Friday Faves! Things I’m Crushing On

If you are like me or if you have any idea of who I am, you would know I have a wishlist that is a mile long on Amazon. This is going to be a weekly feature of curated items that have snagged a hotspot on my wishlist!

This week I will be featuring some rainbow colored kitchen items. I am crushing hard on each and every one of these items. Hopefully I will be able to switch over all of my kitchen items to these fun, bright colors.

Rainbow Striped Ceramic Bowls You will receive a set of four handpainted bowls. I love the fun colors and rainbow stripes!

This cutting board sticking with that rainbow theme!

Reusable rainbow colored iridescent straws! Think about how much waste throwaway straws create. I really need to invest in these.

Fiesta rainbow flatware set These are drool-worthy to me and definitely need to find a home in my kitchen.

Colorful cookware set This would be super to gift to someone who is moving out on their own for the first time. This collection of ceramic cookware would be a great starter set for someone going of to college.

Rainbow salt and pepper shaker set I just love how colorful and fun these are. They are also handpainted. Wonderful!

Set of 6 aluminum tumblers These look like a nice, stylish, and very retro way to keep your drinks ice-cold in the summertime.

Photo-realistic rainbow knife set Holy moly this knife set is freaking sweet. Anyone want to get these for me? LOL!

Ten kitchen tools in one This device here definitely looks like it would be useful. It has 10 different gadgets in one compact space.

Set of 6 wine glasses every color of the rainbow What a great way to keep track of whose drink is whose.

That is all for this week! Hopefully this collection of items will inspire you to brighten up your life with all of these beautiful colors.


Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I do receive a small commission if items are purchased through these links. All opinions stated here are my own.

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  1. Such colorful kitchen items! Love them all! I especially love the salt and pepper shakers and the knife set.

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