More Belly Laughs Brought To You By Perpetual Kid – Novelty Gift Guide For Home & Kitchen

In case you missed my gift guide for Perpetual Kid last month, I have created another one for you today that features more of my favorite home, kitchen , and novelty food items. This Perpetual Kid gift guide has the best of the best that is offered at Perpetual Kid. This online store has some extraordinary and unique items that make life enjoyable and will surely slap a smile upon your face. Perpetual Kid is all about good times, having fun, and has some items that will result in those belly laughs that make so worth living!

Click the banner below to shop or you can stay for awhile and see what my favorite items are in this nifty shopping guide!

Cool As Sh*t Gifts

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Looking to inject some humor and fun to the dinner table? This Nachosaurus chip & dip set has got you covered! This Nachosaurus chip and dip set is not only perfect for your little one but also for the adult who is young-at-heart.

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Because every morning should start with sunshine, rainbows, and pure happiness! This motivational phrase mug is perfect for your cup of Joe at the start of the morning. Make your morning a magical one with this colorful unicorn mug.

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Unique Rainbow + Unicorn Gifts

Scented candles from The Stinky Candle Company

Perpetual Kid has some very unique food-scented candles for the foodie in your life! These candles were created by The Stinky Candle Company and these are sure to result in some laughter. There are several different food-scented candles available at Perpetual Kid including: pizza, burrito, popcorn, pickles, nacho cheese, fast-food, bacon, red wine, and beer!

Would you like to see all of the scented candles available at Perpetual Kid’s online store? Simply click HERE.

Pizza Scented Candle

Burrito Scented Candle

Popcorn Scented Candle

Beer Scented Candle


Adorable tea infusers

I am head over heels in love with the tea infusers that are available at Perpetual Kid! I love sipping on a warm cup of tea mid-day and these tea infusers are some of the most adorable and clever designs I have ever seen. As you can see below, there is a sloth and a pink elephant tea infuser available at Perpetual Kid but there is also a kitty cat, swan, seahorse, turtle, unicorn, llama, narwhal, polar bear, and manaTEA.

See all of the tea infusers HERE.

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Big Brew Pink Elephant Tea Infuser

Two For Tea Mug + Manatea Tea Infuser Gift Set


Dish towels that speak their mind

Perpetual Kid has an extensive offering of hilarious dish towels for your kitchen and these are just a few of my favorites! I love and adore the vintage feel of these dish towels. They look like a page out of an illustrated book to me.

Just a fair warning that not all of these towels are going to be kid-friendly, some of these towels do have a bit of a potty-mouth!

You can see all of the humorous towels that are available by clicking HERE.

I Don’t Like Anyone In The Morning Dish Towel

Go Away Retro Hostess Dish Towel

I Want A F*cking Pizza Dish Towel

Loud & retro oven mitts

As you know now, I am a huge fan of the dish towels offered at Perpetual Kid, but I am also a fan of their very loud, retro oven mitts.

Here are some more of my favorite oven mitts:

You can view all that they have to offer right over HERE! There are more available at Perpetual Kid that I did not share.

I am going to show you three of my favorites below. My kitchen would love to have these oven mitts.

I’ll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt

Droppin’ A Recipe On Your Ass Oven Mitt

Horny For Food Oven Mitt

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Never fear! This hand-poured Rainbow Puke Lollipop does not actually taste like vomit! This Rainbow Puke lolli is a fruit punch flavored pop and it also has some rainbow candy sprinkles inside of it. This colorful lollipop is a delight to eat and you will be the envy of all your friends when you are sucking on this!

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Bacon Lollipops

Do you have a bacon lover in your life? Show them you care and satisfy their sweet-tooth at the same time with these bacon-flavored lollipops in this gift set.

Bacon Lover's Lollipop Gift Set
Bacon Lover’s Lollipop Gift Set

Hilarious gums

Looking for laughs on a budget? Perpetual Kid has several different hilarious packages of gum to choose from.

See all of the gum that is available HERE.

Cute But Psycho. But Cute. Gum

I’m A Delicate F*cking Flower Gum

Eat Sh*t. Seriously, Do Not Mess With Me Today Gum

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Gum


Cute bandages

Perpetual Kid also has some fun and unique bandages available. Here are some of my favorites that I found.

I shared the food-related bandages with you here. If you would like to see all of the other bandages that are available at Perpetual Kid click HERE.

Pickle Bandages

Cupcake Bandages

Bacon Bandages

Pizza Bandages


Current offers and deals at Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid is currently having a Christmas clearance sale with several items discounted 50% off. No coupon code needed!

Click HERE to shop the clearance sale!

Question Time!

What novelty item will you be splurging on and treating yourself to at Perpetual Kid? Let me know in the comments what item(s) you gotta have!

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Candy Club

Year In Review – Top 10 Posts At Give It A Whirl Girl For 2018


It has been a great year for 2018 over here at Give It A Whirl Girl! I started up this blog in early June and it has been one hell of an awesome ride! At the start of 2018, I made a new year’s resolution to start a blog. I am so happy to say that it was one of my new year’s resolutions that I actually stuck to and accomplished.

On June 6th I was at home and I was recovering from an umbilical hernia surgery when I got the idea to follow through and fire it up. I had no clue or idea what the heck I was doing when I started (I don’t think anyone knows lol). I started to read and research how to do this whole blog thing. Still to this day I am feeding my brain with knowledge about blogging. Seems as though there is always something new to learn if you are going to make a job out of blogging.

I am so happy and pleased to say that I absolutely love blogging and this is something that I will definitely be sticking to for a very long time. I have always been passionate about food. I live for the thrill of trying new foods (giving them a whirl) and I am also very much in love with cooking. It made perfect sense to take all of this into consideration and start blogging about these passions of mine.

And here you have it, folks! Here is my top ten list of the most visited posts for 2018.

GIVEAWAY – Chocolate – Happy Holidays & Thank You

Chocolate bars for the giveaway
Chocolate bars for the giveaway

This was a recent giveaway that I ran on my own over here at Give It A Whirl Girl. Truth be told, I am a bit obsessed with trying out any and all chocolate products so I put together this prize pack to send off to one lucky reader! I had a great time hosting this giveaway and putting this together on my own. Really am envious of the winner of this prize pack because all of these chocolate confections are out of this world amazing. Really am hoping that they are loving their chocolates!

GIVEAWAY – Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Review and Coupon Code

White Chicken Chili made with Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth
White Chicken Chili made with Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth

This was another great giveaway with a brand that I know, love, and trust~ Kettle & Fire. Their bone broths are not only healthy but very nutritious as well. I made the most incredible ground chicken white chili with their chicken bone broth and shared the recipe on my blog.

Get Empowered With TRUWOMEN Protein Bars – Product Review & A Giveaway


Here is one of my very first posts at Give It A Whirl Girl and I am truly shocked that it landed a spot in my top 10 list of my most visited posts. This was the first giveaway that I conducted on the blog and I partnered with TRUWOMEN to do this giveaway for a variety pack of their bars. Their bars are top-notch and come in fun flavors such as Daydreaming About Donuts and Oh Oh Cookie Dough!

Kawaii Bubble Tea Is The Place You Want To Be – Boba Review In Clinton Township, Michigan

Kawaii Bubble Tea Boba drink (honeydew, with almond milk, green tea, and passionfruit jelly)
Kawaii Bubble Tea Boba drink (honeydew, with almond milk, green tea, and passionfruit jelly)

This was a very fun post to do for my blog! I reviewed Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township. I had arranged a meeting with the owner and I interviewed her over a bubble tea and a delightful tray of fresh macarons. My daughter and my hubby tagged along for this venture and it was a great time to be had for all!

White Elephant Gift Guide At Perpetual Kid & A Giveaway

White Elephant (Secret Santa) Gift Guide at Perpetual Kid & A GIVEAWAY
White Elephant (Secret Santa) Gift Guide at Perpetual Kid & A GIVEAWAY

I partnered with Perpetual Kid to do a giveaway for a gift-card to their online store. This was a fun giveaway to co-host because Perpetual Kid has a very unique online store. I created a white elephant gift guide to go along with this giveaway and found some very funny gag gifts to share.

Fat Stack Of Gluten-Free Pancakes With Enjoy Life Foods – Product Review, Recipe, & Giveaway

Stack of Enjoy Life Foods natural color pancakes with rainbow sprinkles
Stack of Enjoy Life Foods natural color pancakes with rainbow sprinkles

For this post I reviewed one of my favorite brands- Enjoy Life Foods. I created a fat stack of some fun gluten-free pancakes and then I decided to throw in an Amazon gift-card and do a giveaway.

New York Deli In St Clair Shores – Restaurant Review

New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI - Baked Cod
New York Deli in St Clair Shores, MI – Baked Cod

The New York Deli in St. Clair Shores, MI is one of my family’s go-to restaurants in our neighborhood. For this post I did a review of the restaurant. I went with one of my usual dinners that night~ baked cod with steamed broccoli.

A Trio Of Frozen Custard Parfaits At Erma’s Frozen Custard In St Clair Shores, Michigan

Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait at Erma's Frozen Custard in St Clair Shore, MI
Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait at Erma’s Frozen Custard in St Clair Shores, MI

Erma’s Frozen Custard is another St. Clair Shores place of business. I did a review of their frozen custard stand and each of my family members got a parfait of their choosing. My family always enjoys our outings with frozen treats!

Party Hardy With A Yasso Frozen Yogurt Treat – Product Review Of Party Animal Froyo

Yasso Frozen Yogurt - Party Animal
Yasso Frozen Yogurt – Party Animal Sundae

It is kinda sorta hard for me to believe that one of my very first posts at Give It A Whirl Girl has generated so much traffic. This post gets a lot of traffic from Google search. I had zero knowledge at the time on how SEO worked but somehow I managed to get this post to show up well in the results.

I had a great time reviewing the Yasso Frozen Yogurt. I ended up making a delicious sundae with the Party Animal flavor. For the topping, I added some marshmallow to it, candy sprinkles, and three frosted animal cookies. And let us not forget about the cherry on top! Every splendid sundae needs to be topped with one of those!

Good Day Chocolate Supplements For Children – Go Back To School In Good Health

Good Day Chocolate Supplements for kids
Good Day Chocolate Supplements for kids

And last but not least, this post was for Good Day Chocolate Supplement for kids. I had also reviewed the adult line of supplements from this brand. I partnered with Good Day Chocolate to do a giveaway for a variety pack of their supplements on my Instagram page.

Give It A Whirl Girl Blog Goals For 2019

Improve photography

I know, I know! One thing I need to improve upon here at Give It A Whirl Girl is my photography and I am going to make it a priority to get better at this in 2019. I need to get the funds to improve my equipment first. I would love to get some proper lighting equipment and a new DSLR and a great lens to go on it. Anyone want to send $2000 my way because I think that is what it will take to be where I need to be!

Better blog design

Honestly, I am not 100% in love with the blog design over here at Give It A Whirl Girl. I play around with different themes every now and then to see if I can find a better style. In 2019 it will be a top priority to get a better design here, a logo, and also a nice photograph for my short bio.

More giveaways

As you can see in my top 10 list, the giveaways generate a good amount of traffic. Traffic is great! I also love hosting these giveaways and partnering with brands that I love and endorse. I feel like the giveaways are a great way to give back to my loyal readers. To me, they are a great way of saying thanks!

More restaurant reviews

You can also see that in this top 10 list there are some restaurant reviews that received quite a bit of hits. I enjoy doing those as well and I admit, I have been slacking on doing them. They do make me a bit nervous to do. I am going to attempt to come out of my shell more and bring more local hot spots to my readers.

More reader engagement

One thing that I need to improve upon also is that I would love to gain more reader engagement. Comments on my posts bring a great amount of happiness and joy to me. I love knowing that someone took a few minutes out of their day to read a post of mine. In 2019 I will be investing more time in blog promotion so I can spread the word about my posts far and wide!


Question Time!

What would you like to see more of over here at Give It A Whirl Girl in the new year?

Also, do you have any new year’s resolutions you would like to share?

Leave me a comment and let me know.





Kitchen Gadgets

Last-Minute Novelty Gift Guide For The Foodie In Your Life – Perpetual Kid & Amazon Shopping Guide

This is a novelty gift guide for those last-minute gifts for the foodie in your life. These gifts are perfect for the foodie that also has a sense of humor and loves to indulge in humor. Whether you are shopping for a specific foodie in mind or looking for the most ultimate white elephant gift, I have got you covered with this novelty gift guide.

Truth be told, I am slightly obsessed with the oven mitts and dish towels in this shopping guide! These really crack me up! I also feel as though I need that Moist mug in my life. The word MOIST makes me giggle a bit inside and sometimes I lol!

You can simply click the links or the images to shop.

To see Perpetual Kid’s online store click HERE.

Hilarious Oven Mitts by Blue Q

Let’s kick off this novelty gift guide with something I am really crushing on these days. These hilarious oven mitts by Blue Q are the most perfect gift for any foodie on your shopping list. I have 3 of my favorites posted below but there are a ton of others available! If you want to see the rest that are up for grabs, simply click the images below to be swept away to Amazon to do a little bit of shopping.

Moist Coffee Mug

I think it is a universal fact that everyone absolutely hates the word MOIST! This hilarious mug celebrates the word MOIST and this would be the perfect gag gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Eggyman Egg Separator

This Eggyman Egg Separator is pure genius! I have never in my life seen a kitchen gadget as brilliant as this one. Separating eggs does look like a runny nose. Whoever invented this egg separator deserves a medal!

Get your snot-nosed egg separator HERE!

Novelty Dish Towels by Blue Q

Here are some more items from Blue Q that have a sense of humor. There are more to choose from on Amazon but these are four of my favorites. These dish towels will surely result in some belly laughs! Click the images below to see the other hilarious novelty dish towels on Amazon. Just make sure you are alright with a little bit of pottymouth. Wink! Wink! These towels do have some very expressive language.

Food Face Dinner Plate
from: Perpetual Kid

Momma always told you to knock it off and stop playing with your food right? Not with these plates! These Food Face Dinner Plates make eating enjoyable and fun. These plates are perfect for children or the adult who is young at heart that has never grown up.

Food Face Dinner Plate

Unisex Galaxy Nebula Hoodie w/ Pizza Cat

This is what you end up with when pizza, kitties, and outer space collide. This unisex zip-up hoodie has all of your favorite things on it. It doesn’t get any cooler than this, folks!

Take It Or Leave It Sign

This is what is always on the menu at my home so yeah… take it or leave it. I don’t believe in cooking multiple meals.

Funny Dish Towels By Sourpuss Brand

These dish towels by Sourpuss Brand are gut-busting hilarious. This is for the foodie that has a foul mouth and an attitude. Eat Shit and Die and Clean Up Your Mess Asshole are my favorite! If you like what you see here then check out my other gift guide that is chock full of items available from Sourpuss brand.

Sourpuss Gift Guide

Hot Mess So Blessed Mug
from: Perpetual Kid

This Hot Mess Coffee Mug is similar to the Moist mug but this one is for the moms with messy buns that have a child screaming bloody murder in the grocery store.

Hot Mess So Blessed Mug

Funny Food Socks

No foodie gift-guide is complete without food socks! Keep your feet warm and cozy with these cute & funny food-themed socks!


Coffee Makes Me Poop Coffee Mug

We all know it’s true. Coffee gets things going… hmm…. if you know what I mean! I know for myself after that first cup of coffee I am ready to go do my┬ábusiness.

Wine Condom

Gag gift and real product all-in-one right over here! The Wine Condom really does work on your bottle of wine to keep it fresh after you pop the cork. This functional but funny Wine Condom has an airtight seal to keep that bottle of wine tasty.

No Great Story Ever Started With A Salad

Sad but true… am I right?!? I think that many stories start off great when you are just a tad bit tipsy. This funny sign is perfect for your kitchen or your man-cave.

Urinal Shot Glasses

Whoa! What happened here? Did I save the best for last? You can be the judge of that. I honestly have no words for this item here.

Final Thoughts

I sure hope you had a great time here over at the Give It A Whirl Girl blog! I really truly enjoy searching high and low for the best of the best to create these awesome and convenient gift guides for you. The novelty gift guides are my absolute favorite to put together. I get quite a bit of laughs while browsing the interwebs. I really hope that you found this novelty gift guide to be helpful and you were able to get some shopping done, and the perfect gift for the food & drink-obsessed person in your life. Feel free to check out the related posts that I have linked to below for more great gift ideas. There are plenty to pick from with these other gift guides that I recently created.

I hope all of my readers have a Happy Holiday! I really am just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in less than a week, many of us will be celebrating the Christmas holiday. Truth be told, I have not wrapped a single gift! Yup that is right! I have all of my shopping done for the holidays and all of the gifts are stowed away in my office closet? Anyone out there want to lend a helping hand with gift-wrapping? Long shot, but worth a try! lol! Happy holidays to all of the Give It A Whirl Girl readers out there. I truly love and appreciate each and every one of you!


Perpetual Kid Gift Guide (perfect for white elephant gifts)

Big Mouth Gift Guide (more novelty items from Big Mouth brand)

Sourpuss Gift Guide (gift guide for the alternative lifestyle)


Which item from this novelty gift guide for foodies is your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!




Cool As Sh*t Gifts

White Elephant Gift Guide At Perpetual Kid & GIVEAWAY

I have some fabulous white elephant gifts included in this gift guide from Perpetual Kid. Perpetual Kid is an online store for adults who are young and heart and love to inject some fun and humor into their lives. This is a great source of novelty gifts. Besides the food-related items here, they have way more to offer beyond that. I highly recommend checking them out because they can be a one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping needs. Perpetual Kid has something for everyone! I have narrowed down my favorite food-related items in this Friday Faves shopping guide.

Not sure what a white elephant gift exchange is?

The white elephant is also known as a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. I prefer the term White Elephant though. The rules of the game are fairly simple. There is an excellent blog post about how to do a white elephant gift exchange.

  • Let’s say there are 12 people participating in the white elephant gift exchange.
  • Everyone participating brings a wrapped gift without a name tag on it.
  • You write down the numbers 1-12 on a small piece of paper and fold it up.
  • Everybody chooses a number.
  • The person with the number 1 chooses a wrapped gift.
  • The next person can either steal the gift that #1 had or they can choose a wrapped gift.
  • If person #1 has their item stolen, they choose another wrapped gift.
  • Player #3 either steals a gift from player 1 or 2 or can choose a wrapped gift
  • You can set your own rules about how many times an item can be stolen. Some people will allow an item to be stolen once, twice, or three times. It is your choice.
  • You continue this process until person #12 goes up to steal or choose the last wrapped gift.
  • At this point, everyone should have a gift.

Current offers and deals at Perpetual Kid

$10 OFF and FREE SHIPPING on orders $49+ USE CODE THANKS

15% OFF orders $75+ and FREE SHIPPING use code ONLINE

$25 OFF and FREE SHIPPING on orders $125 – USE CODE SANTA

50% off SALE PRODUCTS with coupon code EXTRA50

Be sure to check out the SALE PAGE for all offers and deals!


Check out the gift guide, do a little shopping, and then scroll down to enter the GIVEAWAY for a $25 Perpetual Kid gift card. This giveaway is open to anyone 18+ that lives in the United States and Canada!

Stocking Stuffers

Say Cheese-burger Mug

This “Say Cheese” Burger Mug makes for one heck of a great white elephant gift. Who wants to drink coffee out of a boring coffee cup when you can drink out of an extraordinary one like this? Perpetual Kid has a wide variety of various coffee mugs and these always make great gifts.

Say-Cheese Cheeseburger Mug
Say-Cheese Cheeseburger Mug

Horny For Food Oven Mitt

If you are on my Give It A Whirl Girl blog, chances are you are horny for food! Am I right? I don’t think I can be wrong. These Horny For Food oven mitts are hilarious.

Horny For Food Oven Mitts
Horny For Food Oven Mitts

Unicorn Tea Infuser

This unicorn tea infuser is the most magical tea infuser around. Make someone’s next cup of a tea an enchanting one!

Unicorn Tea Infuser
Unicorn Tea Infuser

Rainbow Wine Stopper + Drink Marker Set

Where are my wine lovers at? And where are my rainbow fanatics? I’m right over here and I love and adore this rainbow wine stopper. This wine stopper also includes six colorful wine markers.

Rainbow Wine Stopper + Drink Marker Se
Rainbow Wine Stopper + Drink Marker Set

Holy Toast Bread Stamp

This bread stamp is a bizarre white elephant gift. You can emboss your bread with some holiness. Behold the miracle when your holy toast pops up out of the toaster!

Holy Toast Bread Stamp
Holy Toast Bread Stamp

Continue reading “White Elephant Gift Guide At Perpetual Kid & GIVEAWAY”

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