Detroit Wing Company Restaurant REVIEW & Gift Card GIVEAWAY – Best Wings In Metro Detroit! 17 Flavors To Choose From!

If you are local to me in the Southeast area on Michigan and you are looking for a fantastic place to pick up an order of wings, then you need to know all about the Detroit Wing Company. There are currently 5 different locations and there are also 17 different flavors of wings to choose from. Detroit Wing Company offers a flavor to satisfy anyone with flavors ranging from mild to super spicy! Detroit Wing Company has also been voted as best wings in Metro Detroit by Hour Detroit Magazine and Metro Times. If you are looking for some wings that are better than Buffalo Wild Wings, you do not have to travel far. Keep reading my Detroit Wing Company review to find out more about our first experience here and also find out how you can win a $100 gift card to dine here!


Detroit Wing Company Review - 4 flavors of wings
4 flavors of wings (24 piece wings)


Detroit Wing Company Review (Detroit Wing Company Eastpointe)
Detroit Wing Company (Eastpointe)


Me and my daughter Chloe at Detroit Wing Company
Me and my daughter Chloe waiting for our order of wings



Disclosure: I received a gift card to dine at Detroit Wing Company in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here are my own.


Detroit Wing Company menu

My oh my! There are so many different wing sauces to choose from at Detroit Wing Company. This wing place offers up 17 different sauces ranging from mild to super spicy and everything in between. You can choose from either Classic Wings or Boneless Wings. My little family of 3 stopped in for a late lunch and we went with the 24-piece Classic Wings and we were able to choose 4 different flavors.

The Detroit Wing Company has some incredible wings but there is a lot more to their menu, so let’s explore it a bit!

They have chicken tenders on the menu, along with their DWC mac & cheese, fries with your choice of wing sauce, and they also have poutine! The poutine gravy is actually cooked for a whole 24 hours before serving so that you can have that amazing gravy flavor.

View the full menu HERE

Detroit Wing Company menu - Detroit Wing Company Review
Detroit Wing Company menu

Detroit Wing Company Flavors

Here is the part of the menu that gets super fun to order from. Here is where you decide which of these 17 wing sauces will be going on your order of wings at Detroit Wing Company. They have so many interesting sauces to choose from, it is almost difficult to narrow it down here! They all sound excellent.

For those of you who like it on the mild side there are wing sauces like Butter Cheese, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, and more. For the spicy thrillseekers at Detroit Wing Company you can go with the Calypso Heat (which is their hottest wing sauce!), Sweet Heat, Hot Garlic, and Habanero Ranch.


Detroit Wing Company menu - Detroit Wing Company Review
Flavors menu
Oh yeah baby! Look at those wings! Detroit Wing Company REVIEW
Oh yeah baby! Look at those wings!

Happy Hour at Detroit Wing Company

If you love to chow down on boneless wings make sure you swing by DWC between the hours of 3-5pm. You can score yourself some boneless wings at 40% off. This is a great deal that is just too good to pass up!

What my family ordered

We went with a 24-piece order of wings and were able to choose from 4 different sauces for that size order. We went with Garlic Parmesan, Asian Orange, Butter Cheese, and Carolina Gold BBQ. It was hard to narrow our choices down to only 4 since they all sounded so excellent! I think we definitely made the right choices here though!


Detroit Wing Company Review - 4 flavors of wings
4 flavors of wings


The Garlic Parmesan wings were hands-down my favorite of the four flavors that we gave a whirl! The Garlic Parmesan wings have a white creamy sauce and have a VERY potent flavor of garlic and also some Parmesan cheese. I was having a foodgasm at the table with that particular flavor and I swear to you, no doubt I looked like a dirty pig tearing into these wings. This flavor was SUPER sloppy but I do say that in the nicest way. The next time I stop in at the Detroit Wing Company my family will definitely be ordering that flavor once again.


Garlic Parmesan Wings at Detroit Wing Company - REVIEW
Garlic Parmesan Wings were a favorite among family!


Butter Cheese was quite the interesting wing flavor! I will say that I have never in my life had a wing quite like that. The Butter Cheese is a very mild wing and it will remind you of garlic crust from a cheesy pizza! Though similar to ingredients to the Garlic Parmesan (garlic and Parmesan), the Butter Cheese is more of a fraternal twin.


Butter Cheese Wings at Detroit Wing Company REVIEW
Butter Cheese Wings

Asian Orange was a delightful flavor that we also enjoyed. This Asian flavored wing has a very strong taste of orange to it. My daughter, Chloe who is 9, was not a fan of this particular flavor. She did say that the orange flavor was a bit overpowering. No worries though, my husband and I did find this flavor appealing and would happily order this flavor again.


Asian Orange Wings at Detroit Wing Company REVIEW
Asian Orange Wings


The Carolina Gold BBQ flavor at Detroit Wing Company is a great choice if you enjoy BBQ wings with a not too sweet and not too spicy flavor. This flavor is smack dab right in the middle of the flavor board.

Carolina Gold BBQ Wings at Detroit Wing Company REVIEW
Carolina Gold BBQ Wings

Final thoughts

I hope that my Detroit Wing Company review will inspire you to head on over to 1 of their 5 locations so you can give these wings a whirl! I usually go to Buffalo Wild Wings when that wing craving hits me but after trying out the wings at DWC, that will now be our go-to place. My little family of 3 was highly pleased with our first ever visit to the Eastpointe location. We also really appreciated the friendly staff. We are looking forward to exploring the menu a bit more on our next visit to the Detroit Wing Company.

Be sure to enter the giveaway in the widget down below. You can enter to win a $100 gift card for your next visit to the Detroit Wing Company!



Question & Answer Time!

Check out the menu and let us all know what you will be ordering. Will you go mild or will you go spicy? Maybe something in-between? Let me know!


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Good Eats At Sugarbush Tavern REVIEW – Eastpointe, MI – And The Best Cherry Chicken Salad Of My Life!

Who doesn’t love a great deal? I discovered Sugarbush Tavern through a local advertisement paper and through a recommendation from my mother. My husband and I often browse those publications to discover new restaurants that are local and have a coupon offer. Sugarbush had a buy-one-get-one-half-off coupon offer so we decided to step in for a family dinner and hope for the best. We love discovering new-to-us restaurants that are local to us. Giving new things a whirl is what I live for. I love the thrill of it all. Today I will be sharing my Sugarbush Tavern restaurant with you all. I can’t wait to tell you about the greatest cherry chicken salad of my life!

Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI
Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI – A great place to grab a burger, wings, ribs, salads, or just a great dinner!

We reside in St Clair Shores so heading over to Eastpointe is not too far of a drive for us. Sugarbush Tavern is definitely conveniently located for someone like myself.

Keep reading to find out about our incredible meals here and to find out more about their menu items. They are known to have the best ribs in town, also known to serve up a big fat juicy burger, wings, and other entrees. They also have a weekly specials menu for food and drinks.

Interior of Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI
Interior of Sugarbush Tavern in Eastpointe, MI

About Sugarbush Tavern

We visited the Eastpointe location but this restaurant also has a Chesterfield, MI location and that is where this place originated. They have been serving up their amazing dishes since 1994.

One great thing about Sugarbush Tavern is that they take pride in using items that are local to the state of Michigan.

We pride ourselves in buying local fresh food with a host of made in Michigan products such as Sanders Hot Fudge Sundaes, Traverse City Cherry BBQ Sauce, local Amish raised turkeys, and an amazing selection of local craft beers to name a few. (source)

If you love ribs you might just want to stop in and give theirs a whirl. They have award-winning ribs that were voted best in Macomb County. That is quite an honor, considering how many restaurants there are in the county of Macomb.

Let’s explore the menu and highlight some of the best

I apologize for not having a photo of the burgers here. The complete menu can be viewed online HERE. Sugarbush Tavern is known to offer up some great burgers. They have a 1/2 pound burger on their menu for $7.99. And for all of those low-carbers out there they even offer a low carb burger:

Lo-carb Burger
Cooked lo-carb style with no bun, and topped with bacon and
cheddar and served with cottage cheese and tomato slices – 8.99

Another burger that sounds intriguing is the Jack Daniels burger:

Jack Daniel’s Signature Burger
Topped with Jack Daniel’s sauce, monterey jack cheese,
sauteed mushrooms and onions – 9.59

Sugarbush Tavern Saturday Dinner Specials
Sugarbush Tavern Saturday Dinner Specials – They all sound fantastic! Prime Rib is the big Saturday special that I will need to chow down on someday!

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Our Visit To Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream – Because Sometimes A Girl Just Needs To Have Fun

We have all heard the expression, “You will feel like a kid in a candy shop”. Yesterday I was that kid in the candy shop! Last night I came up with the grand idea to visit Roger’s Bulk Candy and Ice-Cream in Eastpointe, MI. As you may already know I often promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. I believe in living your life and having fun every once in a while though. I feel that eating should be all about BALANCE. I regularly opt for healthy meals but sometimes I like to just cut loose and enjoy whatever the heck I want.


I heard about Roger’s Bulk Candy and Ice-Cream on the news just recently. I could not believe that I lived in the area of this place for so long and had no clue that it even existed. When you first step foot inside you will see an explosion of color, candy, and the huge variety of ice-creams that are available. This place just looks absolutely fun from the first moment that you get a peek inside. This place is floor to ceiling candy wherever your eyes looks.




This was a very exciting excursion for my 8-year-old daughter, Chloe. We ended up going there on a whim and planned it out as a surprise for her. We did not tell her where we were going, we just drove over there.

We had a blast walking around the store and looking at all of the candy that you can help yourself to. It is a bulk candy shop and the candy is sold by weight so you can buy as much or as little as you want. If your sweet tooth is calling, this is the place to be.

Roger’s has been in business for 12 years now. They have over 500 types of candy and they have something for everyone. Seriously, if you have a problem finding a candy to take home with you then maybe you have a problem lol! Most of the candies here are nostalgic candies that date back to your childhood. Seeing these candies sure did bring in a tidal wave of memories!

gumballs galore
Hershey Kisses in every color
Jones Soda and Stewarts soda

We ended up getting a little variety bag of sour candies. Then it was time to figure out what we were going to get at the ice-cream area of the shop. There is a huge assortment of ice-cream available and if you are seeking out something a little healthier, Roger’s does offer smoothies made with fresh fruit.

We decided we would order a banana-split and share it. This was no ordinary banana-split either. We did not go with the basic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. We wanted a colorful, Instagram-worthy banana-split with some fun flavors. We chose Superman, cotton candy, and anniversary cake. We had the usual toppings on it: strawberry (on the Superman), pineapple (on top of the cotton candy), and chocolate (topping for anniversary cake). We really were not sure how this would all pan out but this really did come together as a memorable banana split that we all enjoyed!




If you are local to this spot definitely stop in and give it a whirl! This was a wonderful experience for all of us. We also really enjoyed the helpful and friendly staff. Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream will surely put a smile on your face.

What is your favorite kind of candy that takes you back to your childhood? My favorite has always been those little raspberry and blackberry candies. Leave me a comment below!


Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice-Cream LOCATION

15020 E. 9-Mile Road, Eastpointe, MI

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