Fresh Sushi At Kroger – Tried It Out Tuesday

Fresh sushi at Kroger? Sure is and I got brave and ventured over to Kroger on Friday to try out some of that beautiful, fresh sushi. I don’t consider myself a sushi snob but I do prefer my sushi to be as fresh as possible. At the present time, my favorite place to grab some fresh sushi is at the Inyo Restaurant in Ferndale, MI. Their sushi is top-notch, creative, and beautifully plated. To save some money and some time, I gave the fresh sushi at Kroger a whirl and it did not disappoint. For the record, the Kroger that I visited is located in Roseville, MI in the 13 Mile Rd & Little Mack location. This store is fairly new and it is my go-to place each and every week. Keep reading my Kroger sushi review to find out more!


My Kroger Sushi Review


Pretty huge selection of fresh sushi at Kroger

As you can see in the photos below, Kroger has a nice selection of fresh sushi available. Their sushi is made fresh each morning and often times you will see someone working at the station and creating more. If there is a sushi chef at the station you can even request a fresh roll of sushi or customize it to your liking.


The sushi is presented beautifully. I was in awe of all of the beautiful colors from the sushi. Looking at stuff like this dazzles my eyes and makes my tummy growl a bit. All of the sushi looked super fresh and nothing there turned me off. I wanted to give it all a whirl. You can tell that they pour their heart and soul into this sushi. Sushi is an art form and a craft. Their rolls were impressive considering it is at a grocery store.

Different types of fresh sushi at Kroger

Kroger offers a wide variety of sushi including both cooked sushi and raw sushi. For those that fear eating raw sushi, Kroger has your back with plenty of non-raw choices.

I was even amazed to see that Kroger had a sushi burrito available for $10. I am definitely going to give that a try someday and that will be a first for me because I have never tried a sushi burrito. There was also a poke bowl available. That is another dish that I plan on trying out in the near future.

Pricing of the fresh sushi at Kroger

I feel that the prices of this grocery store sushi is also pretty reasonable. For basic rolls like a California Roll you can get quite a bit of sushi for around $6.00. The fancier rolls are higher in price but the taste justifies it.




Variety Pack #3

I ended up purchasing a variety pack of fresh sushi at Kroger. This variety pack had three different rolls:

  • Crunch Roll – Krab salad, cucumber, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy fried onion.
  • NY Crunch – This roll has a krab salad mixture in it with sliced avocado, cucumber, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy fried onion.
  • Shaggy Dog -Krab, avocado, fried shrimp, sushi sauce, and topped with spicy mayo.

These three rolls were perfect for my husband and I because we love spicy sushi. These rolls fit nicely together in the variety pack due to their similarities in ingredients. The spicy sauce on this fresh sushi was a tad bit on the spicy side and definitely wasn’t overpowering… it was perfect. I don’t know about you but I love quite a bit of ginger to go with my sushi. Ginger was provided but it would have been nice to have just a bit more included. The amount of wasabi in this variety roll package was adequate. Just a dab of wasabi is all that you need because wasabi sure does go a long way!

Fresh Sushi Variety Pack #3 from Kroger
Fresh Sushi Variety Pack #3 from Kroger
A variety of fresh sushi that I brought home from Kroger
A variety of fresh sushi that I brought home from Kroger
Close-up of my sushi from Kroger. Looks pretty good huh?!
Close-up of my sushi from Kroger. Looks pretty good huh?!
Variety Pack #3 Sushi from Kroger
Variety Pack #3 Sushi from Kroger


Final thoughts

In the end, I was very impressed with the taste and the quality of my sushi at Kroger! Wow! Who knew that grocery store sushi could be so good? It is not the greatest but it will do when you have that sushi craving that you have to satisfy. The convenience of being able to run into Kroger and grab some fresh sushi in a pinch is awesome! The variety packs are the way to go if you want to experience some different rolls. The variety pack that I purchased was put together well and these rolls went wonderful together.

Also, I am quite sure that you can make a custom roll just by requesting one if there is a worker at that station. Word of mouth told me that so I am not 100% sure because I never tried, but I will in the future and see what happens.

I love the convenience of the Kroger sushi and whenever I have that sushi craving I can satisfy that craving by going to my local Kroger store!

Have you ever tried grocery store sushi? What are your thoughts on it? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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  1. My first delicious sushi from Kroger, cream cheese roll ,was great I have digestive issues & didn’t make me sick it’s my new go to.

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