More Belly Laughs Brought To You By Perpetual Kid – Novelty Gift Guide For Home & Kitchen

In case you missed my gift guide for Perpetual Kid last month, I have created another one for you today that features more of my favorite home, kitchen , and novelty food items. This Perpetual Kid gift guide has the best of the best that is offered at Perpetual Kid. This online store has some extraordinary and unique items that make life enjoyable and will surely slap a smile upon your face. Perpetual Kid is all about good times, having fun, and has some items that will result in those belly laughs that make so worth living!

Click the banner below to shop or you can stay for awhile and see what my favorite items are in this nifty shopping guide!

Cool As Sh*t Gifts

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Looking to inject some humor and fun to the dinner table? This Nachosaurus chip & dip set has got you covered! This Nachosaurus chip and dip set is not only perfect for your little one but also for the adult who is young-at-heart.

Nachosaurus Nacho Dip And Snack Dish Set

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Because every morning should start with sunshine, rainbows, and pure happiness! This motivational phrase mug is perfect for your cup of Joe at the start of the morning. Make your morning a magical one with this colorful unicorn mug.

Magical Unicorn Sculpted Mug

Unique Rainbow + Unicorn Gifts

Scented candles from The Stinky Candle Company

Perpetual Kid has some very unique food-scented candles for the foodie in your life! These candles were created by The Stinky Candle Company and these are sure to result in some laughter. There are several different food-scented candles available at Perpetual Kid including: pizza, burrito, popcorn, pickles, nacho cheese, fast-food, bacon, red wine, and beer!

Would you like to see all of the scented candles available at Perpetual Kid’s online store? Simply click HERE.

Pizza Scented Candle

Burrito Scented Candle

Popcorn Scented Candle

Beer Scented Candle


Adorable tea infusers

I am head over heels in love with the tea infusers that are available at Perpetual Kid! I love sipping on a warm cup of tea mid-day and these tea infusers are some of the most adorable and clever designs I have ever seen. As you can see below, there is a sloth and a pink elephant tea infuser available at Perpetual Kid but there is also a kitty cat, swan, seahorse, turtle, unicorn, llama, narwhal, polar bear, and manaTEA.

See all of the tea infusers HERE.

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Big Brew Pink Elephant Tea Infuser

Two For Tea Mug + Manatea Tea Infuser Gift Set


Dish towels that speak their mind

Perpetual Kid has an extensive offering of hilarious dish towels for your kitchen and these are just a few of my favorites! I love and adore the vintage feel of these dish towels. They look like a page out of an illustrated book to me.

Just a fair warning that not all of these towels are going to be kid-friendly, some of these towels do have a bit of a potty-mouth!

You can see all of the humorous towels that are available by clicking HERE.

I Don’t Like Anyone In The Morning Dish Towel

Go Away Retro Hostess Dish Towel

I Want A F*cking Pizza Dish Towel

Loud & retro oven mitts

As you know now, I am a huge fan of the dish towels offered at Perpetual Kid, but I am also a fan of their very loud, retro oven mitts.

Here are some more of my favorite oven mitts:

You can view all that they have to offer right over HERE! There are more available at Perpetual Kid that I did not share.

I am going to show you three of my favorites below. My kitchen would love to have these oven mitts.

I’ll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt

Droppin’ A Recipe On Your Ass Oven Mitt

Horny For Food Oven Mitt

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Never fear! This hand-poured Rainbow Puke Lollipop does not actually taste like vomit! This Rainbow Puke lolli is a fruit punch flavored pop and it also has some rainbow candy sprinkles inside of it. This colorful lollipop is a delight to eat and you will be the envy of all your friends when you are sucking on this!

Rainbow Puke Lollipop

Bacon Lollipops

Do you have a bacon lover in your life? Show them you care and satisfy their sweet-tooth at the same time with these bacon-flavored lollipops in this gift set.

Bacon Lover's Lollipop Gift Set
Bacon Lover’s Lollipop Gift Set

Hilarious gums

Looking for laughs on a budget? Perpetual Kid has several different hilarious packages of gum to choose from.

See all of the gum that is available HERE.

Cute But Psycho. But Cute. Gum

I’m A Delicate F*cking Flower Gum

Eat Sh*t. Seriously, Do Not Mess With Me Today Gum

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Gum


Cute bandages

Perpetual Kid also has some fun and unique bandages available. Here are some of my favorites that I found.

I shared the food-related bandages with you here. If you would like to see all of the other bandages that are available at Perpetual Kid click HERE.

Pickle Bandages

Cupcake Bandages

Bacon Bandages

Pizza Bandages


Current offers and deals at Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid is currently having a Christmas clearance sale with several items discounted 50% off. No coupon code needed!

Click HERE to shop the clearance sale!

Question Time!

What novelty item will you be splurging on and treating yourself to at Perpetual Kid? Let me know in the comments what item(s) you gotta have!

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GIVEAWAY! ZenSweet Baking Mixes & Monk Fruit Sweetener REVIEW (Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free)

I recently had the pleasure of giving ZenSweet’s gluten-free and sugar-free products a whirl. ZenSweet products can be incorporated into your paleo or keto diet. Their products are sweetened with monk fruit and do not contain any refined sugars or wheat products. The great thing about ZenSweet baking mixes is that they will taste like they were made from scratch but the mixes only need 1 or 2 ingredients to be created and the final product tastes completely homemade! I was very impressed with the chocolate chip cookie mix that I started out with on my ZenSweet product venture. Keep reading to learn more and then enter the giveaway to win a variety pack of baking mixes and monk fruit sweetener.

ZenSweet Baking Mixes and Monkfruit Sweetener
ZenSweet Baking Mixes and Monkfruit Sweetener


All about ZenSweet

ZenSweet is a brand for the health nuts (like myself) that are out there reading. Their products contain 3 natural ingredients:

There are three all natural ingredients in ZenSweet: erythritol, soluable prebiotic fiber, and monk fruit. Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in some foods, including pears, grapes, and watermelon. Inulin is a soluble, prebiotic fiber. Monk fruit is a small round green gourd grown in China and northern Thailand, and is 300 times sweeter than sugar. (source)

ZenSweet measures and tastes just like sugar but without all of the guilt! ZenSweet products are low-calorie and also have a low glycemic index.

ZenSweet products can easily be incorporated into a paleo, vegan, low-sugar, or keto diet.

ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free)
ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free)

What is monk fruit?

I am new to this world of monk fruit so I had to do a little digging and research this. I am intrigued! The monk fruit is a sweet, small melon that originates in Asia. It was first cultivated over 800 years ago and its name came from the Buddhist monks that first cultivated this gem!

There are zero calories in monk fruit and the monk fruit is actually 20 times sweeter than regular fruit juices. The monk fruit is gaining in popularity quickly due to the latest health crazes that cut down on refined sugars.

You can find out more about the monk fruit HERE and watch the informative video below. Monk fruit is something that your entire family can enjoy and benefit from.

ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener

This was my first time giving monk fruit a whirl and I gotta say… I am a huge fan! The first time I tried the Monk Fruit Sweetener was in my coffee. I did not notice any sort of weird or funky aftertaste in my coffee. Heck yeah! I have tried Stevia many times and, to me, I really notice a heavy aftertaste with it. Not the case with this monk fruit sweetener!

You will love this ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener and you will find yourself replacing all of your sugar with this. The Monk Fruit Sweetener measures like sugar with a 1:1 ratio. Next time you are in need of sugar reach for a bag of this! I even got my sugar-addicted hubby to use this in his coffee and he was quite pleased with it.

ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener
ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener
ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener
ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener
ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener Nutrition Facts
ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener
Nutrition Facts

Vegan, Non-GMO, Low Carb, Paleo, & Keto Friendly Baking Mixes


ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix
ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix

The first baking mix that I decided to try out was ZenSweet’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix. The recipe ingredients are simple: just one egg and some butter (I used ghee). The recipe instructions were also very simple and easy to use. I used my KitchenAid stand mixer to whip up my batch of cookie dough. If you are following a vegan diet, ZenSweet provides vegan cooking/baking instructions.

Because I love to have my chocolate chip cookies a little extra chocolatey, I decided to snazz up this batch of cookie dough with some Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Chips.

Lily’s Sweets was an excellent choice because their chocolate chips are sugar-free and sweetened with stevia. The chocolate chips are made with only all-natural ingredients, are vegan, and non-GMO.

Each bag of ZenSweet’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix can create 12 cookies. I love my cookies to be on the bigger side so I made a tray of 8 fats ones. If you make a tray of twelve cookies each cookie will be only 60 calories. Each chocolate chip cookie will contain only 1g of sugar per serving. Also, each cookie contains only 3g of net carbs! You seriously can’t beat that guys!

I am all about eating foods that are guilt-free and taste great!

ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix and Lily's Sweets Dark Chocolate Chips
ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix and Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Chips


ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookies and a glass of unsweetened almond milk
ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookies and a glass of unsweetened almond milk

ZenSweet Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix

This ZenSweet Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix is for cookie fans that love the flavors of a sugar cookie that is laced with cinnamon. This baking mix is gluten-free (and paleo), keto, vegan, low-carb, and non-GMO. These cookies are only 3 grams of net carbs per serving and each cookie is only 60 calories.

ZenSweet Snickerdoodle Cookie Baking Mix
ZenSweet Snickerdoodle Cookie Baking Mix

ZenSweet Brownie Mix

The ZenSweet Brownie Mix is another simple and easy mix to prepare. To make the brownies you will need some unsweetened yogurt. If you want to keep it paleo or vegan simply use some non-dairy unsweetened yogurt to whip up this batch of sugar-free, low-carb brownies. You will need an 8×8 pan to create these brownies and each bag of mix will result in 12 delicious, moist, dark chocolate fudgy brownies. Each brownie is only 60 calories and contains 0g of sugar!

ZenSweet Brownie Baking Mix
ZenSweet Brownie Baking Mix

ZenSweet Vanilla Cupcake Mix

I am really looking forward to giving this ZenSweet Vanilla Cupcake Mix a whirl! I decided that I am going to order a bag of Swerve’s confectioner’s sugar-replacement to make a creamy and dreamy sugar-free buttercream frosting. You can think of this cupcake mix as a blank canvas and use your imagination to come up with a cool cupcake, whatever your heart desires!

ZenSweet Vanilla Cupcake Baking Mix
ZenSweet Vanilla Cupcake Baking Mix

Final Thoughts

When my sweet tooth is calling ZenSweet is going to be one of my new go-to brands to satisfy my sugar cravings. I have been into clean eating for a while and after Halloween, I ended up taking a turn for the worse! Oh my! I really need to get back on track and on-board the clean eating train. One of my new year resolutions was to cut back on my sugar intake and I feel that ZenSweet can allow me to do that.

Their sweetener is perfect for coffee and their baking mixes are perfect for your next baking project. The monk fruit that ZenSweet uses in their products is, perhaps, the best sugar replacement I have discovered. You won’t miss the sugar when you use ZenSweet!

Ready to shop?

You can find ZenSweet on Amazon and if you are Prime member you can receive free 2-day shipping! Not a member? No problem!

Sign up for Amazon Prime and receive a FREE 30-day trial!

Find out more about ZenSweet


Important! Make sure you are subscribed to my blog to enter. The subscription box is in the upper-right corner of my homepage below the search bar. If you are on a mobile device scroll down my page until you find the subscription box.

Winner must reside in the United States and be 18+ years-old.

Winner will be drawn on January 31st. I will email the winner and the winner must claim the prize within 48 hours. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be selected and emailed.

Winner of this giveaway will receive the following items:

  • 1 ZenSweet Vanilla Cupcake Baking Mix
  • 1 ZenSweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix
  • 1 ZenSweet Snickerdoodle Cookie Baking Mix
  • 1 ZenSweet Brownie Baking Mix
  • 1 ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener (not in photo)

ARV of the ZenSweet variety pack is $50

Enter to win a ZenSweet Baking Mixes prize pack in my giveaway!
Enter to win a ZenSweet Baking Mixes prize pack in my giveaway!

What ZenSweet product do you want to try first? Leave me a comment and enter the giveaway with through the entry form.


More choices at Sun Basket today!

Fun Foodie Fashion- Friday Faves Shopping Guide

Christmas is right around the corner, so today I created this Friday Faves shopping guide full to the brim with fun food fashion. This apparel is perfect for the food lover in your life. This food fashion is not for the faint of heart though. The clothing pieces in this collection are loud and bold. Anyone rocking this stuff will definitely be standing out in a crowd these cool designs. Some of these items make great stocking stuffers as well. The foodie socks would be great for that. There are quite a few hoodies in this list. I love the allover print designs that are available nowadays.

The convenience of Amazon

All of these fun food fashion finds can be found on Amazon. If you are a Prime member you will receive two-day shipping for free!

Not a Prime member? No problem! Sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Click the links or the images to shop! Hope you enjoy this Friday Faves list. I had fun creating it for my readers.

Silver Lilly Hooded Pizza Jumpsuit – Adult Pepperoni Pizza Costume

Here is the epitome of fun foodie fashion! This pizza is looking mighty fine on this one-piece pizza adult onesie, isn’t it? I hosted a wine and onesie party last year and my sister wore this to my bash. This would be the most perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life and I know we all know one! It looks like it would be warm and cozy for those chilly winter days.


ilver Lilly Hooded Pizza Jumpsuit - Adult Pepperoni Pizza Costume
Silver Lilly Hooded Pizza Onesie

Blizzard Bay Men’s Sequin Cheeseburger

Ugly sweaters are all the rage nowadays and with great reason… they are a ton of fun to wear! Ugly sweater parties are seemingly popping up everywhere. This sparkly sequin cheeseburger sweater is perfect for the burger obsessed person in your life!

Blizzard Bay Men's Sequin Cheeseburger
Blizzard Bay Men’s Sequin Cheeseburger

YERTBVZ Women’s Skinny Yoga Pants Sushi Fashion Jogger Pants Workout Running Legging

Every sushi lover needs at least one pair of sushi leggings in their wardrobe! Am I right?? I love the print on these fun sushi leggings. These super soft, breathable leggings also come in the color white. They are also available in pale green.

YERTBVZ Women's Skinny Yoga Pants Sushi Fashion Jogger Pants Workout Running Leggings
YERTBVZ Women’s Skinny Yoga Pants/ Leggings Sushi Print


Food Buffet Rock ‘Em Socks Cake and Ice-Cream

Rock ‘Em Socks has some top-notch fun food designs of their designer socks for the foodie in your life. These fashionable socks are made to last and have a durable design for everyday wear. Rock ‘Em socks come in a variety of awesome designs. Be sure to check out Amazon for more socks. Socks are always a welcome stocking stuffer!

Cake and Ice-Cream Food Buffet Rock 'Em Socks
Cake and Ice-Cream Food Buffet Rock ‘Em Socks

iscream Girls’ Double Sided Shoulder Purse with Zipper Closure, Sweet Treats Collection

This is an adorable rainbow cupcake purse for the sweet little girl in your life or for you if you are a kid at heart! I believe that this purse would make any girl smile with delight!

iscream Girls' Double Sided Shoulder Purse with Zipper Closure, Sweet Treats Collection
iscream Girls’ Rainbow Cupcake Purse



PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex Funny Gift!

More pizza! Sure, why not!? This Pizza socks Box is super duper cool and is ready for gift giving. Three pairs of pizza printed socks are contained within a cardboard pizza box. There are several different styles to choose from as far as the toppings go. There is also a neat little variety pack available with three different pizza socks: Hawaiian, pepperoni, and Italian. These pizza socks would be the ultimate stocking stuffer.

PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex Funny Gift!
PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 pairs Cotton Socks Made In Europe Unisex 


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A Day Of Good Eats With Good Family

We had an awesome day yesterday full of good eats and great times with family. I got super lucky and won a prize pack from Coleman Naturals on Facebook. I won a variety of organic hotdogs and sausages. As soon as I received my prize pack I knew I had to host a family get-together. I am always looking for an excuse or reason to have people over and cook for them. It brings me a lot of happiness and joy putting a party/family gathering together. Is there really anything better in life than having your good family come together to have a day full of great eats? So we had some hotdogs, sausages, potato salad, macaroni salad, and corn on the cob. It all added up to a scrumptious meal. My sister also brought some side dishes and my mother-in-law brought a fruit tray. We had quite a few healthy foods to eat.


This was my first time trying out anything by Coleman Naturals. I did a bit of research on their products and think that they are an incredible brand. Hotdogs and sausages are often filled with weird, garbage ingredients but not Coleman Naturals. They do not use antibiotics, hormones, steroids, they are non-GMO, use only all natural ingredients, are gluten-free, are free range, and only use organic ingredients. I don’t feel so bad about eating a hotdog or a sausage when I know that they are only made with quality ingredients.

These hotdogs and sausages were the stars of the show yesterday. I had most of my family over and we all enjoyed these. There were chicken hotdogs, pork & beef hotdogs, apple chicken sausage, and some andouille sausage. I also created some other dishes to go with the gathering. I made a healthy potato, a gluten-free macaroni salad, and I also made paleo dark chocolate fudge cupcakes. My dad and my stepmom also brought over some Michigan sweet corn. I brushed mine up and down with some ghee and was in corn heaven!

On Friday night I got home from our day trip out to Birch Run and I had to get my potato salad and macaroni salad done. For both salads, I used my jar of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo. This was my first time using this mayo and I had no doubt it would be great because I love everything that Primal Kitchen has to offer. This avocado oil mayo can be found on Amazon but the price at Primal Kitchen is a tad lower.

The Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo is Whole 30 compliant, paleo-friendly, keto-approved, sugar-free, gluten-free, and has ZERO grams of carbs! I was super pumped to try this healthy mayo. I love when I come across a food product that is REAL FOOD and allows me to eat clean. Primal Kitchen always comes to mind when I think about clean food. I am so happy to be able to represent and work with a brand that offers nothing but the best when it comes to eating healthy and well.

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

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