Get Empowered With TRUWOMEN Protein Bar REVIEW – Gluten-Free & Vegan Snack

I stumbled across TRUWOMEN while browsing Amazon. The flavors of their protein bars immediately caught my eye… Daydreaming About Donuts is one flavor that really appealed to me. The Oh-Oh Cookie Dough was easy to fall in love with too! TRUWOMEN provides an indulgent and portable treat without all of the guilt. Keep reading my TRUWOMEN protein bar review to find out more about these incredible protein bars.




TRUWOMEN is a brand that puts taste first. They believe in producing a great product by only using the best ingredients that Mother Nature provides. These bars will appeal to many because they are non-GMO verified, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and kosher.


TRUWOMEN protein bars are made of completely plant-based ingredients and they include ingredients like cassava flour, brown rice protein, sunflower oil, roasted almond butter, and they are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. No sugar alcohols here because sugar alcohols can cause an upset stomach for many. The great thing about these protein bars is that there is absolutely no chalky aftertaste that you often get with a protein bar. So if you are into clean eating with only clean ingredients this protein bar can come through and deliver the goodness to you! 




My first impression of TRUWOMEN protein bars was the mind-blowing taste! The first one I reached for just had to be the Daydreaming About Donuts bar because I am donut-crazed and if I can have a healthy option that tastes like junk food but without all the junk ingredients count me in! My favorite thing about the donut bar is hands down that yummy yummy glaze! These really do replicate a delicious donut quite well. I will be daydreaming about this bar from this point forward. This bar would be a great dessert replacement as well.

If glazed donuts are not your jam fear not! TRUWOMEN protein bars comes in a few different flavors and make something for everyone. For all of the cookie lovers out there TRUWOMEN has a Oh Oh Cookie Dough bar, which will have you saying, “dough my goodness”!! The Smother Fudger Peanut Butter bar is an indulgent fudge bar stuffed with a creamy peanut butter filling. And last but not least, for anyone craving something fruity go ahead and pucker up to the Zamn Good Zesty Lemon bar.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to sample these bars. TRUWOMEN sent me a sample to review. I do not think anyone would be disappointed with the taste and the quality of these bars. I can tell that this brand put their heart and soul into this product. If you love dessert and you also have a sweet tooth, these bars will be a match made in heaven for you!

Wondering where you can purchase these protein bars?? You can purchase them directly through their website. You will also find that TRUWOMEN has a vanilla and a mocha protein powder available.

You can find out more on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram!

And now for my first blog giveaway! TRUWOMEN is giving away a variety pack of their protein bars.

How would TRUWOMEN protein bars fit into your lifestyle?
What flavor will you reach for first?


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62 thoughts on “Get Empowered With TRUWOMEN Protein Bar REVIEW – Gluten-Free & Vegan Snack

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  1. These would be great for on the go. The zamn good zesty lemon sounds amazing!!! Following both on instagram @holliej222

  2. I think these would be great on my work commute or while driving the kids to their games! I’ll reach for oh oh cookie dough first! Following both on instagram as @bdoerfler2

  3. I would like to try these, because I am a mom of 4 (SAHM) and sometimes I don’t eat or I get stressed and need something sweet to eat but nothing that will make me tired. These sound perfect!

  4. These bars would be fabulous for lunch! I usually eat a good breakfast and a nice dinner so I am always looking for just a light lunch. Protein bars are good for that. I am anxious to try them especially after hearing of the healthy way they are made. I think I will try the Zamn Good Lemon one first since I love anything lemon! All the flavors sound scrumptious! I think Give It A Whirl Girl has sold me on trying your product! They are on my shopping list!

  5. both the cookie dough and The Smother Fudger Peanut Butter sound amazing to me. these are great for summer time when taking lots of day trips to snack on the go which we do a bunch. following both Instagram accounts @awhitley22722

  6. Something I cannot go without are my sweets. Usually I curve my sweet tooth with chalky protein bars. Can’t wait to try yours! Following both on both accounts.
    Insta: cdubzdonutz
    Fb: @calliwalsh

  7. @Valorie_2015
    I can’t wait to try these! It’s hard to find good allergy friendly snacks.

  8. Cookie dough is the way to my ❤.
    I’m following both ig & fb pages. @Valorie_2015

  9. gunnercmiller
    My wife always has a protein bar with her lunches.l She would like this win

  10. I’ve been trying to eat a protein bar every morning, since i never ate breakfast and a protein bar was an easy way to add breakfast into my lifestyle. BUT I need some new kinds or flavors since I’m basically eating the same flavor every day and am already getting sick of it. I of course will grab Daydreaming About Donuts first… as I will be daydreaming about this bar all day wishing I had it now.

    Follwing both on IG – @okwhaeva

  11. I think I would like to try the daydreaming about donuts – sounds awesome with a cup of coffee, and like it would help me get through my long work days in the ER! Follow on insta as mannasweeps

  12. I follow both of you on Instagram as @yvonnewoodstock and liked and commented on both of your Instagrams.

  13. I like you both on Facebook and also loved and commented on the giveaway post on each of your pages as Yvonne Marie W.

  14. I love trying new things, especially food and snacks! These look great! cupcake jilly, Jill Jeffrey

  15. I would love a change to win these! They look amazing and I have heard great things. Following both accounts with the user blbredehoeft

  16. I sold love to try the Zamn Good Zesty Lemon. These would fit into my lifestyle perfectly since I’m always on the go! @Krystaldunlap1228 is my instagram

  17. These would be great to keep at the office for those days that I start feeling sluggish towards the halfway point of the workday. I’d reach for the Oh Oh Cookie Dough flavor first. Following both accounts on Instagram (@brittles526).

  18. I have been looking for an option for the Ideal Protein bars…these just might do it, if they taste good. These would be great for a quick breakfast or snack on the go. I would start with the Oh Oh cookie Dough IG peggyjohnson421

  19. How would TRUWOMEN protein bars fit into your lifestyle?
    They would be an awesome snack. I tend to grab and go. Sometimes I’m grabbing things that are not the best for me. Ok…a lot of the time. These would sure help with that!
    What flavor will you reach for first?
    Cookie Dough!!!
    I follow both on Instagram – @jstgttnby

  20. These bars would be a perfect afternoon snack while I’m at work and can’t stop to eat. I would reach first for smother fudger peanut butter! My Instagram name is @mrsbrockavich48.


  21. This would be for my 20 something daughter…she loves to work out but she still loves dessert.
    These would be a great snack for her.
    Sherri J

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