Modern Cone REVIEW – Our First Visit To This Modern-Day Ice-Cream Shop In St. Clair Shores

Modern Cone is a fairly new ice-cream shop to hit the city of St. Clair Shores, MI. This ice cream shop is formerly known as Ashby’s Ice Cream shop. I am so excited about the change that has come to this location. This past weekend we were actually looking for a new frozen-yogurt or ice cream shop to visit and we stumbled upon Modern Cone on Yelp. The photos that I saw on my Yelp app totally and completely sucked me in. So for Tried It Out Tuesday this week I am sharing my Modern Cone review with you. If you are in the Detroit area (or St. Clair Shores would be even better) you need to check out Modern Cone. Their extensive menu is super duper exciting for the ice cream enthusiast. You will find yourself coming back for more and more after your first visit! I am always looking for new and interesting foods to try out and Modern Cone was the most perfect content to share with my readers.

Modern Cone


My Modern Cone Ice Cream Review

First Impressions

My first impression of this ice cream shop was the super duper friendly staff! There were two people working when I came in and they were both very friendly and both were helpful. It is always reassuring to go into a new establishment and be welcomed by some joyful staff members.

Modern Cone is a decently-sized little ice cream shop. There are several ice cream flavors to choose from, an exciting menu board, and also an adequate amount of seating for those who wish to enjoy their ice cream on the spot. Check out the menu board below.

Menu board at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board
Stackers menu at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board – Stackers
Menu board at Modern Cone
Modern Cone menu board
Making my Cereal Killer Stacker sundae
Making my Cereal Killer Stacker sundae

Create Your Own Stacker

Modern Cone offers up one of these lovely items known as a Stacker. You can order a Stacker off the menu board or create your very own!

  1. The bottom of the Stacker gets 2 toppings & sauce
  2. Ice cream layer
  3. 2 toppings & sauce
  4. More ice cream!
  5. For the topping of your Stacker, you choose two toppings and a sauce

Easy peasy and endless possibilities! I look forward to trying more Stackers off their menu and then venturing into creating my own.

Regular size Stackers sell for $6.00 and the large size sells for $8.00. To me, this is a very reasonable price for a sundae that is not only delicious but memorable too!

Cereal Killer ice-cream Stacker available at Modern Cone
Cereal Killer ice cream Stacker available

Our Two Ice Cream Stackers and a Modern Cone

I ended up splurging on the Cereal Killer sundae, my hubby got a I Want S’more (s’mores flavor), and my daughter Chloe got a double-scoop ice cream cone with rainbow sherbet and cotton candy. It was really hard to narrow down my choice to just one because the Stackers that Modern Cone offers all sound enticing to me. I consider myself an ice cream enthusiast so I can’t wait to return to Modern Cone and give more of these creative icec ream concoctions a whirl!

Cereal Killer

I have never in my life had an ice cream sundae with cereal on it but now seems like a good time to start! My Cereal Killer Stacker included strawberry ice cream with a variety of different breakfast cereals (Fruity Pebbles, Trix, and Lucky Charms) and it was then topped with a white chocolate sauce. Talk about a unique ice cream experience! Yeah yeah yeah I know this sounds like diabetes that is ready to happen in a cup BUT I do not treat myself to confections like this often so all is good! I was long overdue for a Cheat Day treat and this Cereal Killer Stacker satisified my sweet tooth!

Our three desserts at Modern Cone
Our three desserts
Cereal Killer Stacker
Cereal Killer Stacker


They also have “NACHOS”!

I was really intrigued by the section of the menu where it said NACHOS! This ice cream shop puts a delicious spin on nachos and they came up with dessert nachos. Yep… you heard that right! With the nachos, you get two flavors of ice cream, your choice of 3 different toppings, and two dessert sauces.

Nachos at Modern Cone
Nachos (this is not my image. (Image source: Facebook)


Other Items Available On The Menu

There is a great variety of items available on the menu here. Indulge in an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich or Cookie Ala Mode! Few things in life beat the winning combination of a warm cookie paired with some scrumptious ice cream so I bet you a million bucks that I will be trying out both of these frozen treats!

Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (Image source: Facebook)
Ice-Cream cake
Ice Cream cake (Image source: Facebook)


Traditional Treats

If you don’t want to try out something wild and crazy then Modern Cone has you covered with more traditional fare like milkshakes, sundaes, cones, Italian Ice, slushies, and even a pup cup perfect for your pooch!

Italian Ice and Ice-Cream
Italian Ice and Ice Cream
Chocolate Milk Shake
Chocolate Milk Shake (Image source: Facebook)
Ice-Cream - There are man more options available!
Ice Cream – There are many more options available!
Sundae (Image source: Facebook)


What is next for me at Modern Cone

I already have my mind made up (I think!) for my next visit to Modern Cone. I need that Fruity Explosion! The Fruity Explosion comes with vanilla ice cream but I am leaning towards swapping that out for some Blue Moon or cotton-candy!

Final Thoughts

I am sharing this Modern Cone review today because I want to inspire you all to get off your butt and head on over here! This was my first ever visit here and I was absolutely blown away by the menu choices.

Ice cream shops like this are a dream come true for me because I am not into ordinary… give me extraordinary!

This place is anything but boring. When you go to an ice cream shop like this you are in for a real treat. The menu is so creative and it really has inspired me to want to go back for more! I want to give it all a big whirl! Lucky for us, we actually live within walking distance to Modern Cone. I am feeling like I hit the jackpot by discovering this unique and modern place!




What Stacker do you want to order at Modern Cone? Check out the Modern Cone menu board in this post and let me know!


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Modern Cone


Want to learn more about Modern Cone?





Where Can I Get My Modern Cone?

Wondering where you can get your very own Modern Cone? This ice cream shop is located in the plaza where Village Market is in St. Clair Shores, MI.



28616 Harper Ave St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081




Monday: 12PM-8PM


Tuesday: 12PM-8PM


Wednesday: 12PM-8PM


Thursday: 12PM-8PM


Friday: 12PM-9PM


Saturday: 12PM-PM


Sunday: 1PM-8PM








Love Unicorns = Rainbows


Wally’s Frozen Custard REVIEW, Sugar Booger Donuts, & Coffee Cardamom Steak – Foodie Weekend Adventure

I always try to make my Sundays all about awesome food. I always make a big deal about Sunday supper. It has to be something special. It needs to be mindblowing. I also like to prepare some sort of brunch for us. Yesterday was a success and I achieved pretty much everything that I wanted to. We had homemade baked donuts in the morning, tender & juicy t-bone steaks for dinner and an ice-cream sundae at Wally’s Frozen Custard large enough to feed an elephant! Keep reading to find out more about this ice-cream shop in my Wally’s Frozen Custard review!

Sugar Booger Homemade Donuts

The morning kicked off with what I am calling, “Sugar Booger Donuts”. Natural food coloring is weird. Green often achieves its color with spirulina, which is a superfood blue-green algae substance. Did you know that Fruity Pebbles are gluten-free? They sure are so these donuts were gluten-free for the win! Here is the part that killed them for me though, for this recipe I tried out Stevia to sweeten them. Usually, in my baking, I stick with raw money or pure maple syrup, or if I have to I will use coconut sugar. The Stevia was a big turn-off to me with the final product. While edible, they just were not as delicious as the other natural sweeteners that I use.

For fun, I made a glaze for the donuts and topped them with Fruity Pebbles, which is a cereal that I avoid having in my pantry. I bought a little individual serving size tub for a dollar at Kroger just for the sake of using them as donut topping. My daughter was in shock to see Fruity Pebbles in the house. Sugary, processed cereals are a big no over here. I had mixed feelings about using them as a topping too. They are like eating pure sugar. Way too sweet for me. I still do want to try a Lucky Charms topped donut someday. I might enjoy that more since that was my favorite cereal while I was a little girl.

Sounds like I am hating on my donuts here. I kinda sorta am. I am definitely going to whip up some coconut flour vanilla donuts again but totally steer clear of the Stevia. I can usually tolerate Stevia in my Zevia soda but it just didn’t agree with me in baking.

Green donuts before going in the oven - GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Green donuts before going in the oven
Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles - AKA Sugar Booger
Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger
Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles - AKA Sugar Booger
Green Donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger
Weirdly colored Green donuts with Fruity Pebbles - AKA Sugar Booger
Weirdly colored Green donuts with Fruity Pebbles – AKA Sugar Booger

Coffee Cardamon Steaks For Dinner

Nothing special happened for lunch over here. We just snacked on some fruits. By the time 4 o’clock rolled around my tummy was growling and hangry! It might have been growling so loudly because it knew that I had t-bone steaks in the fridge. I took the steaks out and prepared a rub for them. I really wanted to try out something new with my steaks. For the spice rub I used a recipe from Do You Even Paleo. This paleo rub was superb and I would not change a single thing about it! It uses ground coffee, cardamom, coconut sugar, paprika, garlic powder, ground ginger, and salt & pepper.

I picked up a bag of baby rainbow carrots at Nino Salvaggio’s a couple days ago and I prepared them with a cardamom ghee (clarified butter). I love roasted carrots with a raw honey drizzle on them but I also wanted to try something new with the carrots. Really wanted to go for some brand new flavors last night.

After I had the rub on the steaks for awhile I heated up some ghee on my cast iron grill pan. I threw them on and heard that lovely sizzle! I cooked them medium rare, which in my humble opinion, is the only way to eat a steak. Steak needs to have that pink center. I took the steaks off the pan after I grilled each side for a few minutes and then let them rest for a few minutes.

I will tell you this… these steaks came out absolutely perfect! Everything about this steak was spot on. They were so tender and juicy and the flavor from the rub was extraordinary. I loved these steaks so much I am pretty sure we will be eating them the same way again tomorrow. Kroger had value packs of t-bone steaks on sale so we ended up getting four biggies for a great price.

Coffee and cardamom t-bone steak with cardamom carrots and zucchini
Coffee and cardamom t-bone steak with cardamom carrots and zucchini
Coffee & cardamom steak medium rare
Coffee & cardamom steak medium rare

Chloe and I were supposed to bake a layer cake yesterday but it never happened. I have Amazon Prime and unfortunately, an extract that I had ordered did not arrive when promised. So our cake is put on hold until that extract shows up.

Wally’s Frozen Custard Review

Me and Joe took a trip to Wally’s Frozen Custard one weekend while Chloe was away at her grandparent’s home. We ordered the gargantuan 911 sundae. No way we could finish it all but I wanted to visit this place with my daughter so she could witness this huge sundae.

Wally’s Frozen Custard is located in St Clair Shores, MI and it is one of the most happening spots to grab a frozen treat! It has a very unique look and it appears to be like a fire station. They have plenty of tables outdoors so you can enjoy your frozen custard and enjoy the beautiful weather. They have a fantastic menu to choose from and offer something for everyone. And get this~ you can even order BREAKFAST at Wally’s Frozen Custard. For breakfast, a few things you can choose from are oatmeal, bagels, and muffins.

The 911 sundae is a steal at $9.11 at Wally’s Frozen Custard and is the most perfect sweet treat for sharing. There is definitely enough to go around for a family. It includes 9 dollops of frozen custard, 9 different toppings (the hard shell is hands down my favorite topping), whipped cream & maraschino cherry.

Wally's Frozen Custard 911 Sundae
The Wally’s Frozen Custard 911 Sundae
Me with my Wally’s Frozen Custard 911 Sundae

If you would love to give Wally’s Frozen Custard a whirl you can find some money-saving coupons on their website. Just click HERE.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend full of good eats and tasty treats. Weekends for me are a time to splurge and indulge in whatever my heart desires. I eat healthy all week long and the weekend is a time for me to cut loose a bit.

Question Time! Did you eat anything marvelous over the weekend? I am so curious so please leave me a comment and tell me about it!


Find out more about Wally’s Frozen Custard in St. Clair Shores!

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