Redd Bar REVIEW – Superfood Energy Bars – A Gluten-Free, Vegan Snack Bar With Clean Ingredients

When that afternoon fatigue and hunger pang hits me, I need something to recharge myself with. If you are looking for a good, clean source of energy, look no further than to Redd Bar Superfood Energy Bars. Today I am sharing my Redd Bar review with you on the blog for Tried It Out Tuesday. These snack bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and contain 35mg of caffeine per bar. These bars will give you the jolt that you need without any jitters. What I love about these snack bars is that they only use pure and natural ingredients in their bar. You will not find anything strange lurking inside these. They also taste fantastic!

They come in five different flavors: Chocolate, Salted Caramel (my favorite!), Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate, and Oatmeal.

Redd Bar is actually 3 items in one handy snack: protein bar + energy shot + multivitamin.

It is a convenient snack that is a nutritional powerhouse. I am confident that you will be adding them on the regular for your snack rotation.

Redd Bar
5 flavors of Redd Bar available

Keep on reading to find out more about Redd Bar.

Redd Bar Superfood Energy Bar Nutrition

In this Redd Bar review, let’s kick things off with discussing the nutrition of these snack bars. You are going to love the back of the Redd Bar when see the ingredients. This bar is chock full of clean ingredients, also known as superfoods. Redd Bar utilizes the best and the most natural ingredients in their snack bar. A couple of their slogans:

All Killer No Filler

and Uncompromised

You will not find any artificial ingredients here. Some of the superfood ingredients you may find in your bar: mangosteen, yerba mate, quinoa, chia, pumpkin seed, acai, schizandra, maca, dark chocolate, goji, and cacao. To find out more about the clean ingredients that Redd Bar uses check it out on their website.

The Redd Bar is a great source of protein. As you can see in the photo below (peanut butter flavor), the bar contains 10 grams of protein. This is a great amount of protein for an afternoon snack. The Redd Bar also is a fabulous source of fiber if you need to boost your intake. This bar has 4 grams of fiber.

No gluten in these bars and no animals products

I am always keeping my eye out for tasty gluten-free snacks and the Redd Bar is an absolute winner. With these bars, you will not miss the gluten! Redd Bar really hit the mark with taste and texture.

And a big bonus as well is that Redd Bar does not contain any animal products. These bars will be perfect for your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Redd Bar
Redd Bar Salted Caramel

Vitamin & mineral blend

If you are looking to gain some vitamins and minerals into your diet, Redd Bar has a vitamin & mineral blend that has pretty much everything you need for your healthy diet and lifestyle.

Vitamin/Mineral Blend (Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Chromium Amino Acid Chelate, Pyridoxine HCl, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Selenium Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12)

The caffeine in Redd Bar

Caffeine in the Redd Bar is equivalent to about a third of a cup of coffee. It is naturally sourced through yerba mate. If you are curious about this superfood you can read more about it on Redd Bar’s website.

Maca (awesome superfood)

The superfood maca is also known to increase energy, stamina, and focus. Redd Bar includes maca in your energy bar. You can read more about maca HERE.


Nutrition Facts for Redd Bar Peanut Butter Flavor
Nutrition Facts for Redd Bar Peanut Butter Flavor

Redd Bar review of product flavors

Chocolate Redd Bar

I have a thing for anything and everything chocolate! This nutrient-dense snack will satisfy your chocolate cravings and in a great way that you can feel good about! This bar has dark chocolate and cocoa powder in it for maximum flavor.

Check out these nutrition facts… VITAMINS AND MINERALS GALORE! This particular flavor also has a large amount of dietary fiber… 8 grams! WOWZA! This will really keep your regular if you know what I mean. I am very impressed with these number of the nutrition facts label.

Redd Bar nutrition facts
Redd Bar nutrition facts (source)


Redd Bar - Chocolate Flavor
Chocolate Flavor


Salted Caramel Redd Bar

This flavor right over here was the first bar that I gave a whirl and boy was I ever impressed with the bold flavor of this particular flavor. This Salted Caramel bar is hands down my favorite. If you love caramel you will be delighted by this flavor.

Salted Caramel - Redd Bar
Salted Caramel flavor


Salted Caramel Redd Bar
Salted Caramel Flavor

Peanut Butter Redd Bar

Ahhh yes! Peanut butter!! I am a huge fan of peanut butter and this flavor did not disappoint. The main ingredient in this bar is peanuts. It also has a super grain blend with oats and quinoa.

Peanut Butter Flavor - Redd Bar
Peanut Butter Flavor


Mint Chocolate Redd Bar

Mint combined with chocolate is a classic flavor that will never go out of style. This bar has a refreshing, bold taste of mint. It is just the right amount too!

Mint Chocolate Flavor - Redd Bar
Mint Chocolate Flavor


Oatmeal Redd Bar

This oatmeal flavored bar was a terrific flavor. The main ingredients in this oatmeal bar are cashews, oats, and agave syrup. Never fear! The oats are gluten-free!

Oatmeal Flavor - Redd Bar
Oatmeal Flavor



Feeling indecisive and don’t want to commit to just one flavor of Redd Bar? Pick up a variety pack of their five flavors on Amazon.

Amazon currently has a $4.00 off clippable coupon for a variety pack of Redd Bars. Don’t miss out on that special offer. Pick up your variety pack on Amazon today!

Redd Bar online store

Price per bar is $2.99 at their online store. You can also subscribe to Redd Bar and save 10%. Redd Bar also allows you to create and build your own variety pack.

Final Thoughts

Redd Bar is going to now be a regular part of my healthy snack stash. I am overall very, very pleased with the taste, texture, everything about these gluten-free, vegan bars. The ingredients inside these bars give me both a boost in vitamins and a boost in energy to combat afternoon fatigue. When I eat one of these bars I feel great about the snack choice that I made. I am really happy I found myself a great snack bar that is only made with all-natural ingredients. I also love that these bars have a great amount of fiber in them. Helps keep things going smoothly.

I hope you enjoyed this Redd Bar review on my blog and hopefully I inspired you to give a variety pack a try!

Question Time!

What flavor of Redd Bar’s energy bars will you be reaching for first? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Want to find out more about Redd Bar? Find them here:

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Gourmet Candy For The Sweet Tooth Afficonado – Friday Faves

Nordstrom is chock full of gourmet candy that you can treat yourself to or gift to a deserving friend. I truly do believe that these items here would make incredible gifts for family and friends that would be unforgettable and memorable. I curated this list of gourmet candies that are my fave at the moment. Hope you enjoy. It was difficult to choose only ten items for this list because everything in their candy shop looks fascinating. You might need to wipe drool off your screen once you reach the end of this list! Every bit of gourmet candy that Nordstrom sells is top-notch food. You won’t be let down!

Rose 3 Piece Candy Bento Box by Sugarfina – This three piece set contains three different types of rose gummi candies.

Sugarfina Rose 3 Piece Gift Set
Sugarfina Rose 3 Piece Gift Set (gummy candies)

Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina – This 3 piece champagne-flavored gummi bear set also included two stunning champagne flutes. Treat yourself when it’s time to celebrate something incredible! This would also be a perfect gift for a bride and groom. This set sure makes for a sweet celebration in style!

Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina
Pop The Champagne Candy Gift Set by Sugarfina

Dylan’s Candy – Bar Gummy Bear Bank – Who doesn’t love gummy bears? How can you not? These candies will always be reminiscent of my childhood.

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Gummy Bear Bank

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Sour Belts Tackle Box – Wowza! Check out the flavors in this fabulous tackle box: Sour Rainbow, Sour Green Apple, Watermelon, Berry Blue, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy and Wild Cherry. I have a major weakness for any kind of sour candy over here, and I would just be over the moon thrilled to explore the candies in this gift set.

Dylan's Candy Bar - Tackle Box of Gummy Belts
Dylan’s Candy Bar – Tackle Box of Gummy Belts

Lolli and Pops Dessert Signature Bar Set – Gimme gimme gimme! All of these flavors sound amazeballs! Prepare to be amazed by: Red Velvet, Gimme S’more, Jalapeño Peanut, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate flavors.

Lolli And Pops Dessert Signature Bar Set

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Truffles In A Heart-Shaped Box – They had me at mouthwatering champagne truffles! Be still my heart!

Chocolate Truffles in Heart Shaped Gift Box CHARBONNEL ET WALKER

Marie Antoinette Cookie Bites by Stud Buckets – This bucket is overflowing with confetti-colored birthday cake flavored cookies. Non nom nom!

Marie Antoinette Cookie Bites STUD BUCKETS

Discovery Collection 12 Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus – I have had the pleasure of trying this brand of chocolates before and they are absolutely divine. This set includes 12 assorted pralines in white, milk and dark chocolate.

Discovery Collection 12-Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus
Discovery Collection 12-Piece Chocolate Gift Set by Neuhaus

Chocolate Mint Meltaways by Chicago Classic Confections – Mint and chocolate will always be a classic combo. When chocolate and mint get married it is true bliss.


Hologram Whole Bean Coffee Blend by Counter Culture Coffee – Ok well this is not candy but it is still in the food/drink category. The word “Hologram’ really sucks me into wanting to try out this coffee. To me, it just sounds magical and a great way to start the day. This coffee had a fruity and chocolatey taste to it and that just fascinates me.

Hologram Whole Bean Coffee Blend COUNTER CULTURE COFFEE


All of these gourmet foods can be found at Nordstrom. You can click the links to go directly to the items so you can throw them in your shopping cart.

TGIF! What will you be treating yourself to this week? You earned it, so you should totally go for it! Leave me a comment here and tell me what catches your eye the most from this list.




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