The Baking Edition Part One – Friday Faves

This week’s Friday Faves will focus on items that will help you along your way with baking. I will include some baking essentials and also some other items that look worth splurging on! This will be part one of this list. There are a ton of other baking items out there that I have my eye on so I will do another baking essentials list in the near future.

I have recently fallen head-over-heels in love with baking. It is something that I am very passionate about. I know the appearance of my baked goods is not yet top notch like a professional’s work. My baking technique is something that I am determined to perfect so someday I can have some drool-worthy looking goodies. I will say this, though, the flavor is usually spot-on and I do nail that! Some will say that is all that matters but I also want my baked goods to look more visually appealing.

KitchenAid Mixer Professional 6 Quart in Guava Glaze

I already have a KitchenAid mixer on my countertop and it has a permanent home there. I have the smaller one with a black, glittery finish. I would consider a stand mixer an essential item for a person who is serious about baking. These mixers are heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime. How pretty is this pink (Guava Glaze) color? Love!

KitchenAid Hand Mixer in Green Apple

A hand mixer is another essential tool for the at home baker. These will help combine ingredients. This particular KitchenAid model comes in 5 speeds and is also available in a huge variety of colors. This Green Apple color just so happens to be my favorite.


Chefman Immersion Hand Blender in Lavender

This immersion hand blender comes in a variety colors. It has an ergonomic handle and can perform different blending techniques. These are a great kitchen gadget that can also help with other tasks in the kitchen and not just used for baking.

Circulon 10 Piece Bakeware Set

I own a set of Circulon bakeware in the chocolate color and I am totally impressed with the quality. Their line has a truly wonderful non-stick coating on it and I have never had any problems getting my items to come out of these pans. This set is wonderful for getting you started on your baking journey and I love that this set includes a cake pan with a cover.

Rainbow Whisk Set by Wired Whisk

Whisking will be a bore no more with this colorful rainbow whisk set! This set includes 3 whisks in various sizes so you will have a whisk to get every job done, big or small!

Unicorn, Cats, Rainbow, Ice-Cream, and Rainbows Apron by InterestPrint

I immediately fell in love with this apron when I spotted it. Such a fun print! I think it would be nearly impossible to work without a smile while wearing this!

Unicorn Candyfetti Rainbow Sprinkles by Sweets Indeed

Sweets Indeed offers a line of gorgeous candy sprinkle mixtures to take your baked creations to the next level. I am really digging this blend!

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers and Liners

These adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers will have your little girl being the talk of the town if you present these at her next birthday party. Serve your guests some memorable cupcakes with this easy-to-do unicorn set!

Wilton Easy Layers Cake Kit

This baking kit has earned a spot on my wishlist. I love attempting to make that perfect rainbow cake and this kit looks like it would be extremely helpful for me to achieve that. It includes 5 6-inch pans.

10 Pack of Foods Colors From Nature by Color Kitchen

How awesome is this? I like to avoid the artificial food colorings and dyes as often as possible. I have not had much luck yet with finding a suitable replacement. I am hoping to get this set soon so I can experiment with the colors. It also includes a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Definitely going to give this a whirl!

Is there anything on this list you would love to have in your kitchen? Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!


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