Counter Culture Coffee – Hologram Review – The Coffee You Probably Don’t Know About But Should!

It was a great mail day because this fresh new bag of coffee showed up on my doorstep. I ordered the Hologram blend from Counter Culture Coffee, and I have been eager to try it for some time now! I knew I would love this coffee from the moment I opened up the bag. If happy had a smell to it, it would smell a lot like this Hologram coffee. Once you open the bag and realize how inviting this coffee is you have to brew a pot! May I present to you my Counter Culture Coffee Hologram review! Keep reading this post to find out more about this brand you probably never heard of yet but should!




Beans! Beans! Beans! Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag
Beans! Beans! Beans! Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag

This roast is not the least bit heavy, quite the opposite. If bright and light blends appeal to you then this coffee would be perfect for you. It has a very smooth taste with hints of fruit and chocolate. It is a whole bean coffee so time to dust off that coffee grinder and put it to work. Coffee from fresh ground beans is always best anyway. This coffee might also go great in a French Press. Hmmm… now I might just need to try that!

Counter Culture Coffee Hologram
What is inside my rainbow cup? Counter Culture Coffee Hologram!

By the way, did you know that it is true that the lighter roasts of coffee have a higher caffeine content? Yup… it is true! You can read more about this HERE. I need caffeine to give me a jolt because without it I feel sluggish throughout the day. I always had the misconception that a bold, dark roast had more caffeine to it. Wrong!

Counter Culture Coffee Hologram
Counter Culture Coffee Hologram


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Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag
Back of the Counter Culture Coffee Hologram bag

Other Blends Of Counter Culture Coffee

There are a total of six different whole bean coffee blends for you to sip and discover! There is even a decaf blend for those moments when you want a cup of coffee without the jitters. When you buy coffee through Counter Culture Coffee you are going to get one of the freshest roasts of coffee that are out there. This brand is for the gourmet. Each bag of this coffee might be considered pricey to you but when you want a special cup of coffee, this brand is worth the price tag.


If you want to discover the maximum potential of Counter Culture Coffee let me suggest using a French press.

Fast Forward

This Counter Culture whole bean coffee is best described as nutty, sweet, and light.


Fast Forward - Counter Culture Coffee
Fast Forward


Dark chocolate, smoky, and full-bodied whole bean coffee.

Forty-Six - Counter Culture Coffee

Slow Motion

This whole bean coffee from Counter Culture Coffee is for those of you who enjoy drinking decaf coffee. This decaf coffee is best described as smooth with cocoa and molasses. I am not a fan of decaf coffee but the description alone does make me want to give this coffee a big whirl!

Slow-Motion - Counter Culture Coffee


The whole bean Apollo coffee is a citrusy,  floral, and silky blend.

Apollo - Counter Culture Coffee

Big Trouble

The Big Trouble whole bean coffee from Counter Culture is a rounded caramel and nutty blend. This coffee will brew up the perfect pot of coffee to kick your day off with!

Big Trouble - Counter Culture Coffee
Big Trouble

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Question Time!

What blend of Counter Culture Coffee do you think you would enjoy the most? I am really looking forward to trying the Fast Forward and Big Trouble. If they are as good as Hologram I will be pleased as pie! Leave me a comment and let me know which flavor you are trying first.

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