How-To Groupon Like A Boss In Macomb County! How I Spent 3 Groupons In One Day And Had A Very Frugal Day!

I will admit that I do check the Groupon site often for good deals. If I see a good deal that is just way too good to pass up, then you better believe it, I will grab that Groupon! Yesterday I managed to have quite a frugal day with 3 Groupons. I had a fun-filled day with some good sweets and treats, and a dinner to go along with it! Groupons geared towards dining are always a great way to experience something new and give it a whirl! These Groupons allow you to enjoy food and drink at a deeply discounted price.

This Groupon post is going to cover restaurants that are in the Southeast area of Michigan. I will share with you how you can score some great deals at these Michigan establishments. I am sharing how I Groupon’ed like a boss and had an incredibly delicious FRUGAL day!

How Groupon Works

Groupon is very easy to use. For the purpose of this post, I will only be sharing how to use the dining Groupons. There are many other types of Groupons available though! You simply head on over to the Groupon site or download the app. Choose the LOCAL tab at the top and find the Food & Drink category. Click onto that food & drink category and see what local Groupon deals are happening in your area.

How to get your Groupon

We just recently used a Buoy 12 Groupon this past weekend so I will use that as an example here. Buoy 12 is located in my area of St. Clair Shores, MI. They have two different offers available. One of those offers is for 2 people to receive a $25 voucher (currently sold out but keep checking back) or you can purchase a $50 voucher for four people at the discounted price of $30. So for $30 you get $50 worth of food on your next visit to Buoy 12. That is a discounted price of 40% off.

At time of publication (5/20/2019) you can use the Groupon coupon code SAVE3 to save even more!

My daughter and I dined at Buoy 12 in St Clair Shores this past weekend (Groupon deal)
My daughter and I dined at Buoy 12 in St Clair Shores this past weekend (Groupon deal)


Groupon coupon codes

BUT you can save even more if you have a Groupon coupon code, which is often available! Be sure to always check for Groupon coupon codes prior to checking out.

How to redeem your Groupon for dining

There are two ways you can present your Groupon when you are ready to redeem it. You can either print out the voucher on your printer at home OR you can download the Groupon app and show the server the Groupon on your mobile device.

Our first Groupon we spent was at Starbucks

I got quite lucky with the Starbucks Groupon. The Starbucks Groupons are only by invite-only. I spent $5 for the Groupon and ended up with $10 to spend at Starbucks.

Here is what I purchased at Starbucks: 1 S’mores Frappucino and 1 Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino.

I paid only $1.13 for two Frappucinos out-of-pocket. The Groupon was $5. So the total cost was $6.13. Not too shabby for two rather expensive frozen drinks! Starbucks is always just a fancy splurge item for me, so I appreciated that Groupon offer!


Give It A Whirl Girl and the Pearl Girl at Starbucks With Our Starbucks Groupon
Give It A Whirl Girl and the Pearl Girl at Starbucks With Our Starbucks Groupon


Starbucks on Gratiot in Roseville, MI
Starbucks on Gratiot in Roseville, MI

Starbucks on Gratiot in Roseville, MI

Two Frappucinos from Starbucks
Two Frappucinos from Starbucks

You can sign up for Groupon and you might just get one of these invite-only Groupons for Starbucks!

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Second Groupon we used was at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse

Sagano Japanese Steakhouse currently has two different locations on Groupon: the Warren Japanese Steakhouse and the Clarkston Japanese Steakhouse location. We visited the Warren location so I will be reviewing that experience here.

Read the fine print

Please always read the fine print on Groupons! Sagano Japanese Steakhouse is a shining example of that! For example, you can not use a Groupon at Sagano within 24 hours of purchasing the Groupon. Also, there are menu restrictions on what exactly the Groupon can be used for. We found out the hard way these two things!

What we ordered at Sagano

At Sagano Japanese Steakhouse my husband and I ordered a cucumber sushi roll (please not that you can’t use the Groupon for sushi rolls here. We paid separate for the sushi), and we ordered the chicken teriyaki entree and the beef teriyaki entree. My husband, my daughter Chloe who is 9, and I shared the 2 entrees and that was plenty for the 3 of us. Our entrees came with a soup and a salad, which was wonderful and delicious! We were very pleased with our teriyaki dishes. They had had a great flavor and the portion size was perfect!

How we got the most out of our Sagano Groupon

We had the $30 Groupon for Sagano. The beef teriyaki was $16.95 and the chicken teriyaki entree was $12.95. Our $30 Sagano Groupon covered the cost of the two teriyaki entrees. Our cucumber sushi roll was $3.50 and then we had to leave a tip. I gave the waitress a great tip because she was absolutely awesome, I must say! We really felt that the service at Sagano was excellent.


Cucumber sushi roll at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse
Cucumber sushi roll at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse
Soup and salad was included with our two teriyaki entrees at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse
Soup and salad was included with our two teriyaki entrees at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse


Chicken teriyaki and beef teriyaki at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse in Warren
Chicken teriyaki and beef teriyaki at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse in Warren

The Sagano Groupon is PERFECT for HIBACHI!

The Sagano Japanese Steakhouse Groupon is perfect for giving the hibachi grill a whirl. This image below is of my scallop hibachi dish that I got on a previous visit to Sagano. My family of 3 were quite impressed with our hibachi dinners. When we dined at the hibachi grill on that visit we had a fantastic chef. He had a great sense of humor and was very entertaining. Of course there were big flames and an onion volcano and my daughter really enjoyed the theatrics of the Japanese chef that cooked our meals.

Here is the hibachi scallops at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse. You can use the Groupon for the hibachi grill.
Here is the hibachi scallops at Sagano Japanese Steakhouse. You can use the Groupon for the hibachi grill.

You might enjoy this Le Crepe Groupon (Royal Oak)

And finally, for dessert, we used a Menchie’s Groupon

We are big fans of Menchie’s here in the Give It A Whirl Girl household so we could not pass this deal up! The Menchie’s Groupon is valid for two different locations: Warren and Shelby Township. The Menchie’s Groupon allows frozen yogurt enthusiasts (like me!) to purchase bundles of $5 Menchie’s vouchers for a discounted price.

2 $5 Menchie’s vouchers are $7

or 4 $5 Menchie’s vouchers are $14

Please be aware (and I found this out the hard way too because I skimmed over the fine print) that you can only use 1 $5 Menchie’s Groupon per visit!

Want to learn more about Menchie’s?

Read my Menchie’s Review on the blog!

If you are looking for a fun place to take the family for dessert, Menchie’s is the place to be! You are the creator of your frozen yogurt treat. Choose from several different frozen yogurt flavors and then top it all off at the unlimited toppings bar! Menchie’s charges by the ounce of your dessert creation, so if you want to keep the cost down don’t go too wild and crazy and keep your dessert down to a small or moderate size.


3 happy little tubs of Menchie's frozen yogurt that we got with our Menchie's Groupon
3 happy little tubs of Menchie’s frozen yogurt that we got with our Menchie’s Groupon

Here are some more Menchie’s photos for your viewing pleasure from previous trips to this dessert destination!

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) Menchie's Groupon

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) Menchie's Groupon

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) Menchie's Groupon

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) Menchie's Groupon

Pro Tip For Groupon! That is IF you are in the Southeast Michigan area

I am going to also let you know about one other FABULOUS GROUPON if you are local! That Groupon would be for Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale. If you are a sushi connoisseur like me you will absolutely love Inyo! You can see even more photos of this Asian fusion restaurant in my FAQ on the blog. Inyo Restaurant is currently in the top spot for my number one dining destination. You can score a tremendous deal to Inyo Ferndale on Groupon!

Here are the 4 Groupons offered for Inyo in Ferndale


Get your Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale Groupon HERE


Sushi at Inyo Ferndale
Sushi at Inyo Ferndale
Sushi at Inyo Ferndale
Sushi at Inyo Ferndale
Ok guys! I am obsessed with Inyo. Here is a photo of my Walnut Lobster. This was the most recent meal that I ordered
Walnut Lobster at Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale
And just for fun! Here is a photo of my daughter, Chloe Pear, with her chicken teriyaki dinner at Inyo Ferndale
My daughter, Chloe, who is 9 always orders the chicken teriyaki at Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale

Final thoughts

I hope this post about Groupon dining will inspire you to give Groupon a whirl! There are so many restaurants that you can try out at a discounted price. This is a wonderful way to give some new establishments a whirl! My little family of 3 has discovered a ton of great places with Groupons and there are so many other places that we cannot wait to try! I have my eye on the Le Crepe Groupon.

Groupon is soooooo much more than just dining at restaurants! You can go scoop up some goods and take a trip with Groupon getaways!


Love saving money? Find out how you can earn cashback shopping with the simple-to-use IBOTTA app

Current Groupon Deals at time of publication

Find great deals at!


Sitewide Sale: Up to 20% Off Local, 10% Off Getaways, 10% Off Goods Promo code: SALE3 Valid 5/21-5/22

Grocery & Household

Deals of the Day

Sign up For Groupon Selects! Save 25% More on Local, 10% More Off Tickets and Events, 10% More Off Travel and Free Shipping!

Summer Grilling Packages from Omaha Steaks Stores (Up to 72% Off)!

Shogun in Rochester Hills Groupon

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius Groupon (Warren)

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Groupon (Grand Blanc)

RamenYa Groupon (Novi)

Sushi Q Groupon (Southgate)

Wok Inn Groupon (Clinton Township)




Question & Answer Time!
Take a look around the Groupon site and tell me what Groupon dining deal you will be snatching up!



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Coffee Lovers Gift Guide – My Top 10 Coffee Favorites – Get BUZZED With This Coffee Shopping Guide!

Today I am sharing my coffee lovers gift guide with you. This coffee gift guide features my top 10 coffee favorites all in one handy online shopping guide. Truth be told, and cat is out of the bag… I am a bit of a coffee addict. Just gotta have it! I’m actually on my second cup as I write this post. Every single morning when I first wake up and rise out of bed is to flip the switch on my coffee pot and get that coffee brewing process started. I honestly just can’t imagine going a single day without at least one cup of coffee in my life. True story!


Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

& My Top 10 Coffee Favorites

TOP 10 Coffee Favorites - Coffee Gift Guide by Give It A Whirl Girl

Death Wish Coffee – Ground Coffee

Death Wish Coffee has earned the top spot on my Top 10 coffee list and for excellent reason. Though a one-pound bag errs on the side of being a bit pricy, Death Wish Coffee is sure to brew up a fabulous cup of morning coffee! This coffee is fair trade and USDA certified organic. The Death Wish Coffee brand touts itself as being the “world’s strongest coffee” and this brand packs a punch.

Death Wish Coffee is also available in WHOLE BEAN

Death Wish Coffee - Ground Coffee
Death Wish Coffee – Ground Coffee

Bones Coffee Sampler Pack – 10 Packs Ground Coffee

Bones Coffee is a brand of coffee that you can rely on for fun and unique flavors of coffee!

This Bones Coffee variety pack flavors included: Chocolate Raspberry, Medium Roast, White Russian, Jamaican Me Crazy, Strawberry Cheesecake, High Voltage (2x the caffeine), Jacked O Lantern (pumpkin spice), Maple Bacon, French Vanilla, and Salted Caramel. Each 2-ounce bag will brew approximately 6 cups of delicious Bones Coffee.

The Bones Coffee Sampler Pack is also available in WHOLE BEAN

Find out more about Bones Coffee on their website and online store. Many many more fantastic flavors to choose from! Don’t miss out on their popular flavors: Electric Unicorn (a fruity cereal flavored coffee, Peanut Butter & Jelly, S’morey Time (S’mores flavored coffee), and Strawberry Cheesecake coffee. The Bones Coffee online store also has 5-flavor variety packs available in ground or whole bean. Great way to try out several of their creative flavors!


Bones Coffee Sampler Pack
Bones Coffee Sampler Pack


Kiss My Keto – Keto Coffee w/ MCT Oil and Coconut Oil

These Kiss My Keto instant keto coffee packets are awesome if you are cutting down on carbs and doing a keto diet. Each Kiss My Keto coffee packet contains 2g net carbs. These Kiss My Keto coffee packets contain MCT oil and coconut oil to aid in burning fat.


Kiss My Keto - Keto Coffee
Kiss My Keto – Keto Coffee

Shop at Kiss My Keto’s online store! Save 10% on your next order with my special Kiss My Keto coupon!

10% off

Save 10% on your next order at Kiss My Keto

More Less
Doesn't expire

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

Here is a great coffee maker from one of my favorite brands of small kitchen appliances, Ninja! This 12-Cup Ninja Coffee Brewer comes with a promise to brew up the perfect cup of morning Joe with a built-in feature that is called Thermal Flavor Extraction. The carafe is capable of holding 60 ounces of the perfect pot of coffee. Another feature that this Ninja coffee maker has is the ability to brew coffee as a Small Batch, as well as a Classic or Rich mode. I am ready for an upgrade in my kitchen and this Ninja Coffee Brewer looks like the most excellent choice and it is quite budget-friendly.


Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Keurig Cafe SE Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer – Special Edition

If you are in the market for a Keurig, this Keurig Cafe special edition coffee brewer has excellent reviews and amazing features. This Keurig coffee brewer is capable of brewing either coffee, lattes, or cappuccino. Want a stronger cup of coffee? There is also a special feature on this Keurig coffee maker that allows you to add a shot to your next drink. A Keurig coffee brewer is so fabulous to have on-hand for when you just need one single cup of coffee. The K-cups make it possible to enjoy a single cup of coffee with the touch of a button.

Keurig Cafe SE Single Serve K-Cup Pod Special Edition
Keurig Cafe SE Single Serve K-Cup Pod Special Edition

Decaf Is For Wimps Coffee Mug

This Decaf Is For Wimps coffee mug is from one of my favorite brands – BigMouth! Step aside decaf lovers! This mug just isn’t for you! You can now proudly display your love for the caffeine that one enjoys from drinking coffee. Why not let the whole world know just how much you truly love coffee?!!

Decaf Is For Wimps Coffee Mug - BigMouth
Decaf Is For Wimps Coffee Mug – BigMouth

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Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

I vividly remember growing up and watching Bob Ross paint on TV. This here is a heat changing coffee mug featuring the master painter, Bob Ross! It starts off black and once warm coffee is poured into the mug a landscape appears.

Bob Ross Heat Changing Coffee Mug
Bob Ross Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – ZERO Sugar, ZERO Calories, ZERO Carbs

I recently gave Jordan’s Skinny Syrups a whirl and I was quite impressed!

These flavored coffee/drink syrups are FREE of calores, sugar, and carbs!

These Skinny Syrups from Jordan’s can fit right into your keto diet and lifestyle. You can enjoy a sweet cup of coffee now without all the guilt. These syrups taste like an indulgent treat but they are guilt-free. Flavors that are included in the variety pack are Salted Caramel Syrup, Vanilla Syrup, Mocha Syrup, Caramel Syrup, Hazelnut Syrup and English Toffee Syrup.

Be sure to check out the Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Ice-Cream Collection as well. I am giving this 3-flavor variety pack and honorable mention spot on my Top 10 coffee favorites list. This ice-cream themed variety pack includes Caramel Fudge, Birthday Cake, and Cookie Dough. Oh my goodness! I totally need that in my life.

What flavor will you try first? Feel free to leave me a comment.

Jordan's Skinny Syrups - 6 Flavor Variety Pack
Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – 6 Flavor Variety Pack
Jordan's Skinny Syrups - Ice-Cream Collection
Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – Ice-Cream Collection

NutPods Creamer Variety Pack

Heads up folks! Incoming awesome coffee creamer that will fit right into your Whole 30, keto, paleo or vegan diet and lifestyle! These individual coffee creamers from NutPods are 10 calories per serving, ZERO carbs, and ZERO sugar. This NutPods creamer variety pack includes French Vanilla, Original, and Hazelnut flavors.

NutPods Variety Pack Coffee Creamer
NutPods Variety Pack Coffee Creamer

Pyknic Death Before Decaf Flowy Dolman Coffee Shirt

Last but certainly not least… I have to share with you one of my favorite clothing and apparel brands… Pyknic! I own a couple of their dolman shirts and I love to share my love of coffee with the world. Pyknic has some really clever coffee designs that earn a spot in your wardrobe!

Death Before Decaf Dolman Shirt From Pyknic
Death Before Decaf Dolman Shirt From Pyknic

Question & Answer Time!

What coffee items caught your eye in my coffee lovers gift guide? Will you be giving anything a whirl from this Top 10 coffee favorites shopping guide? Leave me a comment and let me know what coffee products you are dying to try!


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Check out my AMAZON STORE for more great coffee lovers gift ideas



More coffee lovers gift ideas on Amazon

LookHUMAN coffee mugs are featured below. Here are my top picks!


Did you enjoy this coffee lovers gift guide?

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TOP 10 Coffee Favorites - Coffee Gift Guide by Give It A Whirl Girl

Top 10 Coffee Favorites - Coffee Gift Guide by Give It A Whirl Girl

Start Your Day With A Slingshot Shake – Complete Breakfast Protein Slingshot Shake REVIEW

Would you like to try a delicious and nutritious breakfast shake that is packed full of protein and nutrients? Slingshot Foods has a complete breakfast in one handy on-the-go breakfast shake and no spoon is required! What makes these Slingshot Shakes unique and stand out from the rest, is the little granola package at the top of the bottle. You simply tear it open and pour the granola mixture into your protein shake and give it a good shake to mix it up. You will find that these delicious breakfast shakes will be a lifesaver on busy mornings when you have very little or no time at all to eat. I have a feeling that after reading my Slingshot Shake review you will be stocking up on this drinkable yogurt.

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shakes
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shakes

Slingshot Shakes REVIEW

In today’s fast-paced world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drinkable yogurt is one of the fasted growing breakfast foods around. In just the past year this category of breakfast food has grown at a rate of a 20% increase. Cereal still remains the number one breakfast food (no surprise there). So just why then are these drinkable yogurts on the rise? They are an excellent source of protein and nutrients to kickstart your day.


Slingshot Shake Nutrition


This small, on-the-go bottle of Slingshot Shake packs in a great big amount of protein to start your day. In one Slingshot Shake, you will find a whopping 18 grams of protein.


This handy breakfast shake from Slingshot also contains a healthy dose of gut-boosting probiotics. A Slingshot Shake contains 15 billion CFUs of probiotics. Your gut is going to thank you for all of these probiotics. You may hear quite a bit of talk about probiotics nowadays. Probiotics are a hot topic and for good reason. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help give your digestive system some balance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in your gut.

Lactobacillus is the probiotic that you might hear about most frequently. This good bacteria is found in your yogurt and what you might call friendly bacteria. You can read more about lactobacillus HERE.


Slingshot Shake also gives your healthy diet a serving of fiber, coming in at 3 grams of fiber. Fiber is essential to a well-balanced diet and helps keep things running smoothly if you know what I mean! There are many health benefits of fiber including relieving constipation, maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, helping to maintain a healthy weight, and can actually help you live a longer life!

The recommended daily intake of fiber for men and women vary. It is recommended that men get 38 grams of fiber, and women need around 28 grams of fiber.

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shakes come in 6 flavors
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shakes come in 6 flavors


All natural ingredients in Slingshot Shakes

I checked out the nutrition label on my Slingshot Shake and was pleasantly surprised to see that these drinkable yogurt protein shakes have only all natural ingredients with nothing strange or weird lurking inside. Ingredients: (Drink) Lowfat milk, milk protein concentrate, water, organic cane sugar, honey, natural flavors, vanilla beans, lemon juice concentrate, yogurt cultures; (Shot) Toasted oats, chia seeds, almond bits, honey, sunflower oil I love when I look at the label on my food and I can pronounce all of the words that are in the list of ingredients.

Flavors of Slingshot Shakes

There are six wonderful flavors of Slingshot shakes breakfast shakes available. Each comes with its own little granola pouch. These little pouches contain the following ingredients: rolled oats, chia seeds, and toasted almond bits.

Simply Plain Shake

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - Simply Plain
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – Simply Plain


Vanilla Bean Shake

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - Vanilla Bean
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – Vanilla Bean


Strawberry Shake

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - Strawberry
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – Strawberry


Blueberry Shake

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - Blueberry
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – Blueberry


Powerplant Shake

The Slingshot Power Plant shake is a unique blend of pineapple, spinach, ginger, and turmeric.

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - PowerPlant
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – PowerPlant


Peach Shake

Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake - Peach
Slingshot Complete Breakfast Shake – Peach


How can Slingshot Shakes improve?

I am going to have to say that the biggest drawback to the Slingshot Shake is the amount of added sugar that I found on the label. For example, the vanilla shake 35 grams of total sugar with 23 added grams of sugar factored into that. For a health-conscious person, those 35 grams of sugar are just going to be way too much. For men, the recommended daily amount of sugar per day is 37.5 grams of sugar and for women, the recommended daily amount of sugar is 25 grams. You can find out more info about that HERE. It is super crazy hard to only take in 25 grams of sugar these days if you are a woman like me. This shake only puts me way over the recommended amount by the American Heart Association. So while I do enjoy these shakes, they are not part of my everyday morning routine.

What is next for Slingshot Shakes

It appears to be that Slingshot Shakes will be soon releasing a line of drinkable yogurt shakes for your little ones. The Slingshot Shorties, however, do not come up with the crunchy shot of granola for the shake. Slingshot Shakes decided that it is a textural issue with young children. The shakes for your little ones will still be full of nutrients and gut boosting probiotics, but no shot.

Final Thoughts

Slingshot Shakes are a simple and easy solution for when you need a quick breakfast. Just grab and go! The crunchy granola shot was a nice welcomed addition. The granola shot gives this yogurt shake a delightful texture. My daugher, who is 9, also enjoyed drinking the Slingshot Shake. I was happy to share with her and it is a breakfast that I feel good about serving.

Question Time! What flavor of Slingshot Shake will you be giving a whirl first? Leave me a comment and let me know what flavor you will try!



Want to learn more about Slingshot Shake breakfast shakes?

Where to buy Slingshot Shakes

Use the STORE LOCATOR to find out where you can get your SlingShot drinkable yogurt.



Slingshot Shakes Breakfast Shake REVIEW

Slingshot Shakes Breakfast Shake REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL




Japanese Candy & Snacks – Kawaii Sweets Gift Guide – 10 Awesome Ideas

Are you willing and eager to try something new in life? Why not try some unique & interesting Japanese candy and snacks? Over here at the Give It A Whirl Girl blog we are all about trying out new and unique foods and the Japanese candy and snacks fit right in perfectly! There is a very wide assortment of Japanese candy and snacks in this gift guide and there is something for everyone. Many of these Japanese candies come in some unusual flavors, such as lychee flavor and milk flavor. I am always trying to encourage others to eat with an open mind. My intent behind this list is to open you up to some new and exciting flavors and foods.

Do you know what the word KAWAII means? In Japanese, the word kawaii means cute.

Everything here on this gift guide ventures into the realm of cuteness! These candies would be perfect for gift giving to a child or an adult who is young at heart. The packaging on all of these Japanese candies and snacks are adorable, creative, colorful, and interesting to look at.

These products are all available on Amazon and they include free 2-day shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

If you are not yet a Prime member be sure to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

This free trial will definitely come in handy for all of your holiday shopping this year.

Japanese Candy & Snacks Amazon Gift Guide

Japanese Candy Assortment – Premium Selection of Candy and Snacks Imported from Japan

This is a fabulous assortment box to help kick off this list here! This is $30.00 on Amazon (at the time of publication) and it ships free with Amazon Prime. This variety pack contains 15 premium pieces of Japanese candy and snacks. This assortment is perfect for gift giving as well if you are looking to give someone a memorable gift.

Japanese Candy Assortment - Premium Selection of Candy and Snacks Imported from Japan
Japanese Candy Assortment – Premium Selection of Candy and Snacks Imported from Japan


Ramune Japanese Marble Soft Drink Mix Variety 8 Flavors 8 Bottles by Hata Shanderia

Ramune is a popular Japanese drink that has a marble inside of it! No kidding! Don’t worry though, you are not going to choke on the marble. The marble is trapped inside. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such a fun and innovative drink! Mad props to them! This variety pack of Japanese Ramune soda includes 8 fun flavors to delight your palate. It includes pineapple, coconut, grape, melon, lychee, strawberry, orange, and original flavor.


Ramune Japanese Marble Soft Drink Mix Variety 8 Flavors 8 Bottles by Hata Shanderia
Ramune Japanese Marble Soft Drink Mix Variety 8 Flavors 8 Bottles by Hata Shanderia


Japanese Candy Kit Kat 16 pcs TONOSAMA selection, ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS

Wowza! Check out this variety pack of Japanese Kit Kat candies. Kit Kat is HUGE in Japan. It saddens me that we do not have these fun flavors in the US, but lucky for us, this is available on Amazon with free 2-day Prime shipping. This is also super excellent for gift-giving. I know that if I ever received this variety pack it would make for one hell of a memorable gift and I would savor each and every bite.

Japanese Kit Kat 16 pcs TONOSAMA selection, ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS
Japanese Kit Kat 16 pcs TONOSAMA selection, ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS

Pocky Pejoy Biscuit Sticks Variety, Pack of 9 Boxes

Ahhh yes! Pocky! This is a Japanese candy that you are definitely going to want to try. Pocky are little biscuit stick snacks that are dipped into various flavors.

Pocky Flavors Include: Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Banana, Milk Chocolate. Pejoy Flavors Include: Chocolate, Matcha, and Cookies & Cream.

Variety Pack of Pocky - Includes 9 Flavors
Variety Pack of Pocky – Includes 9 Flavors

Morinaga Hi-chew – 8 Flavor pack

Hi-Chew is one of my all-time favorite Japanese candies! These are the flavors that are included in this variety pack: Strawberry, Grape, Green Apple, Mikan, White Soda, Cola, Pineapple, Lemon Squash. If you like candies that have a chewy texture then you will absolutely love Hi-Chew candies.

Hi-Chew 8 Flavor Variety Pack
Hi-Chew 8 Flavor Variety Pack

Continue reading “Japanese Candy & Snacks – Kawaii Sweets Gift Guide – 10 Awesome Ideas”

Kawaii Bubble Tea Is The Place You Want To Be – Boba Review in Clinton Township, Michigan

If you have not heard about boba tea yet, why not? It is all the rage these days and I am writing this in hopes of directing you to your new happy place~ Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI. Upon walking in you are bombarded with an adorable cat on the wall that just screams CUTE! This place is the place you want to be if you want to be adventurous and indulge in a unique drink. Did you know that the word “kawaii” means CUTE in Japanese? This place is off the charts when it comes to the cuteness factor! You will be radiating with happiness once you take that first sip of your boba drink.

Kawaii Bubble Tea is the most perfect place to take your family. The drinks served here are kid-friendly and this little shop is a good alternative to going out for ice-cream. I am suggesting here that you mix things up and try something new! Your child will fall in love with the cute drinks that come in fun flavors. The drinks even come with a cute little face on top to seal the drink in. And because there is boba in there you have to use a thick, fat straw. Children will definitely have a memorable time here and get a kick out of it. My 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, always looks forward to going out for a bubble tea.

Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Give It A Whirl Girl visits Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI offers boba drinks, French macarons, and other Japanese treats

About Kawaii Bubble Tea

Kawaii Bubble Tea is owned by Christa Gowing and she has been the owner here for nearly two years. She started out working at Starbucks and then took a leap of faith and made her dream come true of opening up a bubble tea shop. I had a chance to sit down and chat with Christa about her business and I got nothing but good vibes from her. She was friendly and sweet and I enjoyed chatting with her about her bubble tea shop.

Christa also has her amazing 19-year-old son, Jadon Maloney, who inspired her to open up this unique place. Jadon is the co-owner of the shop. They work together at Kawaii Bubble Tea and he was pretty much the mastermind of the entire concept of this shop, including the name, logo, and color scheme. That is quite the accomplishment for someone who is the age of 19! I am fascinated by this! Christa also had a ton of support from her husband to open up Kawaii Bubble Tea. When you have a fantastic support system your dreams can become a reality.

Boba is a Taiwanese drink concept and has actually been around since the 1980s. It hasn’t achieved popularity in the states until fairly recently. The good word is spreading and more and more people are getting curious about these cute and unusual drinks!

The drinks are available in three sizes (small, medium, or large). The cool thing about this drink shop is how you can create any drink that you desire. There are thousands of possibilities with the different flavor combinations you can come up with.

You can either choose to drink your boba drink inside or take it on-the-go. There are plenty of tables for indoor seating.

The menu board at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
The menu board at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

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All about the boba! What is it?

Confused about boba? There are three different types of boba offered. I am also providing the different flavors that each are offered in.

  • Traditional – Sweet and creamy tapioca pearl
  • Popping – Little balls of juice that pop in your mouth (Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Green Apple, Yogurt, Pomegranate, and Lychee )
  • Jelly – These are firm and chewy (Assorted, Mango, Lychee, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry)

The boba all comes in a variety of flavors. There are several options here on deciding what to go with.

Enjoying a honeydew boba at Kawaii Bubble Tea
Enjoying a honeydew boba at Kawaii Bubble Tea
Enjoying a honeydew boba at Kawaii Bubble Tea In this photo you can see the passionfruit jellies at the bottom. You use a fat straw to suck them up. Fun!
Kawaii Bubble Tea Boba drink (honeydew, with almond milk, green tea, and passionfruit jelly)
Kawaii Bubble Tea Boba drink (honeydew, with almond milk, green tea, and passionfruit jelly)


How do I get my boba drink?

That is entirely up to you! The drinks at Kawaii Bubble Tea are completely customizable. You can even adjust the sweetness of your custom drink.

  1. The first step is to pick your flavor. There are several to choose from! So much that it is somewhat overwhelming for a first time visitor. That is why I am writing this post. I want to guide you on losing your boba virginity. View all the flavors HERE.
  2. The second step is to choose tea. There are three teas to choose from. The black tea and green tea have caffeine. The passion tea is caffeine free. Passion tea would be best for the children that visit.
  3. The third step is to choose if you want your tea blended or poured over ice. If you go with the blended option your drink will be like a slushie.
  4. The final step is to choose your boba (as mentioned above there is traditional, popping, and jelly) and the boba also comes in a wide variety of flavors.

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek on how the drink is made. It is put inside a shaker to ensure that the ingredients are well incorporated.



I chatted for quite a while with the owner. I wanted to get the inside scoop on her favorite drink. After all, she is the professional here! Christa often goes with a milk tea with honeydew. So I was curious and I ended up going with that as well and I chose the passionfruit jellies as my boba. I was blown away by the delicious flavor of this drink. If you are a fan of honeydew this one will knock your socks off!

Special drinks

Can’t decide on what combination to go with? Kawaii Bubble Tea has a variety of drink concoctions available if you need to be guided in the right direction of a tasty drink. You can view the special drink menu HERE.

Gluten-free and dairy restrictions

If you need to avoid gluten and dairy you are in luck at Kawaii Bubble Tea.

The milk and the fruit teas are gluten-free as well as the boba included with them.

The fruit teas are dairy and lactose-free. If you need a milk substitute they have you covered with a couple of different options: almond milk and soy milk, which is an additional 60-cents.

And guess what? Most of the macarons are also gluten-free. Please inquire about the macarons if you are unsure. Flavors like cookie dough are not gluten-free. I’m telling you, you just have to enjoy a macaron or two or three with the boba. Read more about macarons up next!


Need a little bite to eat with your boba drink? Kawaii Bubble Tea also offers some scrumptious little French macarons in a wide variety of flavors! Check out this wide selection that they have available (see below). It is so hard to narrow it down when every single flavor is delectable and delish! Seriously guys and gals, it does not get any better than this combo here~

Boba and macarons together is seriously a match made in heaven.

These two things (boba and macarons) do go hand-in-hand and French macarons really do taste as good as they look.

The macarons available at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI

The macarons are not made in the shop but they are created in Chicago by a French pastry chef that overnights them to Kawaii Bubble Tea. We had a chance to sample half a dozen and we were not let down one bit by these. They were, quite honestly, some of the freshest and most flavorful macarons I have ever tried!

  • American Cheesecake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Blueberry
  • Coffee
  • Cookie Dough
  • Cookies N Cream
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Matcha
  • Nutella
  • Pistachio
  • Raspberry
  • Red Velvet
  • Salted Caramel
  • S’mores
  • Taro
  • Vanilla
  • White Chocolate

We had six macarons to sample. I apologize for there being only four in the photo. Someone must have been hungry! We had the Fruity Pebbles, Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, White Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and drumroll please…. TARO!

Since the whole concept of my blog is about trying new things I just had to give taro a whirl because I had no clue what it was. It tasted a lot like vanilla. Taro is an Asian root vegetable that is quite similar to a potato in its starchiness. I was quite surprised by its sweet vanilla-like flavor.


Asian Snacks

Kawaii Bubble Tea also has a small offering of different Asian snacks that will pair well with your boba drink. They have Pocky, Hi-Chew, Yan Yan, and more.


Rewards Program

Rewards programs are a huge incentive and often make me a repeat customer. I love that Kawaii Bubble Tea offers a reward for coming in. Here is how it works:

  • You provide your phone number (this is your account number)
  • Purchase 10 drinks in any size and your 11th drink is free. You earn one star per drink purchase and once you accumulate those ten stars you can redeem your reward.
  • You can also earn stars by purchasing macarons. When you purchase six macarons you earn one star.
Enjoying our boba drinks and macarons at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI
Enjoying our boba drinks and macarons at Kawaii Bubble Tea in Clinton Township, MI What a fun experience for all of us!

Insider tips!

Cannot decide on one flavor for your drink or just one boba? You can get 2 for the price of one. Mix and match!

Want to take home some boba and experiment with it? At Kawaii Bubble Tea you can purchase containers of popping pearls boba that are ready to go home. You can get creative with them and add them to adult beverages, add them to ice-cream, or whatever your heart desires.

Still confused?

If you are new to bubble tea the first time visiting a place like this can feel very overwhelming. No need to worry though! The staff at Kawaii Bubble Tea is super friendly and very helpful. They will be there for you if you need them. The staff is just superb!

Gift cards

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life? Kawaii Bubble Tea offers e-gift-cards. The starting price for these is $5.00 and that is enough to cover one drink. You can choose from 6 different styles and customize the amount that you would like to send. Physical gift-cards are available in-store. You can view the e-gift-cards HERE.

Question Time! What boba drink will you try at Kawaii Bubble Tea? Leave me a comment and let me know! Also, do you have a favorite flavor of macarons?




Kawaii Bubble Tea Location:

43301 Garfield Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48038, United States


(586) 421-5604

Kawaii Bubble Tea Menu:

Kawaii Bubble Tea menu can be found HERE

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A Day Of Good Eats With Good Family

We had an awesome day yesterday full of good eats and great times with family. I got super lucky and won a prize pack from Coleman Naturals on Facebook. I won a variety of organic hotdogs and sausages. As soon as I received my prize pack I knew I had to host a family get-together. I am always looking for an excuse or reason to have people over and cook for them. It brings me a lot of happiness and joy putting a party/family gathering together. Is there really anything better in life than having your good family come together to have a day full of great eats? So we had some hotdogs, sausages, potato salad, macaroni salad, and corn on the cob. It all added up to a scrumptious meal. My sister also brought some side dishes and my mother-in-law brought a fruit tray. We had quite a few healthy foods to eat.


This was my first time trying out anything by Coleman Naturals. I did a bit of research on their products and think that they are an incredible brand. Hotdogs and sausages are often filled with weird, garbage ingredients but not Coleman Naturals. They do not use antibiotics, hormones, steroids, they are non-GMO, use only all natural ingredients, are gluten-free, are free range, and only use organic ingredients. I don’t feel so bad about eating a hotdog or a sausage when I know that they are only made with quality ingredients.

These hotdogs and sausages were the stars of the show yesterday. I had most of my family over and we all enjoyed these. There were chicken hotdogs, pork & beef hotdogs, apple chicken sausage, and some andouille sausage. I also created some other dishes to go with the gathering. I made a healthy potato, a gluten-free macaroni salad, and I also made paleo dark chocolate fudge cupcakes. My dad and my stepmom also brought over some Michigan sweet corn. I brushed mine up and down with some ghee and was in corn heaven!

On Friday night I got home from our day trip out to Birch Run and I had to get my potato salad and macaroni salad done. For both salads, I used my jar of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo. This was my first time using this mayo and I had no doubt it would be great because I love everything that Primal Kitchen has to offer. This avocado oil mayo can be found on Amazon but the price at Primal Kitchen is a tad lower.

The Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo is Whole 30 compliant, paleo-friendly, keto-approved, sugar-free, gluten-free, and has ZERO grams of carbs! I was super pumped to try this healthy mayo. I love when I come across a food product that is REAL FOOD and allows me to eat clean. Primal Kitchen always comes to mind when I think about clean food. I am so happy to be able to represent and work with a brand that offers nothing but the best when it comes to eating healthy and well.

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

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Counter Culture Coffee – Hologram Review – The Coffee You Probably Don’t Know About But Should!

It was a great mail day because this fresh new bag of coffee showed up on my doorstep. I ordered the Hologram blend from Counter Culture Coffee, and I have been eager to try it for some time now! I knew I would love this coffee from the moment I opened up the bag. If happy had a smell to it, it would smell a lot like this Hologram coffee. Once you open the bag and realize how inviting this coffee is you have to brew a pot! May I present to you my Counter Culture Coffee Hologram review! Keep reading this post to find out more about this brand you probably never heard of yet but should!




Beans! Beans! Beans! Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag
Beans! Beans! Beans! Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag

This roast is not the least bit heavy, quite the opposite. If bright and light blends appeal to you then this coffee would be perfect for you. It has a very smooth taste with hints of fruit and chocolate. It is a whole bean coffee so time to dust off that coffee grinder and put it to work. Coffee from fresh ground beans is always best anyway. This coffee might also go great in a French Press. Hmmm… now I might just need to try that!

Counter Culture Coffee Hologram
What is inside my rainbow cup? Counter Culture Coffee Hologram!

By the way, did you know that it is true that the lighter roasts of coffee have a higher caffeine content? Yup… it is true! You can read more about this HERE. I need caffeine to give me a jolt because without it I feel sluggish throughout the day. I always had the misconception that a bold, dark roast had more caffeine to it. Wrong!

Counter Culture Coffee Hologram
Counter Culture Coffee Hologram


Shop all of the Counter Culture Coffee Blends HERE.


Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag
Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag

Other Blends Of Counter Culture Coffee

There are a total of six different whole bean coffee blends for you to sip and discover! There is even a decaf blend for those moments when you want a cup of coffee without the jitters. When you buy coffee through Counter Culture Coffee you are going to get one of the freshest roasts of coffee that are out there. This brand is for the gourmet. Each bag of this coffee might be considered pricey to you but when you want a special cup of coffee, this brand is worth the price tag.


If you want to discover the maximum potential of Counter Culture Coffee let me suggest using a French press.

Fast Forward

This Counter Culture whole bean coffee is best described as nutty, sweet, and light.


Fast Forward - Counter Culture Coffee
Fast Forward


Dark chocolate, smoky, and full-bodied whole bean coffee.

Forty-Six - Counter Culture Coffee

Slow Motion

This whole bean coffee from Counter Culture Coffee is for those of you who enjoy drinking decaf coffee. This decaf coffee is best described as smooth with cocoa and molasses. I am not a fan of decaf coffee but the description alone does make me want to give this coffee a big whirl!

Slow-Motion - Counter Culture Coffee


The whole bean Apollo coffee is a citrusy,  floral, and silky blend.

Apollo - Counter Culture Coffee

Big Trouble

The Big Trouble whole bean coffee from Counter Culture is a rounded caramel and nutty blend. This coffee will brew up the perfect pot of coffee to kick your day off with!

Big Trouble - Counter Culture Coffee
Big Trouble

Shop for Counter Culture Coffee on Amazon



Question Time!

What blend of Counter Culture Coffee do you think you would enjoy the most? I am really looking forward to trying the Fast Forward and Big Trouble. If they are as good as Hologram I will be pleased as pie! Leave me a comment and let me know which flavor you are trying first.

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Counter Culture Hologram Coffee Review by Give It A Whirl Girl



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Sacred Springs Kombucha REVIEW – Take A Sip! Your Gut Will Thank You

Today I would like to introduce you to a line of kombucha that was birthed in my home state of Michigan. This kombucha is brought to you by Sacred Springs. I actually ordered all five flavors from Shipt but one flavor was out of stock… boo! I will be honest here, I am a huge sucker for labeling and packaging. If a label draws me in enough I will purchase that product and bring it home with me. I have had my eye on this kombucha for awhile, particularly the Root Of Life bottle with the bearded man. Maybe his eyes mesmerized me? Whatever it was, it worked!

Sacred Springs Kombucha
Sacred Springs Kombucha

First things first, what is kombucha and why you should try it

Chances are you have heard about kombucha by now. It seems to be all the rage these days in the world of healthy living. Kombucha is a fermented tea (with sugar) that is full of good bacteria for your gut and probiotics. This can all strengthen your immune system, give you energy and focus, and also give you a boost in overall health.

When I first tried kombucha I will always remember it. I had no idea what it was when I bought it. It was GT’S Raspberry Chia and I bought it at Whole Foods. I was sitting out on the patio with my daughter and we gave it a whirl. At first, I was totally turned off by the vinegar-like taste. I just could not drink it. I do believe that like many things in life, kombucha is an acquired taste. I believe that once you get through your first couple of bottles and begin to experience all of the wonderful health benefits, you will be craving a bottle daily. That’s where I’m at right now!


The first flavor that I tried out was the one with holy basil. This one is called Kalmbucha. This one was very light tasting and easy to drink for me. There are a lot of kombucha haters out there (I know because I used to be one) and I feel that anyone could enjoy this particular flavor. Holy basil is known to bring balance to your life and even you out. It truly did have a calming effect that swept over me.

Sacred Springs Kalmbucha kombucha
Sacred Springs Kalmbucha kombucha (Holy Basil)

Flower of Life

The second kombucha that I went for was the Flower Of Life. This bottle has a beautiful red hue to it, making it somewhat irresistible to me. This drink has a beautiful mix of the following flavors: jasmine flowers, hibiscus, rose hips, elderflowers and elderberries. This one can be best described as a little sweet and a little sour. So if you are into sweet & sour this one might be your jam! I really enjoyed this flavor and I felt great after drinking it.

Flower of Life (jasmine, elder flowers, and rosehips) by Sacred Springs Kombucha

Root of Life

The third one that I consumed was called Root of Life and this is the one with the label that I was head over heels in love with. This one is infused with a heavy taste of beets and also a blend of ginger and turmeric. When they created this flavor it was akin to winning the lottery. The combination of flavors is just BAM!! If you love beets as much as I do you will really enjoy drinking this one. This one had a ton of fizz to it too, which I love! That’s when I know I have a potent kombucha.

Root of Life (beets, ginger, and turmeric) by Sacred Springs Kombucha

Tzintzer Trifecta

This kombucha is all about the ginger. Ginger is one of those elements that definitely has a zing to it. Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, can even out blood sugar, promote weight loss, and is also hydrating. I am a big fan of ginger so this flavor won me over.

Tzintzer Trifecta (ginger) by Sacred Springs Kombucha

Use the handy store locator to find out where you can grab each and every one of these! CLICK HERE to find out where you need to go. If you are in Michigan or Ohio you are in luck because that is where Sacred Springs can be found. Hopefully, in the future, this can be found nationwide because I feel that everyone should get on board with this brand.

Have you ever tried kombucha? What are your thoughts on it? Leave me a comment and let me know what is on your mind when you hear the word, “KOMBUCHA”.


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