My Birthday Dinner At Terry’s Terrace REVIEW & Gift-Card GIVEAWAY 4 Winners! (Harrison Township, MI Restaurant)

My 38th birthday on February 23rd may have come and gone but the wonderful memories will remain of my awesome birthday dinner with family at Terry’s Terrace in Harrison Township, Michigan. I have dined at Terry’s Terrace a couple of times in the past and I was so impressed with my experience I had to go back. If you are looking for a seafood dish of excellence then Terry’s Terrace is the restaurant that you will want to dive into! This Terry’s Terrace review will go into detail about my seafood birthday dinner at this establishment. Unfortunately, I can’t have alcohol at this point in time of my life so I am unable to discuss that but it does appear to be that this place has an incredible bar. If you want to hear about their food, though, you are in the right place. Also, keep reading to find out how you can win a $25 gift-card to Terry’s Terrace in the gift-card giveaway! Four winners will be drawn at random.

Let’s get started and break down my birthday dinner.

Terry's Terrace is located in Harrison Township on Jefferson
Terry’s Terrace is located in Harrison Township on Jefferson
Birthday dinner at Terry's Terrace with family
Birthday dinner at Terry’s Terrace with family
Lobster Lover's February menu board at Terry's Terrace
Lobster Lover’s February menu board at Terry’s Terrace


Terry's Terrace bar - REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Terry’s Terrace dining room
Terry's Terrace REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl
Terry’s Terrace bar

My Terry’s Terrace Review

The atmosphere

Terry’s Terrace has a great ambiance. The atmosphere at this Harrison Township is a fun one. This restaurant is often very busy and I do suggest making reservations if you do not want to wait around for a table because they do fill up fast. This restaurant is dimly lit and depending on where you sit there can be some background noise. The area around the bar is where most of the noise comes from but there are other areas of the restaurant you can be seated at that are more on the quiet side.

Terry's Terrace bar


For those of you who have quarters in your pocket there is also an arcade at the back of this restaurant. Inside you will find some great video games and a wide variety of pinball machines.

Terry's Terrace also has an arcade with video games and pinball machines

Lobster Lover’s February

Part of the reason why I chose Terry’s Terrace this year was due to their Lobster Lover’s February event that takes place all month. During the month of February Terry’s Terrace has several different lobster offerings to choose from.

Lobster choices

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Tacos
Surf & Turf
Lobster Ravioli
Lobster Risotto
New England Lobster Roll
Lobster Tower
Lobster Stuffed Cod
Lobster & Crab Cakes
Salmon with Lobster Cream sauce
Lobster & Shrimp Penne
Twin Lobster Tails

The Lobster Lover's Menu at Terry's Terrace REVIEW
The Lobster Lover’s Menu at Terry’s Terrace

I don’t know about you but I sure can’t pass up the opportunity to have a lobster feast. When I looked at the menu at Terry’s Terrace I felt like I hit the jackpot. They have so many incredible and tempting seafood dishes to choose from! It almost seemed like an impossible task to just settle on one because I am sure they are all magnificent. So if you are a seafood lover like me, you are going to swoon over the menu here at Terry’s Terrace.

Terry’s Terrace menu

If you are curious about the meals offered at Terry’s Terrace you can view their entire menu HERE. I have included a few snapshots of the Terry’s Terrace menu. What dish do you think you would order here?

Terry's Terrace menu REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl

Terry's Terrace menu REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl

Terry's Terrace menu REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl

Start out with an appetizer at Terry’s Terrace

Appetizers were currently half off when we dined there on a Saturday around 4 pm. It is difficult to pass up a good appetizer at a great price so my mom ordered two plates of the crab-stuffed mushrooms. Boy were they ever awesome! The crab-stuffed mushrooms are one of the house specialties at Terry’s Terrace and for good reason… excellent appetizer! The crab-stuffed mushrooms appetizer consists of mushroom caps stuffed with real crab mix, red onions, and finished with Monterey jack cheese and a lemon to squeeze on top.

Crab-stuffed mushrooms at Terry's Terrace - Awesome appetizer! Terry's Terrace REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl
Crab-stuffed mushrooms at Terry’s Terrace – Awesome appetizer!

Load up on some soup and salad

My dinner included a house salad and I got that with a cup of French dressing on the side. Pretty decent salad but what I was really excited to give a whirl was Terry’s Terrace lobster bisque soup. I have a weakness for lobster bisque and whenever I see it on a menu I just have to order it. My only beef with the soup was that I wish there had just been a tab bit more in the bowl. The lobster bisque had the perfect amount of lobster meat on top of it to swirl into the soup and delight my palate. It was also served with a small piece of garlic bread on the side to dip into it. I am going to be dreaming of this soup for days. I would love another helping of this on my next visit. And the great thing about the lobster bisque is that it is a regular menu item and not just for Lobster Lover’s February.

Though I have not tried it yet and can’t speak from experience (yet), Terry’s Terrace has a clam chowder on their menu. They are known for their seafood and I’m quite certain that their clam chowder will not disappoint. I am thinking that on my next visit to Terry’s Terrace I will be trying that one out! The clam chowder is highlighted on their menu as one of their specialties so of course, you know it is going to be fabulous!

Lobster bisque soup at Terry's Terrace - Terry's Terrace REVIEW by Give It A Whirl Girl
Lobster bisque soup at Terry’s Terrace
My side salad at Terry's Terrace that was included with my meal - Terry's Terrace review by Give It A Whirl Girl
My side salad at Terry’s Terrace that was included with my meal

My seafood dinner, the star of the show

Because Terry’s Terrace has Lobster Lover’s February taking place this month I just had to go with a lobster dish and their lobster ravioli turned out to be such a fantastic choice. I have ordered lobster ravioli and other restaurants and have sometimes been let down because the lobster has sort of a pungent, strong taste. Terry’s Terrace lobster ravioli was everything but that. The lobster ravioli had a delicate taste and they were served with a lush white creamy champagne sauce. The lobster ravioli also included a blend of red peppers, corn, and shallots.

Check out this lobster ravioli at Terry's Terrace
Check out this lobster ravioli at Terry’s Terrace


Lobster ravioli at Terry's Terrace REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Lobster ravioli at Terry’s Terrace

Another one of the lobster menu items for Lobster Lover’s February was the lobster-stuffed cod and my mother ordered that. The lobster-stuffed cod was one of the lobster menu items that I debated on ordering. I do love eating a big hunk of some meaty cod. I am including a photo of my mom’s meal here so you can see just how good this was! The cod fish was baked to perfection and topped with a great amount of lobster meat. I was a little jelly of her dinner even though I loved mine. Maybe next year for Lobster Lover’s February I will order the dish that she got.

Lobster stuffed cod at Terry's Terrace a REVIEW by GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL
Lobster stuffed cod at Terry’s Terrace

Terry’s Terrace for kids

Terry’s Terrace also has a kids menu available. This is a great place to take your kids on Tuesdays because on Tuesdays guess what? Kids eat FREE! I am going to suggest the fish & chips for your kiddos because Terry’s Terrace has award-winning fish & chips.

Kid's menu at Terry's Terrace
Kid’s menu at Terry’s Terrace
My daughter eating her sliders at Terry's Terrace
My daughter eating her slider

Great place to celebrate a birthday

Terry’s Terrace might just be the next place you want to celebrate your

next big moment in life or a birthday party with family and friends. I made a reservation, of course, because there were 15 of us. They had us seated in a separate little area of the restaurant where it was just us and we were isolated from the rest of the restaurant. It was perfect to have a room like this set aside for my large party of dinner guests.

Terry’s Terrace also provided me with a dessert on the house (no picture). It was a brownie served with vanilla ice-cream, and a big dollop of whipped cream.

Be sure to sign up for their VIP Club for some freebies and deals. They sent me a postcard before my birthday to use on my birthday dinner. I believe it was $7 off my birthday dinner (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Unfortunately, I ended up either misplacing mine card or accidentally throwing it in the recycling bin.

Me and my daughter, Chloe, and my birthday cake with the super awesome candle provided by Terry's Terrace - GIVE IT A WHIRL GIRL , Terry's Terrace Restaurant Review
Me and my daughter, Chloe, and my birthday cake with the super awesome candle provided by Terry’s Terrace
My chocolate cassata cake from Nino Salvaggio's
My chocolate cassata cake from Nino Salvaggio’s
Chocolate cassata cake from Nino Salvaggio's
Chocolate cassata cake from Nino Salvaggio’s

Final thoughts on my Terry’s Terrace experience

My family and I had an excellent meal at this restaurant from start-to-finish! I honestly can not think of a single gripe that I had for my birthday dinner here. I believe that my family also enjoyed their experience here. The menu for Lobster Lover’s February is both impressive and delicious. I am definitely going to be going back to Terry’s Terrace next year for their lobster feast. I hope that this Terry’s Terrace review will inspire you to stop in and give it a whirl!


Question Time! What dish is calling your name at Terry’s Terrace? Leave me a comment and let me know what meal looks enticing to you! View the full menu HERE.

Make sure you enter the Terry’s Terrace gift-card giveaway!

4 winners will receive a $25 gift card to spend on their next meal at Terry’s Terrace.

Winner must be 18+ years of age and live in Michigan

Giveaway ends 3/17/2019

4 winners will be randomly selected. If you are a winner I will contact you for shipping information and then pass it on to Terry’s Terrace.

Terry’s Terrace is responsible for prize delivery.

Good luck to all!

Terry's Terrace
Terry’s Terrace

Find out more about Terry’s Terrace

Terry’s Terrace Location

36470 Jefferson, Harrison Township, MI 48045

Terry’s Terrace Hours


11am – 11pm


10am – 12:00am

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