If you would like to shop from this novelty gift guide, simply click the links or the images to shop. Easy peasy!

BigMouth Inc. Mornings Suck! Funny Gift Coffee Mug 20 oz.

The face of this mug says, “MORNINGS SUCK!” and it has a multicolored lollipop handle. I had to put this at the top of my novelty gift guide because this mug is hands down my favorite from BigMouth and you are not going to find a better deal on this mug than what Amazon is offering it at (and it ships for FREE with Amazon Prime).

BigMouth Inc. Mornings Suck! Funny Gift, Coffee Mug, 20 oz. Huge Mug
BigMouth Inc. Mornings Suck! Funny Gift, Coffee Mug, 20 oz. Huge Mug

BigMouth Inc Stemless Wine Glass (On Cloud Wine)

Attention wine lovers! You are seriously not going to find a more amazing and incredible wine glass out there for the rainbow-obsessed person in your life (me! me!). This Cloud Wine stemless novelty wine glass is not only adorable and creative but chances are, you are not going to knock this one over.

BigMouth Inc Stemless Wine Glass (On Cloud Wine)
BigMouth Inc Stemless Wine Glass (On Cloud Wine)


Big Mouth BigMouth Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Ride On

Now here is something fun for the donut lover in your life! This is a pink glazed donut themed snow-tube ride-on inflatable.

Check out the other food-themed snow tubes below. These novelty gifts would make a memorable gift!

There is also a cheeseburger, peppermint, and slice of pizza available on Amazon. This is sure to produce and result in a good time next time the snow falls. I live in Michigan and I know my 8-year-old daughter Chloe would have a blast playing in the snow with this sled.

Big Mouth BigMouth Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Ride On
Big Mouth BigMouth Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Ride On

BigMouth Inc Giant Inflatable Taco Pool Floats, Durable Pool Tube with Patch Kit

Next up is a fun taco pool float from BigMouth brand. I know, I know it is winter but if you live someplace warm or are patient enough to wait for the return of summer then this BigMouth taco pool float would be perfect for the Mexican food lover in your life.

Big Mouth Inc Giant Inflatable Taco Pool Floats, Durable Pool Tube with Patch Kit
BigMouth Inc Giant Inflatable Taco Pool Floats, Durable Pool Tube with Patch Kit


BigMouth Inc Unicorn Farts Mug, Ceramic Cup for Coffee and Tea with Handle, Funny Magical Novelty Cup

The rainbow unicorn farts mug from BigMouth is for the person in your life that likes to start the day with a bit of humor injected into it. This novelty mug would make a great gift and might just become the go-to mug in the gift recipients stash of mugs. I love and adore the rainbow handle on this one!

BigMouth Inc Unicorn Farts Mug, Ceramic Cup for Coffee and Tea
BigMouth Inc Unicorn Farts Mug, Ceramic Cup for Coffee and Tea


BigMouth Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket, Towel

These beach blankets from BigMouth come in a variety of fun food-themed designs! Which one is your favorite? Be sure to check these novelty food towels:































BigMouth Inc Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket– Fun Beach Blanket Perfect for The Beach and Pool
BigMouth Inc Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket– Fun Beach Blanket Perfect for The Beach and Pool


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Fun Foodie Fashion- Friday Faves Shopping Guide

Christmas is right around the corner, so today I created this Friday Faves shopping guide full to the brim with fun food fashion. This apparel is perfect for the food lover in your life. This food fashion is not for the faint of heart though. The clothing pieces in this collection are loud and bold. Anyone rocking this stuff will definitely be standing out in a crowd these cool designs. Some of these items make great stocking stuffers as well. The foodie socks would be great for that. There are quite a few hoodies in this list. I love the allover print designs that are available nowadays.

The convenience of Amazon

All of these fun food fashion finds can be found on Amazon. If you are a Prime member you will receive two-day shipping for free!

Not a Prime member? No problem! Sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Click the links or the images to shop! Hope you enjoy this Friday Faves list. I had fun creating it for my readers.

Silver Lilly Hooded Pizza Jumpsuit – Adult Pepperoni Pizza Costume

Here is the epitome of fun foodie fashion! This pizza is looking mighty fine on this one-piece pizza adult onesie, isn’t it? I hosted a wine and onesie party last year and my sister wore this to my bash. This would be the most perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life and I know we all know one! It looks like it would be warm and cozy for those chilly winter days.


ilver Lilly Hooded Pizza Jumpsuit - Adult Pepperoni Pizza Costume
Silver Lilly Hooded Pizza Onesie

Blizzard Bay Men’s Sequin Cheeseburger

Ugly sweaters are all the rage nowadays and with great reason… they are a ton of fun to wear! Ugly sweater parties are seemingly popping up everywhere. This sparkly sequin cheeseburger sweater is perfect for the burger obsessed person in your life!

Blizzard Bay Men's Sequin Cheeseburger
Blizzard Bay Men’s Sequin Cheeseburger

YERTBVZ Women’s Skinny Yoga Pants Sushi Fashion Jogger Pants Workout Running Legging

Every sushi lover needs at least one pair of sushi leggings in their wardrobe! Am I right?? I love the print on these fun sushi leggings. These super soft, breathable leggings also come in the color white. They are also available in pale green.

YERTBVZ Women's Skinny Yoga Pants Sushi Fashion Jogger Pants Workout Running Leggings
YERTBVZ Women’s Skinny Yoga Pants/ Leggings Sushi Print


Food Buffet Rock ‘Em Socks Cake and Ice-Cream

Rock ‘Em Socks has some top-notch fun food designs of their designer socks for the foodie in your life. These fashionable socks are made to last and have a durable design for everyday wear. Rock ‘Em socks come in a variety of awesome designs. Be sure to check out Amazon for more socks. Socks are always a welcome stocking stuffer!

Cake and Ice-Cream Food Buffet Rock 'Em Socks
Cake and Ice-Cream Food Buffet Rock ‘Em Socks

iscream Girls’ Double Sided Shoulder Purse with Zipper Closure, Sweet Treats Collection

This is an adorable rainbow cupcake purse for the sweet little girl in your life or for you if you are a kid at heart! I believe that this purse would make any girl smile with delight!

iscream Girls' Double Sided Shoulder Purse with Zipper Closure, Sweet Treats Collection
iscream Girls’ Rainbow Cupcake Purse



PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex Funny Gift!

More pizza! Sure, why not!? This Pizza socks Box is super duper cool and is ready for gift giving. Three pairs of pizza printed socks are contained within a cardboard pizza box. There are several different styles to choose from as far as the toppings go. There is also a neat little variety pack available with three different pizza socks: Hawaiian, pepperoni, and Italian. These pizza socks would be the ultimate stocking stuffer.

PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex Funny Gift!
PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex 


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The Importance Of Teaching Children How To Cook – Educating Chloe On How To Make A Pizza From Scratch

Last night we came home from the Dally In The Alley (a music and art festival in Detroit) and decided it would be a great night to make a from-scratch pizza. Instead of having my 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, sitting around killing time on her Ipad I told her to put my apron on and get busy in the kitchen with me. Making a pizza like this is quite the task and I figured this would be a wonderful opportunity to teach my daughter a variety of useful things in the kitchen. Today I will be talking about a few good reasons why it is of utmost importance to get your child busy in the kitchen as well. I think it is essential to teach children how to cook so they know these skills later in life. Teaching children how to cook is a huge responsibility that comes with parenting.

My daughter, Chloe, whisking up some eggs for our pizza crust
My daughter, Chloe, whisking up some eggs for our pizza crust

I remember when I was a young girl like Chloe. My mother attempted to get me interested in cooking and I had zero interest in it and did not want to participate in it. My mom was trying to teach me some valuable life lessons at the time but I guess I just chose to ignore it and did not think of it as being important at the time. Even when I was a teenager I didn’t want anything to do with it.

What I did not realize was that I was not allowing myself to learn one of life’s most important lessons.

My only real memory of “cooking” that I have is when I used to go over to my grandmother’s house and she would have my sister and I help with making instant pistachio pudding. The extent of my cooking skills from doing this was just learning how to operate an old-fashioned, manual hand mixer and a soft spatula.

So what was I to do when I moved out of my mother’s house and lived on my own for the first time? I think I did what most college students do… live off ramen noodles, spaghetti marinara, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, and frozen dinners! I really would love for my daughter to have better than that when she decides to go on to college and move out and be on her own. I have ten more years, at least, to teach her things that she needs to know about preparing herself a healthy and nutritious meal.  Continue reading “The Importance Of Teaching Children How To Cook – Educating Chloe On How To Make A Pizza From Scratch”

Tony’s I-75 Restaurant REVIEW – Birch Run, Michigan- It Is A “Cheat Day” Waiting To Happen

Tony’s I-75 restaurant is located in Birch Run, MI. This place is not for the faint of heart. It is not the place to go for a light meal. And it might just be a heart-attack waiting to happen. This establishment will literally put an entire POUND OF BACON on your sandwich. Do you want an omelet? They will put a DOZEN OF EGGS in there. Not kidding. This is a family restaurant that serves up meals of EPIC proportions. They are famous for their serving sizes and they are also famous for the bacon that they serve up here. It is a bacon-lover’s paradise and dream come true here. Did you know that they use up 11,000 lbs of bacon weekly? It is true, read on in my Tony’s I-75 restaurant review!

Tony's I-75 restaurant in Birch Run, MI
Tony’s I-75 restaurant in Birch Run, MI
Located in Birch Run, MI is Tony's I-75 Restaurant
Located in Birch Run, MI is Tony’s I-75 Restaurant
Tony’s famous BLT sandwich – (Image courtesy of http://www.tonysi75restaurant.com/)

My Tony’s I-75 Restaurant Review

About Tony’s I-75

Tony’s I-75 restaurant has been around for nearly seven decades. This place is a Michigan classic. If they had a motto I believe it should be, “go big or go home”. It is a once a year tradition for our family to dine here in the summer. This is not the kind of place you should be going to every week. I wish they included nutrition facts on the menu because the amount of calories here would be off the charts.

If you are in a hurry to eat you will often be confronted with a line out the door. Even on a weekday afternoon, there is a line to get in here. The building is not large enough to accommodate the demand. It is a small, cramped restaurant and I wish they would expand to a larger building but they have been at that location for decades and I doubt they are going anywhere. It is worth the wait though and the line does move fairly quickly.

Tony’s I-75 restaurant not only serves giant portions of food but they also have a massive menu. They have anything ranging from sandwiches, soups, salad, burgers, subs, dinners, seafood, Italian, and Mexican. And save room for dessert! You can not leave Tony’s without dessert.

There is also a decent children’s menu. I highly recommend the kid’s spaghetti with the giant meatball. My daughter ordered chicken strips this year. The portion size for children is very reasonable and they don’t go overboard with kids, which I think is totally cool.


Because the menu is so big, I did not capture a photo of every page of it but I tried my best to give you a good idea of what they offer and the prices. Their prices are very reasonable considering the amount you receive. You can view the entire menu online at their website.

Tony’s I-75 menu

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My BIG meal at Tony’s I-75 restaurant – Antipasto Salad and boy was it ever huge!

I often like to go for the seafood here. If you like clams they are jumbo clams. I am talking gargantuan! That is what I typically order but this year I went with the Antipasto Salad. This was my first time ordering a salad here so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When it was brought out my first thought was that it was a beautiful salad. It had all the fixings of an antipasto salad and the portion size was colossal. There was one problem though, my mozzarella cheese was not on my salad. I didn’t realize this at first. It took a few minutes to flag down our waitress but she apologized and was helpful in getting me my cheese. The salad came with a house-made Italian dressing and it was the perfect addition to my plate. The dressing was sensational, and there was excitement in every bite of this salad. I really appreciated the addition of green olives. I never had an antipasto with green olives.

Tony's I-75 Antipasto Salad
Tony’s I-75 Antipasto Salad
Antipasto Salad at Tony's I-75 Restaurant
Antipasto Salad at Tony’s I-75 Restaurant
Tony's I-75 Antipasto Salad
Antipasto Salad – They forgot my cheese but I eventually received it

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - Shop Now

My mom’s gigantic burrito at Tony’s I-75 restaurant

You should see the size of my mom’s burrito that she ordered~ MASSIVE! We were all stunned when this burrito came out because I have never in my life seen one this large. Somehow my mom managed to pack half of this in and took the other half home for leftovers. When you dine at Tony’s I-75 restaurant you do often leave with a doggy bag because most meals are impossible to finish for the average person.

Check out my mom's GIGANTIC burrito at Tony's I-75 restaurant!! HUGE!!!!!
Check out my mom’s GIGANTIC burrito at Tony’s I-75 restaurant!! HUGE!!!!!
My mom and her giant burrito at Tony's I-75 restaurant
My mom and her giant burrito at Tony’s I-75

My husband’s pizza sub at Tony’s I-75 restaurant

Joe ordered a pizza sub and the size of that did not disappoint! He tried to take it on and eat the entire the whole thing but he failed! Wondering what was on this monster sub? It came with, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms (Joe left these off), pizza cheese, pizza sauce.

Here is a photo of my hubby's giant pizza sub at Tony's I-75 restaurant
Here is a photo of my hubby’s giant pizza sub

And the moment you have been waiting for! Tony’s I-75 banana split!

Once a year when we come to Tony’s 1-75 we take advantage of their enormous banana split. There were 4 adults at our table plus one child (my daughter). We usually cannot finish this heavyweight dessert but this year we tackled the banana split and ate the whole entire thing! I felt like a pig afterward (oink oink) but I kept on using that spoon as a shovel to shove more and more ice-cream into my mouth. I deserved the little bellyache I had on the car ride home.

The ENORMOUS banana split at Tony's I-75 Banana for $10 you can feed the whole table dessert! Tony's I-75 restaurant review by Give It A Whirl Girl
The ENORMOUS banana split at Tony’s I-75 Banana for $10 you can feed the whole table dessert!
The banana split at Tony's I-75!! Do you think you could tackle it?? Tony's I-75 restaurant review by Give It A Whirl Girl
The banana split at Tony’s I-75!! Do you think you could tackle it??
We came. We saw. We conquered that banana split at Tony's I-75 restaurant
We came. We saw. We conquered that banana split at Tony’s I-75

Final thoughts about Tony’s I-75 restaurant

Overall we were satisfied with our meals. We all left with full bellies and smiles on our face, that is for certain. We will continue with our yearly tradition for meeting up here once a year. For weeks leading up to it, we are always all talking about that banana split. That dessert is truly the highlight of the meal for me. This is a great restaurant for family dining and I think that everyone in the area should experience this place at least once in their lifetime. I am hopeful and optimistic that this Tony’s I-75 restaurant review will inspire you and your family to give it a whirl someday. It is most definitely worth the drive!


Have you ever been to Tony’s I-75? What do you enjoy ordering there? Leave me a comment and let me know what you like! If you have never been to Tony’s I-75 restaurant what appealed to you on their menu?

Details about Tony’s I-75 Restaurant

Visit Tony’s I-75 Restaurant online

Tonys I-75 Restaurant Location

8781 Main St,
Birch Run, MI 48415


(989) 624-5860


Tony’s I-75 Restaurant Hours

Mon.-Thurs.: 6:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Fri. & Sat.: 6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sunday: 6:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

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Tony's I-75 Restaurant REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl - Check out their huge BANANA SPLIT!


Tony's I-75 Restaurant REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl - Antipasto Salad
Tony’s I-75 Restaurant REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl – Antipasto Salad

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First-Timer’s At Apple Annie’s (REVIEW) & Dessert At Roger’s Bulk Candy Again

I have been living in this area of Southeast, Michigan all of my life. I have driven past Apple Annie’s in Roseville, MI numerous times, way too many to count. I have always been curious about how their food was. Last night my family and I finally gave it a whirl. We try to be thrifty while dining out and we had a coupon from a local paper. I have always heard that they were famous for their soups and that was plenty enough to get me to try it out because I love having a nice cup of soup to go with my dinner. On their website, they mention that they were voted best soup in Michigan for two years in a row. That was a claim I was willing to find out for myself. We also stopped by Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream after dinner. Read more to get the deets!

Me before dinner at Apple Annie's in Roseville,, MI
Me before dinner at Apple Annie’s in Roseville,, MI


Apple Annie's on Gratiot, in Roseville, MI
Apple Annie’s on Gratiot, in Roseville, MI


The first thing you notice while coming inside the restaurant is the dessert cases. There were fresh baked cookies, brownies, and I even spied with my little eyes Sanders Bumpy Cake, which is one of my all-time favorite cakes. Apple Annie’s is not only a restaurant but a bakery as well. They offer up freshly baked fruit pies, deliciously appealing bakery desserts, and specialty loaves of bread.

We sat down and looked over the menus. I sure made a great first impression for me. They specialize in traditional fare but also have some exciting items on the menu. I was really impressed with the soup list (as shown below). I had to inquire to the waitress about Kapusta and the Forest Gump Soup, since I had no idea what those were. Kapusta is a Polish soup with kielbasa and potatoes in it. The Forest Gump, which I should have know, had shrimp in it duh! Bubba Gump shrimp anyone??

I really was torn on what to order here because there were a lot of great options I could go with. I almost ordered one of the summer specials that was a pineapple half stuffed with salad and fruit. Gosh, that sounded amazing! I went back and forth in my mind and when the waitress finally showed up I told her that I was going to be brave and try out the Kapusta for the first time in my life. I figured that soup would pair well with the cabbage rolls so I ended up ordering that. I have not had stuffed cabbage in who knows how long? It’s really been that long! I love that dish but never cook it at home because I would be the only one here eating it, unfortunately.

Joe ended up going with the Dinner Chicken Pot Pie. He was going to go with a regular ol’ cheeseburger and I talked him into that. He orders a cheeseburger pretty much everywhere we go, or fajitas. Chloe had a decent children’s menu and I was hoping she would order something a little healthier but she really wanted a cheeseburger and fries. I was fine with that.

Apple Annie’s Dinner Menu

I received my soup and my eyes lit up. It looked so wonderful! I was excited to try out my kapusta for the first time and it did not disappoint. It was like a Polish explosion in my mouth. I really could have sat there and devoured a bowl of this soup. I see why they were voted for top soup in Michigan. I couldn’t think of a single thing that I did not enjoy about this soup. A big plus for me was there were many chunks of kielbasa and plenty of diced potatoes. It was a thick and hearty soup.

Joe, on the other hand, had chicken noodle soup. I did not try it but he said it was a bit on the salty side. I think he is just really adjusted to the way I cook at home and I use a minimal amount of salt in my food. When we dine out nowadays, food often does come across heavy on the salt side.

The soups came out with a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. I took a little taste but let me daughter have my dinner roll. She and Joe enjoyed the bread very much.

Apple Annie’s Kapusta Soup

So now for the dinners! In the photo below I showcase our two dinners: Dinner Chicken Pot Pie and the Cabbage Rolls dinner.

Apple Annie’s Cabbage Rolls and Chicken Pot Pie
Apple Annie’s Cabbage Rolls

Do I get a trophy or a badge? I did somehow manage to stuff three golabkis at Apple Annies, a pile of mashed potatoes, and some steamed carrots into my skinny frame! I was stuffed to the gills with food. We did not order dessert at Apple Annie’s but maybe next time! Overall, I was highly satisfied with my meal. Chloe was delighted with her meal. Joe did not particularly care for his pot pie. He said he would give Apple Annie’s another chance. I’m sure next time he will just be safe with his burger. For myself, I will definitely be exploring other items on the menu. Apple Annie’s was delicious! Delcious!


If you would like to learn more about Apple Annie’s check out their website HERE. There is a Roseville location and a Clinton Township location for your convenience. You can view the entire menu online so you will have an idea on what you might order when you visit. The menu is quite big and has so many great items on it, it is hard to narrow it down to one choice. Hope you enjoy your experience at Apple Annie’s as much as I did!

Next stop was dessert. We have been overindulging a bit in the ice-cream as of lately. I admit that I have an ice-cream problem… a real true addiction. I could eat every single day in the summer. We ended up visiting Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI again. Our last banana split there was totally epic. You can read more about my first experience at Roger’s in THIS POST HERE.

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI
Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI
Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Whirly Pops and Unicorn Lollipops

We decided we would share another banana-split once again for the three of us. We mixed it up just a bit this time around. We went with Blue Moon with chocolate on top, Amaretto Cherry with strawberries on top, and Superman with pineapple on top. Of course we also needed a heaping mountain of whipped cream and rainbow candy sprinkles. We also had to have our three maraschino cherries on top. I think every kid always gets a kick out of eating the cherries on top!

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Ice-Cream getting scooped for our beautiful banana-split

We were met with service and a smile at Roger’s. The staff there is very friendly and always willing to help. The girl who waited on us was patient and created a gorgeous banana-split worthy of an Instagram post.

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Banana Split w/ Bue Moon, Cherry Amaretto, and Superman
Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI – Banana Split w/ Bue Moon, Cherry Amaretto, and Superman

Today is Saturday and I don’t have a clue what I am making for dinner tonight. Actually, I would rather go out on a date night since it is just me and hubby for two whole weeks!

I might just maybe be making from-scratch pizza one more time for Joe and I. I ordered a Paleo Pizza Crust mix from Thrive Market and I am super curious about it. It could be something else other than pizza too because I got a great haul of Primal Kitchen dressings and marinades delivered yesterday. Decisions, decisions! I do have some great meals planned for the week. Chloe will be up-north in Oscoda, MI for two whole weeks so I will only be cooking for two for a while.

Did you have a great meal this weekend, or do you have a fabulous meal planned for dinner tonight? Leave me a comment and let me know what is cooking.

Comments are always welcomed and I enjoy getting them. To be quite honest, I get excited just to see that I have a comment to read and reply to!


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Homemade Pizza Night & A Couple Of Smoothies To Wash It Down

Yesterday was an enjoyable day spent with family. We went to the beach, had from-scratch pizzas, and had a couple of smoothies for dessert. It was another full day in the kitchen making things for my family to gobble up.

The day kicked off with my paleo and vegan version of Unicorn French Toast for my family. I promise I will do a recipe post on this in the future. I just need to tweak my recipe a bit. I had an unfortunate situation happen with my loaf of bread when I got it out of the pan. My bread broke into pieces. I was determined not to let it go to waste so I just ended up dipping the chunks of bread into the batter and cooked it up that way. This was my first time ever using candy sprinkles from Mr. Sprinkles. I sure do love the fun bottle that they are contained in. I am, and have always been, down with clowns!

Unicorn French Toast with Mr. Sprinkles

I had quite an amazing lunch too. I really had a hankering for apples. I don’t know about you but I am ready for fall! I want hoodie weather, apple picking, and Halloween to hurry up and get here soon! For lunch, I tried out a new salad dressing. I used Hilary’s Apple Fennel Dressing. For my salad, I used baby spring mix as a base and topped it with grilled chicken, thin Honeycrisp apple slices, and walnuts. This salad was exactly what I needed yesterday. I think I will be loading up on some apples with my next shopping trip.

After lunch, we packed up the beach bag and got Stormy ready to head out to Metro Beach for a day of fun and relaxation. Chloe and Joe went to the pool and Stormy and I made our way along the lake and got our steps in yesterday. My focus was on fitness because I have been somewhat slacking on meeting my step goal lately.

It was a very hot day yesterday and thank goodness for the little bit of breeze coming off of the water. Stormy and I had a great time together and I know that Chloe definitely had a blast in the big pool and slide with her daddy.

I must be getting old because yesterday I wore an inspirational shirt and I think that maybe old people do that?? LOL! I am 37 years old and I whine about aging quite a bit. Anyway, I sure do love the shirt. I got it from Nordstrom and it is gray with pink lettering on it. The shirt is by the brand Desert Dreamer.

I feel that the shirt really speaks volumes to me at the moment. It says, find what you love and do that”.  I started this blog up on June 6th so my 2 month anniversary is approaching and let me tell you this~ I absolutely LOVE blogging! I really wish I would have gotten into this years ago when I first set out on my cooking and baking expedition. As many of you know, cooking and baking are hands down my #1 passion in life. I am always in the kitchen and I am always researching ways to better my food and technique.


After our little day-trip to the beach, it was time for me to crank out dinner for the fam. I will let you in on a little something, my pizza is in high-demand! Joe and Chloe absolutely love my homemade pizzas. They are a lot of work but totally worth the time and effort when I hear ooo’s and ahh’s at the dinner table.

Just me playing with my balls

I created two pizzas last night. One was made for myself and the other for Joe and Chloe. They prefer a more traditional pizza with pepperoni on it. I have never been a fan of pepperoni but I sure do love to have mushrooms in every single bite of my pizza.

I had a little carton of shiitake mushrooms to work with. I figured I would be better off with some sort of white sauce rather than a tomato sauce. I searched a bit online for a good recipe and came across one from Primal Palate. It was a dairy free sauce that used full-fat coconut milk as the base. Honestly, you would never know the sauce was made with coconut milk! There is not one hint of coconut flavor in that awesome sauce recipe. The recipe also called for some nutritional yeast, which I did add because it lends a taste of cheese to the sauce.

For my pizza I used some grilled chicken pieces and the entire carton of shiitake mushrooms. I sauteed the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil with some Italian seasonings. I have never had a pizza with this type of mushrooms and I am pleased to say that the taste of this pizza was glorious! Every single morsel of that pizza was thoroughly enjoyed by me!

For both pizzas I used the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Crust Mix once again. I used it last week and it produced a phenomenal crust! I am trying to eliminate as much gluten as I can from my diet but Joe and Chloe really don’t want to be on-board with a gluten-free diet. It is like hitting the jackpot when you come up with a gluten-free dinner that can win over anyone.

For dessert I really had a craving for some froyo, it’s been awhile and I’m dying for a heaping cup of it. But we have a bevy of beautiful fruits over here in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen so instead of froyo I ended up making a couple of smoothies for me and Chloe to share.

The first smoothie I made had a golden dragonfruit in it, a banana, and a splash of full fat coconut milk. The second smoothie that I made had strawberries, raspberries, a baby banana, splash of coconut milk, and I also used a scoop of acai powder. Hard to say which smoothie won the battle of being best. It was like comparing apples to oranges, they were two completely different drinks.

The weekend isn’t over. Joe’s two days off from work are over though and he had to go in today. Me and the Pearl Girl have an exciting day ahead of us in the kitchen so stayed tuned because you can bet your booty I will be blogging about my day today!

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? What’s cooking in your kitchen that you are proud of? Leave me a comment and let me know because I love reading comments from my beloved readers!




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Family Of 3 Weekend Foodie Adventure – Part One

My husband has a new work schedule which clears his Fridays and Saturdays for family togetherness time. The last two days were full of fun and there were so many cooking/baking frenzies happening over her in the Give It A Whirl Girl kitchen! My family gets so much pleasure a food-filled weekend. This will be an ongoing series of our weekend adventures. More to come soon! Our two days together kicked off on Friday morning with some Unicorn French Toast. I have a major weakness for paleo-friendly French toast. I am always brainstorming some new ways to prepare it. It actually might just be “paleo-ish” and “healthy-ish” because I just had to add a sprinkling of candy sprinkles on there… another major weakness of mine. This was a total blast to make for breakfast and even more fun to sit down, eat, and enjoy it! I think this was next-level French toast because for this batch I made a vanilla custard batter to dip & soak the bread slices in.

Chloe and I at the Dotty Wotty House
Chillin on the steps

Unicorn French Toast for breakfast! YUMMY

Unicorn French Toast
Unicorn French Toast

Miles Cake & Candy Supply

Later on that day (Friday) I had my husband chauffeur me to the baking supply shop in Clinton Township~ Miles Cake & Candy Supply. I used to visit this store often when I made resin jewelry. I would shop there for sprinkles to preserve in the resin. Now that phase of life is done and over with and I am buying these things for actual baking! I went there with the intention of purchasing a donut pan and I did score a nice pan from Wilton. It is a six cavity mold so you end up with a half-dozen of baked donuts.

Miles Cake And Candy Supply
rainbow sprinkles galore!

Milestone Grill Restaurant

Friday evening we were looking for a new place to dine at. We found a coupon for a restaurant in Eastpointe, MI I and it was the Milestone Grill.  Our meals there were quite disappointing if I am going to be blunt about it. I ordered some baked whitefish with a cup of lobster bisque. When I see lobster bisque as an option I do get quite giddy and excited about it. Oh man… my soup came out and I then discovered (and I am certain of this) that it was FAUX LOBSTER! You know, like the fake crab stick meat. Yeah. Ugh. I recently ordered lobster biqsue at Nino Salvaggio’s and that soup was chockful of big lobster meat pieces. That bowl of soup there was just divine. The soup at Milestone Grill was a major letdown.

My baked whitefish was just ok to me. Pretty bland if you ask me and also my steamed vegetables looked quite dull. Joe had some chicken fajitas. When you order fajitas you expect Spanish rice. They served the fajitas with a RICE PILAF with peas and carrots in it. What???

Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout

I do have one nice remark about that place… my beer was great! I ordered a Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout. Boy, was it ever good! I have tried their other beers in the past and they never disappoint. Any kind of stout with a dessert-like flavor is right up my alley of the tasty department… wink wink!

Rochester Mills Beer Co. Milkshake Stout

Homemade chocolate donuts with the Wilton Donut Pan

Saturday started off with me whipping out my new Wilton donut pan. I could not wait to use it. I found a recipe at Elana’s Pantry and used that for inspo. So shoutout to Elana’s Pantry for the amazing recipe.

The recipe called for four eggs. I only had two eggs to work with so I ended up making my own “egg”. Did you know that you can use chia seeds in place of eggs in a recipe? You need 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for each egg. You add three tablespoons of water to that and let it soak for a bit.

If you ever had a devil’s food Entenmann’s donut these sure did resemble that as far as the taste goes. The great thing about these donuts for me is that they are gluten-free. I used coconut flour to make them. I am pretty fond of coconut flour being used in recipes. I think it injects a great flavor into the final product. I used a generous scoop of LivFit Cacao Powder in the donuts. Cacao powder is an incredible superfood with some wonderful health benefits so I am excited to use it in my recipes.

Paleo (minus the sprinkles) Chocolate Donuts
Paleo (minus the sprinkles) Chocolate Donuts

Taking my Thunderbird Bars to Eastern Market in Detroit

The remainder of our Saturday was all planned out to head down to the city (Detroit) to go check out Eastern Market. I packed up my camera bag and brought along some of my Thunderbird Bars for the journey. I also had some of the ThunderKids Bars so I brought that along for my daughter, Chloe. It was our first time trying them and they were simply delicious. They offer a great line of bars with healthy and nutritious ingredients… real food! Their flavor combinations are quite unique. They are also filling. They are perfect for fueling your next adventure. I look forward to trying out the rest of my sampler pack.

Thunderbird Bar – Pineapple Mango Papaya
Thunderbird Bar for kids – Chocolate chip cookie

MooTown Creamery

We always love to visit MooTown Creamery during a visit to Eastern Market. I ordered a Maple Bourbon scoop, which I believe was paleo! How often do you find options like that at an ice-cream shop? I was so excited to see that and I was very pleased with the taste! Two thumbs up!

Eastern Market veggie haul!

After our ice-cream pitstop, we went to the sheds to look for some gorgeous fruits and veggies. Eastern Market is the place to be if you want great deals on great foods! You can check out my awesome haul in the photo below. I am most excited about those purple carrots. I was hoping to find them there and I scored a batch. I am going to serve them as a side dish with an herbed ghee sirloin steak.

Eastern Market produce haul
Could not pass up this mushroom blend… YUM
38059395_10156532296094420_8695880749313687552_n (1)
Joe and Chloe

One of my favorite places to go! Heidelberg Project in Detroit

We always make it a priority to stop at the Heidelberg Project during our Detroit day-trips. Tyree Guyton is constantly adding to this outdoor art installation. It truly is something that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime.


Homemade from-scratch PIZZA!

It was a long day that made me feel a bit tired when I arrived home but I was bound and determined to make my family a couple made-from-scratch gluten-free pizzas. I had a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix and it was simple and easy to use.

I also love to make my own sauce. I use Muir Glen tomato sauce and Muir Glen Tomato Paste to make a nice, zesty sauce. I used my pizza seasoning packet that I picked up at Eastern Market. Spice Miser made the seasoning and it was a great blend! I would have never thought to add anise and rosemary to my pizza sauce but it gave it a great flavor and it was the best pizza sauce I have made to date.


My family of 3 ate both 12 inch pizzas with one last slice leftover. We were too stuffed to eat that lone piece. Making a from-scratch pizza is a long process that requires dedication and time. It sure is rewarding though to sit down and enjoy your kitchen creation. To me, a homemade pizza is edible art!

My daughter, Chloe, also helped me make this pizza. It was her first time helping out with a pizza. I am spending more and more time with her in the kitchen. I see her passion for cooking and baking and it warms my heart and soul. She is my little foodie sidekick. For an 8-year-old child she has experienced a vast array of foods. She eats with an open mind and I am so proud of her! She currently wants to become a pastry chef. We owe that all to the Netflix show, Sugar Rush. We love watching that show together. She also loves Nailed It but we watched every episode of that already. She loves the show so much that she told me it is her birthday wish for me to make it onto the show. That would totally be a dream come true!

Homemade gluten-free pizza
Homemade gluten-free pizza

Carrot Cake Donuts

It is currently Sunday morning and I started the day off with a bang in the kitchen. I made some carrot cake donuts but my glaze was too thin. I can assure you that they were tasty because I ate two of them. I used one of my purple carrots to top the donuts and it really does look like chopped bacon! This recipe was inspired by Paleo Hacks. They are a great resource for paleo recipes.

Paleo Carrot Cake Donut with Purple Carrots

Maranatha Almond Butter Fruit-Loaded Toast

Last but not least, Chloe had a piece of toast with some chocolate Maranatha almond butter on it. I also added some strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries to it.  She is a big fan of toast like this. I know avocado toast is all the rage these days but for her it is berries, berries, and more berries!


I always love to crank out a great Sunday dinner but I have not made up my mind yet. It is either going to be an orange duck or sirloin steaks.


Wow! What a long post! If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate and love all of my readers. I am hoping to make this blog into something so fantastic someday. It is baby steps all of the way there. Thanks to all who are holding my hand to get to that destination with this blog. XOXO




Friday Faves – Wear Your Food Edition – Part 1

Pretty much obsessed with everything on this list! I have composed a list of gift ideas for the foodie in your life or go ahead and splurge on yourself! All day and night I live in a world where I dream of food. I really should start dressing myself in head-to-toe food clothing. This list features some of the best of the best of food fashion.

Pizza Hoodie

Pizza has to be the most universally loved food on this planet right? I have never in my life heard anyone say that they hate pizza.

Hotdog Duffel Bag

Wow. What to say about this? *Insert LOZ here* I just can not get over how wild and crazy this bag is. Surely you would be the talk of the town toting this weiner bag around.

Sushi Dress by Folter

I am a big fan of Folter’s line of dresses and I own a few. Owning this adorable sushi dress is definitely one of my goals to achieve one day. I would be thrilled to rock this dress on my next sushi date.

Taco Cat Board Shorts Here is something for the man in your life! The graphics on these shorts are totally crazy but in the greatest way.

Avocado Socks

Seems like avocados are all the rage these days so why not show off your love for it with these green avocado socks!

Pineapple Purse

This purse is small and would be great for date night. You could carry a coin purse and cell phone in it. This purse is a sure attention-grabber!

Candy Land Dress by CowCow

This dress is super cute and the best part about it is that it is easy on your wallet. You can get this dress for around $20 depending on your size.

Donut Backpack by Jansport

You can send your child back to school with this pink donut backpack.

Lasagna Del Rey Shirt

If you are not familiar with Pyknic it is time to check them out. This shirt is the epitome of perfect for me. Lasagna + Lana Del Rey? I love both and I definitely need to rock this tee.

Happy Ice-Cream Cone Dress

JXStar is another great line of clothing for the little girl in your life. My Chloe Pearl does own this dress and it is one of her favorites. This is the perfect dress to wear on your next trip to the ice-cream shoppe.

So we have reached the end of my Friday Faves list. What are you crushing on? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Diamond CBD

Collaboration With The Hubby- First From Scratch Pizza



Well, take a look at that! My husband and I love to work together on the weekend with our Sunday dinner. Last weekend (I’m a little late posting about this) we collaborated on our first from scratch homemade pizza. We made a lovely gluten-free supreme pizza chock full of yummy toppings.


I will say that making the dough was awfully frustrating but it was still quite amusing. We were using a recipe for a gluten-free crust made with almond flour and boy was it ever sticky when I tried to make my big dough ball. We had to adjust the recipe a bit to get it right. It required quite a bit of critical thinking and problem-solving. It also had a lot of laughs while trying to get the consistency of the dough correct.

Once we got the dough figured out we worked on creating the zesty sauce. We used some organic sauce, tomato paste, minced garlic, and seasonings to create it. I love making my own pizza sauce. I like to be able to adjust it to my liking because I am very picky when it comes to sauce. The sauce is either going to make or break the pizza.

I have this thing for peppers right now. I stocked up on all the colors. I had some green, red, orange, and yellow. I once tried a purple bell pepper and it didn’t agree with me. It was a huge letdown! I also sliced up some red onion to top it with.

The Italian sausage was my meat of choice. That is another food that I am totally digging right now… just can not get enough of it! I have never been a fan of pepperoni. I don’t consider myself a picky eater at all but I do usually pick the pepperonis off my pizza.

So once everything was prepped and prepared, including the initial baking of the crust, it was ready to be popped into the oven. We used Tillamook mozzarella cheese on this pizza. That cheese looked the best out of all the shredded mozzarellas at Kroger. I had a bit of anxiety while waiting for it to cook. It was quite a big project (more than I anticipated). I was wondering the entire time if all of our hard work was worth it.

Guess what! All that hard work and effort that we put into this was worth it. I poured my heart and soul into this gluten-free supreme pizza (like I do with all of my meals) because my husband is a pizza addict and he is so picky about his pizzas. Because this was a gluten-free crust I didn’t know if it would be well-received with him. When I heard that “mmmm” come out of his mouth with that first bite, it totally made my day. We managed to eat all of it except for one lone piece. I had two slices and he ate the majority of it. So I gave myself a little pat on the back.



Do you have any traditions for Sunday dinners? They are kinda a big deal to me and usually reserve Sundays for the best meal of the week. I also love to partner with my husband to make it come together.





Realgood Pizza is really really good! For real!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for visiting. I am pleased to announce my very first product review with you today. Please let me know what you think… thoughts and opinions welcome! You can comment below or contact me privately.

If you are caught up in the low carb craze like myself you might be wondering how you can still enjoy foods that are typically loaded up with carbohydrates. The great news is that nowadays there a ton of healthy alternatives available to those leading a low-carb lifestyle.

I think it is safe to say that everyone LOVES pizza! Pizza is a universal food and so versatile. There are so many way to construct a great, tasty one! I discovered Realgood pizza recently and after flipping over the box and analyzing the nutrition facts I was sold! That big black dot that says, “guilt free” was enough to get me on board. Realgood pizzas are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and grain-free (gluten-free). If you are on a keto diet I highly suggest giving these a whirl.


There are a couple ways to go about making a low carb pizza. There is cauliflower crust and then there is a meat-based crust. I looked over the ingredients and learned that the crust is composed of chicken and Parmesan cheese. The chicken is free of antibiotics and hormones, and since Realgood Foods cares about your health and well-being their pizzas are free of preservatives.

Each large pizza is 7 inches of greatness and has 50 grams of protein and 8 carbs. This size is great for dinner time. There are smaller pizzas available that would be fabulous for a yummy lunch. The smaller pizzas are 5 inches. The large and small pizzas are available in 3 flavors: three cheese, pepperoni, and supreme.

I decided on the supreme pizza because I am a big fan of lots of toppings on my pizza. I baked my Realgood pizza in the oven and the results were wonderful! Realgood suggests leaving the cardboard on the bottom of the pizza and placing it on a baking sheet.

There are some other ways you can heat them up. Realgood recommends taking the pizza out of the oven (removing the cardboard as well) and finishing off in a frying pan for a couple of minutes to crisp up the crust. You can also try them out in an air-fryer (w/o the cardboard) at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes. I do own an air-fryer and I will be trying out this method in the near future. They also suggest grilling your pizzas (without the cardboard) for 6-8 minutes on medium heat.


I am thrilled to see that Realgood Foods also has breakfast pizzas available and enchiladas! Breakfast pizzas are available in three flavors: pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. There are 4 types of enchiladas available: cheese, beef, chicken, and pork.

I tested out the sausage breakfast pizza this morning and I am feeling pretty good about it! This is the kind of fuel I need to get me through the day. The breakfast pizza that I had is made of scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese, a cheese sauce, and Italian sausage. Like the lunch/dinner pizzas the crust is also made up of chicken and Parmesan cheese to keep the carbs low. I included a photo of the nutrition facts below and the breakfast pizza is only 4g carbs, 25g of protein, and 280 calories.

I still have yet to try out the Realgood Foods enchiladas. I am pretty positive that my family will enjoy those too. We do love our Mexican food over here!




My final thoughts: I am so glad I gave these a whirl! I have been curious about this brand for quite some time. My family enjoyed the supreme pizza so much we are crossing our fingers that Realgood Foods will release a large, family sized pizza (we shared two 7″ pizzas). When I indulge in a pizza I also love to have some breadsticks available. It would be totally awesome to have those available in the future. I am looking forward to seeing where this brand goes from here. I know they are increasing in popularity and the possibilities are endless on what future products they will carry in their line of foods.

So where can you find Realgood foods?

  • You can order them online and have them shipped to your home
  • Kroger stores
  • Walmart stores
  • various health food stores

Since I am always looking out for an awesome deal I found an Ibotta deal on Realgood Foods. You can redeem this up to 10x per receipt and get a rebate of $2 for each item!

Deal scenarios at Kroger:

  • Pizzas on sale for $5.99 (reg 6.99) and use the Ibotta rebate to get $2 cashback so the total would be 3.99
  • Enchiladas on sale for $3.99 (reg 4.99) and use the Ibotta rebate to get $2 cashback and your out of pocket cost is $1.99 for each enchilada



So what do you think? Will you give Realgood Foods a whirl? I sure am glad I did!

You can find out more on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.


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